Housewarming Gifts For Kids That Will Make Their Move to a New Home Easier and More Beautiful

Housewarming Gifts For Kids


Change isn’t always the easiest for anyone to handle, but it seems those who suffer most are the children involved. When moving, they are being torn away from their home, and their friends trekked to a new destination and expected to go on as usual. That is why it is important as loved ones for us to comfort them in their time of need.

Gift ideas for kids moving into a new house

Here are 18 gifts to give kids during a housewarming that will show them that there is at least one person around them beyond their home that they can trust and call a friend.


When you relocate from one home to another, there are two things that can really make a difference in settling in comfort items and distractions. With this colorable pillow, you give them both options. The act of coloring itself is soothing and often distracts the mind, which is why it is recommended by therapists everywhere. A pillow is a very common comfort item and gives the child something familiar to look forward to when nothing else is familiar.

The Educational, Augmented Reality Based Globe

A globe is an ideal gift for kids that are moving into a new house from across the world. Not only can it show them the distance and location, but this particular one is interactive. You can download an application from Android or Apple and not only view the countries of the world but the culture, food, and atmosphere of the world. This globe inspires inclusiveness and doesn’t have borders, so there is endless exploration available.

Flashing LED Gloves

Any child would be thrilled to have these dazzling gloves. Geared toward the younger children, these gloves would brighten up both their life and their room. If you remember laying in a strange room on your first night at a new house, you will probably remember how scared you were. Giving a child these gloves as a housewarming gift will give them a nightlight and a way to fight the fear of a new room.

A Creative Family Journal

Sometimes kids have a hard time talking about their feelings. Sometimes they have a hard time understanding things. With this lovely journal, not only can they get their feelings down on paper and share them with their parents, who can help them through a difficult time, but their parents can do the same; they can write down and communicate in a way for the kid to easily understand. This is the perfect housewarming gift for any kid who is old enough to read and write.

Electric Jellyfish Lamp

When thinking about housewarming gifts for kids, a nightlight is a perfect purchase. If you have a kid in your life who needs a housewarming gift and is an animal lover (especially sea animals), this is the perfect gift. Available in an array of colors, this jellyfish lamp will surely make a splash in any kid’s room décor.

Interactive Robot Dog

With the prospect of losing all their friends, a perfect housewarming gift for a child who needs a friend is a cuddly companion. This cuddle dog will interact socially and emotionally, so while it isn’t the same as having another person there, it can fill the void. Look on the plus side too, they won’t have any problems housebreaking this animal.

Snack Box

The perfect way to tell someone you hope they have a sweet time is to tell them with literal sweets. This Redbox package is the perfect way to give someone the gift of housewarming by snuggling up in their own house, eating some delicious sweets and popcorn, and watching a movie that makes them feel at home. Even joining them may give them even more of a sense of peace and belonging.

Bird Feeder

If you have ever seen the movie Snow White, you will note that the time she was the least lonely, before she met new friends, was during her walk through the woods with all the birds singing to her. Imagine if you could recreate that scene for a dislocated child in need of a home warming gift. Though it isn’t exactly possible to recreate the exact scene, you can give them the gift of nature and an oasis by gifting them this bird paradise. Getting in touch with nature is a known stress reliever.

Family Name Sign

Kids take pride in their families. When they move into a new home, oftentimes, they only have their family with them. This beautiful gift reminds them that their family will be with them forever and always. They could hang it in their room for comfort, or they could hang it on display. Either way, they will be thankful to receive it as a gift.

Ring Toss Game

One way for a kid to make friends in a new place is to have cool games. A great housewarming gift is this great hook game. Kids love darts, but darts aren’t wall-friendly, carpet-friendly, or kid-friendly. This gift offers the same idea in a much simpler way. It even adds a little bit of a challenging side to things by trying to ring the highest score.

Letter Board

One of the coolest toys of my day was literate. Today, the kids seem to enjoy anything they are able to write on and erase. For a great housewarming gift, you can give them this interchangeable board. They can make signs and erase them immediately, or they can make signs for their door. Either way, they get to be creative and protective at the same time.

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Owls Figurine

There is no more perfect way to say I will owl-ys love you than a gift set of beautiful owls. They will surely be a hoot to a child moving into a new house. An owl is often a symbol of wisdom and any child in the relocation process needs wisdom and hope during a rough time.

Cuddling up in something comfy provides such a sense of comfort to children. When relocating and welcomed into a new house, they crave that sense of comfort that is uniquely their own. What better housewarming gift than a shark blanket/pillow that is uniquely designed for the comfort of the child and provides them with a fluffy companion as well? Available in many designs, be sure to give the gift of comfort.

Magical Princess Twin Comforter Sets for Girls

Any little princess deserves to feel the comfort and warmth of her own bed. One way to make it extra special during a housewarming is to gift her this beautiful bed set. Her room will be pretty-in-pink, and with a great night’s sleep, she will be ready to go out and make new friends in the neighborhood and do a good job in school.

Scoot Drone

Sometimes, a kid just needs a little fun and games after moving. Something great to buy them for a housewarming gift is a training drone. This hand-controlled drone will not only give them some hand-eye coordination but will give them some training for a real drown as they grow. With a little help, they’ll be pros at flying this in no time.


Getting a kid out and about in the community is a great way to help them feel at home in their new digs. Flying a kite is a fantastic means to that end. The local kids will go wild over this dolphin kite. Don’t just urge someone to go fly a kite without including this fantastic present the next time you do so.

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  1. You have picked some really good ideas for housewarming gifts for kids. My favorite ones are the bird feeder and the kite. Remembering when my family moved to another city, thank God I have my sister, who is always by my side. It’s true what people say – if you have a brother or a sister, then you have a friend for a lifetime!

  2. You have picked some really good ideas for housewarming gifts for kids. My favorite ones are the bird feeder and the kite. Remembering when my family moved to another city, thank God I have my sister, who is always by my side. It’s true what people say – if you have a brother or a sister, then you have a friend for a lifetime!


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