Top 22 Law Students Gifts

College life is a trying, yet incredibly fulfilling journey. We, as students, are always on the lookout for items to help make college a smoother ride!

If you know a law student, these twenty-two gifts are sure to be beneficial in both the classroom and the courtroom. Show your appreciation and give them the jump-start they need!

Gifting something special to the law student in your life is the perfect way to show them you care. So why not make it easier on both of you and pick up some of these helpful items?

Your law student will thank you for the extra assistance, and you’ll be happy knowing that you helped make their college experience a little bit easier!

Our Pick

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Haikus for Law Students

Law school can be hard. Trying to memorize laws and facts they may never use again. Writing papers larger than their heads. Arguing in mock trials to prepare them for a real courtroom. Stress will quickly follow, making it hard for them to find humor in anything. This book is sure to provide them with the stress-relieving laughter they will need to carry on through law school and beyond.

Full Grain Leather Briefcase

Newt Scamander. Aggie Cromwell. What do they have in common? Magical bags containing magical creatures and other interesting items! Sadly the law student in your life won’t be able to pull a Niffler or endless amounts of candy out of this bag. But they’ll be able to pull out their laptop, notes, and other tools they need to succeed in the classroom. And success is the best magic of all!

Law School in a Box

Remember the age-old joke “Where did you get your driver’s license from? A Cracker Jack box?” Well, now, instead of getting licenses from Cracker Jack boxes, we’ve upgraded to getting college degrees from small metal boxes! With a complete education and diploma all in one, who needs the Ivy League, and the stress of student debt? Not meant to be taken seriously, of course. Go to college, kids!

Business PU Leather Portfolio

What would nicely complement that magical bag mentioned earlier in the list? A beautiful portfolio that has some magic of its own! Functional and versatile, your law student will never have to scramble for a pen or business card again! Equipped with a notebook inside, they can take notes at a moment’s notice with ease. Perfect for taking from class to the office with no need for swapping out anything.

Law Student Funny Socks

Remember in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when Harry asks Dumbledore what he sees when looking into the Mirror of Erised? Dumbledore replies by seeing himself holding a pair of thick woolen socks. At the end of the Chamber of Secrets, what does Harry give Dobby to set him free from Malfoy’s ownership? A sock! Socks are a magical gift, so why not gift them to your favorite law student?

Legal Decision Maker

You started the paper. Trashed it. Started a new paper. Trashed that one. Five hours and a pile of rejected rough drafts later, you are no closer to meeting your deadline. You need to make a decision NOW! To give yourself a laugh or help point you in some direction, consult your handy paperweight! Keep your mom on speed dial just in case! Not intended for making serious courtroom decisions.

Justice Mug

Studying Law can be hard. And this gift can make college a little easier. Three hour-long classes first thing in the morning. Four hundred pages of reading are due in two days. Twenty-five-page papers on some obscure law you’ll never use. It’s easy to see why some students drink! For law students pushing through each day with the end goal in mind, this glass is the perfect way to measure their days in the beverage of their choosing.

Lawyer, Judge Infinity Scarf Gift for her

Courtrooms can run hot or cold in temperature, just like the people inside them. Somedays, the courtroom is on fire with hard truths and confessions spilling out left and right. On other days it can be chilly with nothing to ignite the truth, keeping it hidden. For the days the courtroom runs chilly, this scarf will help keep your law student comfortable. Also, this gift perfectly complements the earrings mentioned earlier.

Pen with Symbols of Law and Justice

In college, functionality, and versatility is important. And this gift, although very symbolic, is also very useful. The pen and highlighter combo. The notebook with folders attached inside. Dual-purpose items help prevent forgetfulness and their book bag from splitting wide open (which I can tell you from experience does happen).

This pen with Law and Justice symbols, with its flash-tip and stylus tip, will help keep their device fingerprint-free and allow them to continue studying and writing long after their roommate goes to sleep.

USB Reading Lamp

As a recent college graduate, I can tell you from experience that students will read anywhere they can. During meals. On a bus or stuck in traffic. I even knew a girl who would put her notes in Ziploc bags so she could read over them while showering! Perfect for the law student who is reading anywhere and everywhere. Just please don’t use it in the shower. It’s not waterproof. This useful present can help your favorite student to get a degree in Law.

