Gifts for Moon Lovers in 2023

Moon Gifts

The mystical moon and the twinkling stars have always been symbols for lovers and star-crossed lovers.

But the moon is so much more. Folklore has wolves howling at the full moon, and certain flowers only flower at the full moon. We tell our children that the moon is made from cheese and that the cow jumped over the moon. And there are people who just love and are fascinated by the moon. There is a name for them, Selenophiles – Persons who are fond of the Moon. There is also a gift list for them – this one.

However, to save you from traveling to the moon and back to show your love, we have collated a list of imaginative and innovative gifts for young and old, him and her, and them, and yourself.

If it’s a little full moon pampering you are looking for, or that once-in-a-blue-moon special gift, look no further. We carefully consider many ideas and chose only the best gifts for all types of Moon lovers.

Our Pick

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Celestron Telescope

Look no further for the perfect, computerized telescope for that moon-gazer in your family. The telescope includes all the accessories you will need for easy setup, from the tripod, quick-release fork arm mount, optical tube, and accessory tray to the star pointer. With this telescope, moon lovers will never be closer to a month, and they’ll see the moon in all its splendor and beauty. You can connect the telescope to your mobile device, and from the comfort of your sofa, watch the moon or stargaze the galaxies looking for the perfect shooting star to make a wish upon. This telescope is also easily portable, so you can take it camping and enjoy the serene beauty of the moon rising over a mountain range.

National Geographic: Earth’s Moon Wall Map

This large and detailed moon wall map offers it all to the moon fanatic. No need to go and google information about the moon anymore, all you need to know is in one place. From the topographical features, lunar physical properties, folklore, moon phases, the moon’s rotation around the earth, and comparisons to other moons, details of the Apollo missions and, details of how solar and lunar eclipses occur. This is a reference tool you can simply enjoy at a glance. This awesome gift is a perfect addition to any classroom, office, or child’s room.

Space Hoodie

Do you want to stay warm while gazing at the moon and stars? It is easy with this machine washable, poly-cotton blend hoodie fleece top. Even though it is advertised as a men’s top, there is no reason why a special lady cannot borrow it, even just for a while. The hoodie is available in six colors: Black, Red, Navy, Military, Forest, and Royal, and in six sizes from small to xxx-large. The logo and design are a guaranteed conversation starter after all who does not want to hang out with the man on the moon for a lunch break?

Moon Lamp

To the moon and back, no need to fly to the moon with this seamless, one-piece moon lamp and magnetic wooden stand. The lifelike surface is 3D printed based on actual NASA photographs, so when you hold it in your hands, you will feel the actual surface of the moon. It is a perfect and affordable gift for those who love the moon. The moon lamp also comes with a fully rechargeable battery, which can last for 10 hours, a perfect nightlight for the little astronaut in your house as well as an older moon lover.

In the Shadow of the Moon

The story gripped the world and fired the imagination of generations to come. Relive the triumph and greatness of 12 astronauts’ journeys in this award-winning documentary, from the challenges they faced in training to be the first to walk on the moon. Follow the story from the test flights that ended in those immortal words of Neil Armstrong, as he looked to earth from the solitude of the moon. Old and young can enjoy this piece of history through the stories and original black and white video footage, and original interviews. This DVD is a must-have for any space buff.

Moon Snow Globe

A little something for that one person in your life who appears to have everything and is a challenge to shop for, that offers whimsy and quiet sophistication. Each moon snow globe is individually handcrafted, from the hand-blown glass globes to the hand-painted silver moon details. Of Course, the globe would also not be complete without the silver glitter stars that hypnotically swirl around the moon when gently shaken. The entire gift is packaged and shipped in a cushioned gift box, this product is made from fine glass it is not recommended as a gift for children.

Jr. Astronaut Backpack

If you know a child who loves the sky, the stars, and the moon, admires the astronauts, and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up, this is the best gift to give them. This 100% polyester, machine washable backpack, might be small in overall size, but the compartments are well thought out and large enough to store the astronaut suit, boots, helmet, and harness, which are all sold separately as accessories to the backpack. The detailing on this versatile backpack, includes an official NASA badge, a Commander Patch, and a USA flag. It is a must-have item for every budding astronaut over 3 years of age.

NASA Apollo Saturn V 21309 Building Kit

Lego and an Apollo Saturn V rocket, what more could you look for as the perfect gift for an aspiring astronaut and selenophile? Fully assembled the rocket is one meter high and has removable detailed rocket stages, as well as a rescue rocket and three display stands. This scale model also includes the Lunar Lander and Lunar Orbiter, as well as the full docking and command service modules as well as a full information booklet about the Apollo Moon missions. The 1969 pieces are sure to keep every budding rocket designer, over 14 years enthralled in recreating their own piece of history.

Glowing Moon Money Bank for Kids

We know space flights will be available in the future, so it is time to start saving, rather than relying on a wish upon a falling star. This one-of-a-kind “piggy bank” features a realistically textured lunar surface. In addition, it glows in the dark and connects two beautiful things, loves for the Moon, and learning children to save. Also included with the Moon Money Bank is a piece of space rock, a piece of real meteorite from outer space as well as an educational guide filled with lunar facts. A wonderfully practical and educational moon gift for any child who is interested in space.

