Unique Gifts to Give Your Daughter on Her Wedding Day

Congratulations! Your daughter is getting married, she’s happy, in love, and making a commitment to share her life with someone special. Depending on your daughter and her taste, a wedding can range from subtle to grandiose. This celebration calls for music, laughter, a little fun, and a lotta love. Whether you are just as crazy about the match as she is or if you wished she had better judgment, you want to support her and get her a gift that says “I love you.”

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Gifts come in all kinds of packages, and this list explores some of the more offbeat options. The best gifts to give to your daughter on her wedding day are the ones that come from the heart with intention. Before you, break down and settle on the waffle maker, read this list for a unique surprise that won’t be on her registry.

Your daughter’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her life. It’s a day in both you, as a parent, and her as a bride, will cherish for decades to come. As much as you want to show her your love with a special wedding gift, you’ll also likely be strapped up in all the wedding preparations.

Most likely, you’ll have thought about what to gift her on the big day, but you might not know what to give or have a hard time doing the same. Let’s make it simple for you by narrowing down a few classic and timeless gift ideas for your daughter on her wedding day – to make it memorable for her and you.

Wedding Gifts For Daughter

Luggage Set

Planning a wedding is excruciating and tedious. The day has to be perfect for most brides. Without a planner or someone to help organize all the details, the wedding is constantly being managed. Even though the wedding is important, you don’t want her to overlook the honeymoon! Make sure she has a nice set of new luggage to take with her on this romantic getaway. So, give your daughter a gift that is practical for the honeymoon and all the new journeys.

This is a great 3-piece-set with impact-resistant sides, so when her stuff is getting tossed around, her belongings are safe. For the mothers that want more for their daughters, pack the bags for them. If you can figure out more details of the trip, pack a new swimsuit for her or a dress. Throw in other miscellaneous travel-size toiletries, so she doesn’t forget anything.

The Key to a Happy Marriage

What better gift to give your daughter on the wedding day than to give her The Key to a Happy Marriage?

This is a novelty gift perfect for display on the mantel of a fireplace. The actual key to a happy marriage is made of silver metal with engraved details. The key hangs from a ribbon and includes a poem about marriage. Warm wishes and the heartfelt sentiment is all that your daughter really wants on her special day. Let her know you support her and honor her decision. She’ll cherish this token for all to see in her very own home—a reminder of how great her mother is.

Little Black Pumps

We’ve all heard of the ‘’little black dress”, but what about little black pumps? Make a great surprise with an awesome gift from mother to daughter on her special day that will fit her. There’s a saying, “With the right shoes, a woman can change the world.” These shoes are an example of that expression.

These shoes are perfect for dressing up any outfit. An easy way to feel put together without being uncomfortable. These are the perfect date night shoe and will pair with anything your daughter wants to wear. Her dress size might fluctuate, but her shoe size won’t. Every mother should consider giving a gift that reminds her daughter of her beauty and style.

“69 Love Songs” (Limited Edition vinyl)

Maybe you’ve noticed that vinyl records have been revitalized in the music community. People are buying most of their music digitally, but records have seen a significant resurgence. If your daughter has an interest in music, or vinyl records, has a record collection, or has an affinity to items of the past, this is the gift for her.

“69 Love Songs” is produced by “ The Magnetic Fields.” The album has been reviewed well and is described as “witty,” “crude,” and “full of sappy goo.” The perfect gift for the people who know they’re in love and can laugh at how the market has pre-packaged and mass-produced an idea of “love” for all to enjoy. Some of the titles include: “ I Think I Need A New Heart,” “The Things We Did And Didn’t Do,” “My Only Friend,” “ I Shatter,” “Experimental Music Love,” and “Queen Of The Savages.” Your daughter’s new favorite love song is waiting for her.

“Me, You, Us” is a book to fill out together

You can hope that your daughter knows the person she is marrying. Although they do have the rest of their lives to learn the quirks and flaws in their relationship, this book can get them to explore aspects they might not have considered. This is a fun activity book for a newly engaged couple or married couple. Explore the silly side, the sentimental side, and other thoughts, fears, and dreams together. A great book to fill in throughout the first year of their marriage and look back on after 50 years together. A memorable wedding gift to the daughter for the days they’ll want to remember forever.

