Cool Origami Gifts for All True Origami Lovers in Your Life

Origami is an art form that most people probably forget exists. Because of its simplicity, it’s easy for it to get overlooked for other crafts.

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But there are still people who love origami. If you know someone who is, this gift list has perfect ideas for any origami lover!

Origami Gifts

Traditional Japanese Folding Papers including Floral, Animal Prints, Aztec, Geometric

I bet a lot of us are used to seeing origami done in tinfoil, napkins, or plain colored paper. While simplicity is nice and doesn’t detract from the design, looking at one-hundred white origami swans will get visually boring very fast. And you don’t want that to happen! So how do you prevent visual disinterest from happening? By spicing up your origami with patterned paper! Coming in an array of patterns, your origami swans will look better than ever!

Star Wars Kirigami

Star Wars is one of those franchises that have a lot of merchandise! If the item exists, it probably has Star Wars on it. From lego sets to bedding to an R2-D2 fridge, it’s easy to find a gift for the Star Wars fan in your life. The problem might be finding an item they don’t already have. Well, now we have another one for you- Star Wars origami. Give your favorite Star Wars fan the ability to make their favorite ships by hand.

Classic Origami Kit

How many times have we bought a cart full of crafts with no solid plans on what to make with them? Probably more than we would like to admit. Don’t we wish crafting could be a simpler and more carefully planned process? With this classic origami kit, you have all the tools needed in one box! And at least if you decide to make more origami, you know that you only need the paper, making craft store visits a lot easier now.

Origami Unicorn T-Shirt

We may be in the 2020s, but the 1980s have never truly died. Neon-colored clothes and accessories still grace the shelves of many stores. You can still hear your favorite 80s bands on radio or YouTube. Geometric patterns, big hair, it’s all still there if you know where to find it. With this origami unicorn shirt, you can always have a piece of the 80s with you! Simply designed and will look great with your neon green zebra printed leggings!

Funny Origami Coffee Mug

Novelty t-shirts and pins are a great way for us to express ourselves. Sometimes they even let us get away with saying things that maybe aren’t so polite or socially acceptable to say (you know what I mean). And let’s be honest- A lot of us hate socializing. So this mug is the perfect way to let people know you would rather be alone than deal with them. And since you aren’t actually saying it, you can’t be accused of being rude!

Independent Lens: Between the Folds

Who doesn’t love a good documentary from PBS? Most of my favorites involve animals because they are interesting to learn about. But PBS has plenty of other educational videos on a wide range of topics, so you’re sure to find a topic that you’re interested in. This one on origami depicts artists and scientists who have devoted their lives to modern origami. If that doesn’t catch your interest, then I don’t know what will! But this proves that PBS really thinks of everything!

Japanese Origami for Beginners Kit

Not everyone can do origami. It’s not like putting beads on a string to make a piece of jewelry or painting your jewelry box from pink to black. Origami is an art form based on precision and patience. But you still want to take the time to learn it. Well, this Japanese Origami for Beginner’s kit is the perfect way for you to get started. Coming with an instructional DVD to help guide you along, you’ll be folding paper cranes with ease in no time!

Washi Paper

The art of origami originated in Japan. Though the history of when exactly it started is unknown, the art of paper folding is first mentioned in a short poem from 1680. The poet Ihara Saihaku mentions a butterfly design used during Shinto weddings. And we still see origami used in weddings today. So for the origami lover in your life who truly wants to embrace this art form, this paper from Japan covered in Japanese designs is perfect for them. You can also check out our list of amazing Japanese-themed gifts.

Origami Is Calling T-Shirt

What is something we do when we’re in a social situation we don’t want to be in? We have someone call us to get out of it or we fake a phone call that is “urgent” and leave as quickly as possible. Well, this novelty shirt takes all the scheming out of getting out of social situations. By already advertising to the world that you would rather be doing origami, they won’t be surprised when you leave the party soon after arriving.

