Unique Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriend That Show Your Love for Her

Your anniversary is coming up again, and you don’t know what to do. You want to get something unique for your girlfriend to show her how special she is to you, but where do you begin?

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Don’t worry—we’ve taken the stress out of buying that perfect anniversary gift by doing the work for you. Check out our 31 unique gift ideas below.

Unique Anniversary Gifts for Girlfriends

Gold-dipped Roses

For a new twist on giving flowers, why not try gold-dipped roses for this anniversary? Surprise your girlfriend on this special day with the most unique rose in the World. This particular product is a true masterpiece that will always remind her of your love. It is actually a real rose—the stem, leaves, and petals are all real. The rose petals have been dipped in resin, put back into a flower, and then the petal edges have been dipped in gold.

The stem is completely covered in 24-karat gold, and the leaves are edged in real gold, too. Each rose comes with its own stand, and maybe ordered in blue or red—or you can have one completely covered in gold. You can also choose for your sweetheart an open flower or a rosebud for the blue or red rose. This beautiful rose is one of the most visually appealing anniversary gift ideas for girlfriends.

Silver Charm Bracelets

Give her a unique anniversary gift that she won’t forget. Nothing says unique like a customizable charm bracelet. The possibilities are practically endless for these bracelets! There are paw-print charms for animal lovers, flowers and earth charms for nature lovers and the eco-conscious, and multiple charms that feature gemstones in an array of colors and designs to match nearly any mood and every experience you’ve shared together.

As far as creating something no other woman will have, it’s hard to top a charm bracelet. This particular bracelet is a sterling silver snake chain, which makes it easy to slide charms on and off. Be aware — you should buy a bigger size than your girlfriend normally wears so the charms will all fit nicely on the bracelet without being too snug on her wrist.

Anniversary Ornament

Why merely say, “Happy Anniversary” when you can give your girlfriend a 24-karat gold-plated ornament that says it for you? Two beautiful crystals dangle from the center of two entwined hearts, with the words “Happy Anniversary” inscribed on a golden ribbon below. The whole thing rests on a sturdy stand, meaning it can be placed in any room as a lovely accent or décor item. A gift card is included with the ornament for you to personalize it with some unique romantic message. This ornament also has a limited two-year warranty and comes in a beautiful gift box. All you have to do is present it to your girlfriend!

Couple’s Game

Last but not least, the “Our Moments” couple’s conversation game is a great anniversary gift. The box contains 100 question cards that ask about favorite memories you’ve shared together, things that make your girlfriend (and you) feel special, and even has a selection of sexy questions to work on together. No matter how long you’ve been together, or how well you think you know your girlfriend, this is a great way to get to know each other even better and show her that you’re invested in your relationship.

Engraved Stone

Yes, you read that right! This is the perfect dating anniversary gift for someone who thinks a little outside the box or has a rock collection already. A lovely poem has been engraved on the polished black stone, telling your awesome girlfriend that she is your rock and true love. The romantic engraving has then been painted gold for an extra touch. It’s palm-sized and would fit perfectly inside a memory box to be framed on the wall if so desired. Or it could fit nicely in a little stand to display on a table or mantel. If you looking for some unique way to say Happy Anniversary this way can be the right one.

Book Art

For a woman who loves to read, this is the perfect anniversary gift! Each book’s pages are carefully folded into the unique initials of you and your girlfriend, or into your anniversary date. If you choose to have your initials folded into the book, a lovely heart will be added in between them. If you choose to use your anniversary date, hearts will be placed between the month and day, and day and year. Each book is custom-made for each order.

A Couple’s Adventure Journal

This journal offers 115 ideas by the authors but then has space to allow you to brainstorm ideas as a couple. What have you always wanted to do together? The unique ideas presented in the book range from philanthropic, to physical adventures, to sensual things to try at home (or other places). There’s something that’s sure to please any couple; it truly is the gift that will keep on giving as you continue trying out items on your “bucket list.”

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Mix Tape

No, not that kind of mixtape—one that comes with its own USB port! Yes, you can upload pictures of the two of you together, videos of your life together, or any songs that are particularly meaningful to both of you onto this functional storage device designed to look like a retro mix tape. Nothing says you care like taking the time to make something, especially for her.

It holds up to 8 GB of data, so feel free to compile away! It’s also universal, so it should fit any computer or car’s USB port, regardless of brand. This romantic gift shows great attention to detail. Surprise your girlfriend with this creative idea and show her that she means the world to you.

