35 White Elephant Gift Ideas 2023

Are you organizing a gift exchange at the office? Or maybe you’re attending a white elephant gift party and want to bring the best and most creative gift of all?

No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered! Get the most original and fun gift to really stand out in the crowd. Make sure your gift is the one everyone talks about.

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Gift exchanges are a great way to have fun and bond with your colleagues. Surprise them with something special that will make them smile. Show off your creative side and be the star of the show!

If you’re not sure what to get, take a look at our selection of unique gifts. We have something for everyone that will make them feel extra special. Don’t forget to add a personal touch for an even more memorable gift.

Gift swaps are a great way to make someone’s day. Put a smile on their face with something unique, creative, and fun. Make sure you have the best gift at the party!

White Elephant Gift Ideas

We have gone through hundreds of hilarious, unusual, and fun gag gifts, some more practical, and others not so much, to come up with the ultimate top list of the best white elephant gifts for 2023 for you.

Read on to find out more about these affordable and unique gifts, which will make your friends, colleagues, or family members smile and appreciate your sense of creativity.

Host 3308 True Fabrication Cooling Cups, 12 oz., Margarita 

These two freeze-cooling margarita cups are something that cocktail lovers will actually appreciate and may even use.

Pop them in the freezer before the party, and you will have ice-cold cocktails for at least two hours without adding any ice.

An excellent white elephant gift, these two 12-oz cups are made of BPA-free plastic and special gel, which will keep your drink at the perfect temperature of 43-53 degrees Fahrenheit for a long.

Women’s Fun Socks Famous Painting Patterned Art Socks

Well, these are some classy socks that your friend or colleague will love showing off. They are sold in different color combinations, depicting famous classical art like Mona Lisa, The Scream, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and many more paintings.

These socks look great and are great conversation starters, so they can be worn on any occasion.

Probably, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has some of these socks in his amazing collection as well.

BEER SOAP 6-PACK – All Natural 

These soaps are a perfect crafty gift for beer lovers. It includes a set of six all-natural, high-quality different soaps that not only smell good but will make your skin feel great.

Great for showering, shaving, and shampooing, the recipient of this white elephant gift will get a choice of brew-inspired Honey Pilsner, Belgian Witbier, Apricot Wheat, Oatmeal Stout, Hoppy Ipa, and Vanilla Porter soaps made of real bear and other amazing premium quality US ingredients.

Custom Face Socks at Amazon Men’s Clothing store

If you want your friend to have a reminder of you at any given moment, you can order a pair of these fun, personalized socks. Choose a picture of you or of anything else, submit it, and you will get a pair of men’s or women’s socks with your photo printed on them in no time at all.

Imagine the feeling of having your friend, family member, or colleague put on the socks with your smiling face on them and thinking of you every time. This gift is absolutely worth it.

CASOFU Burrito Blanket, Burritos Tortilla

This Burrito blanket is fun, soft, and made of fleece, and is the perfect throw for lounging at home. It looks like a real tortilla and will become the centerpiece of any living room or bedroom.

The unique blanket is available in various sizes, including 47. 60. 71 and 80 inches.

You will definitely make the recipient of your white elephant gift happy because just about anybody will enjoy cozying up in a soft tortilla blanket, looking like a giant Burrito, right?

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

Written by Randall Munroe, who is known for his iconic xkcd.com webcomic, this book includes serious scientific answers to the most absurd hypothetical questions you can ever think of.

Imagine getting a scientifically based answer to a question like – “what if I took a swim in a spent-nuclear-fuel pool?

Just about everyone will enjoy the amazing interpretations of Mr. Munroe.

Microwave Pasta Cooker – The Original Fasta

This Pasta Cooker is yet another white elephant gift, which is both fun but is also pretty nifty and can be used often by anyone.

It makes perfect al dente pasta in a microwave without the need to watch for the water to boil and stir the pasta in it.

It is affordable and will ensure that the recipient has the delicious pasta ready in up to 16 minutes, without stirring, boiling, or having to clean up the stuck pasta from the pan’s bottom.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

A game that is designed for people who are into kittens, explosions, laser beams…and goats? Sounds fun, right? Well, thousands of people have already backed this Exploding Kittens game on Kickstarter, so it is definitely one of the most promising games for people aged 7 and up.

With 56 cards and detailed instructions, this is a fun-filled party game for up to 9 players.

Cereal Killer Bowl: Handmade – Amazon.com

Well, this Cereal Killer handmade bowl is an excellent pun and will be truly appreciated by a person who is a horror flick fan or anyone with a sense of humor.

It is of high quality and has some really realistic blood splatters on it, making your friend feel like a true “cereal killer” every time they eat their breakfast in it.

Imagine the fun of getting to eat your morning cereal in a bloody bowl like this?

Little Stinker the Original Bag of Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy

Brighten someone’s day with this delicious bag of cotton candy with the fun name “Bag of Unicorn farts.”

It is cute and original, and any recipient of any age group will enjoy the wonderful taste of this fruit punch cotton candy.

