Unique Gifts for Hamster Lovers and Owners

Hamster Gifts

There aren’t many pets out there cuter than a fuzzy little hamster. Hamsters come in many different colors and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they’re positively adorable. This, combined with how easy they are to care for, makes them a popular pet choice amongst people of all ages. Their minimal care requirements make them great pets for children, provided they are properly supervised by an adult while handling their furry friend.

Hamsters have become a favorite amongst adults everywhere due to their low-maintenance nature. Many people have a fondness for these cuddly creatures, even if they don’t own one of their own. That’s why this article is filled with gifts that would bring joy to any hamster lover!

From playful chew toys to cozy beds and mats, there’s something for every hamster enthusiast. Plus, these gifts can be used for any type of hamster, whether it be a dwarf, teddy bear, or a Syrian.

So, if you know someone who loves hamsters, you’ll be sure to find something here that will bring a smile to their face. No matter what you decide, the recipient of this meaningful gift will undoubtedly appreciate the thought and effort you put into it.

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Best Gift Ideas for All Those Who Adore Hamsters So Much:

“Hamster Mom” Ceramic Mug

Some female hamster owners lovingly refer to themselves as “hamster moms,” treating their little furry friends with the utmost attention and care. Know anyone who’s dubbed themselves a “hamster mom,” or acts like one? Then this mug would make a wonderful gift. Whether drinking coffee or hot cocoa, this mug serves as a sturdy vessel to hold liquid and shows off to everyone around the pride of a hamster lover. The mug features cute little hamster footprints underneath the text and can be purchased in various colors and sizes based on your preference.

Soft Hamster Plush Toy

Do you know someone who simply adores hamsters, but is unable to have one of their own? Then this is a perfect gift for them! This adorable little plush stands about five inches tall – just like a real hamster! This little guy has a common hamster fur pattern of rusty orange and white that any hamster lover will recognize, and is made with high-quality materials. It’s also 100% machine washable, making it easy to care for. Even those who already own a hamster could enjoy this toy, whether to simply sit on their desk at work, or on a table at home for decoration.

“Happy Hamster”

This toy is also a great option for someone who doesn’t have their own hamster. However, this is no ordinary stuffed animal! With the help of just one AAA battery, this little guy will move around in his hamster ball, just like a real pet hamster would! This gift would be especially well received by children, and their parents will thank you for getting their child something that doesn’t require the extra money and care a real hamster would. This toy is small and light and would make such a cute little gift.

Diary of Edward the Hamster 

This hilarious book will become the favorite book of any hamster aficionado, no matter their age.

The Diary of Edward the Hamster is written by Miriam and Ezra Elia and is filled with philosophical, satirical, hilarious, and sometimes pretty existential thoughts.

It consists of the daily recollections of a wise and pretty sarcastic hamster called Edward and is a wonderful read, which will make the reader laugh, think, and maybe a little sad at some points.

But anyway, this bestselling book is a superb gift idea for anyone who loves hamsters – young or old, as long as they have a sense of humor and enjoy having a good laugh.

ZALALOVA Hamster Chew Toys, 10Pack MSDS Approved Natural Wooden Pine 

If you want to make a friend or relative who loves their hamster very happy, then this hamster chews toy set is one of the best options you can find on the market.

It is a gift for the hamster itself, but there is no doubt that when the hamster is happy, the owner is happy too.

The Hamster Chew Toys set includes 10 different MSDS-approved toys for hamsters or other small furry animals.

All of them are incredibly cute and safe for animals.

The set includes a bell roller, watermelon balls, a unicycle, a dumbbell, a bell swing, a rattan ball, a molar block with a rope, a ladder, a seesaw as well as a molar string.

They are all made of natural materials, mostly from naturally dried pinewood, and will bring joy to the hamster and even more joy to the hamster parent.

