Best Wedding Planner Gifts To Say Thank You For Making The Event Perfect

Gifts For Wedding Planners

One of the hardest people to thank these days, other than to generously tip them, is your wedding planner. Not only do they make sure the most important day of your life runs smoothly and without a hitch, but they do it all from behind the scenes.

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You ask these people to do wonderful feats for you, such as providing ice sculptures outside at a summer wedding without melting, and yet we often forget to thank them. Consider one of these 21 lovely gifts to show how much you truly appreciate your amazing wedding planner. We have the best gift ideas that will make them happy.

Personalized Leather Portfolio Business Organizer

There are many ways to say thank you for a job well done, but then there are ways to say THANK YOU. This is the second. It is not easy to plan and organize all aspects of a wedding. This beautiful leather portfolio, complete with engravement, will make any wedding planner more satisfied because everyone likes to get personalized items. Not only are you gifting her something to showcase and organize their business, but you are telling them that you have faith in them for many clients to come.

Gratitude Globe

This is a unique gift but a great one to give someone to whom you want to show gratitude. Each week of your wedding planning, because most weddings are planned for around a year, write down something your planner did that made you grateful that you chose them to take charge of the most important union of your life.

After filling up the gratitude globe, give the globe of thanks that comes with it. If you do not want to fill out the slips, you can allow her to do so, giving her the presence of creativity. Whatever you choose, it’s the idea that will brighten up their day, just as their made your wedding magnificent.

Foot Massager

If there is one way to relieve a stressful project at work, when it’s over and done with, is to book yourself for a massage. A wedding planner doesn’t have that luxury. Not only are they far too busy for a massage, but the price also is not within their budget because they cut their budget for your wedding budget. So why not surprise her with the next best thing?

This foot massager not only gives them tension relief, but they can do it right from the office! We are sure that this unique idea will delight them because you have to admit, it was not easy to organize everything. Many steps and miles are behind them and this gift will help them with their foot pain.

Wedding Planner Mug

There was a point in time when Keep Calm was all the rage. Now people use it almost as a gag gift. If you have that kind of relationship with your wedding coordinator, then this is a great present to give. It is basically saying she can do anything, so just keep calm because she will make it happen. Whatever you do, unless you gifting monetarily, do not make this the only thing you give.

Berchirly Bag

Some wedding planners are there from the start of the wedding, attend the wedding to make sure it goes smoothly, and is available for after-wedding planning. They don’t always charge for their travel in their fees, and they never charge for their luggage. What better gift to give them than some luggage to make their travel a little easier and a little more stylish?

Personalized Wedding Event Coordinator Key Chain from both Bride and Groom

The fact that your wedding planner became a wedding planner in the first place shows that she is creative. Creative people love creative gifts, mostly because they have meaning. This keychain is the perfect gift for a wedding planner because it is both of those things. Seeing your special date, color, inscribed thank you for a message, and trinkets will bring a smile from ear to ear as they remember all their hard work on your wedding day.

Thank You, Candle

Put a candle to the wind with this perfect gift. This pretty and fragrantly designed candle will be sure to add atmosphere to any home or office. Saying thank you on the outside is just as important as what’s on the inside, both in the case of the candle and in the vows of matrimony. Be sure to make sure your wedding event planner knows how much you are grateful as well.

2023 Planner

A wedding planner is nothing without…a planner. This planner for next year is the most gorgeous way to say thank you and you did a great job, now go plan some more weddings. Made of high-quality materials and durable to boot, this planner is built to last the whole year long. Give a gift that lasts a year and plan to make your planner smile.

Thank You for Sharing Our Special Day Bracelet

One beautiful gift to give the person who spent the time to organize the most important day with you is this bracelet. This silver expandable bracelet comes with a few starter charms, strictly showing your gratitude for all she helped with on your big day, but it also has room to add charms as the receiver chooses.

