Awesome Gifts for Piano Players, Students, Teachers and other Piano Lovers

Music is definitely a joy in our lives, and those who bring us such happiness should definitely be recognized. The piano is one of the most beautiful instruments with many admirers and enthusiasts, whether you want to show your appreciation or simply celebrate an occasion, we have 45 ideas of what you can give to the lovers of such a beautiful instrument.

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We have split piano gifts into several categories that you can see below.

Let’s take a look at 45 of the finest gifts for pianists we’ve found from around the web.

Our Pick

Are you tired of searching through aisles and online stores in the hope of finding something special for the piano player in your friend and family circle?

It’s okay, don’t feel frustrated! We know how taxing it can be to find that “perfect” gift. So after searching through hundreds of potential gift items, we have compiled this list of 14 presents that you can proudly present to piano players and be confident that they’ll absolutely love it.

Super Cute Small Piano Purse

If you want to gift something that is more than a decorative item, but a gift that the person would carry with them every day, this handbag is a must-have! It is made out of leather and it has piano notes in it. It is something unique and I’m sure that it’s a gift that would make anybody happy since it’s not only useful but also means that you took the time to pick something related to their own interests.

Adjustable Piano Bench with Storage

Yes, you read it right, adjustable and with storage! The highly affordable SONGMICS ULPB57H Adjustable Piano Bench Stool with Storage is an ideal gift that is useful for piano players of all ages. Its height can be easily adjusted from 18.5” to 22.4“ using dual side knobs, and the in-built storage space is roomy enough to store music books/sheets.

This single-seater solid wooden stool is black in color, with a high gloss finish, and comes with a pre-decorated PU leather-covered comfortable seat cushion. Apart from using it while playing the piano, this bench stool can also provide extra seating space in a room. This is a gift that is both good-looking and useful. You can’t ask for more.

Music Travel Mug

The one item that cannot be missing in anybody’s house is a mug, I mean, who doesn’t drink coffee right? Or tea? Or water? This music-themed mug is a good choice for anybody on the go, it is perfect for every situation, it keeps drinks hot or cold and it reminds them of their favorite instrument, what can be better than this?

Piano Light Stand

Proper lighting is crucial. How can a piano player read his/her music sheet if it’s not visible? The Kootek Clip On Book 10 LED Light functions both as a regular desk light and can also clip to any surface like a piano bench or music stand with the help of its anti-skid clip. The gooseneck makes it extremely easy to adjust the direction of the light coming from the ten bright LED lights. You can recharge it via USB or a wall outlet. Also, it’s lightweight and portable and has two brightness levels. Choose this gift if you’re in doubt. You’ll never go wrong with this.

Blank Music Sheet Notebook

Well, what is the one thing that every piano player definitely has? No worries, I will answer for you: it is a blank music sheet notebook. If you want to give something that will actually help your friend instead of just being pretty, this is also a good choice, musicians write music, so it’s not too far-fetched to give them a notebook to write their compositions.

Piano 24k Gold Plated Figurine with Spectra Crystals by Swarovski

Now, for the ultimate gift to a piano lover, this is definitely worth checking. It is a decorative piece, well finished 24k gold-plated piano. This would look good in anyone’s house but for a piano enthusiast, it is extra lovely. 3 large sparkling clear Spectra Crystals by Swarovski catch the light wherever displayed and gives this piece a sparkle from every angle. The 24k gold makes this an elegant and thoughtful gift; you should definitely consider this one.

Piano High Gloss Polishing Kit

Now, who doesn’t like a high-gloss piano? Imagine if you could gift a polishing kit that could transform any old piano into a glossy concert-ready piece. Well, the Ultimate High Gloss Polish Piano Care Kit by Cory Products, LLC promises to do just that. The kit includes one piano polish bottle, one key cleaner bottle, one polisher cloth, and one cleaner cloth, both of which are machine washable. This is one of those thoughtful presents that any piano lover will surely appreciate.