Moon In My Room Remote Control Wall Décor Night Light

Bring the peace of the moon gazing into your child’s room, with this wall-mounted, battery-operated, moon-themed night light. It has a 3D textured and detailed lunar landscape, perfect for providing tactile and visual feedback for little fingers whilst offering the ideal soft light in their bedroom at bedtime. The night light also has an auto shut-off function as well 12 main phases of the moon, which can be controlled by the remote. The MP3 download allows the listener to be part of a guided educational tour of the moon every night, from their very own bed.

Moon Dust Necklace

Keep a piece of the moon close to your heart, even when you cannot see the moon itself. This glass pendant filled with lunar meteorite dust, in a teardrop-shaped vial, will intrigue all those who see it. The pendant comes with an 18-inch solid sterling silver chain as well as a velvet-lined gift box. So, go on, spoil yourself or that someone special, whom you love, to the moon and back. This pendant also comes with a certificate of authenticity and information sheet and serial number, confirming its source as the Lunar Meteorite NWA7959, a truly unique gift.

Night Sky Dress

This moon-themed skater dress is made from polyester and spandex and is the perfect dress to pack for those beach walks on warm summer nights under the moonlight on your vacation. This must-have dress is available in 40 color options, is also machine washable, and dries quickly, perfect for your overnight bag, and is available in 5 Regular Sizes as well as 4 PLUS Sizes, ensuring your perfect fit. The moon dress is one of your summer must-haves, you can dress it up with a belt and scarf, or simply slip on a pair of sandals.

The Creative Desk Moon Candle

Bring the full moon inside, with this unique solid, paraffin, and soy wax candle. The realistically textured moon-shaped candle is the perfect décor accessory for those chilly nights, or simply to create a special ambiance for yourself or your loved ones. The fresh ocean scent of this 5” diameter candle, will remind you of romantic moonlit beach walks and carefree summer love. If you plan to send this candle as a gift to your moon-loving person, you can rest assured as it is packaged in protective foam and all encased in a sturdy and stylish box, ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.


Give your loved one a “moon hug” with this moon-themed wallet. Made from a 100% Microfibre Tyvek called Polyethylene, this eco-friendly wallet is fully recyclable, and ticks the boxes for the eco-warrior as its manufacturing process also boasts a low carbon footprint. Due to the materials used this wallet can be hand-washed, when necessary, or even endure a little unexpected moonlit swim. The innovative design is stitchless, resulting in a super thin and slim profile wallet that is strong and tear-resistant, designed to last you a lifetime, with no more bulky wallets stretching your pants pocket.

Under the Supermoon of Love – Lamp

Finally, a night light for romantic adults. You can give this romantic moon-themed gift to someone special in your life who you love to the moon and back. The moon silhouette LED Lamp is that perfect anniversary, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, or Birthday gift for that one person who means the moon and more to you. The LED lamp is USB powered and has a solid wood base and acrylic light plate. The LED beads cast a soft ambient light and glow, providing just enough light when used as a night light, or for those romantic evenings by the fireplace. When assembled the moon lamp is approximately the same size as a soccer ball, making it the perfect size for most side tables.

Shaped Mold

Because even the man on the moon is known to have a sweet tooth, this lollipop or chocolate mold will surely bring a smile to every child’s face. This moon-shaped mold must be hand washed only after use in warm soapy water as it will crack in the high temperatures in the dishwasher. This mold is very inexpensive so if you do not have too much money, you can still give a cute gift to the moon lover. Each mold will make 4 lollipops which are 2 1/2″x 1/2″ deep, the perfect size for little hands to hold.

6-Piece Moon Rock Kit

Every child who is space-mad, wonders if the moon is really made of cheese. This kit contains 6 rocks and minerals, including breccia, anorthosite, gabbro, basalt, and olivine, all of which are similar to the rocks found on the moon by astronauts. Included with the rocks is a comprehensive and detailed handbook. The lessons are tailored for grades 6 to grade 12 and are an ideal addition to any home-schooled-based project incorporating physical science principles or a moon-themed project.


Carolina Biological Supply Company’s reproduction lunar globe is the only one made to NASA’s specifications. The novel 3-D textured globe surface is crammed with information, from the topography of the oceans and craters to the locations of significant historical events like the Apollo landings. It’s one of the finest presents for moon lovers because it’s one-of-a-kind, educational, and about the moon. The 15″ globe is not affixed to the base but rather rests on the molded base, allowing budding explorers and scientists to hold it in their hands while reading about the six manned Apollo moon missions, two unmanned landings by Russia and the United States, and much more.

Moon Torch Kit

Make education fun with this little stocking stuffer that children will love as they project a realistic moon onto walls and ceilings at night or in dark rooms. An excellent cheat suggestion, to continue teaching inquisitive minds while they play is to place your finger over the side of the torch beam and move it across to mimic the phases of the moon or find out how to replicate an eclipse with various types of paper.

Book: “The art, science, and culture of the moon”

Who better than Robert Massey, Deputy Executive Director of the Royal Astronomical Society, and Dr. Alexandra Loske, art historian, editor, and curator at The Royal Pavilion to tell the moon’s story? And what can be a better gift for someone who loves the moon, from the new, very interesting data on this Earth satellite? Mankind’s beliefs and desire to explore have all stemmed from the ever-present soft glow in our night sky. We as a species are so intrinsically tied to the existence of the moon, as evidenced in past and present cultures, arts, scientific findings, religious beliefs, and political aspirations. This is a beautifully illustrated book, that will be equally home on the library shelves as well as on your coffee table.

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