25 Romantic Gifts for Him That Will Keep the Sparks in 2023

Finding a romantic gift for your partner may not be as easy as it sounds. Some couples are more sentimental, while others prefer a more humorous or reserved approach to their relationship.

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Romantic Gifts for Him

In any case, you can show him how much you love him with one of the unique romantic gifts for him ideas from this list.

This is a compilation of the greatest gifts for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, an engagement, or any other special occasion for you two.

Knock Knock What I Love About Us 

If you decide to give your loved one this book, buying it is only a small part of getting it ready to be gifted.

The fill-in-the-blank type journal will prompt you to write your personal feelings, thoughts, memories, ideas, and anything else you want to share with your partner.

It is a very personal romantic gift that he will cherish and is perfect for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a birthday, or any other occasion when you feel like you want to tell him how much you love him.

Orgasm Coffee Cup

Make your man feel special and loved with this sexy and romantic gift. The ceramic mug says, “Thanks for all orgasms.”

Give him this mug while you two are enjoying a leisurely breakfast in love, and he will feel like the best man ever.

Big Spoon Little Spoon V1 Couples Pillowcases

Do you enjoy going to sleep together all spooned up? Show him how much you love snuggling with him and waking up together with this pair of sweet pillowcases.

Made of durable and soft microfiber, the pair of pillowcases come in several color options and different sizes.

One of them says “Little Spoon” and the other “Big Spoon.”

This gift is a wonderful way to show your love and how happy you are that you two share the same bed.

Date Night In

If your relationship has become kind of dull, and you want to spice things up with your partner, then this book is a superb idea for a present for him and you.

Date Night In includes over 120 delicious recipes that will bring you back together and will help you nourish your relationship during these wonderful date nights.

This is more than a cookbook, it is a guide to rekindling a relationship that has become a bit monotonous.

Bridal Shower Wedding Anniversary Gift

If the naughty tokens or the cheesy coupons are a bit too much for you two, then this wonderful Tiny Box of Romantic Gestures could be a more suitable gift for him for your anniversary or St. Valentine’s Day.

The box contains 48 wood tokens with truly romantic and sweet gestures, like “Pick wildflowers on your way home” and others.

It is among the most excellent romantic gifts for a couple and will bring more love to your life when you two start acting on these kind and romantic gestures.

Knock Knock Ussies: A Photo Album of We

If you two are into taking photos of each other together (Ussies) everywhere you go, then this Knock Knock Ussies Album is a great romantic gift idea for him.

The book has empty spaces for you to add your favorite photos together, but you will need to choose them following the clever captions written by the authors.

It is a superb way to create a romantic album and a cherished keepsake for you two.

NEOVIVID Grow Old with ME Engraved Brass Compass

Made of solid brass and with a vintage look, this compass on a chain and the nautical-themed stamped leather case is a superb gift idea for him. The best part that makes it so personal and romantic is that there is a loving quote engraved on the back of the compass by Robert Browning saying “Grow Old Along With Me.”

How much more romantic can you get?

INFMETRY Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle Glass Favor Bottle

Surprise your loved one with this cute bottle of capsules that can all carry a tiny secret message from you.

The cute colorful capsules with little faces have blank pieces of paper inside, which you can fill with your special messages for him.

He will love opening these cute messages in a bottle day after day and finding a new sweet message from you.

Engraved Wallet Insert Anniversary Gifts

This is another engraved wallet card that is a very romantic gift idea for him. It is the size of a credit card, and is like a sweet and personal love note, only that it is engraved on stainless steel, and will last forever!

Your loving gesture will touch him, and it will remind him of your love and devotion every time he is away from you, and any time when things between you two are not going too well.

Our Bucket List Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couples

This inspirational journal for ideas for your future adventures together is a great way to tell him that you want to spend the rest of your life with him and that you want to go on the greatest adventures together only with him.

You two can enjoy filling out the Our Bucket List journal and then write down the date and the memories after crossing off each of the ideas you have planned for the two of you.

52 Uncommon Dates

Written by Randy Southern, this book of 52 uncommon dates is a couple’s adventure guide for staying together and enjoying each other more.

It is not simply a book that you will be giving him. It is more of an experience for you both.

The book will guide you through 52 dates by setting a scene for you and allowing you to talk to one another like you have never done before.

The book is creative, spiritually engaging, and fun, and it is a perfect gift for your anniversary.

LParkin Drive Safe Keychain Handsome I Love 

Keep the man in your life constantly reminded of how much he is loved and needed with this inexpensive but very thoughtful romantic gift.

The simple stainless steel keychain is stamped with the words “Drive safe, handsome. I love you.”

Use it for his car keys, so that he knows that he should drive safely and take care because you are waiting for him.

Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-a-Stick

Sexy Truth or Dare Pick a Stick is an erotic game that will no doubt spice things up for you and him.

The red hot box contains 50 sticks with a sexy truth written on one side and a dirty dare written on the other.

You two can enjoy this game in bed, or when you are on vacation. It is provocative but not too much.

In any case, it will allow you both to explore your sexuality and give a boost to your love life.

