Cool Hippopotamus Themed Gifts + DIY Hippo Gift Ideas

Whether you’re a die-hard hippopotamus lover or simply just shopping around for a themed gift, this list of hippo-inspired items will knock your socks off!

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Covering an entire range of suitable Christmas gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, seasonal gifts, and even the modest everyday nice gesture—this hippopotamus’ is guaranteed to bring you some amazing ideas for your next gift-giving event.

Hippopotamus Gifts

Swarovski Hippo Mother with Baby

Decorated with faceted crystal, this Swarovski Hippo Mother & Baby duo is a must-have collectible for any lover of these animals. The crystallized figures signify a delicate bond of love and care between mother and child. A classy centerpiece for the living room or office, this is a perfect gift from a daughter for the hippo-fanatic moms! Even if your mother is not a big fan of these animals, she will surely be happy to receive these beautiful and meaningful figures made of high-quality Swarowski crystals.

Aurora – Tubbie Wubbie – 12″ Tubbie Wubbies- Hippo

The Aurora Tubbie Wubbie Hippo is an absolutely adorable plush toy that will bring joy to anyone, no matter how old they are.

This cuddly and soft toy is made of safe, textured fabric, which is plush and soft. The hippo has an endearing face and is in a cute seated position, which makes it suitable for cuddling as well as for displaying.

It is 12 inches tall and weighs 8 ounces.

The Tubbie Wubbie Hippo is an exceptional gift idea for a baby shower, a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, or any occasion for somebody who loves hippopotamuses.

Women’s Hippo Animal Casual Skater Dress

Have fun in the sun style with this cute, flowy dress fit for summertime. Made with breathable material geared for comfort: it’s your go-to outing dress for the sunshine! Take a scroll in the park, head to the zoo, or shop around town styled from Head-to-Hippo looking your best. Finding the right gift for that woman (girl) hippo-lover in your life can already be completed if you are, as I am fascinated with this beautiful dress.

Collectible Figurine

These cute figurines are ready to equip the day with smiles! Mix and match postures to create lasting cuteness. These figurines can be used to decorate a space, hang as ornaments, or passed on as an adorable gift. Carefully crafted by resin, these sweet figurines are a versatile item that is also great for kids for the home environment, or for anyone who loves decorating with hippos!

Stress Toy

Stress balls are designed to relieve muscle and nerve tension in the body. If you need a gift for a tense and nervous person, this hippo gift is the right choice. Take it out on this cute stress toy. Made out of foam and maintaining its original shape—this stress toy withstands extreme amounts of pressure and bounces back for more. A truly loyal companion for tension release. Able to be propped on all fours as decoration or a toy for children. Squeeze away for a wildly hippo-flying experience.

GAMAGO Hippo Tea Infuser, Grey

Do you need a gift for a tea lover? Does that person also love hippos? They can start mornings out right with this appealing loose tea leaf infuser. Designed for the hippopotamus lover, this tea infuser sits on the edge of your teacup as it strains the tea—just as a hippo in the wild would bask in the sunlight on the banks of Africa’s rivers. Throw “hippo-Licious” tea parties with this adorable infuser!

Lil’ Critters Soothing Starlight Hippo

Find a companion for bedtime with this friendly hippo nightlight. Complete with over 100 soothing melodies, sounds, and nursery rhymes for deep and peaceful sleep, this is a great item if you are looking for hippo themed gift for babies. This friendly hippo is equipped with phrases to encourage first words from infants and toddlers. Set it up in the crib for peace of mind. It is voice-activated to respond automatically to your baby’s cries and soothe them with a melody. An available timer also allows for easy musical intervals during naptime.

Girl Hippo Toddler Dress

This dress is a hassle-free slip-on, void of troublesome buttons and zippers getting in the way of clothes time! Made of 100% cotton, machine washable, and stretchable—it’s the go-to outfit for daycare, school, playdates, and more, with an adorable hippo print to add a tender touch of gift cuteness.