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Sculpted Art Piece

Art lovers often hard to buy anniversary gifts; after all, not everyone can afford an original painting or large piece of art. This gift have you covered. Not only do the beautifully entwined hands symbolize the strength and tenderness of your relationship, but its flat base means it can be displayed anywhere, without needing a special stand. The resin sculpture’s life-like detail attests to the quality of this piece, and the bronze finish adds a nice touch. It also comes with a gift box and is priced well for the budget-minded.

Personalized Lamp

While this may seem like an unusual gift to give your girlfriend for your anniversary, it is quite breathtaking. The lamp is round and surrounded by a wood-grain ring. This makes it look like the ring is encircling the moon, which is light. A seated, gold-toned couple appears to be enjoying the moon’s warm glow.

It can be personalized with the included stickers, but the light is also sturdy enough for you to write your own romantic message on the moon’s face that will display when the lamp is lit. For even more romance, the light is turned on or dimmed by touching the couple. It’s just the right size for an end table or bedside table, but can also be a centerpiece on a shelf or mantel.

Personalized Plaque

This lovely wooden plaque will be personalized with your name, the anniversary year (first anniversary, tenth anniversary, etc.), and breaks that down by the number of months, days, hours, and minutes you have been together. The example gift shown is for the first anniversary, but these plaques can be made for any year’s anniversary. Each solid wood plaque has red accent hearts and black calligraphy, which contrasts nicely against the light background. Whenever she sees this Anniversary sign your girlfriend will be aware of how much you googling until you find the perfect gift for the anniversary 🙂

Personalized Photo Prints

Another anniversary gift sure to please your art-loving girlfriend is a personalized photo print with your name and anniversary date. This particular print uses street signs to display your personalized information with a street scene in the background. The unique black and white photo print with the red double-decker bus makes this gift stand out. It’s the perfect size to create a focal point on a wall, and will certainly be a conversation piece for guests. The acrylic coating makes this print waterproof, keeping it looking beautiful for years to come.


At first, a compass might not seem like a very romantic gift or a good anniversary present; but this is no ordinary compass. It’s a unique compass, as your girlfriend is unique, as well as what your love for her is unique. It is inscribed with e.e. cumming’s love poem, “I carry your heart with me,” on the brass cover. It’s perfect for the woman who enjoys hiking, geocaching, orienteering, or boating since this is a working compass. The beautiful leather case comes with every compass and is hand-crafted.

Poetic Picture Frame

With most photos being kept on smartphones or online these days, it really means a lot for a woman to have a special photo in a beautiful frame to remind her of special times you’ve shared together. The silver frame comes with a heartfelt poem one on the side and allows you to add your own photo on the other. Two red hearts and black and red flowers set off the poem, written in a lovely flowing script on a cream background.

Romantic Photo Album

This gift photo album’s outer covers are made of sturdy wood—better protecting the precious memories inside. It also has its own photo corners, to easily attach your special photos in any arrangement you’d like—they don’t have to be placed in the same way on every page. The pages can also be written on, making it easy to add sentimental notes to your girlfriend on every page. This album also has three metal rings attaching the covers and photo pages, so you don’t have to worry about ripping the spine, like traditional albums, or running out of room for new memories. Simply open the rings to add more photo pages or rearrange the pages after photos have been added.

Romantic Musical Carving

This resin sculpture shows a man and woman in love…a perfect gift for your anniversary! Not only is it carefully carved and hand-painted, but this sculpture also plays Pachelbel’s Canon in D, long associated with love and commitment. It rotates while playing music, making it appear that the couple is dancing. This is a great anniversary gift for a girlfriend who enjoys music, dancing, or romantic gestures.

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Optical Illusion Heart Lamp

If you’re looking for a romantic nightlight, this 3-D optical illusion “I Love You” heart balloon lamp is the perfect gift. It has seven different color settings, including a multi-color setting, which allows it to transition between each of the colors. The heart balloons appear to be in 3-D, and the lamp is small enough for a bedside table. Two smaller hearts between the two balloons complete the design.

His and Hers Watch Set

This lovely set has the word “love” split across two watches. His watch has the “lo” and her watch has the “ve.” A heart is also split across both watches, so when the watches are placed together, you see the completed heart and the word “love”. It comes in several faces and band colors, with crystals set in the heart and used in place of some of the numbers on the dial. It is a very classic gift that says you love being part of your girlfriend’s life, on your anniversary and always.