Dog Shaming 2023 Day-to-Day Calendar

No matter whether you have a dog of your own or simply appreciate following the Dog Shaming blog, which is one of the most popular websites in the last 6-7 years, this day-to-day Dog Shaming calendar is bound to make you smile.

Open up a new card of an ashamed dog with a hilarious message, and it will brighten your day – 365 times next year.

Radiate Portable Campfire: Sports & Outdoors

Well. This portable campfire is actually a pretty cool and somewhat useful white elephant gift. It has over three hours of burn time, and a wonderful eucalyptus scent, and is the perfect portable campfire for backyard parties, camping, the beach, or anywhere else.

It is easy to set up, store away and carry around, so it is actually a worthwhile present to give to someone you care about.

What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner? By Zach Golden

The book is extremely popular and is based on a website by the same name. It contains 50 brilliant recipes that will answer “life’s everyday question – What the F*@# Should I Make for Dinner?”

Delicious, and profane, this cookbook is a brilliant gift for any occasion.

SUN-E Lovely Corgi Dog Shaped Plant Decor Succulent Plants

Well, everyone loves Corgis, not only the English Queen, so you can rest assured that the recipient of this gift will adore the idea of having this decorative, micro gardening pot for succulent plants.

To make the gift better, you can actually plant some aloe vera or another plant of your choice in it prior to setting it up as a gift for the white elephant gift party.

Maybe Swearing Will Help: Adult Coloring Book

Many people swear on the calming effect that coloring books for adults have, so how about giving someone a “Maybe Swearing Will Help” coloring book with all kinds of puns and some cursing to help them calm down, even more, when they are filling those blanks with color pencils?

Wine Socks -“If You Can Read This Get Me Some Wine”

These socks are the absolute favorite gift for any wine lover. Add a bottle of wine to the present package, and you will have one appreciative friend with two pairs of hilarious and yet comfy socks. They are suitable for both men and women and will fit anyone wearing shoe sizes from 5 to 12.

Your friend will love you for this neat and funny gift!

Golden Girls Shot Glasses – Fun Drinking Game

Just about everyone loves America’s Golden Girls – Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, right?

Well, these four fun shots are some of the great white elephant gifts for party-loving people. Each glass holds 1.5-oz. and has one of the Golden Girls depicted on them. They also have instructions for when to drink when watching another episode of the beloved series, such as “Drink when Blanche mentions Big Daddy.”

Original Salbree Silicone Microwave Popcorn Popper

With this popcorn popper made of virtually indestructible, BPF-free, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe silicone popcorn popper, you will be gifting your friend with a pretty fun and pretty useful kitchen accessory.

Not only will it make perfect popcorn easily every time, but it will also help the recipient with money for bagged popcorn and the Earth from extra trash from disposable bags.

BigMouth Inc. BM1581 Original Giant Wine Bottle Glass

If your friends are wine lovers, then the Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass is the glass they need. It holds a whole 250 ml. bottle of wine and comes with different fun labels, so you can pick the hilarious one which your friends will truly appreciate and love.

The Hungover Cookbook

The Hungover Cookbook by Milton Crawford is just what everyone needs for those mornings after when you are feeling like you want to die.

The book includes everything one needs to understand their exact type of hangover (The Broken Compass, The Comet, The Sewing Machine, The Cement Mixer, The Atomic, and the Gremlin Boogie), along with dozens of comforting recipes, as well as fun and clever graphics and jokes which will brighten up your day, when you need it the most.

Greatest Hits Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Well, these handmade coasters are some of the most brilliant white elephant gifts anyone will love receiving. They look cool with their laser engraved mistaken texts of some of the most famous songs in the world.

Imagine drinking your favorite beverage on a coaster that says “on a dark desert highway, cool whip in my hair” – Hotel California, for example?

They are absolutely hilarious, and can also be bought in Classic Rock, the 80s, and the 90s variants. Each pack comes with six top-quality coasters, perfect for anybody with a sense of humor.

Knock Knock Inner Truth in My Humble Opinion Journal

Remember writing all those feelings and thoughts in your Dear Diary when you were a kid? Well, this Journal in My Humble Opinion is the perfect adult version, which your friend can use to vent, as well as to get inspired by all of the 70 misanthropic quotes included in it.

The Mug With A Hoop

Always loved playing with your food? Well with this original Mug with a Hoop you can enjoy some slam dunks with marshmallows in your hot chocolate or crackers in your delicious soup.

This oversized mug is the perfect gift for any sports fan. It is also available with a soccer goal and a baseball glove, so there is basically a perfect elephant for any sports lover out there.

Greys Anatomy McDreamy Candle

If you are going to a white elephant gift party with predominantly female participants, we are pretty sure that just about anyone of them will appreciate this gorgeous and sexy McDreamy candle inspired by Derek’s character from the never-ending Grey’s Anatomy series.

It has a burning time of 50 and more hours, and is described as “smells like a fresh Seattle breeze off the ferry boat, on a perfect day to save lives.”

Oh, who wouldn’t love this McDreamy candle?

Beer-infused Hot Sauce Variety 3-pack

This variety pack of hot sauces infused with real beer is something you can be sure that nobody at the party has, so it is definitely an exceptional white elephant gift.