Hamsters 2023 Hangable Wall Calendar – 12″ x 24

Any hamster lover will love hanging this cute calendar on their wall. There is a gorgeous color photo of a cute hamster for each of the months of the year, so every month, a new cute face will appear on the wall.

The calendar is 12 x12 inches when closed and 12 x 24 inches when unfolded.

It is printed on high-quality glossy paper and will look great in any room, office, or other space.

This hamster calendar is a must-have for any hamster fancier and hamster owner.

Cozy and Warm Hamster Bed

Now for a gift geared towards those who own a hamster buddy. This plush bed is shaped like a sweet little hamster and would make an ideal hideout or bed for hamsters of any size. Not only will the person receiving the gift think that it’s super cute, but they’ll also love that their hamster will be able to make use of it as well. The material is not only soft and warm but is also easy to clean and wash.

Animal Planet Book: Hamsters

This book is a part of the wildly popular Animal Planet Pocket Pets series. This book features many cute pictures of hamsters of all kinds, as well as facts and care tips. However, not just hamster owners will enjoy this gift. Anyone will find content in this book to enjoy. Whether they’d just look at the pictures or read all about hamsters and their care, this book makes a versatile gift. We highly recommend this great book for first-time hamster owners. They will learn many useful things about this incredible animal.


When thinking about hamster gifts for girls, you have to think about thematic jewelry. Look no further than these cute little stud earrings! Shaped like a fuzzy hamster standing on its hind legs with its cute little paws out in front, this gift makes an irresistible accessory for anyone who loves hamsters. Additionally, these earrings are handmade, and can’t be found in stores! Therefore, these earrings are also a good surprise, since you’ll be gifting something they have most likely never seen before. Plus, these studs are nickel-free and are hypoallergenic, and safe for wear by even the most sensitive ears.

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Made from polar fleece, these pajamas are warm as well as super soft. They’re carefully crafted to look like a sweet hamster, ears and all! The ears and face of the hamster are on the hood, and the fabric has buttons right down the front, making it easy to put on or take off. The pajamas come in two different colors, orange and gray, and a multitude of sizes. They fit loosely, for maximum comfort. With how cozy and customizable these pajamas are, they’d make an ideal choice for a variety of hamster enthusiasts.

Hamster Pillow and Blanket Set

Another cute and cozy item is this hamster pillow. This item has a variety of uses, making it a sensible choice. The Hamster plush itself could be used as either a pillow or toy as the situation calls for. On the back of the plush is a zipper, and within a super soft flannel blanket is stored. It also has pockets on each side, making it a good hand warmer. With this one gift, you’d really be giving four gifts: a pillow, plush toy, blanket, and hand warmer! The item comes in either pink or gray, depending on your preference.


This sweet little hamster plush serves a purpose; it makes a wonderful keychain. The plush itself is completely adorable and comes in a multitude of color options. It’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and is a nice gift for a hamster lover to clip onto any purse, bag, or backpack. Each plush has two different kinds of keychains attached: a traditional circular one that fully secures the keychain onto whatever it is put on, and also a clip keychain that is easier to open. This makes this keychain plush not just cute, but also accessible.

Infinity Scarf

Another way they could show their love for hamsters is by wearing this cute, fashionable scarf. The scarf itself is white, with a pattern featuring multiple hamsters, and the occasional guinea pig. The brown and gray colors, make this scarf a match for a variety of outfit colors. Additionally, this type of scarf is called an infinity scarf because of the many different ways it can be worn and used!

“Keep Calm and Love Hamsters” iPhone Case

In today’s day and age, most people carry a mobile phone with them wherever they go. This cute little phone case will help showcase a love for hamsters, while also protecting the phone itself. This case snaps right on the back of the phone and is lightweight and durable. It features an adorable image of a favorite animal above the text “Keep Calm and Love Hamsters.” The color of the case is neutral, and isn’t too bright or flashy, making this case a safe bet to give to anyone.

