Long Distance Friendship Gifts That Show Real Friends Can Never Be Apart

Wondering what to get for your beloved long-distance best friend? Look no further than the great gifts listed here, for those whose friends are far away!

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Long-distance friendships, like any friendship, can be richly rewarding. They can also be hard sometimes when you are missing somebody. Gifts are a great way to spread some cheer. Surprise your friend with something thoughtful. Pick something special that will really show you care. Sending gifts back and forth can be a wonderful way to bring life to a long-distance friendship.

Long Distance Friendship Gifts

If you’re not sure what to get, here are some cool gift ideas.

BFF Necklace

This necklace pair is for best friends and is ideal for long-distance friendships especially. The silver necklaces are crafted in a compass design to attest to a closeness between loved ones no matter the distance. In this vein, the box itself reads, “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re there.” It certainly suits the spirit of gifts between long-distance friends.

Hug Pillow

A pillowcase is a great gift idea, especially when it has a beautiful design like this one! On either side, you can see the words “Hug this until you can hug me” surrounded by pretty paper cranes in flight. This sweet sentiment makes it the perfect gift to give to a friend when they’re feeling alone, or just looking for a cozy way to snuggle up at night or during nap time. Give a gift that will provide comfort and bring a smile, with this unique and meaningful pillowcase.

Picture Frame

If you are looking for a classy, meaningful long-distance friendship gift, look no further. A picture frame is a lovely way for your friend to see you together even when you are apart. It can remind of good times and bring warm feelings. This picture frame says, “Friends are like stars, you can’t always see them, but they are always there.” This popular quote describes a long-distance friendship prettily. Your friend is sure to relate.

Wine Glass Never Too Far To Wine Together

The ‘“Never Too Far to Wine Together Mug” is for (you guessed it) long-distance friends who share a love of wine. If your friend loves wine and has a sense of humor like yours, they are sure to enjoy this glass. Sample some wine together while talking on the phone or chatting online. This is a little way to share experiences even when you are apart and to bring your friend into your everyday life.

“Miss You” Gift Box

The message on this soy candle is short and sweet. It says, “Friendship knows no distance.” People have burned candles to commemorate loved ones since the olden days. The cheerful glow of a candle flame will represent your ever-burning affections.

Hello My Friend!

Give your friend these cute cards personalized with your texts. Each envelope has text on the front, directing when to open or stating the occasion. You can’t be around each other all of the time, especially when you live far away. These cards will allow some part of you to be there no matter of distance. You can write heartfelt messages, silly ones, or whatever you think your long-distance friend will most appreciate.

Best Friend Keychain

A keychain is something your friend can keep on them all of the time. This keychain is engraved with text, which says, “True friendship knows no distance.” This keychain will remind your friend of your loyalty and that you are there in spirit if not in body. It can bolster their courage to see it in hard times.

I miss you bitch Funny Mug

Even though your BFF lives in a different state, she must know you are suffering from a lack of your friendship. If you and your friend share a sense of humor, this long-distance friend mug may be a hit. It says, “I miss you, bitch,” a sassy but sincere message. Perhaps you even say this to each other! This mug is bound to amuse your friend to see each morning with their coffee, and it will remind them of you, too.

Why You’re My Bestie

This journal is full of fill-in-the-blank statements on why your long-distance friend is your best friend. You can be as creative as you like with this. Pencil in compliments, jokes, clever lines, etc. This gift can be as fun for you to make as it will be for your friend to receive! They are sure to be flattered and amused as they flip through the pages and to think of you fondly.

Keepsake Box: ”Forever true, forever friends”

This friendship keepsake box makes a beautiful gift for your friend. It is handpainted and cast after a wood carving of two friends. Each time she opens the box to stow or retrieve something, they will see the script, “Forever true, forever friends” within. Maybe they will even keep other little gifts you have sent their way in the box.

Distance Bracelets

Jewelry is a classic gift between lovers and friends alike. These bracelets put a unique spin on this. Made from agate, each of these bracelets contains either dark beads with a light one in the middle or light beads with a dark one in the middle. They match and contrast against each other strikingly, in effect reminiscent of yin-yang. Bracelets can be worn out and about, indoors, virtually anywhere. With these bracelets, you can take a piece of each other wherever you go.