Puzzle Box with Jewelry Inside

This is a unique gift idea for the romantic puzzle lover. It’s a Davinci Code Mini Cryptex, and your girlfriend will need to figure out the password to find the treasures inside. (Or you can just give her the code.) Inside, she’ll find two sets of rings, two chain necklaces, and two leather necklaces for the rings. One set of rings is silver-toned and contains the words, “I love you” with crystals on his ring, and “forever” with crystals on her ring in black lettering. There is also a vintage card for you to customize. This is the type of gift that will make your dating anniversary memorable.

A Necklace That Tells Her You Love Her, Literally

While this is one of the more expensive gifts on our list, it’s worth it. The necklace comes in sterling silver, gold, or gold-plated, with a black onyx as the centerpiece. The phrase, “I love you,” has been inscribed on the onyx in 120 languages over a gold heart. Each inscription is 24-karat gold and each necklace comes with its own magnifying glass to read each of the individual inscriptions that encircle the heart. A stunning piece for your girlfriend. She will never forget this anniversary if she gets this magnificent necklace

Coordinating Pillow Cases

This fun-loving gift has a boy on one pillowcase with a pink heart saying, “I love you”. The matching pillowcase has a girl with pink hearts saying, “I love you, too”. When placed next to each other, it looks as if the boy and girl are talking to each other. A light-hearted anniversary present for a fun-loving girlfriend!

Matching Keychain Set

This adorable keychain set is customizable with your anniversary date. When placed together, the matching keychains say, “You complete me.” When apart, they each carry part of the message and each keychain has your anniversary date on it. With stainless steel with black engraving, they have a classic look. Although fairly inexpensive your girlfriend will be glad to receive this personalized and romantic anniversary gift.

Personalized Book

This book, called “What I Love About You” offers pages with writing prompts for you to fill in the blanks about your girlfriend’s best traits and things you love about her. For example, one page has the sentence, “I love you” with a blank line—you complete the sentence. Maybe it’s her eyes, her smile, her kindness; whatever it is, let her know! With multiple pages to share the unique things that make her special to you, this is the perfect romantic anniversary gift.

Romantic Coffee Mug Set

This adorable coffee (or tea!) mug set has a stick-figure boy playing guitar and sending red musical notes and hearts to his stick-figure sweetheart on the other mug. This mug set is white with the boy and girl outlined in black. The perfect gift for music lovers or coffee and tea lovers, and you don’t have to worry about the design coming off the mugs since they are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Special Date Personalized Necklace

While initial necklaces are common, this adorable calendar necklace can be personalized with your wedding date instead. The pendant is a sterling silver calendar personalized with the month and year of your choice and a heart placed over the wedding date. The necklace is also sterling silver, and the engraving is black, so you know it’s of the highest quality. The crescent moon and star engravings round out the pattern.

Music Box

This wood finished music box comes with a sweet message on top, telling your girlfriend how much you love her. It plays “All You Need Is Love,” by the Beatles, and opens to reveal a velvet storage compartment for jewelry. The pre-printed message on the outside of the box can be replaced with a special photo of you and your girlfriend if you’d prefer.

Personalized Leather Plaque

This unique keepsake is engraved leather and is customizable with your first name and anniversary date. It comes in tan, gray, or black, and can be easily hung on a wall with the attached backing. Your names and anniversary date, along with a sweet poem, are centered on the leather plaque. A strong, leafy tree with a heart carved into it anchors the right-hand side of the plaque. The heart includes the word “love” and the tree’s trunk has your anniversary year.


If your girlfriend is a writer or an artist, this journal is the perfect anniversary gift. It’s made from high-quality, hand-crafted leather, with a rosewood pen included. It also comes with a paper that won’t bleed through when using fountain pens, pastels, or watercolors. You can also personalize this gift by writing a special note to your girlfriend prior to wrapping it up for your anniversary.

Bonsai Tree

This is the perfect anniversary gift for a woman who loves plants or gardening. What better way to say that your love is forever than by getting her a gift that can live for decades? This little bonsai tree is a green juniper and comes with its own glazed ceramic pot that has a divider and reservoir for water. Note that this little plant likes a lot of light, so keeping it outdoors is best, or under a dedicated lamp indoors.

Birthstone Bracelets

Birthstone rings and necklaces are commonplace. Try something different for this anniversary with a great birthstone bracelet. Each gold-plated bracelet features a large, dangling birthstone charm. Not only are you giving your girlfriend jewelry, but you’re also giving her a gift for her dating anniversary that shows how much you value her unique traits! One of the greatest things about this bracelet is that it’s hypoallergenic. Its sleek, attractive design makes this bracelet stand out. With this beautiful and meaningful bracelet, it’s not difficult to make your girlfriend feel special on this special day.

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