Mother’s Wedding Gown

It’s a tradition for daughters to get married in their mother’s wedding gown (after a few alterations and freshening-ups for sure!) in many parts of the globe. This custom shows the bride’s deep connection with her roots. It’d be an honor for your daughter to be presented with her mother’s gown as a wedding gift. You will also save her lots of money which she’d have otherwise spent on buying a customized gown.

Another way to use the bride’s mother’s gown is by designing a handkerchief or scarf from it and adorning it with the gown’s lace or embroidery.

Of course, this gift can not be given to a daughter on her wedding day. This lovely traditional wedding gift for a daughter should be given much earlier.

Ann Star Magnolia Tree

Alright, most brides are not registering trees for their wedding. However, that is exactly why this makes an unexpected but appreciated gift. Trees or plants, in general, are deeply symbolic of life and time. This potted tree arrives as a gift for the new couple joining lives and entering a new chapter of life together.

If the happy couple owns a home, they can plant this tree together as a token of their relationship. The tree will grow and blossom, mature, and bloom over the years. Each year the tree grows, the couple’s marriage grows as well, blooming and maturing just like the tree. This is a great wedding gift to show how much you care for the couple.

Hostess serving set

The hostess with the most-ess has a nice serving set. Your daughter needs a beautiful set to serve holiday dishes or any special event. A woman who lives with style and grace will appreciate the high quality and look of these pieces. These have a mirror finish and are dishwasher safe. The antique style with the functionality of modern-day ease. You’ll be patting yourself on the back when you’re invited for dinner and she doesn’t have to borrow yours.

Cheese Board

For the daughter that has an affinity for Fromage. Smoked meat and soft cheese with a nice bottle of wine are a great date night or for any night of the week. Cheese makes anything better, paired with briny olives, or slices of fruit. This cheese board will make grazing irresistible.

Easily she can arrange the platter with rows of crusty bread and crackers surrounding wheels of the finest cheese. When it is time to serve she can reveal the cutlery from a hidden drawer. This board is complete with the tools to slice hard cheeses with no problem. This is an impressive gift for the daughter who loves cheese as much as her husband.

Wedding Photo Keepsake

Weddings are emotional experiences; one day you have a baby, and the next she’s off on her own, being an adult. You might feel like she is still so young, or wonder if she’s ready for such a commitment. The best thing to do is to stay positive and supportive. You will always be there for her, and this keepsake is the perfect way to say that. A classic photo frame that shares the space with a personal photo of your choosing on one side, and a heartfelt message on the other side.

This is the perfect gift that arrives just after the wedding. When the celebration settles and life begins a new routine, this gift arrives to remind her that life always brings change, but her mother remains a constant.

“Funky Veg Kit”

If a tree just isn’t practical, but your daughter does enjoy plants or gardening, this will make an exceptional gift. Your daughter is officially starting a life with another person. She is feeling excited and inspired. A new life, and with this gift a new garden. This is a unique gift that keeps on giving.

This vegetable kit is the perfect introduction for beginners or an exciting project for a daughter with a green thumb. Plant Theater’s Funky Veg Kit includes five different vegetables to plant. If maintained properly could provide fresh produce for years to come. Eye-catching colors that are not always available in stores right in your backyard. An economical solution for any couple just starting out.

Keepsake Box

Traditional wedding gifts don’t have to be boring. Keepsake boxes have been gifts for decades, and they make excellent presents because they hold all the precious memories your daughter will create with her partner. Take note that this isn’t a boring keepsake box. This box was carefully created with love in every detail.

A wreath of flowers wraps the top face of the container that has been meticulously carved with a laser. The center of the wreath scrolls a profound message of love. This keepsake would be great to use during the wedding and after for all the treasures they don’t want to forget. The box is made to order and can be personalized with the couple’s names for an added touch. A traditional but original wedding gift for the daughter.

Wine Labels

This presentation requires a little more work, but if executed would be useful and memorable. The labels are represented by five different marriage milestones. The extra work on your part is selecting the wine that should reflect the designated milestone. A mother should be there for her daughter whenever she is needed.

Now, whenever they pop open one of these bottles they will think of the mother that bought them. The set includes: “First Christmas”, “First Anniversary”, “First Big Purchase”, “First Baby”, and the dreaded “ First Fight”. Help your daughter celebrate all the special moments in her marriage with a little buzz.

