Thoughtful and Practical Gift Ideas for a Physical Therapy Graduate

Physical therapy graduation gifts

Going to school for Physical Therapy is hard. Graduating is an even bigger accomplishment. When someone in your life has gone through all the study and practice to graduate from PT school with their Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT), you will want to help them celebrate!

Finishing school is just the beginning of life as a physical therapist, so show the fresh-faced PT graduate in your life how much you appreciate their work with these thoughtful gifts. We’ve included Physical Therapy Graduate gift ideas for any budget, so you’re sure to find something to show how much you care.

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Physical Therapy is a Work of Heart Notebook

Everyone needs a good notebook. Now that Physical Therapy school is over, why not remind the Physical Therapy graduate in your life that you’re thinking of them? This notebook can be used for work, taking patient notes, writing out a schedule, or just as a simple diary of thoughts. It shows that this Physical Therapist is supported by their loved ones.

Muscular System Poster

This handy poster is a must-have for any Physical Therapist. They’ve studied them for months at school, and now that they are venturing out on their own, you want to make sure they have everything they need! This generous gift will show just how much you value the work your favorite PT student has put in and want to help them get started in their own practice.

Eat Sleep PT Repeat T-shirt

PT is life. When you start a career as a physical therapist, it really does take over. School is just the start, but now that your physical therapy graduate is done, why not help them be comfortable? They will be sure to smile when unwrapping this thoughtful gift. To make it even better, order this one in extra large so it can double as a nightgown or to wear around the house on a lazy day.

Office Desk Organizer with 6 Compartments & Drawer

Being a Physical Therapist involves much more than just helping patients and doing exercises. Just like any other profession, it’s important to stay organized. This simple and practical organizer is perfect for any desk, and will definitely be appreciated. With school just behind them, a gift like this will set up any physical therapy graduate for success as they launch their new career. Pair this organizer with some notebooks and personalized pens to be sure your first stands out and gets used for years to come!

The Best of Physical Therapy Jokes

After all these years of school, endless studying, and the grueling physical toll it takes to be a PT graduate, who wouldn’t want to let off some steam with some good jokes? This book has many time-honored jokes that many may recognize, but each has been specially re-written just for Physical Therapists. Be sure to memorize a couple before giving this book to your favorite PT graduate so you can have them laughing right away!

Physical Therapy Torture Mug

In the same vein as the joke book above, why not encourage your favorite Physical Therapy graduate to have a little chuckle at themself? This gift mug is the perfect adornment for the recent PT graduate’s desk as they start their new career. School may be over, but coffee is life for a brand-new Physical Therapist!

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PT Wine Glass

At the end of the day, when the coffee runs dry, and the patients have gone home, it’s time to take it easy. This wine glass is the perfect way for a worn-out physical therapist to measure the stress of their day. Did they spend hours teaching tedious exercises to patients who refuse to do their homework? It might be time for a full glass. Did a long-time patient finally have a breakthrough in learning how to walk again? Maybe celebrate with a tiny toast. Whatever the occasion, this wine glass is sure to help any physical therapist take a load off and relax.

Anatomical Study of Human Male

What could be more perfect for a physical therapist to keep on their desk than this gorgeous anatomical study? Finished with bronze, it is a perfect representation of the human form and a wonderful ornament to keep with their papers. And the best part? It’s also educational! All the muscles are crafted in accurate detail to help your physical therapy graduate remember what a working body should look like.

Resistance Bands

These affordable therabands are an essential part of any physical therapist’s gear. Used in almost all homework assigned by a PT to any patient, these resistance bands are also a great way for the PT herself to stretch and relax. Help them get their practice started on the right foot with the equipment they’ll be using every day.

Spine Lapel Pin

Even better than a name tag, this spine lapel pin reminds everyone who sees it that this physical therapist means business! Spinal care is fundamental to healthy living, and this pin is a nice touch that shows off this physical therapist’s dedication to their work. And the best part? It even looks good on a suit or formal wear.

Doctor of Physical Therapy Graduation Pin

They’ve done it. It’s been eight years (or more!) since they started college. They may not even remember life before starting the path to becoming a physical therapist. This pin is the perfect way for a recent DPT to show off their accomplishments and can be worn on a pair of scrubs, a lab coat, or any regular jacket. It’s a wonderful badge of honor after graduating from physical therapy school.

