Housewarming Gifts for Newly Divorced

Housewarming gifts for newly divorced

Getting divorced is never the easiest of life decisions – the splitting of assets, the legal fees, and the challenge of ‘starting over’ can all become overwhelming very quickly. If you have a friend who is currently going through a divorce, or recently divorced and you are looking for a great housewarming gift idea, then these gift ideas could help you out.

This list includes a great selection of funny gifts, practical gifts, and useful gifts that give you plenty of choices to find the right housewarming gift for a newly divorced friend.

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Beckham Bed Cover Set

Depending on who got what in regard to all the household items, your newly single friend could be in dire need of some of the simple house necessities. This duvet cover set could be a great idea to help them restock their linen cupboard – and not only that, it’s just a little bit luxurious as well. Coming in a range of colors, you can pick a color that will match their new bachelor pad and help make it feel a little more like home, and help to give him a fresh start.

I Hate My Ex-Husband Coloring Book: Sweary Midnight Edition

If you have a friend or relative who is going through a particularly painful breakup or a nasty divorce, then this humorous coloring book for adults is an excellent gift idea.

Coloring for adults has become a particularly fashionable hobby and practice for stress management and relaxation.

With this “Sweary Midnight Edition” of the “I hate my ex-husband” coloring book, your divorced friend will have the chance to relieve all of the stress by coloring, laughing, and most probably some swearing.

The book has 40 hilarious swear words which are waiting to be colored, and will definitely bring a smile to the face of any new divorcee.

ROFLmart Funny Divorce Party Decorations Balloons 18 Pack

This set of funny balloons for a housewarming party of a newly divorced friend is one of the best gifts you can buy for this particular occasion.

The set includes 18 balloons, all in dramatic black color, and with six different sayings, including “Free at last,” “The end of an error,” “Knot untied,” and others.

Of course, this is a suitable gift for a close friend with a sense of humor, and one who has gone through a particularly nasty divorce and will add to the fun of what could otherwise be a somewhat awkward party.

The Kickass Single Mom by Emma Johnson – Unabridged

You can help make your newly divorced female friend and single mom feel more confident about continuing on with life and raising her children by herself with this inspiring and quite useful book by Emma Johnson.

“The Kickass Single Mom” book will teach any newly single woman and mother how to navigate her life better, become financially independent, and stay sexy and irresistible while raising wonderful and happy kids.

It may sound a bit unrealistic, but the author herself has gone through this painful experience and gladly shares her thoughts and wisdom, as well as her advice for ladies who are facing such a situation and have no idea how to cope with their new single status.

Flick Candles Freshly Signed Divorce Papers

You will bring the smile back on the face of your newly divorced friend or relative with this humorous scented candle with a very special smell of “Freshly Signed Divorce Papers.”

The candle by FlickCandles is an excellent conversation starter, and your newly divorced acquaintance will gladly display it in their new home.

Its actual scent is pretty pleasant too and is a mix of Honeysuckle Jasmine, flowers, fruits, honey, spices, and some exclusive booze scents, including amaretto and sangria.

What your divorced friend will smell when he or she lights this candle is the smell of freedom, and hopefully of relief.

New Home New Adventures House Warming Mug

Getting divorced, and moving into a new home is definitely a milestone, and a brand-new starting point for the people affected.

This mug will help inspire and bring optimism about the future of any person in such a position.

The mug comes in an 11-oz or 15-oz capacity, and says – “New Home, New Adventures, New Memories.”

It is beautifully made and is microwave and dishwasher-safe. Plus, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

It will help the new divorcee to feel good about the latest changes in his or her life and to look ahead with more hopefulness about making new memories in the future.

Picture Frames with New Pictures

This is a two-part gift idea. The first is, grabbing these gorgeous picture frames, and the second, filling the picture frames with photos of you and your friend having a blast. No doubt your friend’s house has photos of their ex-wife/husband which only serve as a bitter reminder of a failed marriage. This gift allows them to put up fresh photos with a reminder of the great support network they have surrounding them.

Fleece Blanket

There will often be times your friend will be on the couch alone in their house, perhaps watching TV or a movie to help take their mind off the divorce. Having a super soft blanket nearby to throw over yourself, or cuddle into for a little bit of warmth and comfort can go a long way. If they are short on linen and blankets for their bed, then it’s a bonus extra blanket for those cold winter nights.

