Thank You Gifts for Mentors at Work

Being able to ask for advice is an important quality to possess professionally. The ability to own your vulnerability is actually a strength. Mentors are a life-saver when it comes to stressful situations at work and it’s important to foster healthy relationships with them.

“Colleagues are a wonderful thing – but mentors, that’s where the real work gets done” – Junot Diaz

We all go through difficulties professionally, bumping into circumstances that we sometimes have no answers to. When this occurs, it’s always a good idea to reach out to a colleague who may have been through those specific issues before—someone considered an expert in the field. This allows room for growth and improvement in problem-solving skills that can later be highly beneficial to you and the mission of your career.

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Beginning your first internship or job after college can be a daunting experience. It’s common to feel like a newbie in a strange environment. Fortunately, there are those special folks who lend a helping hand and guide you through the transition. Acknowledging their guidance with a thoughtful gift is a great way to show your appreciation and communicate to them that you take your career seriously.

Gratitude is a sign of integrity – it’s not only helpful for professional reasons but also demonstrates that you are thankful for the time and effort they’ve put in to help you. Expressing your gratitude to these mentors is a meaningful gesture that will help build strong relationships at work.

For those amazing mentors in your life who’ve helped you achieve your goals at work, we’ve come up with a list of gifts that help you say, “Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Thank You Gifts for Mentors at Work

Globe Decanter

After a long day at work, you know that your mentor likes to occasionally sit down and sip on a glass of fine whiskey or rum to relax, so why not give them this unique decanter gift set?

The handblown globe decanter and drinking glasses are beautifully etched with a map of the world and are a perfect statement piece for anyone who enjoys traveling. A work of art as well as a conversation starter, this set also includes 8 metal ice cubes, a pair of tongs, a pouring funnel, and a glass stopper. And maybe, just maybe, your mentor will ask you around some night for a drink.

I believe this presentation will help you build a strong relationship with your business mentor.

Custom Engraved Pencil Set

How about gifting your workplace mentor with this classy personalized pen set that goes well with his career?

Attractive. Stylish. Practical. For the mentor who appreciates all of these qualities, this personalized pen and pencil desk set is an original idea. 18-karat gold plated, this gift is both elegant and functional and expresses your thankfulness with a personalized engraved message.

Let the mentor know just how much you appreciate the time they’ve spent with you and all the help they’ve given. This gift is a genuine way to say “Thank you”.

Desktop Clock and Pencil Holder for Office Decoration

Your workplace mentor is sleek, modern, and hip. They love clean lines and simplicity that blends with functionality. Their office screams urban. So, what can you give them that shows not only your appreciation but also your admiration for their sense of style?

This smart, artistic pen holder is the ideal gift to deliver that message. A decorative office desk clock with clean lines and vibrant red color will become the focal point of any desk space. Truly a work of functioning art.

Wooden Docking Station, Desk organizer

This gift is perfect for the hipster mentor. A combination of modern, sleek, and natural, this wooden docking station is a great way to organize any space. Your mentor can’t live without their technology but shuns all things traditional? They need to charge their smartphone but still want to have it within reach to listen to that new indie band. Then this is the right thing to give.

Surprise, delight, and impress your tutor with a gift idea that says, “I’m cool, modern, and retro,” all at the same time. Great for anyone who wants to be clutter-free and still stay stylish.

Travelers Notebook

Your mentor is always full of thoughts and ideas that they’re always scribbling down. Any piece of scrap paper will do – receipts, napkins, old business cards. But why not give them something better to collect their thoughts?

This lovely leather travel journal is perfect for a person whose head is always full of great ideas. Fully customizable and refillable, this journal is the ideal piece for a mentor to write down anything they can think of.

Thank You, Candle

For the mentor who has made a difference in your life, this beautifully crafted candle says it all. Written in delicate rhinestone script, the “thank you” message on the side of this candle adds a little bit of bling to any space, and the relaxing aroma of vanilla and chestnut will help ease the stress of a long day.

Show them how much light they brought into your life every time they use this beautiful thank you candle.