Physical Therapist Caduceus Necklace

Even physical therapists like to dress up once in a while. This simple, elegant necklace can be worn with just about anything – from the scrubs, they wear at work, under their sweatshirt at the gym, or even while out for a special occasion. Give this necklace, and you can be sure your favorite physical therapist will always carry your gift close to their heart.

PT Graduation Keychain

“She believed she could… so she did.” What better words to sum up the amazing accomplishment of graduating from physical therapy school? This thoughtful and practical keychain is sure to be a favorite. You can give any gift you want, but this keychain is something the physical therapist in your life will have with her always.

Starting your own practice from scratch

It may not be sentimental, but this gift is one of the greatest ideas on this list. Why? It will make life easier for any new physical therapist. Filled with invaluable advice, including how to bill insurance, the meanings of important medical codes, and ways to cultivate relationships with any patient. It’s an ebook, too, so you can be sure that your favorite physical therapist can use it at any time.

Resin Physical Therapist Ornament

Another gift that’s sure to make any physical therapy graduate smile is this adorable holiday ornament. They will treasure the bright and cheerful DPT figure each year when unwrapping this for their tree. Physical Therapy is a non-stop job, but even the best doctors love to rest and celebrate the holidays.

Anatomical Chart Healthcare Education Collection: The Professional’s Reference for Patient Communication

One of the most practical and useful gift ideas we’ve found is this patient reference guide. It will never leave the physical therapist’s desk once they start their practice. Even if they’re working at someone else’s clinic, this handy reference will make explaining important exercises, therapies, and injury treatments to any client who walks through the door. If you want to give a physical therapy gift that keeps on giving, this is it.

PT Poster

No clinic should be left with bare white walls. This stunning poster illustrates the healing power of the physical therapist. The doctor’s hand gives light into the patient’s body, with the entire universe as background. It is a lovely piece of art and perfect for any waiting room or private office. This also can be a good gift for a massage therapist in your life.

The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes – Wall Decal

Another nice addition to the waiting room is this large print wall decal. Sometimes patients need to be reminded that they have to believe in themselves, and this artwork does just that. Help your favorite physical therapist keep their patients on the right track to health with this awesome decoration. If you want to go the extra mile, offer to help them install the decal yourself. It’s a big one!

Tote Bag

Even the busiest PT needs a little retail therapy once in a while! This stylish tote is the perfect accessory for any shopping physical therapist. It lists many of the most important aspects of PT and doubles as a sturdy shopping bag. It can be used to carry groceries, as a book bag, or just to carry around the essentials on a well-deserved day off.

Anatomy Coaser Set

What better way to keep your desk clean and stain-free than these intricately detailed anatomical coasters? This set of corkboard or mouse pad coasters is made to order and sure to please. They feature colored sketches of the heart, spine, skull, brain, hand, and ribs, so the whole body is represented.

Personalized Physical Therapy Metal Water Bottle

Hydration is crucial for anyone, but particularly those working in the medical field. They are always telling their patients to take care of themselves, but they often neglect to do the same. This sturdy metal water container comes with both a sports cap and a twist-top lid, making it the perfect gift for the recent physical therapist graduate in your life. The best thing about this celebratory water bottle is that it can be personalized with the recipient’s name and graduation year.

PT Phone PopSocket

It seems like everyone has one of these PopSocket lids on their phone these days, and it’s easy to see why! Not only do they help keep any device safe by making it easier to grip, but they also double as a handy stand for easy movie-watching, FaceTime, group photos, or selfies. With the physical therapy caduceus printed on the front, this gift is both practical and professional. It makes it easy to either watch a video by yourself, or show important information to a patient, and it looks professional too!

Silver Springs Relaxation Fountain

PTs need to relax just like everybody else. This desktop fountain will calm the frayed nerves of a busy physical therapist with the soothing sounds of running water. They’ll be sure to have it running all day to help them focus while completing tedious client files and insurance paperwork. It’s sure to ensure they stay zen calm even on the busiest of days!

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