Inspiring Gifts for Those Who Love the Ocean


 The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its web of wonder forever. – Jacques Cousteau

Ocean Gifts

The ocean is a source of enchantment for humans, and it seems the more you love it, the more enchanting you become. We all know someone special who goes nuts for the beach, who is always down to visit the aquarium, or who takes up a charitable cause to help restore our planet’s oceans. Give the thalassophile in your life something incredible from this curated list, and maybe they’ll bring you back a seashell from their next voyage.

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The Life and Love of the Sea by Lewis Blackwell

This stunning coffee table book offers a deep dive into some of the world’s most beautiful seas. Readers will explore coral reefs, vast expanses of dark oceans, vivid undersea life, and stretches of rocky coastlines. What’s even cooler about this book is the QR code in the back containing extra content – ocean footage filmed by an award-winning cameraman whose videos have been featured in BBC documentaries. This will be a multimedia adventure your gift recipient won’t soon forget.

Calming Ocean Waves CD

We all wish we could fall asleep by the ocean, listening to the gentle sound of the waves. With this CD, you can give that experience to someone as a gift. This album was created by a board-certified music therapist, so you know it’s going to be one truly relaxing experience. It contains a full hour of peaceful, soothing wave sounds to lull even the most stubborn mind into a blissful sleep, all without the distraction of added music or loud birds. A portion of the purchase of each CD goes towards Lucy’s Love Bus, a charity group dedicated to helping pediatric cancer patients through the use of music therapy.

Handmade Ocean Wave Glass Pendant Necklace

Make sure to order this about a week in advance of when you need it – each necklace is hand-crafted and made-to-order. No two necklaces will ever look the same, which means the gift you give will be entirely unique. It comes with a sterling silver chain, the length of which can be altered before purchase, and it even arrives packaged in a special jewelry box adorned with ribbon. Cream pearl Swarovski beads complete this high-quality piece that is sure to become one of their favorites.

Sunglasses Made from Recycled Ocean Plastic

Give someone their new favorite pair of sunglasses! These one-of-a-kind creations are made from plastic removed from the oceans and waterways of Haiti. The company that makes them, Norton Point, has stated that their mission is to remove one pound of plastic from the ocean for each pair of sunglasses sold, and 5% of their profits go towards water conservation. So not only is this gift stylish and cool, but it also helps the environment – a win/win for everyone!

Crystal Sea Life Fairy Lights

Their eyes will light up when they see these lovely blue fairy lights in the shapes of ocean creatures! At nearly 19 feet in length with 40 bulbs, this strand of lights will make a perfect addition to any dorm room, apartment, bedroom, kids’ playroom, or outdoor patio. It comes with a portable battery and a USB charger for easy charging from a computer or wall adapter, and there’s even an included remote control with 8 different settings to adjust the brightness or make them twinkle.

Bubble Bath Bomb with Narwhal Necklace

This is a cute gift for a child, but it’s also great for any child at heart. This vegan, skin-friendly bath bomb not only turns the water as blue as the ocean with a pleasant berry scent, but it also fills the tub up with foamy bubbles! Once the bath bomb has fizzled away, they’ll be left with a little capsule containing one of three collectible narwhal necklaces. It’s two gifts for the price of one!

ABZÛ for PlayStation 4

Created by a team of award-winning game developers, ABZÛ is a mysterious and beautiful journey into the depths of a fantastical ocean. Players interact with intelligent sea life and explore undersea ruins, using simple controls to effortlessly navigate the diver through the water. There’s no combat and the pacing is slow and gentle, so this game will be a wonderful gift for anyone of any age or skill level.

Ocean Sandscape

Control the shapes of the waves themselves with this mesmerizing ocean-colored sandscape. Simply turn the frame upside down and watch the sand move through the bubbles and water to create surreal tides and swells. It comes with two acrylic stands so it can sit upright on a desk or table – a great gift idea for students to help them relax as they study, or for a secretary or other office worker. This would even make a terrific gift for someone with sensory processing sensitivity.

Natural Sea Salt Sampler

This is a cool idea for an ocean lover who also likes to cook or try new foods. The sea salts in this collection by Caravel Gourmet come from all around the world, and each one offers a texture and flavor distinctive to that location. There are six salts in all, hailing from France, Cyprus, the Himalayas, New Zealand, Portugal, and Sicily. What a tasty vacation!

Lost Ocean: An Inky Adventure & Coloring Book

Coloring books are popular with adults right now, but this could easily be a great gift for any kid who’s grown bored of coloring books made for children. The designs in this book are intricate and fascinating, full of oscillating patterns of seaweed, lobsters, and fish with impossible scales. There are even hidden items within the book’s drawings that artists are encouraged to locate as they make their way through the pages. Printed on ivory paper that lends itself to blending and keeps pens from bleeding, this coloring book is perfect for any artist who loves the ocean.

Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Jellyfish are some of the most captivating things in the ocean, but keeping them in a home aquarium is extremely tricky. Instead, why not just give the gift of a stress-free pet? Just add distilled water, plug it in, and these cute jellies will bob and float and swim through the tank as if they were real living creatures. An LED light in the base of the tank can display multiple colors and light the jellies up at night while they move. This model has a quiet motor and a 4-hour automatic shut-off timer, so it’s ideal for keeping on at bedtime.

GoPro HERO Waterproof Digital Camera

Easily the most expensive suggestion on this list, but definitely worth the money. The GoPro HERO is a professional-level digital camera that photographers use to capture things like extreme sports and underwater scenes. It’s waterproof down to 10 meters (33 feet), so give this to anyone who loves to snorkel or dive or anyone who’s going on vacation to the coast or going on a cruise. Photos are crisp, clear, and vibrant. It also takes videos as well!

Ocean Wave Wall Tapestry

Bring the ocean to them with this bold-printed tapestry! They can hang it up, drape it over a table, or use it as a blanket – it’s made of 100% lightweight polyester, can be used indoors or outdoors, and it’s machine washable, so the possibilities are endless. It would be perfect for lending a pop of color to a drab dorm room or opening up the space of a small apartment. This is a sure-fire gift for anyone who loves spending time by the sea but can’t get away very often.

IMAX Collection: Under the Sea/Deep Sea

IMAX movies are a feast for the eyes, and these two movies, Under the Sea and Deep Sea, are two of the most spectacular. Under the Sea, narrated by Jim Carrey, takes viewers on an exploration of the ocean waters surrounding Australia, New Guinea, and Indonesia. Deep Sea, narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet, visits the deepest depths to find incredible scenery and animals that otherwise would have remained unobserved.

Both of these IMAX movies come in 3D Blu-ray and normal Blu-ray in the same package, and they run a collective 85 minutes. This is a must-have for anyone of any age enamored by the ocean and all of its many sights and secrets.

Delores Ocean Charm Bracelet

This is the ultimate beach bracelet for any occasion or style. Made with crystal beads and charms, it’s glitzy enough to accompany a more elegant look, and cute enough to match a casual outfit, too. It comes in ocean blue or pale pink, and when choosing the gift you can pick from three different lengths for the braided leather band. It will also be sent in a classic black jewelry box for worry-free gifting.

Ocean Wave Ceiling Projector

Using this light projector is like being transported to the bottom of the sea. What a unique present for someone who has trouble winding down before bed or who just wants to make their bedroom look like an enchanting underwater cavern. There are four different background noises already installed, but you can also play your own audio or sound effects by inserting a memory card or connecting your phone or iPad. Ideal as an alternate source of illumination in the dark, for establishing the mood during yoga or meditation, or even for use in roleplaying games.

Ocean Breeze Soy Candle

All candles made by this company are vegan and made with all-natural soybean wax. Their wicks contain zero lead, and the fragrance oil used is free from damaging phthalates. A gift like this is not only thoughtful but also smart and health-conscious! Hand-made in the USA.

The Silent World by Jacques Cousteau

Published originally in 1954, this memoir of famous ocean explorer and “father of scuba diving” Jacques Cousteau details his life spent underwater during the time period of World War II. Fifty years later, National Geographic published this special anniversary collector’s edition of the book. This would make a great gift for a seasoned diver or aquatic scientist, but really anyone could appreciate the story of this dedicated man who helped us to better understand the ocean and nurtured our culture’s curiosity.

Laurel Burch Sea Dreams Scarf

This exquisite silk scarf features work from the late American artist Laurel Burch, known for her funky, colorful artwork that became popular in the ‘90s. “Sea Dreams” is an elaborate image featuring a mermaid with flowy hair and a flowery tail surrounded by the blue sea. The lucky recipient of this scarf is sure to get compliments and curious questions about their new eccentric statement piece, and its wide splash of colors means it could accompany a variety of outfits. If your ocean lover is a fashionista, this gift is a necessity!

Papyrus Sea Life Note Cards

Stationary is the gift that keeps on giving – you’re bound to receive one of these in the mail from the person you gift them to! These eye-popping note cards are decorated with foil images of beloved sea animals and come with matching envelopes and gold foil stickers for sealing them up. The entire package comes in a nice box with a lid for easy storage. The cards are also completely blank inside, giving the writer total creative control over the message they want to send – a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to write just as much as they love the ocean.

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