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Wooden Sign Good Friends…

No matter how miles away your friends are, you’ll be friends forever in your heart, show it with this wooden sign that reads, “Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.” This is a very popular friendship quote and would make a lovely gift choice. Your friend can put the sign somewhere in their home, like the family room, to make the environment more uplifting. It will remind them “[you’re] always there.”

Preserved Flower Rose

A preserved rose is an exquisite gift, rife with symbolism and natural beauty. If you are looking for something really special and unique to give to your friend, look no further. It is the rare person who does not like roses, and this rose is preserved as if by magic. The immortality of this flower can speak to eternal friendship.

Book: Besties

On our list of long-distance friendship gifts, we must include this beautiful book about one great friendship. This book was lovingly written and dedicated to the author’s best friend. Your long-distance friend is sure to find this gift heart-warming.

Friendship Necklace and Greeting Card Gift Set

The cover of this card says, “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. The friends we keep for a lifetime grow with us through the seasons.” The primary gift is a statement necklace. It is a beautiful silver leaf. Perfect for a nature-lover or simply a lover of pretty things, this jewelry will allow your long-distance friend to carry your fine sentiments with them wherever they go.

Water Bottles

This gift is super practical, particularly if your friend likes to exercise. Aluminum water bottles are a trend these days. They keep water ice-cold, with convenient carry handles to keep them with you at all times. These bottles are more than useful, though. They have matching text on the front of them, which says, “Best friends. We’re rarely apart. Sometimes in the distance but never at heart.” They make an ideal long-distance friendship gift thanks to this sweet quote.

Sisters by Heart Figure

There is only one sister by heart, show it off with this long-distance friendship figure. These hand-painted resin figures depict two friends happily holding hands. If your friend is a fan of sculpture, figurines, or simply little decorations, this gift may be a lovely choice.

Best Friends Forever Wooden Hanging Heart

This best friends forever sign is a creative way to express your sentiments. Your friend can hang it somewhere they will see it every day, to remind them you care.

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Best Friends Forever – Best Friend Journal

A journal makes a thoughtful gift. It is sure to be useful, and it is always good to encourage friends to express themselves. A journal as a gift is a nice way to let your friend know the value you place on their thoughts and feelings.

Jar of Inspirational Messages

This jar contains messages which can be filled with inspirational sayings, jokes, compliments, or whatever you think your friend will like. This inspirational gift for friends far away will ensure that she always has access to your words, whether they need comfort or cheer.

True Friends Grateful Teal Wood Locket Jewelry Music Box

This jewelry box plays a popular little tune and is of course perfect for stowing valuables or keepsakes. It has a cute, rustic look; even its own little key. Your long-distance friend is sure to find it charming.

You Are My Rock

Therapy rocks are a trend these days. They can be used as stress stones or simply little decorative trinkets, or to remind your dearest friends how much they mean to you. This stone is polished to a shine, and has golden engraved writing: “No matter how far you are, every day, around the clock, always remember that you are my rock.” Let your friendship despite the distance remains solid as a rock.

Our Adventure Book

We end off this list of long-distance-related friendship gifts with an awesome gift for those who love to preserve the memory of one great friendship. An adventure book is a fun and personalized way to document events. Fill it with photos of some of your greatest times, and of your long-distance friend’s visits. They can flip through it from time to time, and find upliftment in the positive memories. Make a picture story they can read fondly.

Capsule Friendship Messages In a Bottle

This adorable gift is another sweet way to send a message. The pill bottle, labeled “100% Love,” is full of openable, resealable pills. They contain little notes you can write on. You can include jokes, compliments, words of affection, or whatever you would like. This unique bottle full of love is sure to brighten your friend’s day; and hopefully, every day, when they open a pill and see what nice things you have to say.

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When to send some of these gifts to long-distance friends?

You never have to wait to show your love for anyone. It’s always nice to celebrate friendship and you don’t need a special occasion to celebrate a great friendship.

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