Best Wedding Photographer Gifts to Say Thank You for Captured the Day Perfectly

Wedding photographers have a tough job – they have to be in the center of one of the most hectic days of your life and make it look beautiful, breezy, and carefree.

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Plus they have to lug all the heavy equipment around – in the summer, of course. That’s why it’s important to say thank you for a nice little gift after your wedding.

Who knows, it might be the difference between a beautiful wedding photo and a not-so-pretty one. Be sure to scroll through these gifts if you have a wedding coming up, or just had one.

Gifts for Wedding Photographers

Consider one of these gift ideas to show how much you appreciate your amazing wedding photographer. There is something for every type of wedding photographer here.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

The first gift on the list is a pretty nifty thermos. But it’s not just any nifty thermos – this particular thermos looks exactly like a camera lens. For those of you youngins out there, a camera lens is a large, circular-shaped instrument used in the olden days to focus pictures. This is a very cool gift for any wedding photographer. It even comes with a lens cap that acts as a stopper, so your coffee doesn’t spill.

DJI Phantom 3 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

Welcome to the future. Help the wedding photographer to get dazzling shots with this drone camera, capable of soaring a radius of 15 miles. It even shoots video at 4K quality. Yes, it will set you back a few dollars, but just think of all the possibilities a wedding photographer (wedding videographer) gets with this camera.

I Shoot People – Glass Coffee Mug

Enjoy your morning dose of caffeine with a funny design! This coffee mug is the perfect conversation starter and is sure to amuse any photographer. This beer glass has an image of a camera, and text that reads I shoot people. Get it? Wordplay is the best kind of play.

This extra-large mug holds a generous 13 ounces of the photographer’s favorite hot coffee or tea, great for those days you really need a fix.

World’s Best Photographer Mug

If you are satisfied with how your wedding photos look, show your satisfaction by giving a wedding photographer this cute mug. This gift will show them how much you appreciate them, and their hard work.

Everyone could use another mug. I don’t know why, but a kitchen packed full of them is a happy kitchen, indeed. Show your support and thanks to your photographer with this lovely mug, featuring the text world’s best photographer, displayed in a sweet floral typeset. This gift won’t break the bank, and it’s a nice thought. You could even stuff it full of chocolates for that added touch.

Photographer T-Shirt

Wedding photographers like everyone else love a small token of appreciation. The sign of gratitude will be even more beautiful if it is related to their profession.

This T-shirt shows one of the coolest old cameras out there in graphic detail. Yup, you guessed it, the 1938 Graflex Speed Graphic Camera. Available in many different sizes, this shirt would make a great and cheap thank-you gift to the photographer who captures those precious moments between the bride and groom.

CaptureLife Necklace

A necklace at the perfect price point. It’s engravable, so you can express your gratitude in any way you like. It’s made from Stainless Steel and comes with a laser-etched blank and an adorable camera charm. Handmade in the USA, so you can rest easy knowing you’re supporting local businesses. It even comes in a small gift box, making this the perfect little reminder of thanks to your wedding photographer.

Thank You Angel Figure

A lovely hand-carved angel figurine, made of a willow tree and painted with light acrylics. She comes with wire wings and a thank you sign. This isn’t a gift for everyone, but that’s what makes it so unique. There are many different ways to say thank you for a job well done, this beautiful figure will do it in the right way.

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Fabulous Photographer Wine Bottle Holder

A very interesting figurine featuring a fabulous photographer standing next to a camera on a tripod. He’s holding a flash in his left hand like an old-timey photographer. It’s a triple threat because it acts as a wine bottle holder plus a foil cutter AND as a vacuum stopper.

This is a one-stop shop for all wedding photographers who are wine lovers. It’s certainly a statement piece, unique enough to stand out on its own but classic enough to go in any household.

Thank You Gourmet Cookies Box

How to honor your wedding photographer? Yummy cookies seem to be the logical choice…is there a better way to say thank you? The only problem is it takes time to bake them. And wrap them. And deliver them. Ok, so there are a couple of problems. But, with the magic of Amazon and The Providence Cookie Company, you can now skip all those meddlesome steps and get same-day baking and delivery with one simple click!

Silvertone Miniature Camera Pendant Crystal Necklace

This is adorable silvertone crystal miniature camera necklace is an amazing gift for an amazing woman who has documented your wedding with amazing skill, capturing all the precious moments.

Camera Wooden Pencil Holder

Say hello to this wonderful camera-shaped desk organizer. If the wedding day photography session was easy and enjoyable, in addition to money, a small fun gift like this camera pen holder will show that are very satisfied with your photographer.

Book: “Extraordinary Everyday Photography”

This is a cool book that will help you search beyond the surface to find the unexpected. Authors Brenda Tharp and Jed Manwaring encourage photographers to slow down, open their eyes, and respond to what they see.

Inspiring photo examples from the authors, taken with DSLRs, compact digital cameras, and even iPhones, show that it is the photographer’s eye and creative vision–not the gear–that make a great image. Surely a gift for the wedding photographer that is both thoughtful and useful.

Thank You Hand-painted Wine Glass

Buy this hand-painted wine glass and wow your wedding photographer with all the amazing colors and details that are present. Each glass is unique but features an overall pattern that says thank you in the most flashy way possible. We’re talking flashy. I would say just paint a wine glass yourself but I’ve actually tried that and it’s so much harder than it sounds. Save yourself the trouble and pick this wine glass up today.

Thank You for Capturing Our Day So Beautifully Keychain

A great wedding photographer gift – a thank you for capturing the day so beautifully. This keychain is made from Stainless Steel, and it is lead-free and nickel-free, hypoallergenic, and it doesn’t rust, change color or tarnish. A nice option for your awesome wedding photographer. Bonus! Elegant velvet gift bag included! A keychain is a nice gift because you could always use one, and they are gender-neutral.

You probably won’t remember much of your wedding (really, I know you won’t remember much of your wedding, stress hormones are insane!) but your photographer was there to record every precious second. And the best part is, you’ll always have those recollections.

Why not give something unique to the individual who made that possible? The price tag doesn’t have to reflect how much care you put into it; anyone would be grateful for even the smallest token of your appreciation. You don’t have much of an excuse anymore because I have kind of thought about it.

Photographer Recycled Metal Sculpture

The wedding photographer certainly has never received such a unique and cool gift from anyone. You will surely remain in his memory as the best client he ever had if you choose this gift.

This ultra-unique figurine is handmade from recycled spark plugs and repurposed metal materials. Yay Earth! It makes a unique gift for your favorite photographer, the person who has captured the wedding day so perfectly.

No two figurines are exactly alike; design and colors may vary, but the size is approximately 4.5 x 3 x 7 inches (a good size, not too big, not too small). They are made in Burkina Faso Africa.

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