Meijiafei Floral Home Sign for Hamster Lovers 10″ X 5″

This is a simple and affordable gift for a hamster lover, which says it all – “Life is good, but hamsters make it better.”

Your hamster-loving child, friend, or relative will gladly hang this fun sign in the home or at their workplace.

It is 10 x 5 inches in size, and comes with a rope hanger, and is adorned with gorgeous floral elements.

This sign for hamster lovers is also available in five other versions, including ones saying, “A crazy hamster lady lives here,” “A house is not a home without a hamster,” and “A spoiled hamster lives here.”

Each of them is absolutely adorable.

Old World Christmas Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree Hamster

Your hamster-loving friend will cherish this beautiful Christmas tree hamster ornament and will choose a special place on the Christmas tree for it year after year.

The Old World Christmas ornament is mouth-blown from molten glass, and is hand-painted, with added delicate glitter.

The company uses the same techniques for making hand-crafted Christmas ornaments, which were used back in the 1800s.

The gorgeous ornament is 2.75 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches in size and comes in a beautiful Christmas-themed gift box with a see-through front.

This totally stunning ornament is an excellent gift idea for Christmas or any other occasion for a person with an affinity for hamsters or a collector of unique decorations.

MUGBREW Cute Animal Brown Hamster Ceramic Coffee Gift Mug Tea Cup, 11 OZ

This fun and cute mug will make any hamster lover very happy. It costs less than $15 and yet features a unique design and realistic print of a cute hamster face on both sides.

The 11-oz mug is made of premium quality ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

It has a high gloss finish, and its hamster print will not fade away or scratch off over time.

The hamster mug is an excellent idea as a gift for anyone who likes these small furry animals for just about any occasion.

4 All Times Home Is Where My Hamster Is Coffee Mug (17 oz.)

This mug is exactly what your hamster-loving friend or family member needs. It comes in an 11 –oz. or 17-oz sizes and is made of durable ceramic, which is dishwasher-safe and microwaveable.

The mug has a cute hamster drawing on it, and the words “Home is where my hamster is…” printed on it.

It is very sturdy, and will not peel off or fade, so your friend or relative who has a passion for hamsters can enjoy drinking their favorite beverage from it for years to come.

It is a suitable gift for a birthday, a housewarming party, Christmas, or any other celebration or occasion.

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Hamster Playground 41383 Building Kit (81 Pieces)

Looking for the perfect gift for a young hamster-loving child or grandchild?

Well, this adorable LEGO set is a perfect choice for any occasion.

It is suitable for children aged 6 or up and is easy and fun to build a hamster playground, including a spinning hamster wheel, a hamster car, a mini motorcycle, a ramp, a hoop, and a slalom.

The set also includes an Olivia Minifigure and 3 cute hamster figures.

This is an original LEGO set that has 81 pieces and will be loved and appreciated by any child, hamster, and LEGO lover.

Sleepwish Hamster Cute Hooded Blanket

This blanket, which is also a hoodie is no doubt one of the most original gifts for hamster lovers you can find on the market for 2023.

The super-soft fleece and Sherpa throw have a hood, which makes it a perfect blanket to cuddle into while relaxing or enjoying time playing with your hamster.

It has a photo of an amazingly cute hamster looking through a cardboard box hole that looks like the real deal.

This cuddly, plush soft hooded throw is made of 100% microfiber fleece, which is light, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

The blanket is available in a 50 x 60-inch size for kids and a larger 60 x 80-inch size for grown-ups.

So, any hamster fancier of any age and size can enjoy cuddling up in one of these soft and cute hooded blankets.

Collectible Hamster Figurines

The cute little hamster figures would also make a great gift. The set comes with 3 hamsters, 3 hedgehogs, and 3 dogs, in cartons. These little hamsters are intended to hang onto the rims of glasses and cups and are a unique accessory that’s sure to be well-received. After all, who could resist a cute little face peeking at you from the side of a cup? Not a hamster lover! They’d be delighted to receive such a cute, unique little gift.

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