Best Going Away Gifts for Coworkers to Send Them off

It is never easy to say goodbye to someone, especially if they are someone you are close to. When you work with someone for so long, a friendship starts and grows. And sometimes, that coworker even becomes like family. Though saying goodbye is hard, it is an opportunity for celebration, signifying the new journey this person is taking.

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Consider one of these 21 great going-away gifts to show how much you truly love your amazing coworker. Help say goodbye to your coworker and friend in a positive way with these gift selections!

Coworker Gifts for Women Farewell Bracelet

It takes a lot of strength and courage to move from the familiar and into the unknown. Leaving the job, you’ve had for years to start a new one is a scary and exciting experience. As a coworker and friend, you wish nothing but good luck and success for them as they start this new journey.

This good luck bracelet is the perfect farewell gift to send them on their new journey. Ladybugs are the symbol of good luck, and amazonite symbolizes courage, success, and hope, all things they will need at the beginning of this new chapter of their life!

Employee Appreciation and Motivation Award

If you don’t know what to give a coworker who is leaving and you have a small budget, this gift is the right choice. When you appreciate someone and all the hard work they have put in, small tokens of appreciation are normally given. This coworker is no exception.

They have always been the one person you could depend on, going above and beyond your expectations every single time. So watching them go is hard, but you want to give them one final token of appreciation. This coin awards them for constantly going above and beyond with work. A small way to say thank you for everything they’ve done.

Coffee Mug: “Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Than Us”

When a favorite colleague leaves, it’s natural to feel a hint of envy toward the new group of coworkers who will get to collaborate with them. You may even worry that they may enjoy their new coworkers more than you. But you are the most excellent colleague, and you want to remind them of that. This fun goodbye coffee mug is the ideal parting gift to communicate that sentiment! It’ll make them think of you every time they take a sip!

Not That Far Towel

Your favorite coworker received an amazing job offer across the country. Not only are they leaving your company, but they are leaving the state too! Now there isn’t even a chance for you to run into them at the grocery store or your favorite coffee shop. The physical distance between you two will be a long one, but they will always be close by in your heart. This linen towel is the perfect gift to express that and help them start to decorate their new kitchen as they begin their new life elsewhere.

Congratulations On Pursuing Your Dream Of Not Working Here Anymore

A new work environment means learning a new workflow and falling into a new routine. With new scheduling and a whole new set of responsibilities, it can be overwhelming for your coworker at first. But with this planner, organizer, calendar, and journal combination, you can help ease that burden for them. By having everything in one place, their transition into their new job will be easier. And the organization is key to easing new job anxiety!

Personalized Picture Frame

Years of Christmas parties, company picnics, and other work-related events are hung throughout your job. It’s easy to see that your company isn’t just a bunch of people who work together, but you’re also like a family. And watching a family member leave to pursue new opportunities isn’t an easy thing to do. You want them to remember what they’re leaving behind, so gift them a framed photo of their work family. The frame can be customized to say whatever you want, so give them a special message and one last special memory with all of you.

Charging Station Organizer

At work, we need several devices to get us through our day. Cellphones, laptops, iPads, etc. are all needed to keep in contact with our fellow employees and complete our work tasks. Because nothing would be worse than having your laptop die in the middle of that important presentation! And in order to make sure they’re working optimally, we need to make sure they are fully charged. This charging station for multiple devices is the perfect tool for keeping all your work devices charged!

Silk Long Scarf

When starting a new job, you want to make a good first impression on your first day. Why? Because the first day of a new job is like the first day of high school – you just want to fit in and make friends. Your new coworkers will scrutinize everything about you from head to toe. And it can be nerve-wracking! This beautiful scarf that comes in a variety of colors and designs gives your former coworker the opportunity to make a good first impression.

Classic Men’s Silk Tie Set

Suits and ties are a huge part of corporate life. Lawyers, businessmen, marketing executives, etc. all wear suits and tie to show off professionalism and power. And you can’t forget the matching pocket square to pull it all together! So for your favorite male coworker who is moving up in the world, this three-piece set of ties and matching pocket squares is the perfect gift to send them off.

Swarovski Crystal Attract Light Pierced Earrings

Your soon-to-be former coworker is moving up in the world. She’s now moving onto a job where she will be required to attend fancy formal events and look stunning from head to toe. You’ve never seen her dress up, and she’s worried she won’t have anything to wear for her new job. These earrings are the perfect going-away gift to help ease her mind. She might not have the dress yet, but at least she has an accessory to get her started in the right direction!

Men’s Tie Clip Bar Set

Ties are going to be essential to your favorite male coworker’s new job. He will have to wear one every day! And the worst part is he’s bad at keeping his ties looking neat and sharp all day long. And his new bosses can spot a clip-on tie from a mile away. This tie clip bar set is the perfect accessory to keep his tie straight, looking sharp, and also add an extra air of professionalism to his look. Pair it with the tie set above for a complete look!

Keychain: “Work Will Suck Without You”

It’s retirement day! After decades and decades of hard work, your coworker is now ready to retire and live out their remaining days relaxing. That condo in Florida is calling its name! It’s hard to see them go, but you know they deserve some much-needed time off after all the hard work they have put in. They aren’t one for grand gestures. They prefer things to be simple and meaningful. This keychain is a great simple and meaningful gift for that coworker who is retiring.

Pen Set Custom Engraved

The coworker who always borrows your pens and never returns them is leaving. Though you’re sad to see them go, you’re also glad you don’t have to buy new pens every week anymore! Who knew pens could be so costly? Now that they’re leaving, who will they borrow pens from now? This set of two personalized pens is the perfect way to ensure they have pens of their own and won’t need to borrow them from anyone else!

Office Name Plate With Wall or Desk Holder

With a new job comes a lot of other new things. A new office building, a new group of coworkers, a new water cooler to drink from, and most importantly- a new desk and office to sit at. Desks are one of the few places a personal touch can be added to an office space. But functionality is also important in an office space. This nameplate is the perfect combination of decor and functionality for their new office.

Genuine Leather Business Card Holder

With a new position at a new company comes a new title. And with a new title comes new introductions that will need to be made. In the business world, your business card does the introduction for you. Your coworker will need new business cards when they leave, and they will also need a place to store them. So this business card holder is the perfect going away present for coworkers to help them introduce themselves with their new title.

USA Made Activated Soap

Leaving an environment, you’re used to and venturing into a new one can be scary. It can also lead to many questions like- Will I like my new coworkers? Will my new office be nice? Will I be close to a Starbucks? Is the bathroom well stocked with soap? You can’t answer all those questions or ease all those anxieties, but you can at least make sure your coworker doesn’t need to worry about the soap with this gift! Perfect for taking anywhere with them just in case they need it.

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