Police Academy Graduation Gifts – Law Enforcement Gift Ideas for Grads

There are many people who feel a call to duty, and whether that duty is to God or country, it is a call that cannot be ignored. And while there are many ways to serve, your loved one chose to become a police officer.

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The decision was made: they would join the thin blue line that keeps civilization intact. You couldn’t be any more proud.

For those who have chosen a life in law enforcement and are now graduating from the Police Academy, we’ve put together this list of gifts to commemorate the special occasion.

Police Academy Graduation Gifts

Police Men’s Multi dial Quartz Watch with Silicone Strap

Police officers log long and often irregular hours. They may lose track of time or even days when they’re focused on their job. Much of what they do requires more time than they have, but they find a way to give that time anyway. So why not give them a gift that lets them know that the time they spend to protect others is valuable? This stainless steel Police watch makes a great gift for your new officer and shows them that their time is appreciated.

Police Padfolio Notepad

A great gift for the rookie officer on patrol, this notepad holder is easily stored in his patrol car and is great for note-taking. The symbolic thin blue line is stitched into the cover along with the police motto, “To Protect and Serve.” Meaningful and practical, what better way to show your support for someone just starting their career in the police force?

Law Enforcement Police Academy Graduation Gift

Whether he or she comes from a long line of police officers or they are the first in your family, you have never been prouder than when they graduated from the Police Academy. To show your love and support for your new police officer, give them this unique desk clock inscribed with an inspirational and personalized poem. With every passing hour, they will be reminded of your love.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

You’ve seen it in movies. You’ve seen it when you were pulled over for a busted tail light. The cool and slightly intimidating look a police officer has when they walk up to your car window. How do they do it? Well, the uniform helps, but it’s really the sunglasses that add the finishing touch. Why not help your new officer attain that cool and slightly intimidating look with these Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses? Also great for those bright and sunny days.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Long days, longer nights. Day in and day out, police officer often faces the worst of what humans are capable of, and there are times when a stiff drink may be the only thing that helps to ease the burden they carry. So why not give them this personalized whiskey decanter, etched with a police badge graphic? Crafted from Italian glass, this decanter keeps their favorite whiskey waiting for them after one of those too-long days.

“To Protect and Serve” Pocket Knife

It’s hard to believe that your little Boy Scout has grown up to be a police officer. Just yesterday they were learning how to build a fire and shoot a bow and arrow, and now they’re walking across the stage to graduate from the Police Academy. Even though they’re an officer now, they still believe in the Scout motto of always being prepared, and they still love the security of carrying a pocket knife. So, get them this grownup pocket knife honoring their new vocation. It will never leave their side.

Personalized Congratulation Graduation Gift to Police or Sheriff Academy

Of all the photos you have hung on your walls, the picture of your loved one in their police uniform is your favorite. Why not make it a favorite for your new officer, too? Dress it up in this beautiful mahogany frame with a personalized congratulatory poem. Remind them how proud and honored you are that they graduated from the Police Academy and chose to serve others and their country.

Officer’s Travel Tumbler

Police officers are always on the go – walking their beat, driving to a crime scene, and responding to an emergency call. They don’t have time to stop and leisurely sip on a cup of coffee. So, help them to stay caffeinated with this travel tumbler. Decorated with a police officer’s prayer, it makes a great gift that also helps to remind them of your love and God’s.

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Men’s Thin Blue Line Police Flag Black Hoodie

No matter what, a police officer is always on the job. Even when they’re out of uniform, the spirit of a devoted cop still beats strong. So give them something to show their adoration and loyalty to the force in style. This Thin Blue Line pullover hoodie is made from 100% cotton, proudly printed in America, and the perfect present for a police academy graduate. It’s comfortable, snug, and sure to be a favorite. Say goodbye to that old, worn-out t-shirt and show your appreciation for their commitment.

Traditional Police Officer Wooden Nutcracker

You want to give a gift that is as unique as the newly graduated police officer in your life. This traditional decorative nutcracker dressed in police blues, complete with handcuffs and baton, makes a great present. Festive enough for Christmas and unique enough to have a place in the house all year long, this nutcracker is as loveable as your real-life police officer.

Police Officer Wood Dart Cabinet Set

What better way to ease the stress from a long day of catching bad guys than with a game of darts? Displayed in a wooden case decorated with the symbol of the police badge, this is a great gift to give a newly graduated police officer. Maybe they’ll even let you win a game or two.

St. Michael Police Officer Prayer Visor Clip

Rookie police officers spend a lot of time driving their beat, and too often they see the horrible side of humanity. It’s enough to drag even the stoutest heart down sometimes. Help lift their spirits back up with this police officer’s prayer that clips right to their patrol car’s sun visor. Remind them of the Lord’s love and give them a boost of courage and strength of spirit that can go with them anywhere.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coin

There is no one better to be by the side of the police officer in your life than St. Michael, the patron saint of law enforcement. This coin, engraved with St. Michael and the hero’s valor prayer, can be a small gift, but it has enormous meaning. Depicting the thin blue line that our officers protect every day, this coin is a symbol of protection and also a memorial to all those who have fallen. This coin honors the sacrifice all officers make.

Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

As much time as police officer spends out in the field, they also spend just as much, if not more time, at their desk filling out paperwork and chasing down leads. Help to accessorize their second home away from home with this gun cylinder pencil holder and paperweight. A nice addition to any desk and a great conversation piece.

Police Coffee Mug

Long days and long nights mean lots of coffee for your new rookie officer. Help them revive their tired brain and give their body a much-needed caffeine jump-start. This great porcelain coffee mug emblazoned with the police crest may be shaped like a beer stein, but, thankfully, holds 16 ounces of life-saving coffee. A gift any police officer, old or new, will love.

Police Officer Dressed in His Uniform Wine Bottle Holder

What better way to celebrate the graduation of your loved one from the Police Academy than with a glass of wine? And better than just giving them a bottle of wine is giving them this: a wine holder that looks like a police officer made from recycled scrap steel. Maybe bring an extra bottle of wine because this gift is more than just a wine holder, it’s practically a work of art.

Punisher Skull Bottle Opener Keychain

Your loved one has become part of the thin blue line that separates civilization from anarchy. Let them know that you think they’re amazing and that you hold them in the highest regard with this Thin Blue Line keychain/bottle opener. Using The Punisher logo and decorated with the American flag, they’ll be reminded of your love and respect each time they pull out their keys.

ZJFHTD Police Officers Prayer Dog Tag

There is no other domestic job that asks so much of a person. Police officers go out into a beautiful and dangerous world each and every day never knowing what they will face. Help them be a little more prepared to meet whatever may come with this brushed steel dog tag that is inscribed with a prayer for police officers. A reminder to be kind to the old and the young, to be strong for those who are weak, and pray to triumph over those who do wrong.

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