Superfight: 500-Card Core Deck

No college experience is completely serious. Even the most serious student needs to kick back and relax once in a while. With five-hundred cards to make for absurd arguments, this game is sure to help them loosen up and also make their lawyer game stronger. Because if your student can argue why Queen Elizabeth on a T-Rex beats a beauty pageant queen and an army shopaholic, then they can argue anything!

Future Lawyer Keychain

Graduation is fast approaching. You need a gift, and you need one quick! You need something simple, easy, and a way to show them you care. This keychain hits all three of those notes! Whether it’s to hold the keys to their first law office or that new car they bought with their sign-on bonus, this gift is sure to carry your law student throughout the years to come!

I’m A Law Student Mug

Coffee is the elixir that fuels college students (unless they drink soda or energy drinks instead). And let’s be honest – College is an exhausting experience! While doing extensive research, note-taking, and paper writing, sleep becomes a thing of the past. To keep your law student going, give them this mug to fuel them throughout those long study sessions! Because a caffeine IV would be hard to do anything with.

Lady Justice Car Decal

You notice a lot of things while sitting in traffic. The lady putting on lipstick. The guy picking his nose. The little kid making weird faces. And the window decals, so many window decals! How many times have you seen the stick figure family? Too many to count! Why not give your law student the gift of Lady Justice and give the car behind them something new to look at?

925 Sterling Silver Scales of Justice Pendant Necklace

Earlier in this list, we mentioned a scarf perfect for the days when the courtroom gets chilly. Now you probably asked- “Well what do I wear when the courtroom is hot?” This simple legal necklace is the perfect thing for those hot courtroom days! Small and subtle, it won’t distract from the legal matters at hand, and will look great with any outfit! Also beautifully complements the earrings mentioned earlier!

The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons

Humor is a subjective thing. Everyone has a different sense of humor. Some people take themselves too seriously while others don’t take themselves seriously enough! But at the end of the day, we all need a good laugh, even if it is at our own expense or the expense of our chosen profession. For the law student in need of a laugh, this book is sure to do the trick!


Endless hours of case studies, research, and paper writing will likely stress out any law student to the point where they might want a drink. How many times have we seen lawyers do that on television? We see them sneak a drink during business hours to get them through the rest of the day. So for the law student who can legally drink, this gift allows them to do the same!

Statue Justicia

Your law student did it! They passed the classes, got the degree, and crushed their bar exam! Then they received an offer from a law firm and has their first job! True they don’t have a fancy office yet, but they have a desk and you know the office will come eventually. This simple, yet stunning decor statue of Lady Justice is the perfect gift to adorn their new desk!

Messenger Laptop Bag

Picture this- A rainstorm starts out of nowhere. Since you weren’t prepared for it, you have no umbrella with you to keep you from getting wet. Your laptop. Your notes. Your books. Everything you need to succeed is in danger of getting wet and ruined. With this waterproof bag, you’ll be prepared for any rainstorm that comes your way. It can even fit a rain poncho for you!

Pillow “Pain is Temporary a Law degree is Forever”

College can be emotional and financial pain. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cried after an exam because I thought I failed it. Or how many times I’ve cursed while working on a complicated project. But there’s a light at the end of the college pain tunnel- and it’s the degree! This pillow will be a great reminder of all the pain they went through for it!

Satan’s Advice to Young Lawyers

People joke about Satan getting behind them. And in times of indecision, it is said we have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other telling us what the right decision is. Well with this book, your law student will have the devil in their details. With Satan offering his profound knowledge on many law topics, your future lawyer is sure to send their opposition to hell!

Chrome Plated Lawyer Bookmark

A big part of being a student is reading. You will be doing lots of reading throughout your time in college. Sometimes you’ll even have to read several books at once (although I do that for fun on any given day). And it’s easy to lose your place in a book if you’re not paying close attention! This beautiful metal bookmark will help ensure that never happens to you again.

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