Top 17 Best Hot Sauce Gift Sets For Those Who Loves Extra Spicy Tastes

Do you have a chili and spicy food lover in your life and want to get him or her the best hot sauce gift set for a special occasion?

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Thankfully for you, there is a mind-blowing variety of fun, extravagant, and gourmet chili sauce gift boxes on the market. Some are suitable for more extreme spicy food lovers. In contrast, others are milder and more universal but still superb in quality and taste and are perfect for foodies and people who like to experiment with new flavors.

Hot Sauce Gift Set

We have selected some of the greatest hot sauce gift sets for 2023, which you can find at a hot sauce store near me.

Pure Bred Idiot – Hot Sauce Roulette Game

This fun game comes in several different options, each of which will challenge your spicy food-loving friend. You can buy a Pure Bred Idiot Hot Sauce Roulette Game with 12 0.75-oz bottles of the hottest powders from around the world, or choose the Challenge Book for individual use, as well as a dice game.

All of these games will truly be enjoyed by a spicy food lover.

Thoughtfully Gifts, The Good Hurt Fuego: Hot Sauce

This gift set hot sauce is appropriately packaged as a dynamite bundle and includes 7 of the hottest sauces from around the globe, including Indian Ghost Pepper, Mexican Chipotle pepper, Whiskey Habanero sauce, and others, scaling from 333 straight up to 16,000 by the Scoville scale for ultimate hotness.

Hot Sauce Kit (Makes 7 Lip Gourmet Bottles) 

Give your hot sauce-loving friend a chance to create their own personal favorite homemade products with this fun and educational Hot Sauce Kit.

The kit includes a total of 7 different bottles, bags with dried Habanero, Chipotle, Ancho Pasillas, mixed peppers, a Ghost peppers powder pouch, funnel, gloves, apple cider vinegar, and instructions and labels for the personalized chili items.

Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce 5.7oz

It may look and sound like the perfect gag or white elephant gift, but this sauce is much more than that. It is, in fact, a delicious and burning Caribbean mustard hot sauce.

The 5.7 fl. oz. flask bottle will bring an exotic spicy taste to each meal and a lot of laughs every time it is on the table.

Plus, it will help cleanse your colon, and the manufacturers claim that it is one of those miraculous items which can help cure a common cold and flu too.

Ultimate Spice Gift Pack Ghost Scorpion Reaper

This is possibly the hottest gift of all on this list and one which will wow any passionate, spicy food fan. It contains three bottles of sauces, three chili powders made of the top 3 hottest peppers in the world, as well as three packs of 10 dried Carolina Reaper, 10 Ghost Peppers, and 10 Scorpion Peppers.

The Carolina Reaper has the highest Scoville rating on the scale of all peppers in the world up to 2,200,000 Scoville heat units, and the Ghost Pepper is third on the scale with a heat level of up to 1,041 427 units.

The sauce gifts include the Bhut Kisser, which is made of Ghost peppers and has won multiple awards, Wicked Reaper Carolina Reaper Sauce, and Red Tail Scorpion Sauce.

Remember to give this present only to people who are experienced with extremely hot foods, and once you find a suitable recipient for this hot sauce gift box, you can be pretty sure that your present will become their favorite present.

Cholula Hot Sauce Variety Pack – 5 Different Flavors

This pack of 5 amazingly spicy and delicious Cholula chili sauces is another superb gift idea for lovers of hot spices and foods. It includes an original, a chili-garlic, a chili-lime, green pepper, and Chipotle-based items packed in 5 fl. oz bottles.

ASS BLASTER Premium Habanero Hot Sauce

This bottle of amazing gourmet Habanero pepper product comes in a matching style box ready to be gifted to someone with an interest in exploring new and different pepper tastes.

The bottle includes 5 fl. oz of extremely hot mashes made of capsicum extract, which scales up at a stunning 1,000,000 on the Scoville spiciness scale, so make sure that the recipient of the gift is prepared for it!

Xtreme Heat Hot Sauce Bottles Gourmet Gift Pack

This pack of four travel-size chili sauces is another excellent hot sauce gift set idea for any occasion. The fun-looking bottles include truly spicy items with suitable names like Devil’s Revenge Beyond Hell, Spontaneous Combustion, Ass Blaster, and Sauce From Hell.

They are made of habanero and 100,000 Scoville capsicum extract, and each bottle contains 0.75 fl. oz. of a different burning and explosive mix.

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Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce Variety Pack, 5 oz

This chili sauce pack is a must-have for any music aficionado with a taste for spicy and exotic foods and tastes.

