Welcome to the New Neighborhood Gifts – New Neighbors Gift Ideas

Moving into a new neighborhood can be stressful. Without knowing anyone, a person can feel unsteady as they transition to a new area. With these twenty-four gifts, you can make a new neighbor feel more at ease and welcomed. Welcome to the neighborhood, may your stay here be a pleasant one!

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Welcome to the New Neighborhood Gifts

Chocolate and Nuts Gourmet Welcome Gift Basket

Have you ever played the SIMS? Do you remember how a random NPC would bring you a welcome to the neighborhood fruitcake of poor quality? Well, don’t be like those NPC SIMS! Throw that fruit cake out and give them something they will actually want to eat. This chocolate and the nuts box is the perfect combination of sweet and salty to give them a sense of comfort and hospitality. So this is the perfect way to say welcome to the neighborhood!

Wine Rack

Not to be confused with Sudoku the number puzzle that makes you want to rip your hair out (because you still have no clue how you ended up with two fours in one box). This Soduku Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack makes the numbers game much easier, holding one to five bottles of your new neighbor’s favorite wine and four glasses to drink it from. Though eventually, neighbors’ cork collection will grow in numbers, so will their memories and if they ever lose track of any number, that’s the one to do it with.

Wooden Mail Organizer

Snail mail still exists, especially when moving into a new home! Congratulations on your new home card from grandma. Those coupons for places you’ve never heard of. The flyers for local restaurants. All of them will pile up on your neighbor’s coffee table, leaving no room for their coffee! This gift not only offers organization for those snail mail items but gives them the coffee table back. And with the next gift on the list, they’ll be thankful for getting that space back!

Key Hook

Remember two gifts ago when the issue of lost keys was brought up? Well here is your solution for riding your home of that question as well! With the word KEY boldly atop this gift, it’s purpose is known to all in a not-so-subtle, but somehow still subtle way. So the next time someone asks “Honey, where are my keys?” points to the sign on the wall and say “There’s your sign” and hope they get the reference.

Cheese Board & Cutlery Set

What’s a welcome to the neighborhood party without an assortment of cheeses, crackers, and other tasty treats? Trick question – You can’t have a welcome to the neighborhood party without them! People bond over food because everyone likes food (or at least needs it to survive). So gather around this tray and make conversation! Don’t feel limited to just cheese and crackers – Serve sushi, bagel bites, or whatever you want! Just make it tasty, make it memorable, and have your neighbors coming back for more. Of course, do not forget to give them the same cheeseboard set. New neighbors will love this gift.

Remote Control Caddy/Media Organizer

How many times a day do we ask where the remote is? I know in my house it’s a daily question because the remote ends up in all sorts of random places! When moving into a new home, items will be misplaced or lost as you try to organize. This gift, it makes that question a thing of the past. “Where can I store my keys?” will be asked until a spot is found. But we have a gift suggestion to solve that question as well! New neighbors will feel great and very welcomed in the neighborhood if you solve the eternal question: “Where is the remote control?”

Spa Gift Basket

Fruit baskets step aside. Plates of cookies and brownies need not apply (though I will always take your application). There’s a new gift basket making its mark – and that’s a gift spa basket for your new neighbors. Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood like a gift basket full of spa items to help ease the new neighborhood nerves and wash away the stresses that come along with it all. Pair this with the hand soap set mentioned earlier and you’re sure to make your new neighbor want to stay for the long haul.

Natural Candlescape Set

Candles are one of those pieces that can easily transform a space. They can make a dark room brighter, add a pop of color to a monochromatic life, or cover up that number two you just dropped in the bathroom (because those bathroom sprays don’t really help). Candles are also handy in blackouts and power outages, so when your new neighbor blows a fuse for the first time after using their microwave and their hair dryer at the same time, they will be extra thankful for this gift.

Decorative Candle Holder

At night while the neighborhood is flooded with streetlights and another artificial lighting, you notice the new neighbor has all their lights out except for the glow of candles peeking through their curtains and open windows. For the new neighbor who prefers to live by candlelight, this gift is perfect for not only elevating their light game but stylishly showing off the newest additions to their candle collection! Because a candle lover can never have too many candle holders and they will definitely appreciate them in the long run.

Wood Hanging Sign

The new neighbors pull up. It’s a family of five, with three young children who are causing chaos. They’re throwing things at one another, causing the movers to navigate carefully after the playing children, and making mom and dad more stressed out than they were before. They’re chaotic, and they’re loud, but you can just feel the love coming from them with the way they interact with one another. To you, it’s chaos, but to them it’s family. And this gift is the perfect reminder of that.

Treasure Chest of Coffee

This is the perfect Welcome to the new neighborhood gift. Pirates step aside. There is a treasure greater than gold that exists – It’s called coffee. For the coffee-loving new neighbor who might also be a secret pirate (their ship collection screams pirate), this treasure chest begs to be found. The coffee inside will hit the X spot on their tired soul and make them ready for any fight that comes their way! And by fight, I mean giving them the energy they need as they wrestle the newspaper from their dog.

