Best Gifts for Veterinarians, Vet Office, and Veterinary Students

Veterinarians are remarkable beings. They have the capability to help mend sick and injured animals, restoring them to optimum health and joy. The compassion and understanding they provide to families during trying times with their pets is truly something to admire and be grateful for. This kind of empathy is often overlooked but should be appreciated more.

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So here are 16 awesome gifts to the wonderful veterinarians and future veterinarians, who help our fur babies get back to their selves! We have the greatest gift ideas that will make vets happy.

Trust Me I’m a Dogtor Coffee Mug

This is a very funny gift for veterinarians or for students and aspiring vets. People love puns. There is just something about a good pun that can make anyone have one of three reactions – Cracking up with laughter, smiling, or groaning at the corniness.

Some people seem to speak puns as a fluent language, always having one ready to use in any situation. And your good-humored veterinarian is no exception. So for the veterinarian who loves a good pun, this mug is the perfect gift for them. It’s sure to have them barking with laughter every time they use it!

Animal Shaped Bookmark Clips

Veterinarian clinics have a lot of paperwork to handle. From bills to medical files to prescription scripts and more, it seems like there is paperwork everywhere at a vet clinic! And sometimes a packet of papers is just too big for a stapler to staple through.

For those paper stacks too big for staples that is where paper clips come into play! And why have boring paper clips when you can have these fun animal-shaped ones? Sure to put a smile on the face of clinic workers and patients alike! These paper clips are not just cool but are very useful for veterinary students as well.

GRAPHICS & MORE Black Cat in Window Wood Christmas Tree Holiday Ornament

The holidays are a cheerful and festive time. They are a celebration of love, life, friendship, and general merriment.

Though vet offices are not always the cheeriest place due to sick and dying animals being brought in, they can be a place of solace and comfort to grieving pet owners. Especially around the holidays, it’s nice to have something pretty to look at to take your mind off of things. This adorable ornament is the perfect gift to add to the office around the holiday season.

I Just Want to Drink Coffee Save Animals Take Naps Funny Coffee Mug 13oz

This fantastic glass mug is an excellent gift idea for veterinarians, and vet technicians, as well as for animal rescuers, and foster parents for pets.

The 13-ounce mug has a cute white sign printed on both sides, saying, “I just want to drink coffee, save animals and take naps.”

It will become the recipient’s favorite mug and is a great decorative item for any home, office, or veterinary clinic. It is a durable mug that will withstand years of use and is a suitable and affordable gifting choice for any occasion.

Leash Hanger

A veterinarian’s office is much like a doctor’s office – Sparsely decorated to help prevent the build-up of germs and bacteria caused by illness. It is also to give the place a neat and professional look.

However, unlike a doctor’s office, a vet’s office is full of animals. And some of those animals to be walked. So this brilliant leash hanger is the perfect decor piece to add some life to the office and this gift also has a practical function. Also excellent to hang up in their own home and display their dog’s leash collection!

See our gift list with ideas for dog groomers. Maybe there you find a gift that’s suitable for a veterinarian too.

Organic Cat Grass Growing kit with Organic Seed Mix

When you’re a pet owner you have to be cautious of everything you bring into your home. Houseplants, cleaning products, essential oils, and other items can all possibly harm your pet if you’re not careful.

Cats like to chew on anything and everything, so you need to be thoughtful about that as well. This organic cat grass is grown especially for cats to safely chew on and eat. It even helps with their hairballs. So if you are looking to add some plants to the vet’s office, this is the gift to get! Every cat will love it!

Dog Paw Earrings

Veterinarians don’t usually have the chance to go all-out with accessories when they’re on the clock. With active puppies, feisty felines, and all kinds of other critters coming through their doors, bracelets, and necklaces can be a hazard.

They could get caught on stethoscopes and other equipment, or accidentally get ripped off – an unpleasant experience for both the animal and the vet. That’s why these cute paw print earrings make a great gift for female veterinarians. They can wear them without any risk, and bring a little bit of extra style to the office!

4D Vision Dog Anatomy Model

In a doctor’s office, you see many educational posters and models throughout the examination rooms. It is the same thing in a dentist’s office and a gynecologist’s office.

We see posters promoting healthy habits, what the inside of our mouths looks like, what our stomachs will look like throughout pregnancy, etc. And then there are the models showing a baby inside the womb, a heart inside a chest, and many other models. This dog anatomy model is the perfect educational addition to any veterinarian’s office. There is also a cat model if you want the pair!

Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set

Children love animals. They love reading books about animals, going to zoos and aquariums to see animals, and they love being surrounded by animals they can hug and pet. Some children want to be doctors or nurses when they grow up but not your child.

Your child wants to be a veterinarian, taking care of animals and being surrounded by them every day. This vet set for children is a great way to nurture that love from a young age and also give them an educational gift that they will enjoy.

Veterinary Anatomy Coloring Book

Going along with gifts for your future veterinarian, here is another you might consider for them. Children love to color. It is a great way to let them express themselves artistically as well as learn their colors. Coloring can also help teach them how to focus on doing one task at a time.

Overall coloring is a fun activity. But what if you could throw some educational learning into coloring time? Well now you can with this coloring book about animal anatomy! Perfect for your future veterinary students!

Veterinarian – Personalized Custom Cartoon Person Picture Pic Gift

Your favorite vet will love this personalized cartoon picture gift, which can be customized with the name of the veterinarian, the name of the practice, as well as with any other text you want.

You can order the fun cartoon picture with a vet figure of a man or woman, with different skin tones, and hair color options to suit those of the veterinarian you are getting this gift for.

The picture has multiple animals depicted and comes with a solid oak wood frame with the color of your choice. You can pick any specific dog and cat breeds you want to be added, kid figures, and other elements too.

The affordable personalized picture comes in size options of 8 x 10 inches or 9 x 12 inches. You will also receive a matching picture keychain or fridge magnet with your order so that you can add it to your gift to the veterinarian as well.

Love and a Paw Print Engraved in a Heavy Little Rock

This is a special and sturdy cement-based stone with an engraved Love and a paw print with durable paint. The heavy little rock gift is a beautiful decorative item that can be displayed indoors or outside. It is 5 x 4 x 3 inches in size and weighs 2.6 lbs.

The Love sign is a reference to the famous pop art LOVE print and sculpture by artist Robert Indiana, but instead of the slanted “O” letter in the original, this one has a sweet paw print instead.

The stone is sealed with a semi-gloss acrylic sealer, which will give it a shiny appearance and make it even more durable even in outdoor conditions.

The Lovestone is an excellent gift idea for a veterinarian, a vet student, or an animal lover for any occasion. It is also a gift for someone who is mourning the loss of their pet and can be used as a memorial stone for the pet’s resting place.

Wine Glass Stemless Two Sided Good Day Bad Day for Veterinarians

Because not every day is full of happiness and wet kisses from healthy animals for veterinarians and vet techs, this stemless wine glass is a great gift idea to show your appreciation and understanding of how challenging this profession can actually be.

At the same time, it is a fun gift that will bring a smile to your veterinarian’s face.

The goblet has a 17-ounce capacity and has a heart-shaped stethoscope with a paw print in the middle printed on the front. On the back, there are measuring lines with the words “Good Day,” “Bad Day,” and “Don’t even ask” for the highest measurement level.

The high-quality glass also comes in a smaller 10-oz and in larger 20-oz Jumbo size.

It is an excellent gift idea for a veterinarian friend, or relative, or for your pet’s vet for any occasion or as a thank-you gift.

Vet Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

As you probably already know, more people are turning to the hobby of adult coloring books as an alternative form of meditation and stress relief.

Since studying for or being an actual veterinarian can be pretty stressful, any vet or vet tech will appreciate this funny and also calming book titled “Vet Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book.”

The book has intricate illustrations for coloring, which are also funny and sweet.

You can pair this coloring book with a box of pencils or water paints and can be sure that the veterinarian in your life will appreciate this gift for any occasion or as a thank-you present.

Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow: My Life as a Country Vet

The veterinarian in your life will truly enjoy this book by Dr. Jan Pol, who is better known as the star of the long-running reality TV series “The Incredible Dr. Pol.”

The bestselling book includes some funny and other pretty emotional real stories from his more than four decades of practice as a veterinarian. It is a book that is a suitable present for vets, vet techs, animals, and fans of the show.

Considered “America’s favorite veterinarian,” Jan Pol will charm the reader and make him or her cry, laugh, and enjoy every single page of his autobiographical book titled “Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow.”

Willow Tree with affection Angel, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

This beautiful angel figurine, which is sculpted from resin and painted by artist Suzan Lordi of Willow Tree is a meaningful gift idea for a close person who has lost their pet, or for a veterinarian, vet tech, or a cat or dog lover.

The gorgeously made figurine of the angel gently cradling a cat is something that can be displayed in the veterinary clinic or at home and will be a constant reminder of the love and care the person has for animals.

It comes in a pretty box, with an enclosed “I Love our Friendship” card.

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