Piano Zip Around Wallet

A wallet is a must-have item for anybody, you simply can’t go out of your house without carrying money or your ID right? This is a gift that a person would use every single day. In a way, you can say that it is something that I well appreciated. A music-themed wallet is something that goes well with a musician, don’t you think?

Ornament Piano Player Figurine

Back on the decorative item train, this female piano player figurine is a sweet gift to give for Christmas to a piano player or any other piano lover. A very nice addition to their Christmas tree.

Music Keyboard Scarf

What better gift you could give to someone than to keep them warm during the cold winter? This scarf with a piano tiles pattern would keep anybody warm in the cold days and nights of winter. You could give it as a piano enthusiast birthday gift or for Christmas or simply out of appreciation.

Dress with Piano Keys Pattern

Let’s say the one you want to give this gift is a woman, one thing every woman out there loves to receive is definitely clothes. Now, how about uniting the two things this woman may like? This piano-themed dress might do the trick don’t you think? You’re basically killing two birds with one stone.

Best Piano Gifts for Teachers

Piano Notes Wall Clock

The one thing anyone can agree about music lovers is that they are extremely creative people, which makes this Vinyl clock with piano notes design the perfect gift to give, it’s simply the whole package. It is made out of a vinyl record and it has a piano keys design. Whoever receives this, whether is a teacher, piano beginner or simply someone who likes the instrument, is 100% going to like it.

Music Theme Throw

You can honor your teacher’s love for the piano with this decorative throw, its black and white musical notes, and piano keys design accentuates any ambient, it can also be used as a very cozy blanket for cold days, a gift that is both useful and good-looking, could not ask for more.

Mug: World’s Greatest Piano Teacher

Now for piano teachers, this mug would for sure make them actually feel like the “World’s Greatest Piano Teacher”. Your appreciation will be shown as directly as it could possibly be, there’s no way you can go wrong with this and by the way, a new mug is always welcomed in any house.

Long Table Runner

Back on the decorative type of gifts, this table runner with piano keys print would look adorable on a kitchen table or in the office; it combines a unique design with a creative pattern. You can give this as a birthday or a housewarming gift, if the person is a piano lover, he or she will surely love it.

Beethoven Engraved Quote Pen

Ludwig Van Beethoven was one of the greatest musicians in history and is loved and admired by many piano lovers, this pen contains one of his most famous and inspiring quotes: “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom & philosophy” which is something any musician would surely identify which makes this pen more than an ordinary object.

Vintage Piano Design Jewelry Box

Now, you might not think much about a jewelry box but this one might change your mind. It’s very well crafted and its beautiful designs would make this a very well-received gift. The vintage feel and the roses sculpted in it makes this a classic and elegant decorative piece, you might as well just go ahead and get one as a gift and one for yourself. Yes, it is THAT pretty.

# Mug

One more beautiful mug for our list! For all the coffee or tea addicts out there, there are not enough mugs in their houses; they are always looking for a new one to add to their collection. For your piano teacher, this one might just be a good fit don’t you think so?

Desk Caddy

It’s always helpful to have an organizer on your desk, instead of having all your stuff spread around the table. Why not help them with that issue and decorate their space at the same time? This Desk Caddy has everything that you could look for in a gift, it’s useful, and pretty and it’s in the form of a piano which shows consideration, it’s totally worth taking a look at!

Coat Hook

One of the most common things to have in your house is a hanger, it leaves your house organized, and you can hang your coats, your umbrellas, and anything you do not want to lay around the house messing everything up. The different shapes and designs will leave a house looking tidier, it is more than a useful object, it could be a decorative item. Your piano teacher would be very pleased to receive one of those.

Women’s Piano Winter Hat Scarf Set

Like it is said in Game of Thrones, “winter is coming” and to match up this cold season, how about this set of gloves and hat as a gift? Both have stylish piano keys designs that will make whomever you gift this both warm and stylish while wearing their favorite instrument whenever they go out.