Peleg design”Hippomark” Book Mark

This hippo bookmark is one of the top gifts for animal/book lovers. A fun and quirky way to mark a page and be sure to get the kids interested in reading! Its matte surface ensures a non-slip experience that allows the hippo to sit on top of the book for easy page recovery. Made of rubbery plastic, this bookmark is the perfect gift for anyone who loves both hippos and books!

Animal Slippers

Hippo Feet! These hippopotamus slippers aren’t only as adorable as they look, but they also come with a 1-inch dense foam rubber that makes walking feel like you’re on a cloud. Rest assured, comfort is key with these hippos. Keep your feet warm in the belly of the beast. Paired with a no-skid safety feature at the bottom outer layer, these slippers are ideal for indoor lounging, a non-slip precaution in bathrooms, and plain old cushions for your feet around the house! A great gift for both kids and adults alike, these cushy hippo slippers will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Cute Hippo Face Novelty Cotton Crew Socks

These adorable hippopotamus socks are stretchable, soft, and great to give to absolutely everyone. Want to match your hippo outfit with a pair of these ready-made hippo socks? Made out of polyester and cotton, comfort is assured with high-quality fabrics that are lightweight and breathable. These hippo socks come in a medium thickness for both comforts as well as foot security.

Upholstered Shoe Bench

This footrest is great for decking out a kids’ room or keeping it around the home for everyday convenience. Equipped with super-firm padding, high-quality fabrics, and an ideal height (50cm), this footrest is bound to bring comfort and ease to any occasion. Wooden stools hold up the structure for a wide and sturdy balance, making it safe and reliable for all ages. With different colors available, it’s a must-have for hippo fanatics!

Frank Hippo Home Shower Curtain Set with Hooks

This stunning hippo shower curtain is the epitome of a cool hippopotamus-themed gift.

The polyester curtain is white with a black silhouette of a sizeable happy hippo enjoying a shower.

It is 72 x 72 inches in size, and comes with hooks on rust-proof metal grommets, ready to be hung and enjoyed in any standard shower or bathtub. It is also available in sizes 60 x 72 inches, or 72 x 78 inches.

The material used is eco-friendly, safe, and waterproof. It will keep the bathroom dry even if the recipient of the gift enjoys taking hippo-like baths with a lot of splashing and fun.

The shower curtain is beautiful and will bring a unique accent to any bathroom.

This is an excellent housewarming, wedding, or birthday gift idea for a hippo-loving relative or friend.

ComSaf Cute Hippo Shaped Pen Pencil Holder, White Ceramic Decoration

Your hippo-loving friend or family member will love displaying this magnificent white ceramic hippo on their desk.

The attractive pencil holder will help keep their work or study space clutter-free.

The figure of a white hippo sitting with its mouth wide open is a perfect gift option for hippo lovers. It is suitable for a present for a new job, for the first day of school, for a birthday, or for another occasion.

It is made of premium-quality ceramic and is 3.07 x 3.34 x 4.72 inches in size.

Plus, it comes with a 120-day money-back guarantee.

Little Boy Summer Short Sleeve Shirt Short Pants Set

A fun snorkeling hippo print outfit is a great hippopotamus-themed gift for boys for everyday wear. This outfit comes as a set that includes a singlet and pants. Bottoms are adjustable with drawstrings at the front to ensure space for your toddler to grow. Ideal for day-care, playtime at home, or something to wear for nap time, your toddler is guaranteed to have fun as well as comfort in this casual set.

ENSIANTH Always Be Yourself Hippo-Themed Hippopotamus Keychain

This lovely original keychain is a cool hippo gift for the hippo lover in your life.

It is made of durable stainless steel, which will withstand the test of time and will never rust or get tarnished.

The hippopotamus-shaped pendant is adorable and has an inspirational and funny message that only a person who has a fascination for hippos will understand.

It says, “Always be yourself, except if you can be a hippo. Then be a hippo.”
The keychain costs less than $15 and is an excellent gift idea for a Birthday, a stocking stuffer, a going-away present, or simply as a gesture of love for someone with an affinity for these lovely animals.

Purple 16-oz. Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug Keep Calm and Love Hippos

If you are looking for something special and useful to give to a hippo-loving friend or relative, then this double-insulated stainless steel mug is another superb idea for a cool hippo gift.