Night Sky Print, Custom Star Chart Constellation Map

Remind him of those first romantic dates when you spent the nights gazing at the stars with this beautiful and thoughtful romantic gift.

The customized Night Sky print can be ordered to show the exact positions of all constellations and stars as seen from a particular location on a specific date.

You can choose his birthday, the day you met, or any other special day of importance to him and you, and get him this beautiful handmade print.

You can also add a special message, his name, the date, and the place.

Kissing Mug Set 

If you two are a lovey-dovey couple, then this set of mugs is a wonderful romantic gift idea for him.

The two mugs are from premium new bone china and are designed to fit together perfectly and seem like they are sharing a sweet kiss.

They are handmade and gorgeously painted, and they come with two matching china spoons.

You and he will enjoy wonderful mornings and days drinking your tea or coffee from this inseparable pair of cute mugs.

Engraved Picture Wallet Insert

Remember when people used to carry photos of their loved ones in their wallets? With this handmade anodized aluminum, wallet inserts, you will give him a keepsake of you two together that he can carry with him in his wallet without it ever fading or getting torn up.

The beautiful insert is a memory and a token of your love that he will be able to have near him wherever he goes.

Fun, Humorous, Romantic “Cheesy” Love Coupons

If you are a couple who is not too much into the cheesy PDA thing, then this cute set of hilarious “Cheesy” couples coupons is a funny and still romantic gift to give him for your anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

They are small-sized and come in a sweet handmade box. The coupons have some hilariously cheesy things that you are prompted to try out as a couple, like buying each other huge stuffed toys, wearing matching outfits, spending the whole day expressing your love on social media, and so on.

This gift is something that you two will definitely enjoy and laugh about.

Naughty Romantic Sex Coupons Tokens Gift

Add a bit of heat to your love life with these romantic sex tokens.

Each set contains 20 rustic wooden tokens with different romantic and naughty activities. Plus, they come in a sleek black tin box that you can take with you on your trips.

These coupons will keep the surprises coming, no matter how long you’ve been together.

It’s a romantic present your partner will love, and you will too!

Coordinate Bracelet for Men

Give him a personal, romantic present that only two of you will understand the sentimental meaning of. This stunning cord bracelet for men is handmade and can be personalized to feature special coordinates of a special place for you two, that only you will know about.

The coordinates are engraved on the solid sterling silver clasps of this bracelet.

The bracelet itself is made of a double band, strong and masculine sailing cord in four primary color options – black, brown, blue, and red.

He will love wearing it, and it will remind him of this very special place for you two every time he looks at it.

I Love You I know, Star Wars Romantic Love gift

If you two are Star Wars fans, what better way to express your love for each other than with this sweet and geeky handmade gift featuring actual LEGO figures of Han Solo and Princess Lea, and the quote “I love you…I know” that any Star Wars fan will instantly recognize.

This is a unique romantic gift idea that you won’t find anywhere else, so go ahead and get him one of these for Christmas, his birthday, Valentine’s, your anniversary, or any other occasion.

Cartoon Custom portrait from photo

If your partner is a cartoon fan, then this customized portrait of him, you, your pet, or anyone else you decide as characters from his favorite cartoon series, is a gift that he will thoroughly enjoy.

The custom-made portrait is created based on the pictures, requirements, and descriptions you send to the artist.

You will receive a high-quality print in digital form that you can print out on a poster, canvas, T-shirt, mug, or on anything you decide.

It is a truly heartwarming romantic gift for him.

Customized Wood Leather Boho Watch

Why be part of the mainstream when your loved one can be unique with a personalized and handmade watch like this one?

The watch is handcrafted from wood and has a Japanese quartz movement, and the strap is made of leather, wood, or both.

You can customize every single part of the watch, and ask for its name, monogram, date, a personal message to be engraved on its back. You can also order a watch with an engraved message in your handwriting.

This unique watch is eye-catching, and your partner will always carry a sweet message from you on his wrist.

Sound Wave Art

This unique handmade piece of art is a pretty cool gift idea for your loved one. You can order it displaying how his favorite song or a special sentimental song for both of us looks visually.

You can add the name of the song, his name, your name, or a special message or date to the sound wave print.

It can be printed in any color and texture of your choice on stretched canvas, giclee paper, framed paper, or on a framed canvas.

This is not only a romantic gift but is a very sleek and contemporary piece of art that will look great on any wall.

Men’s custom key chain with a romantic message for him or her

Surprise the special man in your life with this meaningful and romantic gift. The handmade keychain is made from either copper brass or sterling copper, with an inscription stamped onto it that is unique to him.

This rustic look is complemented by the fact that all of the letters are hand-stamped. You are limited to 3 lines with 12 characters each, so be sure to choose your words wisely and make sure your message is concise yet powerful.

USB Mixtape – Retro Personalized Gift

Restore the romantic tradition of the 1980s and 1990s and make him a personalized mixed tape with your favorite music for a special occasion with this awesome retro mixtape USB flash drive.

You can add some photos, videos, and other memories to the drive as it comes in huge storage of options of 4 GB, 8 GB, or 16 GB.

It is handmade from a real cassette tape and is one of the perfect nostalgic romantic presents for your partner.

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