Best Gifts for Piano Students

Music Note Backpack

We can all agree that a backpack is very useful for anything, I mean, it just makes carrying stuff easier, it is good whether you are going to class or simply going camping, you can also carry music sheets or your notebook. This music notes vintage backpack would be a lifesaver right? Then go ahead and give one to your piano player friend, a music teacher, or simply someone who just loves piano anyways.

Piano Themed Music Box

This might seem like an obvious choice, but it’s also worth taking a look at, how about a music box? Piano = music so, sometimes the obvious path is the correct one! But don’t give any music box, give something properly. This Piano themed music box might be a very good choice. It’s made out of Black Wooden and it also plays the tune of “Castle in the Sky”, it’ll just look good anywhere in a house if you’re in doubt, you surely can’t go wrong with this.

Piano Girl Charm Necklace

Jewelry is a girl’s best friend; this Piano Girl necklace is a great gift for a special someone. This one is for all the girls that are proud piano players out there! A charming token of appreciation that will be cherished and loved. This fabulous piece will make anybody’s heart melt.

Baseball Cap Piano Keys

A fashionable gift is also a good one, this trendy baseball cap would also be a nice choice, something that resembles music and keeps you in fashion, great combo! A nice surprise for someone special, for a music teacher, a friend who is having a birthday or maybe to simply show appreciation towards someone.

Book: How To Play Keyboard: A Complete Guide for Absolute Beginners

Now here is a great gift for a fan of the instrument, a person that has never played the piano, but is planning to learn. This is a beautiful book, a great introduction for beginners of all ages, in essence, it is pretty short, but you can learn a lot from it, for someone who absolutely adores the instrument, but have no clue how to play it, this should definitely be your go-to gift.

Book: Alfred’s Self-Teaching Adult Piano Course

How about learning piano in a fun way? With a friendly and informative style, this other book is focusing on helping adults to learn how to play. You can give this to that one friend of yours that adores piano and music in general, but cannot play to save his life. It’s easy and it has a systematic way of teaching, it is almost like having a teacher right beside you.

Color Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug

Of all the other mugs on this list, this one is my favorite, it might look like a simple mug, but whenever you put any hot liquid in it, a colorful image of piano keys shows up. A gift that looks so simple and yet has an amazing twist to it, if I were to receive this myself, this would become my go-to mug every time I need some coffee.

Handcrafted Piano Shaped Puzzle

It is said that playing an instrument makes you smarter, now you can gift your piano player friend and check if this saying is true with this handcrafted piano-shaped puzzle. By solving the puzzle, a tiny secret compartment will open so you can store items like earrings or rings; it is also a very nice decorative item. Whether it is a collector, a music maker, or a piano student, whoever receives would be intrigued and just bound to like it.

Piano Keys Umbrella

Having an umbrella when it’s raining is a lifesaver right? Then I bet that whoever receives this gift will be pleased. On top of being the most useful gift ever, it’s also designed after music notes and piano keys which is guaranteed to make this a proper gift to give to a piano lover, if you’re looking for something thoughtful, useful, and the same time kind of funny looking, this is the one to go for.

Gold Plated Vintage Piano Clock

The 24K Gold Plated Matashi Vintage Piano Clock is a desk clock but in the shape of a piano plated with 24K gold. It’s well-crafted and decorated with red crystals. You can place it on any surface – a dresser, living room shelf, or office desk. It will not only show the time but will also enhance the home decor. It comes in an attractive gift box with a gift card to add your greetings. It’s a beautiful decorative piece to get as a gift.

Piano Keys Sound Wave T-Shirt

If you know someone who loves playing piano and is overall a music enthusiast, this is a great t-shirt for them! The imprint of sound waves turning into piano keys is a symbol for anyone to show their musician pride while also being stylish. Clothes are never enough and anybody would be happy to receive more of them, especially with such a cool print.

