Ice Cream Themed Gifts That Are Too Sweet To Miss

Ice cream – is a wonderful treat that’s terrific to eat, and enjoy all year long. These gifts were selected for the people who love ice cream or need more of it in their life.

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This list includes treasures for all ages. Everyone will enjoy these special gifts that exude love and appreciation for their favorite frosty dessert. They will be screaming for these ice cream-themed gifts.

Ice Cream Themed Gifts

“I Do It For Ice Cream” Tee- Shirt

When health is an important role in your life, but ice cream seems to find its way into your bowl at night, this shirt may be perfect. Part of life is indulging, and the other part is work. This shirt is perfect to wear to the gym. Remind yourself why you exercise. An exercise so you can have the dessert later.

Ice Cream Phone Case

The phone case has been a beacon to express individuality or make a statement since the 2000s. This case is fun and playful, while still effectively protecting your phone. Ice cream cones with cherries on top printed all over the case with rubberized sides. The phone will stay protected against scratches and any sudden slips. Just don’t hold your phone in one hand and a cone in the other, you might lick your phone by accident.

Ice Cream Dog Toy

Now dogs can enjoy the cold treats on hot summer days too. This treat might not be ice cream but it will keep them cool during the hot summer season. This chew toy looks like ice cream and should be kept in the freezer. When you and the family are enjoying a nice bowl of ice cream, let your dog have a treat too.

“N’ice Cream” Book By Virpi Mikkonen and Tulia Talvio

Ice cream is a delight for so many people. What about people who suffer from lactose intolerance? What about people who choose not to eat animals or their byproducts? Should they also not enjoy ice cream? Stop the suffering by gifting this cookbook with tested recipes for ice cream without traditional dairy ingredients. This book will teach you how to make ice cream using plant-based milk and wholesome ingredients.

The ice cream will be healthier but just as delicious. Shopping for vegan ice cream can be a pain, however with this book they can create the flavors they want. No one should live without their ice cream sundaes, banana splits, and milkshakes.

“Dad’s Ice Cream Bowl“

Dads really love ice cream. The perfect cold and sweet dessert treat on a summer night. Dads can possess furious sweet teeth, and one bowl might not serve enough. This bowl is gigantic and includes a personal shovel to dig in. Let your dad know how much you appreciate him by letting him have his own bowl to hold all the ice cream his sweet tooth can take.

“Ice Cream Social” Book by Anthony Tassinello and Mary Jo Thoresen

This is the second book to grace the coveted ice cream wish list. This book features recipes for all kinds of ice cream dishes. Artisan flavors for the ice cream connoisseur to recreate at home. Explore all the flavors this book has to offer. Now enjoy sherbert, granita, or ice cream without leaving your home.

Ice Cream Candy

For the time when ice cream isn’t available, try these cute gummy candies in the shape of ice cream cones. An adorable candy to snack on between meals or between the first and second bowls of ice cream. These are a delight to eat because they look and taste like ice cream. Enjoy french vanilla, orange sherbet, mint chip, chocolate, and strawberry-flavored candies without it melting all over the place.

Ice Cream Tee-Shirt for Boys

At first glance, this is a nice tee shirt with an ice cream cone advertised on the front. Once you take a closer look the ice cream appears to have a face and arms spilling out. An optical illusion for boys who like ice cream and the bizarre.

Ice Cream Maker

This gift states the obvious. Ice cream is a part of your life, so why not make it at home? Ice cream makers are easy to use, and a joy to have in the kitchen. Make as much or as little as you want. With a personal machine, you control the ingredients and the amounts. Create new flavors or combinations. This device makes it fast, fun, and stress-free. Enjoy all the frozen favorites like gelato, soft-serve, sorbet, or frozen yogurt. You can have it all with this Northair Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Poster Art

This is a thoughtful gift for the adult that needs a nice housewarming gift or at least has some bare walls. Add some personality to the kitchen with these vintage-inspired prints. A set of four prints to display in a home for all to see. Remember the days when ice cream cones were less than a dollar? Maybe not, but you can pretend when you see these malt shop advertisements.