It has a 16-ounce capacity and is made of stainless steel with a safe plastic interior. The two materials are layered in a way that provides excellent insulation. This means that the coffee inside the mug will stay hot for hours, and the cold drink will remain cool and fresh for a long too.

The mug comes with a leak-proof lid and has a spill-prevention lock on the side.

The pretty travel mug has purple accents and a cute illustration of a hippopotamus above the fun wording, saying, “Keep calm and love hippos.”

The recipient of this gift will love using this mug as an on-the-go cup and will be happy to show it off to others.

It is an excellent conversation starter and is a joyful gift to present for any occasion to someone with an appreciation for hippopotamuses.

Canoogles Hippopotamus Wearable Hooded Blanket for Kids

If you are looking for a gift for a child that has an obsession with hippos, then this plush soft, and adorable hooded blanket is a great option.

Made of 100% soft, lightweight and breathable polyester, this is a blanket that doubles as a hoodie and can be worn around the house or even to bed.

It has a hood with a hippo face and cute ears, which any kid will love wearing.

The wearable plush soft blanket also has nifty pockets in the corners shaped like hippo hooves, where the child can keep their hands warm and cozy too.

It comes in a universal size of 40 x 50 inches, suitable for girls and boys aged 3 to 12 years.

Waltz&F Cute Hippo Trinket Box Hinged Hand-Painted Figurine Collectible

This one-of-a-kind hinged trinket box is a great hippopotamus-themed gift idea for a special occasion.

The figurine is made of metal and adorned with sparkling crystals and gold accents. It is hand-painted and created with intricate detailing, which makes it also a perfect decorative item.

The hippopotamus-shaped jewelry trinket box opens and closes easily, and can be used for storing rings, and other jewelry.

Its size is 3.8 x 5 inches and is a suitable gift idea for collectors, as well as for ladies who love hippos for special occasions like a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and others.

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Fiona the Hippo – A Fiona the Hippo Book

Anyone who loves hippos has probably heard the story or seen photos of the adorable hippo Fiona, who was born prematurely at the Cincinnati Zoo and quickly became an internet sensation.

When she was born, the tiny hippopotamus weighted only 29 pounds, and her chances of survival were practically nil.

But with the help of the zoo’s staff and the hopes of her many admirers, she pulled through and is now a healthy, happy adult hippo.

This touching book for both children and adults is based on her inspiring life story, which touched the hearts of millions.

Author of the best-selling “Bad Dog, Marley,” Richard Cowdrey, also worked on this picture book, which can be purchased in hardcover, audiobook, or Kindle format.

Any child or hippopotamus-loving adult will love an inspiring and beautifully illustrated story about the extraordinary hippo Fiona.

Hallmark Hippo in Sleigh Musical Keepsake Ornament 2023

This Christmas tree hippo in a sleigh musical ornament could well be one of the most original and unique hippopotamus-themed gifts you can buy on the market.

The Hallmark Keepsake musical ornament is affordable and has a one-of-a-kind design of a merry hippo in a Christmas sleigh filled with colorful presents.

The plastic ornament is battery-operated and plays an amazingly cute song called “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.”

It is an original collectible ornament dated 2023 and comes in a beautiful box that is ready to be gifted.

This is a great Christmas gift you can give to someone who adores hippos, or to anybody who collects original and unique ornaments.

Family Hungry Hippos Costume

If you are one of the people who prefer to make a gift rather than buy it, you can look at this interesting DIY idea for family costumes of hungry hippos.

Super-Cute Hippo Necklace

This a simple tutorial for making an affordable necklace that will appeal to every woman who truly loves these wonderful animals.

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Geometric Hippo Resin Cash Box

Get a bank for your kid’s buck with this delightful coin bank. It’s not just any piggy bank, it’s a hippo bank! This coin holder is highly durable and BPA-free, making it a fun and safe way to save some extra change. Made of 100% PVA, it is shatterproof, Phthalate-free, and lead-free. This is a creative way to learn the kids to save up some coins.

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