Mentor Definition Coffee Mug

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to say just how much someone means to you. You’ve been lucky to have a great mentor who provides you a great mentoring at work, someone who’s guided you and helped to ensure your success. So how do you let them know how important they are?

Just what does it mean to be a mentor? This coffee mug spells it out in no uncertain terms. If you have a hard time expressing thanks for mentorship give this cool mug and let them know exactly how you feel.

Waterford Crystal Clock

There is nothing more valuable than the time you be under mentorship. If you could add up every second, every minute, and every hour that your mentor has spent answering questions, correcting mistakes, offering help and great suggestions, you know you’d never be able to pay them back. But you could try.

Give them this beautiful Waterford crystal desk clock, the perfect gift to show a wise advisor how much you appreciate all the time they’ve given you.

Thank you Gourmet Cookie Gift

If they like cookies, then the quest for the best thank-you mentor gift ends here.

Who doesn’t love cookies? And not just any cookies, but fresh homemade gourmet cookies. Say thank you again and again with these individually wrapped cookies from the Providence Cookie Company. Made in small batches and baked and shipped on the same day.

The job mentor will find it hard to thank you enough for your gift between bites of these delicious treats. After the first bite, you will become the best mentee ever. This is a tasty way to say, “Thank you!”. And if you’re lucky, maybe they’ll even offer to share.

3D Globe Puzzle

For someone who means the world to you and who will always have a piece of your heart, this magnetic 3D puzzle is the perfect gift for your mentor. Made of stainless steel, the puzzle’s magnetic pieces hold their shape and when finished make a great decorative piece to display. However, this puzzle’s so much fun that they’ll want to put it together over and over again. A great way to say, “Thanks!”

Table Clock with Double Pens

Mentoring is its own reward, but why not show them just how much you are grateful for the time they spent with you? This executive desk clock with double ballpoint pens is an elegant way to recognize your mentor for all their hard work and effort. The custom engraving plate also allows for a personalized message of thanks.

This desk set is functional, stylish, and a great reminder of all the help your mentor has given and the inspiration they have been.


Business mentors train and counsel new employees in the office, but most of them also love the outdoors. So why not give them the gift of a comfortable night’s sleep the next time they go camping?

The Wise Owl hammock is made from parachute nylon, offering super strong and super soft material for the most relaxing hammock experience. Durable, cool, and perfect for travel, your mentor will have an awesome place to chill out on their next camping trip. After all, every mentor deserves a good rest after they provide the best mentoring for their mentees at work.

They will really appreciate the creativity behind the way the “thank you” message is crafted.

Gourmet Coffee Box

The mentor taught you all you know, especially about the importance of coffee, right? Aside from learning the ropes at your new job, you also learned about your mentor’s love of the bean. So what better way to say thanks than with this gourmet coffee Bean Box?

Take your wonderful mentor on a tour around the world of coffee from the comfort of his own kitchen. With hand-picked regional blends expertly roasted by Seattle’s finest coffee roasters, your work tutor will enjoy sampling all the rich, delicious flavors his palate can stand.

Leather Portfolio

You’ve accompanied your mentor on many business meetings, and you’ve noticed how much time they spend digging through their briefcase or messenger bag looking for a notepad, a pen, and their business cards. Why not help them get organized?

This handmade Italian leather portfolio is the perfect mentor gift for keeping all your mentor’s business essentials handy. Stylish and professional, your mentor will appreciate all the thought you put into this wonderful present for him.

Handmade Wooden Thank You Card

Sure, you could get advisers a basic paper thank-you card, but why not get them something that will last?

Elegant and tasteful, this handmade bamboo card is unique, long-lasting, and personalized by you. Use the blank space inside to let your job and business career adviser know just how much they’ve done for you and just how much you appreciate high-level guidance. Sometimes, a simple “thank you” says more than anything else can.