These three delicious hot sauces are handmade, in small batches in the USA, and come in Asian Sriracha, Garlic Serrano, and Roasty Chipotle variants which are mild, medium, and hot, so there is the perfect beer-infused sauce in the kit for any foodie, beer geek, and homebrewer.

They are infused with American Lager, American Pale Ale, and Farmhouse Ale from the Swag brewery.

CouchCoaster – The Ultimate Drink Holder

The ingenious CouchCoaster is something we have always been dreaming about but never knew actually existed.

It is a one-size-fits-all drink holder which you can securely attach to the armrest of your couch, couch, recliner, or chair, so you have your favorite beverage beside you are all times, without tipping it over.

Excellent white elephant gift for any couch potato, or anyone who simply likes to relax and lounge without spilling their hot or cold drink all over them.

Porn for Women – by The Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative

No, this is not what you think! This book is filled with wonderful photos of hunky men who are (fully clothed) performing all kinds of house chores and tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, asking for directions, listening, taking out the trash, and other unbelievable situations.

They are paired with some steamy and funny captions which will make any of your female friends laugh.

It is safe for work, and has no nudity so don’t worry about the title – it is a wonderful pun.

Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue by Mark & Margot

This mischievous cat munching on small garden gnomes is an amazing white elephant gift that will add humor and style to any garden.  It is absolutely perfect for garden gnome haters and lovers and will make any garden look less boring.

The cat figurine is handcrafted from durable resin, and its design is definitely a conversation starter.

Tell the mailmen and the neighbors not to worry because this cat only eats garden gnomes!

BigMouth Inc. The Original Toilet Mug 

This hilarious coffee mug will crack a smile every time your friend gets to use it. Shaped like a toilet, the mug fits 12 oz of coffee or another beverage and is perfect for potty-mouthed tea or coffee drinkers.

Your gift will be the hit of the night if you pick The Original Toilet Mug for your white elephant gift party.

101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes by Elias Hill

We all know just how Dad jokes are. They either want to make you hide away, groan, or cringe, especially when dad is trying to make a joke on a, particularly important occasion with a lot of strangers.

This book by Elias Hill includes just about any dad joke you have ever heard, and even more.

It is a great gift for any dad, any future dad, or anyone who has a dad who likes telling those terrible jokes at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

Raining Men Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella

Yes, this clear dome-shaped umbrella is covered with men raining from the sky, so the pun is definitely there. Yet, it is still a fully functional and convenient umbrella that any of your female, and why not male friends will love to have and use on those rainy days.

Knock Knock Slang Flashcards

Well, these handy and fun flashcards will finally help all of your friends understand those weird slang words and phrases you have been hearing but never really understanding.

The box set includes 50 cards with detailed explanations of modern-day slang.

The flashcards are a superb white elephant gift option for people over the age of 30 who have absolutely no idea what the youngsters today are actually saying.

The Knock Knock flashcard series is also offered in an Escapist and in a Feminist variant.

Toilet Golf, Putter Practice in the Bathroom

This gift is a great way to avoid going to the bathroom with your phone, tablet, or another electronic device.

The recipient of this inexpensive and very clever Potty Putter can enjoy practicing putting while on the potty.

The set includes a putting green, a cup and flag, two golf balls, a club, and a hilarious Do not Disturb bathroom door hanger.

Work Merit Stickers – Reward Office Adulting – Funny Office Gifts

Well, this set of 16 absolutely hilarious stickers for adults is a perfect gift for anyone who is no longer a child. Everyone will appreciate these adult achievement stickers, which include achievements like – I shaved my legs today, I paid my bills in time, I almost went to the gym today, and My plants are still alive, right?

The United States of Absurdity: Untold Stories from American History 

This book is by the authors of the hilarious and weird podcast The Dollop. It contains some enthralling true, untold, strange, and absolutely hysterical stories from American History, along with illustrations that will make reading it an absolute blast.

The friend that receives this gift will definitely learn something nobody has taught them in history class and will love it all!

Plush Poop Emoji Slippers

The super-soft plush poop emoji slippers are definitely a gift that anyone will appreciate. They are amazingly comfortable and will keep your feet warm on those cold winter days.

Plus, they are cool and funny to wear, and you are bound to get compliments from your guests for these unique-looking slippers.

Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan

This white elephant gift is yet another one that the lucky person who gets it will surely appreciate, because who doesn’t like the chewy edges on those delicious brownies?

The design of the brownie pan is one continuous chamber where the brownie batter can easily be spread and adds two mouthwatering chewy edges to absolutely every piece you cut.

The pan comes with a spatula as well as a booklet with several brownie recipes.

2023 Pooping Pooches Gift Calendar

Only somebody with zero sense of humor will not appreciate this white elephant gift. The calendar depicts 12 different pooches that are in awkward pooping positions for every month of the year 2023. Of course, the dogs are pooping in suitable settings and climatic conditions for the month in question.

This is the ultimate prank gift, and it even comes with a good cause, because a dollar worth of each sold calendar will go to the Maui Humane Society supporting animals in need!


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