Origami to Astonish and Amuse

It’s interesting when someone you know has a random talent they can use to astonish or amuse people. From pulling coins out from behind ears to making their ears wiggle- among many other tricks- it’s easy to see why someone might have a crowd around them at parties. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could learn some tricks of your own? With this book, you can! By creating a piece of art that actually works, you will astonish and amuse everyone you know.

Fox Earrings

Foxes are a super cute animal that has become very popular over the years. I’ve seen plenty of fox decor and accessories adorning the shelves of various stores. Geometric patterns are also super popular and are a great way to add visual interest to space. And what is origami but visually appealing geometry? Well, these silver fox origami earrings are the perfect blend of the two, sure to make any fox or origami lover super happy to have them!

My First Origami Kit: [Origami Kit with Book, 60 Papers, 150 Stickers, 20 Projects]

As children grow, they experience a lot of firsts. From cuddly stuffed animals to secret imaginary friends, to their first childhood crush, the journey of childhood is full of exciting new experiences. And to add to that list, why not give them their first arts and crafts lesson with origami? Not only is it one of the cleanest crafts that kids can do, but it also comes with a variety of stickers to make it more enjoyable. So if your kids don’t feel like folding paper, they can just cover it and themselves in the stickers!

Wall Decoration Set

Pom-poms as decor are a huge trend, especially among young children, teenage girly girls, and DIYers. But there are some issues with pom-poms, mainly that they shed all over the place, attract dust easily, and get gross if wet. But your pom-pom princess insists she has to have pom-poms adorning every inch of her life. Well, these beautifully sculpted origami pom-poms are sure to make her happy. Put them up for her birthday or all year round in her room. She will be in pom-pom heaven!

Sterling Silver Origami Crane Charm Pendant Necklace

Origami is beautiful to look at. Though it is made with precision and care, it won’t last forever because it’s made of paper. That’s right- One day that origami crane you made your wife on your first date will be destroyed by something. But you know she still cherishes that crane after all these years! By giving her this beautiful origami crane necklace, you will help preserve that first date memory and give her a permanent reminder of the love you two still share.

Star Wars Origami: 36 Amazing Paper-folding Projects from a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

There is more to Star Wars than just cool ships. There are larger-than-life characters that are loved and hated throughout the Star Wars universe. So you might ask yourself- “Why would I want to make origami of just the ships? What if I want to make origami of Yoda?” Well don’t worry, this Star Wars origami book has all your character needs covered! You can now add Chewbacca and Han Solo to the Millenium Falcon where they belong.

Flying Dragons Paper Airplane Kit

While making cranes or boxes might be fun and look classy, kids might find them boring to make. Children have big imaginations and they want to put them to good use! So traditional origami shapes probably won’t work for them. So what’s the best way to help them express their creativity? By giving them ways to do it! So for the creative youngster in your life, this kit filled with dragons and other fantastic beasts will be perfect for them.

NOVA: The Origami Revolution

If you’ve already seen the first origami documentary on our list, you know how captivating it was. But you’re still hungry for more origami-related content. We have the perfect solution for you! Our next documentary focuses on how origami is transforming the world. How exactly? You’ll just have to watch and find out! This is a must-see for any origami enthusiast, as well as anyone looking to expand their knowledge on the different ways that the world can be shaped.

3D Origami: 15 cute creatures to make using modular paper triangles

3D printers are a piece of technology that allows us to bring 2D images to life in a way that we can see and feel. But not everyone can afford one of these machines. So for the person in your life who wants to bring their adorable penguin character to life, this book on 3D origami is perfect for them. By simply making their origami with triangles instead of flat pieces of paper, their penguin will come to life easily.

Origami Lamp Kit with Electrical Cord, Lime Green

Mixing art and furniture is one way to express your creativity in a functional way. We’ve probably all seen those Tim Burton-inspired furniture pieces on Pinterest. Though this isn’t on such a large scale, this origami lamp kit is the perfect way to create something functional and artistic. And with all the different pieces it comes with, you are to find a design option that matches your personal style and the style of any room you put it in.

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