The Gringo Bandito brand was established by the lead singer of The Offspring, Dexter Holland, who was inspired by his world travels and the spices he tried while touring the globe. Today, these items are sold on all continents and have millions of fans.

The items included in the pack are four 5 fl. oz of sauces, which are perfect for pizza, wings, burritos, eggs, tacos, and anything else.

Hot Sauce Collection Habanero Ghost Pepper

This package of 10 different chili sauces by Wicked Tickle is another best hot sauce giftable packs for any occasion.

It includes different recipes ranging from mild to extremely hot. The main ingredients used for making these unique pepper sauces are Ghost, Habanero, Jalapeno, Ancho, Aji, Serrano, and Chipotle pepper sauce.

They come with unique names like Bee Sting, The Defibrillator, and others and are packed in 5-oz glass bottles.

This is one of the few items on this list, which includes several of the hottest ingredients according to the Scoville Scale, like Ghost and Habanero pepper together.

Humble House Sauce Variety Pack 9.7 oz. (Pack of 3)

This variety hot sauce gift pack by Humble House is another superb hot sauce gift idea for people who are not afraid to explore exotic spices and tastes.

These are not as extremely and dangerously spicy as some of the other items on this list, so they are perfect for foodies who like to explore new tastes but without going to extremes.

The items included in the pack are three 9.7-oz bottles, including Guajillo and Red Jalapeno, Ancho, and Morita, as well as Habanero and Aji Amarillo pepper mash.

Hot Sauces Gift Ghost Peppers Habanero Gift Box

This hot sauce gift box by Wicked Tickle is not for the faint-hearted and includes four 5 fl. oz. Bottles of extremely hot sauces and a separate pack of 7 whole dried Ghost Peppers are among the top three hottest peppers in the world with a 100,000 Scoville score.

One of the best hot sauce gifts comes in a lovely wooden box ready to be presented to someone with a lot of experience with extremely spicy food.

Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce Set 6 Pack Variety Pack

This 6-pack gourmet hot sauce gift set by Marie Sharp is one of the top-rated products on our list.

It contains six 5 fl. oz. bottles of Red Habanero-based sauces, including hot, very hot, and “comatose level” hot sauces made of pepper, which is considered the hottest known to man.

Even though each pepper sauce in the variety pack has a lot of heat, they are all masterfully made so that the hot sauce lover who becomes the recipient of the spicy items will still be able to enjoy their unique ingredients as well as the food they are consumed with.

Hot Sauce Tasting Journal: Blank journal notebook

This is the perfect gift for the brave soul who loves to explore the spicy side of food. With the Hot Sauce Tasting Journal, they can document all of their taste testing experiences and adventures with a variety of chili sauces and other spicy dishes from around the world.

The journal contains a full 100 pages to record details such as the overall experience, spiciness rating, date and place, and more. It’s an ideal present for anyone who loves to challenge their taste buds and try new flavors.

Crazy Bastard Sample Pack of 3 Chili Sauces

This is another one of the greatest hot sauce sets that will surprise your spicy food-loving friend with its unique tastes and varieties.

The items in this pack are three different chili sauces, including Chipotle and pineapple, Habanero and tomatillo, and Ghost Peppers and mango.

They range from 5/10 up to 8/10 in hotness and come in a pretty branded gift box by Crazy Bastard.

Organic Hot Sauce Variety Pack by Yellowbird

This set of organic chili sauces is an exceptional pepper sauce gift box idea for people who love spicy food but also love eating all-natural and organic ingredients and foods.

The three premium quality sauces include an Organic Sriracha, an Organic Serrano, and Organic Habanero condiments.

The hot sauce gifts in the pack are made of homegrown ingredients in Austin and are 100% organic, Paleo, Vegan, and Keto certified, Whole30 approved, and don’t contain sugar or any GMO ingredients.

Not only are the 9.8-oz sauces healthy and all-natural, but they are spicy and delicious as well, with some surprising ingredients and tastes.

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce Gift Sets – 4 Full Size (6oz)

This amazing gift idea by Zombie Cajun is a combination of spiciness, deliciousness, and fun.

One of the most unique hot sauce gifts comes in a Zombie-themed box, which contains four original slow-cooked Louisiana chili sauces, including Zombie Cajun, The Antidote, Dual protection garlic, and Lagniappe hot sauces.

Thanks to the unique Creole slow cooking technique, these items taste like no other.

Also, there is a fun Zombie Cajun Chronicles book about the legend of the Zombie Cajun plus special recipes to implement the included sauces.

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