Other cool gift ideas for piano lovers


Music is a universal language, you can express everything through it, your fears, your concerns, and your feelings. Why not accessorize your feelings of love, appreciation, and gratitude toward the person you want to gift with this piano-themed cuff? I’m sure that whoever receives this gift will cherish it to no end!

3D Lamp Piano

Whether you use this as an actual lamp or simply as a decorative item, this 3D Piano Lamp would make any room brighter (no puns intended ha-ha). There are seven different light colors to choose from – purple, cyan, blue, green, yellow, red, and white. You can alternate between these colors or keep it steady at a particular shade of your choice. Designed after a piano, this night lamp can be a fun yet personal gift for any piano lover.

Men’s Music Themed Socks

While I understand that socks can rather seem like a lame gift, I don’t think guys would mind this one, and also, this one might change your mind a bit. I mean, with this piano pattern going through the entire length of the socks, it just screams music lover for anybody that sees it. It is comfortable, funny, and useful, just go ahead and get one.

Women’s Piano Keys Socks

For the ladies, we also have warm socks. This isn’t as funny as the other one, but it is just as cute looking and there are three designs for you to choose from, an awesome gift for anybody that loves piano or classical music in general, it’d be a lovely surprise, you can gift it as a birthday present or simply to show your appreciation.

Piano Calculator

If you thought the gifts could not get more creative, we have this piano-shaped calculator for you! I mean, everyone needs a calculator in hand, right? It is also a fun-looking gift so; you will get appreciation plus a few laughs. Your friend will remember you every time he or she needs to do some math.

Piano Themed Mug

Mugs are one of those gift items that can never go out of trend. People love drinking their coffee and tea from mugs that reflect their personalities. The Piano Coffee Mug by Fairly Odd Novelty has black-colored music notes on a white body and piano keys on the handle. It’s an exceptional musical gift that will remind piano players about their favorite musical instrument. Isn’t that great?

Piano Key Chain

When you see a keychain, you might not think much of it, but with meaning, it could also turn into something special to someone. A gift does not need to be big to show appreciation. With something as simple as this, you can make somebody happy that you went out of your way to pick something for them.

Necktie Electric Musical Piano

Yes, this is a gift for kids who love the piano. But who said toys are just for kids? This gift would be a huge success for all parties! If you want to give something unexpected and out of the ordinary, this Piano Necktie should be your product of choice.

Piano Themed Snow Globe

When you think of snow globes, the first thing that will probably cross your mind is Christmas, but this wonderful decoration piece is also fit for any situation. You can’t go wrong with this piano-themed snowglobe, it’s not only beautiful but it also plays the song “für Elise” by Beethoven, a classic any piano teacher would know and adore.

Art Print Tapestry for Living Room Bedroom

For musicians that are also art lovers, this digital print would look great on the walls of their house, it is a good fit in a bedroom or a living room. It matches well with other furniture and decoration items and it would make any visit aware of their love for music or the piano to be specific.

Piano Music Flower Vase

Okay, so this can make for a fascinating and unique gift, and the best part is it won’t break the bank. The Envolve Music Flower Vase is the perfect gift for pianists who is also plant lovers.

Touching the plant leaves on this smart floral vase will play pre-recorded piano music. The Bluetooth speakers are rechargeable via micro-USB cable, and the vase itself can be connected to a smart device to play audio. There are also seven different color LED lights built in for when you want to set the atmosphere. You should definitely check this one out!

Electronic Metronome

Packed with a ton of cool features, the BOSS DB-90 Talking Dr. Beat electronic metronome can take regular practice sessions to a whole new creative level. It comes with the provision of plugging in your headphones, three different click sounds, and a human voice count. Crazy, right? Another feature worth mentioning is that it lets the player practice with drum machine beats.

So, if you’re looking for something unique, and durable and don’t mind spending some extra bucks, then this electronic metronome is the ideal gift for your special piano student.

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