“The Five Love Languages” By Gary Chapman

Knowledge is power and relationships are no different. The book identifies five different languages of love based on individual personalities. According to the book, each person is a combination of each but one is the most prominent. Unlock each other’s love language and indulge in the lifelong companionship that is marriage.

A healthy marriage is always about communication and this gets couples talking about how they feel loved. It’s no secret that over half of marriages end in divorce. If you hope that your daughter has a lifelong marriage filled with happiness and love get her the book that helps her discover her needs and wants. In return, she will learn more about her partner and together they’ll grow stronger in their union.

“Mindful Relationship Habits” by S.J Scott and Barrie Davenport

For the daughter that reads, and reads, and never stops reading, — get her a book. This book discusses relationships in a different way compared to the book previously listed on this page. This one tackles the habits that may be helpful for the health and security of marriage. Combining your life with another can be difficult and at times ugly.

Naturally, things will go wrong, tempers will flare, and feelings can be hurt. Marriage is hard work, sometimes hearing it from your mom isn’t helpful but a book telling her might. This book is packed with helpful reminders, or tips to help her stay connected and engaged with her significant other. A happy marriage takes time, patience, respect, and communication. Teach her those values so that she can be successful.

Canon Digital Camera

The wedding of your daughter is not the only moment that should be captivated with beautiful pictures.

Yes, there are cameras on almost any cell phone that’s manufactured today, but no, they are not as nice as a camera that was made to take pictures and only quality pictures. Yes, a cell phone is conveniently in hand or in person always, but a nice camera allows your daughter to invest in her memories. Take pride in her life. The life she is designing day by day. Let her disconnect from her followers and fans, let her be as she is.

Photography is an art form, and with the proper camera, you’re able to capture life’s beauty #nofilter. Not everything is meant to be shared, so remind her of that with this digital camera. This wedding gift is a way to show your daughter you think she’s special and that some life moments should be kept only for yourself.

Cake Knife Serving Set

Here is a gift she probably did register for and with good reason. If your daughter likes baking or enjoys hosting events she might be eyeing a nice serving set for dessert. Weddings are about fashion and food. Everyone who attends wants to see the bride’s beautiful dress, and after they want to eat the cake.

The serving set should be as elegant as the food it plates. The delicate details of the serving knife are inspired by different times. Let your daughter know the details are important to you too, and you’ll help her achieve the perfect day she’s been dreaming of.

Moscow Mule Mug Set

Another gift set for the couple that enjoys gathering up groups of friends for a night of debauchery. This is a set of four copper mugs used for Moscow Mules. If this is your daughter’s drink of choice, she will appreciate having her own set for her home. This gift includes a set of four copper straws, a shot glass, and a recipe booklet.

Fine Art

There’s an old rhyme that is said to bring luck to the couple getting married. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in a shoe.” The sixpence is supposed to bring prosperity but where do you find a sixpence these days? If you want to bring prosperity to your daughter’s union, try a nice painting.

Fine art is an investment, that continues to grow in value over time. This painting titled, “Rain Princess”, is colorful and versatile. She could display this in her living room, or office. A conversational piece to cherish over the years together. This is a special gift from parents for the daughter who loves and appreciates art. Bring her all the luck with this extraordinary piece.

Vacation or Accommodation Packages

Gifting vacation packages to your daughter and her husband is a great way to show you really know what they want in a vacation. Why not pick a resort of their choice and combine it with some fun activities? Include a nice meal plan and a one or two-year validity and you’ll have them thanking you from the depths of their hearts. After all, who doesn’t deserve a break after all the wedding stress? Make the most of it by giving them an unforgettable experience!

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  1. Oh, wow, I really like the ideas you give for wedding gifts! We have been guests to a lot of weddings in the last couple of years with my boyfriend, and it’s always hard to pick the right present for the happy couple. Unless you know the future family very well. For a gift for daughters, I prefer something that will last in time like the Wedding Photo Keepsake and the Keepsake Box.

  2. Oh, wow, I really like the ideas you give for wedding gifts! We have been guests to a lot of weddings in the last couple of years with my boyfriend, and it’s always hard to pick the right present for the happy couple. Unless you know the future family very well. For a gift for daughters, I prefer something that will last in time like the Wedding Photo Keepsake and the Keepsake Box.


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