Ivory Ceramic Tea Set

This gift is for a wedding coordinator you know a little more intimately than average. With this beautiful teapot and service for four, you are truly showing her not only do you care about her but others whom she deems worthy of her time. If you’re looking for a fancy way to go, then this is one of the greatest gifts to choose from.

Deluxe Thank You Gift Basket

Your wedding day went perfectly. In fact, it went better than expected. You cried when you saw the bride, she cried when you said I do, and then the family cried. Standing in the back and off to the side, someone else sheds a tear of joy and relief as well. The person who spent every second of the day praying it would go well.

The person who planned into the night and bent over backward to get you those last-minute ideas. Planner deserves to go home, cuddle on the couch, and watch movies while she snacks on things both sweet and salty. Send her/him this basket. Your wedding planner deserves it.

Best Wedding Planner Ornament

It is almost Christmas time. The last thing you want to do is stand in another line. You have to buy the last gift or two even if you aren’t really in the Christmas mood. So instead you log online and find this great ornament for your wedding planner that tells her exactly how much you appreciate her and how proud she should feel of a job well done. You too.

Spa Gift Basket

You can’t go wrong with a great spa basket, but with this one, you can go oh-so right. Anyone who receives this luxury would be extremely happy and understand that you are just as happy for their well-done job. The fact that it is all natural and organic makes it known to them that you care about them very deeply. Any gift basket is good for a wedding planner. Go with one that is great.

Cool Ashtray

They say you can’t be elegant and be a smoker at the same time, but with this product, the challenge has been met. If you know your wedding coordinator smokes, and that is something bound to come up when planning a wedding and reception venue, then this would be a lovely gratitude gift. Elegance comes to light with this cigarette butt disposal.

Personalized Wedding Photo Wall Clock

It’s vital that a wedding planner is on time. I know that before the technology existed, sundials were used predominately to tell time. Now that there is technology, not only can we have all types of clocks, but we can have types of decorated clocks as well. Another vitality to a wedding coordinator is inspiration, which your wedding picture can provide. So here is the best of both worlds to say thank you with this gift to your planner.

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Customized Whiskey Decanter

The great part of any reception is the open bar. It’s good for the guests for sure but even better for the help. The wedding planner spent all day making sure everything went without a hitch, so now it’s her turn for a little rest and relaxation. Right before the open bar closes, slip her this perfect monogrammed gift. They will always remember you and they’ll always have alcohol to keep them calm.

Thank You for Planning The Perfect Day

A keychain is a simple token of appreciation. If you had an outstanding wedding planner, you may choose to get her/him a gift. You could get her something personal that only she could use, or you could give her something, like this keychain, that she can display. It can be a conversation-starting, asking whether she is a wedding event organizer, or a business boost because she/he is the best wedding planner. Either way, this keychain will surely boost her ego and her business.

Custom Engraved Ball Pen

Anybody who does any kind of planning and organization knows that there is one tool so powerful that they must go nowhere without it. The mighty pen is that tool and there are many qualities of pens from a straight BIC to a fancy Zebra. This pen though is the gift above all gifts. Not only is it an extraordinary pen, but it comes with a free refill and your choice of engraving. This is the perfect gift if indeed the perfect gift existed.

Personalized Jewelry Box

It is customary to reward exceptional service with a gratuity. A wedding planner deserves a generous tip if they pull off a flawless affair. They are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders on this most crucial of days. They believe in the beauty of their work and want to make sure they have something lovely to remember it by, as evidenced by this engraved jewelry box. What a fantastic reward for such a brilliant showing.

Relax Rocking Chair

A perfect way to show that you are grateful for planning your wedding and tell your wedding planner “You deserved to rest after excellent work is done.” You know how much effort was made to organize such a beautiful wedding like yours. And after a perfectly planned special day, the wedding planner is surely very exhausted and deserves a good and long rest in this relaxing chair or a hanging swing chair. What a great and unique gift to say a great job!

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