Ice Cream Cone Necklace

Be the reason she sparkles with this ice cream cone pendant necklace. This is a great gift idea for girls who love ice cream. She will feel as sweet as the sugar cone hanging from her neck. This is an adorable pendant that hangs on a gold delicate chain.

Play-Doh Ice Cream Party Set

Kids love playing with “Play-Doh” and for generations, kids have been sculpting and creating with these colorful clays. Now your little one can host their own pretend ice cream party with these fun pastel clays and cones. Serve up sundaes, or popsicles, cut out fun-shaped sprinkles to top their cute creations. This set can only be found here, as an exclusive gift for a special kid.

Ice Cream Birthday Outfit

For someone special who needs to “wow” her party guests at her very own ice cream social. A colorful tutu made especially for her. The outfit includes a hot pink shirt with a sherbet cone on the front right beside her customizable age. A birthday is a perfect reason to wear a bright and frilly tutu, but why not every day? Give this to the girl who loves frills, it will surely be the cherry on top.

“Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart”

Leapfrog has become a leading brand in baby and toddler brain development as well as children up to 12. They offer unique selections of toys and games that spark curiosity and feed young hungry minds with a need to learn. This toy was made for those young minds that are still trying to figure out what kind of vegetable ice cream is.

A fun way to manipulate their gross and fine motor skills while operating their own ice cream cart. The cart plays bouncy toons and gives short instructions to their playmate to help engage them in the project. The friendly voice helps introduce numbers and colors to your child. A toy that will keep them busy for more than a few minutes.

Softshell Ice Cream Ball

This might be the most exciting gift featured on this list. A ball that makes ice cream while you kick it around for your daily dose of outdoor activity. 25 minutes of playing with this ball and then you may reap the rewards. A whole pint of delicious ice cream.

Ice cream makers are usually intended to use in the kitchen, and they don’t recommend you kick them. This one requires you to work for it. This has the advantage of putting you in control of the flavors and ingredients. Then seal it closed and take it outside. In less than 30 minutes you can enjoy a delicious bowl of your favorite ice cream.

Portion Control Ice Cream Containers

For someone who loves ice cream a little too much. These are helpful freezable containers that help control the serving amount. Life is about balance, and sometimes we need a little help controlling the urge to eat all the ice cream. Now they can eat ice cream without shame.

“Brain Freeze Ice Cream Making Science Kit”

The perfect game for the young mind who has a sweet tooth and affection for science. This STEM game is a fantastic way to exercise the mind with a tasty reward for all the hard labor. This kit comes complete with 18 different experiments to try, and all the tools needed to play. A great gift for 8-12-year-olds. Let them know that learning can be fun and delicious.

Emoji Tee-Shirt for Girls

The girl who is as sweet as ice cream needs a tee shirt that will make her giggle. There is still room to debate the idea that the poop emoji may actually be chocolate soft-serve ice cream. This is perfect for a girl with a sense of humor. This shirt is printed with the emoji sitting in an ice cream cone. A fun print, and a play on pop culture.

“My Dream Car is an Ice Cream Truck“Tee-Shirt

Whether they’re serious or just playing around, make them smile with this playful tee – shirt. This shirt is available in youth, women, or men’s sizes. Some people think of foreign sports cars, or vintage muscle cars when they envision a “dream car” but maybe you overlooked the best car around… the ice cream truck.

Ice Cream Pencil Erasers

Blending in can be so boring. In school, achieving individuality can be strenuous and challenging. There can only be so many ways to express yourself. Maybe some fun new pencil erasers are what your individual is craving. These are fun, pastel-colored eraser tops. They fit perfectly over your number 2 pencil that everyone has, —but no one will have these adorable tops. Wait, what’s that? Oh yeah, they also smell like ice cream!

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