Gifts for Surgical Techs 2023

Being a surgical tech is not an easy job. Not only is it stressful and intense, but it requires a lot of brainpower and dedication. It takes a special person to do all of those things and to do it well. This is exactly why the surgical techs in our lives need to be supported.

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They need to know that we have their back as they help to make a difference in people’s lives. A simple way of doing this is through a gift. This year, do not wait for Surgical Tech Week to give them a thoughtful gift. These gifts below are specifically targeted to that special surgical tech in your life.

Surgical Tech Gifts

Scrub Tech Life Coloring Book

Surgical Techs sometimes need to relax after a stressful day at work. Help them get relaxed by giving them this fun coloring book.

One of the best new things to come out for adults is coloring books aimed at their generation. As a child, hours were spent with them and now we can turn to them when we are looking to relax or just distract ourselves from our daily stressors. This is the perfect option for the surgical tech in your life, as it provides them the mental escape they need after a rough day.

Surgical Scrub Tech Mug – Surgeons Need Heroes Too

Of course, a job-specific coffee cup is required for anyone in a unique field, and surgical/scrub tech’s definitely fall into that category. Underneath it simply says: “Because surgeons need heroes too”. Get this for your friend so that they can share their talents with the world!

A Great Scrub Tech Shirt

It speaks the truth! This t-shirt states: “Behind Every Good Surgeon is a Great Scrub Tech!” Once you give this to your special friend or loved one, they will wear it with pride at every given opportunity. Show them how proud you are of them and gift them with this gift that will bring a smile to their face.

Bone Pens

Is there a cooler or more clever way to take notes and documentation when you’re a surgical tech than with pens in the shape of a human bone? This set comes with five different pens that resemble various bones of the body.

This is one of the most popular surgical tech gifts, it will be a great conversation starter and laugh creator throughout the day!

Medical Gift Pen with Inspirational Quote -“Cure Sometimes, Treat Often, Comfort Always. – Hippocrates”

Is your surgical tech also a pen lover? Those in the medical field can never have enough writing instruments, and this is sure to be one that never gets lost. Coming in a satin-lined gift box, this vibrant blue pen has a popular quote from Hippocrates written across it: “Cure Sometimes, Treat Often, Comfort Always”.

Doctor Surgeon Robot USB Flash Drive

How adorable is this? Fashioned into a scrub-donning medical professional, this thumb drive will garner the attention of everyone who walks by. This affords a great way for your favorite surgical tech to save important data and information that they need to have available at a moment’s notice, and they will love the design!

Miniature Surgical Instruments Keychain

Sometimes on hard days, a subtle reminder that they chose what they do for a reason is helpful. This keychain will provide just that. A glance in its direction will remind them of the true purpose that they set forward to accomplish and will give them the strength to do it another day, week, month, and year. Any surgical tech will appreciate the small sentiment that means so much.

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Surgery Wine Bottle Holder

The chances of a bad day in the surgery room ending with a bottle of wine are pretty high. And this is reasonable, given what they have to deal with. This wine bottle holder is the perfect gift to help surgical techs through those bad days.

Intricately designed of metal, this holder portrays a surgeon and a patient, complete with lights and a table. The bottle of wine slides right into the design, making it functional and stylish.

Unicorn Surgical Scrub Cap

As we already know, those in the surgery field have very little say when it comes to their daily wardrobe. This surgical cap can help that situation out! Coming in two different colors (pink and gray) it will add color to any drab scrub attire and bring a new source of happiness to the operating room with its fun design.

Surgical Technologist (Savin’ Surgeons) License Plate Holder

For those in the field with a wonderful sense of humor, this gift will be a cherished one. Sized perfectly to go around their car’s license plate, the wording around it says: “Surgical Tech – Saving Ass One Surgeon At A Time”. There will be no mistake in knowing what they do for a living with this blessing of their automobile!

Surgeon Wirecraft Figurine

This gift choice screams unique. Made out of common items and materials of copper and metal, this figurine depicts a surgeon and a patient during an operation.

This would look great in any Surg tech’s home due to its neutral design palette. And due to its handmade nature and unique design, it will catch the eye of everyone who comes near it. It will be a cherished gift for a long time.

Personalized Badge Reel

Add to the flair of your favorite surgical tech’s wardrobe with this custom badge reel! This holds their nametag to their scrubs and extends for easy sliding, allowing them to clock in and access rooms without removing their badge. The great thing about this selection is you can customize the gift to add Surgery Tech’s name and their favorite colors!

Surgical Technologist Notebook

Some techs need a place to document their learnings from the different procedures and operations that they take part in. It’s also helpful at times to have an outlet to vent to on difficult days.

This journal allows for both of those situations to be resolved. With a beautiful flower design and the words “Surgical Technologist” scrolled across the cover, it will be a wonderful gift to a dear friend.

Giant Microbe Brain Cell Plush

I mean, who doesn’t wish for a giant plush in the shape of a brain cell microbe? Your die-hard surgical technician will. This is an item that is sure to be the focus of their work area and brings a much-needed laugh to all of the staff every time that they see it.

Orthopedic Surgeon Keychain

Does your favorite surgical tech specialize in operations of the hip area? What better way to show them your appreciation than a keychain in the shape of a hip prosthesis tool? This is sure to bring a smile to their face from the minute they open it, and they will think back to your gratefulness every time they use it.

Surgical techs fill a big role during a stressful time in people’s lives, a role that is often overshadowed by the work of the surgeon themselves.

It’s impossible to fully express gratitude to those who help in times of need, but a meaningful present can go a long way. These items will serve that purpose and more, letting them know how much you appreciate all they’ve done.

Surgical Sculpture

A surgical tech has every right to be proud of their craft, and this personal gift will show them that you are proud of them too. Handcrafted in Ukraine, this beautiful sculpture depicts an operating room with a medical staff member and patient.

This artwork is made with copper and patina elements and will be a beautiful addition to your surgical tech’s home or office.

Flatback Buttons

When your daily outfit choices are limited to one pair of scrubs or another, completely identical pair of scrubs, you will quickly get tired of your choices. These buttons add a bit of flair to your otherwise boring wardrobe. They can be added to your favorite tech’s badge reel and have cute designs and sayings, such as: “Scrub Life” and zebra patterns.

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