Body Pillow

Suddenly sleeping alone in a bigger bed can cause all sorts of disruption to anyone’s sleeping pattern, and nothing is worse than lying in bed awake and allowing your mind to dwell. Body pillows have been shown to be a helpful sleeping aid, firstly by putting you into a comfortable position, and secondly by providing a sense of comfort. If a gift of a good night’s sleep is possible to give, this could be the closest alternative to help.

Comedy DVD Set

Perfect housewarming gift idea for newly divorced to cheer them up. Having something to take their mind off all the divorce issues, or giving them something to do while sitting at home alone can be a world of help. This DVD set which includes a range of DVDs from comic genius, Robin Williams, can be the cliché but true: laughter is the best medicine. Even if it provides just a few hours of entertainment for your friend, it can be a few hours where they weren’t thinking about their divorce.

The Gift of Technology

This awesome gadget will allow your friend to plug in a lamp, or other electronics and turn them on and off via an app on their phone. It’s not going to transform their life into an easy street by any means, but it will give them a little fun every time they want to turn on or off the lamp in the hallway, or their bedside lamp. And who doesn’t like a little bit funny when it comes to gadgets and technology?

Matching any of these gifts with a few hours of your time and company can go a long way in helping your friend through their divorce and being in a new house alone. These housewarming gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face, both when you are with them and when they are alone, and to remind them that they have a friend close by when they need it.

Wake In Cloud – Mandala Duvet Cover Set, Orange Bohemian Boho Chic

If you want to give your newly divorced friend or family member something useful and beautiful for the beginning of a new chapter in his or her life, then this gorgeous Mandala Duvet bed cover set by Wake in Cloud is an excellent choice.

The set includes a stunning bohemian boho chic duvet cover and two matching pillowcases.

It is made of soft and durable microfiber, which is hypoallergenic, wrinkle-resistant, and can be washed safely in a washing machine.

It comes in several different sizes, so you can choose the one which will fit your newly divorced friends’ new bed too.

Lywjyb Birdgot Divorce or Break Up New Me Keychain

This keychain is a simple yet very powerful and inspiring gift you can give to a person who has just gotten divorced and has moved into a new home and started a new life on their own.

The keychain has a stamped stainless steel plaque, which says “Old keys won’t open new doors,” and also has a cute and intricate key charm added on the ring.

This is a meaningful gift that your friend or relative can use for their new keys, and can carry with them as a constant reminder and inspiration to stay optimistic and happy with the new situation in their life.

JennyGems Funny Sign – Who Needs A Man When You Have A Dog

If your newly divorced friend or family member is lucky enough to be a dog parent, then this funny sign is the perfect housewarming gift for them.

The wood sign is intentionally distressed for a vintage look and feel, and says, “Who needs a man when you have a dog.”

It is 6 x 5 x 1.5 inches in size and can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf or any surface as a pretty and funny display item.

Your friend will love this sign, and will most probably fully agree with its message.

Lewis Grizzard’s Advice to the Newly Wed Advice to the Newly Divorced

If your newly divorced relative or friend needs some cheering up, then this hilarious book by Lewis Grizzard is a gift you must buy for him or her.

The book is filled with humorous stories, advice, and jokes regarding both marriage and divorce “victims.”

It is a cleverly written book that is by no means silly and will be appreciated by both male and female divorcees.

Willow Tree Mi Casa, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

This beautiful Willow Tree figurine is the perfect gift for a housewarming party of a newly divorced person.

It comes with a touching enclosure card saying “Mi casa es su casa, My house is your house.”

The hand-sculpted and hand-painted resin figure by artist Susan Lordi is a symbolic gift showing love and care and homeliness. It is something that anybody who is moving on to the next chapter in their life will appreciate receiving and displaying in their new home.

Copper Jug

At some point, your friend is going to have company over – whether friends, neighbors, or a potential new love interest. This beautiful copper jug is a great housewarming gift to bring out during a gathering with a great mixed drink and ice, to help get the conversation started and flowing. The best part, it will be a new kitchen item that won’t remind them of their ex-husband or ex-wife and help them along with a new home and a fresh start.

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