WOWLEO Robot Light Kit, DIY Spider Light Building Block for Kids Age 10+

A great mentor is like a light in a dark room. And you have an amazing mentor. Let them know how much they shine with this modern, stylish, and creative desk lamp. This versatile desk lamp is not only functional, but it’s also a fun conversation starter. It is not only an atmosphere desk lamp but also a DIY robot with lighting. Suitable for any décor, shine a light on just how much you appreciate them with this unique gift for a mentor.

Business Card Holder

A good mentor at work can have a huge impact on your career, and if you are willing to take an extra effort, you may succeed in your career. You can not have a huge impact on the mentor’s career, but with this clever gift, you can influence his workplace and becomes much more decorative. This unusual and fun desktop business card holder is an awesome conversation starter in the office.

Book: Great Quotes from Great Leaders

He always has a book close by, and not only does he love to read to better hone their career skills, but he also encouraged you to become better, too. Great professionals are constantly learning, seeking inspiration, and looking to become better leaders.

This book, with brief biographies and quotes from 32 of the world’s great leaders, is the perfect gift to let your mentor know just how much they’ve helped shape your future. And hopefully, this book may help inspire a mentor in the way they’ve inspired you.

Also, check these ideas:

What are some other ways we can express gratitude toward our beloved business mentors?

Sometimes sending store-bought thank you cards can seem trifling and insignificant, so here are other interesting ways you can say “thank you” to your professional career mentor:

    • Tickets to an event

Is your mentor a sports fan? Does he or she love a specific convention? Finding out what your mentor is passionate about outside of work and securing tickets to their next event can be a great way to express appreciation while at the same time adding a small touch of personalization. Your mentor will be sure to appreciate the gesture and be grateful for the thought. As a side note, make sure to purchase at least two tickets for them to bring along a spouse or friend as an option—in that way they’ll be even more grateful for your extra mile of thoughtfulness.

    • Personalized Stationery gifts

Everyone appreciates good quality stationery gifts! Using stationery is a part of life, no matter if it’s in a professional or an at-home setting. Personalized stationery can be added as a stylish addition to plain old boring envelopes and paper. A moleskin journal? A quality fountain pen? Personalized stamps engraved with their initials? These options can be added to suit your mentor’s needs and demonstrate your thoughtfulness and appreciation!

    • Morning coffee or tea

Find out how your mentor enjoys their morning coffee or tea. Sending for a coffee delivery service or simply running down to your nearest Starbucks and getting them their caffeine fix for the morning can really add a sweet touch of gratitude to your professional relationship. They’ll remember your act of kindness and be personally touched by your care which will directly earn you quality brownie points in their good books – contributing to a better professional relationship with your mentor! Each act of kindness goes a long way, and a simple act of service can showcase your values as a person as well as really make your mentor’s day!

    • Throw a gathering in honor of them

Not everyone is a fan of being the center of attention, but everyone does like to be appreciated! Why not show your mentor how much you care by throwing them a special party or gathering? The size of your event really depends on your mentor’s personality – are they an introvert or an extrovert? Do they enjoy being around lots of people or just a few? Are they comfortable being the center of attention at work or while out at the bar? This is such a great way to show your appreciation since it allows you to tailor the event to your mentor’s specific wants and needs. But it does require some research on your part to figure out what type of atmosphere your mentor would enjoy the most.

    • Spa/Self-Care Vouchers

Not every busy workaholic takes the time out of their daily routine to care for themselves. Most of us are just on a hamster wheel putting family, work, and other obligations before ourselves. By purchasing a ready-to-go voucher, you’re ensuring your mentor receives self-care in the form of a massage, spa day, or mani-pedi session they’d benefit from! What a great way to show your appreciation and gratitude by securing them their well-deserved me-time. Not only will they show up to work rejuvenated and relaxed, but they’ll also appreciate you as a colleague for caring about their well-being.

Thank you cards just don’t cut it sometimes! When your mentor has invested time and effort into your growth at work, showing them they matter by going that extra mile can really make a difference. These ways of thanking your business mentor will ensure growth in your professional relationship and cement you in the minds of your mentor as a valuable bond to foster for future endeavors!

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