Just Because Gifts for Boyfriend to Give Him for No Occasion

Have you ever felt like your boyfriend deserved the world and you wished you knew how to give it to him? Well, now you can. Maybe you can’t give him the whole world but there are things you can give him that would mean just as much.

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Giving a gift doesn’t always have to have an anniversary or a birthday, sometimes a gift can be a just-because gesture.

Just Because Gifts For Boyfriend

You don’t need a special occasion to give the man in your life something special. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best gifts to get your boyfriend just because. Here’s a selection of our favorite just because gifts for your boyfriend.

XOXO Ice Cube Tray

Do you ever wish that the moments you spent hugging and kissing that special man in your life could be frozen in time? With this cute ice cube tray, now they can! What a romantic way to say I love you by giving his favorite drink full of hugs and kisses. Yes, he likes to get kisses. Sweet, inexpensive, and romantic, a small gift that will make him very happy.

What I Love About You Fill in the Love Journal

What I love about you is really easy, yet really difficult to answer, so we are going to make it easier for you. Here is a journal that you can give your boyfriend, filled out by you, to show him why you love him even when you may not be around to do so in person. Because you can write instead of telling him, he may soon find out your feelings run deeper for him than he would have ever known.

Philips Norelco Nose Hair Trimmer 5100

This is the gift that keeps on giving. This amazing pen will allow you to gift the gift of creativity to your boyfriend just because you love him. Perhaps he’ll even make you a keychain if you’re nice to him. If he loves art and you love him, this is definitely the gift you want to get him.

Bluetooth Speaker

This is another no-occasion present that falls into the category of versatile. While being a regular Bluetooth speaker, it has an alarm feature (and of course a regular clock), a touch lamp, a TF cards slot, an AUX cable port, a USB port, a microphone for hands-free calling, and a color-changing dimmable light. Moreover, the size makes it a portable device meaning your boyfriend can take all this functionality with him on the go.

Moonlight Shadows Lamp

Sometimes, the moon is so beautiful and so romantic that you just want to reach up and touch it. This is your chance. With this moon lamp, depicting a snuggling couple enjoying the scenery, you too can enjoy the scenery. With up to three different intensities of light, each available with just a touch, you can enjoy the moon at your fingertips. And your boyfriend can enjoy it with you just because you are a great couple.

Box of Fun, Flirty, Romantic Kisses

Even the best of relationships can use a little…enhancement…every now and again. With this gift, you are telling him you want to spice things up a little more. There is nothing better than a night out except a romantic night in.

Hot Jumpsuit

Do you love your man? Do you love your country? What else could be better than a bodysuit jockstrap made of the American flag? Not only can you show how big your patriotism is, but your man can also sport how big he is too. Perhaps saving this gift for the bedroom is the better way to go.

Smart Anti-Lost Wallet

Losing a wallet is one of the most nightmarish experiences a man can go through. Though it’s not the case, it feels as if life must be restarted because of the items and cash that go with the wallet. What if we told you that there was a way to retain the convenience of a wallet and minimize the risk of loss?

This smart wallet functions in tandem with an app available on the play store which helps with geolocation. Also, the battery is rechargeable and lasts 2 whole months. If you have a clumsy boyfriend who forgets and loses things, give him this gift and tell him that it is a gift for no serious reason at all, that it is only because you love him (We know it’s not true, but we will not tell anyone)

Poker Chip Set

Sometimes the best gift you can give a guy is guy time. The coolest type of guy time I can imagine is poker night. This poker set would have him the hit of his friends…and ensure that they would play poker at his house. If you give him this just because a gift his friends will not be able to believe how cool a girlfriend you are.

Lion King Hakuna Matata T-Shirt

It means no worries for the rest of your life, and if you buy him this shirt, that is exactly what it will mean in your relationship. Perhaps you could have a Lion King date night and enjoy this romantic Disney movie. In a world full of Scars, be a Simba.

Little Prince Crystal Music Ball

As most little girls do, you probably dreamed of the day a prince would come and rescue you. Whether it was a man on a horse in the woods like Snow White, or the one you meet at a magical ball like Cinderella, at the end of the day you better have your price. With this Little prince ball music box, you give him the gift of romance and show him that he will always be your prince

Star Wars Color Changing Mug

What better way to show your boyfriend you love him than with a Star Wars mug that actually has glowing lightsabers when the mug gets warm? Even Darth Vader himself would be pleased to own this treasure. I guarantee that force will be with your relationship with this mug.

Couples Board Game

There are only so many times you can ask a person what they’re thinking before that topic soon becomes boring. I’m going to say if you are in the market for a just-because gift for your boyfriend, you guys are also past the basic stage of getting to know each other. This game is a gift for both of you. It provides insightful and meaningful questions that you can ask each other in order to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Multi-Tool Pen

There is something about boys and their toys that just clicks. In Boy Scouts, they are given a Swiss army knife, a sign of manliness. Now you can give him a tactical self-defense multi-too flashlight. Basically, you can give him the adult version of a Swiss army knife and it will be a prized possession for years to come.

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Couples Necklace for Him and Her

Before you fell in love, you probably had another best friend. You might have even bought a friend keychains or necklaces or something to commemorate your friendship. Your new boo is now more than likely your new best friend and what better gift to give than an I love you friend ring to match your own.

Loopy UNIQUE Game For Couples

Any gift that has to make love in the title is sure to be a hit with him. This one is a double hit because not only does it mention making out, it is a crucial element of the game itself. Even the box can be used as an aphrodisiac. Whether your intimate life is lacking, or you just want to try new things, he will love this gift.

Knit Willy Warmer with Snow Balls

Your boyfriend can say goodbye to the perils of cold weather as you can now give him the solution to keeping his willy warm with this hand-knitted gift. This one is going to make for great conversation when you present it to him and it will be a naughty secret between the two of you. The size of the item offers space if your boyfriend is gifted, and a drawstring if he falls within the confines of the general population. This gag gift has a very important reason to be given, it is to protect the most valuable part of your sweetheart.

These gifts, although they are called just because gifts, are almost never just that. Every gift you give has some meaning. The reason is mostly only one, and that is love. There is nothing like that when you surprise and cheer up your boyfriend with a small little thing that will mean so much to him.

Black Rosewood Titanium Ring

Are you looking for a cheap and cool present for your boyfriend? Because he’s your precious, give him a precious ring. This one is really precious. Anyone would be proud to have this, but any Lord of the Rings fan would be honored to have this. One thing about him if he is a fan, the sanctity of the ring to him is everything.

Custom Girlfriend Face Men’s All Over Print T-Shirt

This gift is a must for any man. There is no better way for a woman to know that a man is taken and needs not to be flirted with than a shirt covered with her face all over it. To some, this may seem demeaning, but others find it a prideful thing.

Message in a Bottle

A message in a bottle has been a symbol of romance since the first message in a bottle ever set sail. It is a way to show that your relationship will pass the test of time and even beyond your time on Earth. You don’t even have to toss it in the ocean to be meaningful, as the beautiful design of this particular set would make any living room décor pop.

2 thoughts on “Just Because Gifts for Boyfriend to Give Him for No Occasion”

  1. I love surprising my favorite people with presents for no reason. But that is also a big risk because, at some moment, I start to question myself – what should I give them that I haven’t gifted them already? That is why I am always searching for new ideas, and I am happy I found this gift list!

  2. I love surprising my favorite people with presents for no reason. But that is also a big risk because, at some moment, I start to question myself – what should I give them that I haven’t gifted them already? That is why I am always searching for new ideas, and I am happy I found this gift list!


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