Finchberry Handmade Natural Soap Bar Gift Set

Moving can be a dirty business. Unpacking boxes covered in dust. Fixing any plumbing, landscaping, or structural issues. Painting the living room a different color because white is too boring. With all the sweat and tears that go into arranging the new home perfectly and other messy mishaps that could happen along the way, moving is no easy task. For the neighbor covered in dust, sweat, and tears, this gift is perfect for washing away all those things and giving them a clean new beginning.

Spoon Set

Tea and flowers are such a serene and pretty combination. Imagine sitting in your new neighbor’s garden and drinking tea with them as you get to know one another. Imagine using a beautiful set of teaspoons that are flower-shaped and rainbow. Imagine the sunlight reflecting off those spoons, creating a beautiful rainbow for the eye to behold. Very pretty picture, right? Well, make that picture a reality when you hand them these teaspoons. They’ll be sure to invite you in for tea every time they see you.

Award Winning Tea Gift Set

You threw a welcome to the neighborhood party. The new neighbor snubbed the coffee and went straight for the tea All the coffee-focused gifts in this list are not applicable to this tea-loving neighbor! So here’s one for them – A set of three different teas sure to make any tea lover happy. The neighbor will appreciate your thoughtfulness and might even welcome you in for a cup! And with the next gift on the list, you’re sure to score brownie points with them.

“I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love with a wonderful chai! Or three, to be exact: spiced oolong, ginger, and sweet cinnamon, shipped directly from India” – Oprah Winfrey

Japanese Ceramic Tea Pot and Cups Set

To beautifully compliment the trio of tea or the beautiful rainbow teaspoons you gave your new neighbor, why not add in a beautiful tea set? With the beautiful floral design, it’s sure to strike the right note with the new neighbor who also loves to garden. This set is perfect for afternoon tea, tea on a rainy day, garden parties, or any occasion that calls for tea. Just don’t forget the tasty finger sandwiches that will nicely complement the tea because those are the best part!

Whiskey Gift Set for New Neighbors

What’s the biggest flaw of any iced drink? The ice will melt, making the drink become diluted and flat. So how does one solve that problem? By giving the gift of cold drinks without the disappointment of melted ice. Though mainly used for alcoholic drinks, this whiskey stone gift set can be used for any drink! Providing the coldness needed without the risk of dilution will be appreciated by anyone. Especially on those hot summer days when you want cold lemonade.

Essential oil Diffuser

Every home has its own unique and distinct smell. Whether it’s the new house smell of paint and cleaner. Or the lived-in smell which varies from home to home. Or the needs to be cleaned smell, each home has a scent signature that makes it feel like home. With this gift, your new neighbor can quickly rid their home of its previous smell, replacing it with the smells of a house that will make them feel more at home. This is one of the best gifts for new neighbors to welcome them to the neighborhood.

The Infused Sea Salt Sampler

Variety is said to be the spice of life. As humans, we crave new experiences, new destinations, and new flavors. And what’s the greatest way to get a bit of all three rolled into one? With cooking! Each person has a different taste palette. So this set is sure to hit the taste buds of any new neighbor who loves to cook and experiment with flavor. And when those spices are gone, they can add new spices to the mix with ease.

Decorative Lidded Containers

Have you ever had that awkward moment where you had to ask a neighbor for a cup of sugar or flour or coffee? It’s hard enough to ask a neighbor you have known for years for any of those, let alone someone you don’t know. Help your new neighbor prevent that awkwardness with a gift that will remind them to buy those things. Unless your new neighbor is really hot and single, then let them come over and ask away!

Home Decor Rustic Soap Pump Set

From the wooden furniture to the giant deer head hanging on the wall, the new neighbor gives off rustic vibes. Boujee decor won’t work for this new neighbor (but don’t worry we have a suggestion for the new boujee neighbor as well). So what do you give the new neighbor who won’t be into anything fancy? A soap dispenser set that looks like they could have made it themselves. This item will be sure to charm them and add a rustic feeling to any kitchen or bathroom.

Table Mantle Decor Centerpiece Bowl

The crystal chandelier. The collection of fine china. The fur coat may or not be faux. This new neighbor screams luxury and won’t be attending the neighborhood barbecue anytime soon. This crystal candle holder in gold will be the perfect thing to welcome them to the neighborhood and show your appreciation for their boujee taste. Though you might never see them at the grocery store or a PTA meeting, this gift still lets them know that they are still welcome.

Flower Vases in Wooden Rack

In this day and age, versatility is key. We like being able to use one item for many different purposes. Especially when moving into a new home and trying to set it up just right, less is definitely better. The versatility of this decor piece allows for that, making decorating a lot easier. Place it on a windowsill or on a table. Change the flowers out for each new season. This welcome gift is one decor piece that neighbors will keep for many years.

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