Best Uber Driver Gifts That Are Actually Useful

Gifts for Uber Drivers

In our modern days, there is an app for everything, but there is one application that took the world by storm, and that is Uber. Uber has become a service most people could not live without anymore, and it has given honest good-paying jobs to many drivers.

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We probably all know at least one Uber driver in our social circles, and we know they work hard for their income. Sometimes they can get difficult customers or work at strange hours of the night. So when the time comes to give a gift to an Uber driver, we have the greatest gift ideas to make their day.

Uber Dual 1080P FHD Built-in GPS Wi-Fi Dash Cam

For Uber drivers, their car is the main source of their income. Any Uber driver would be delighted to get this Dual Lens Dash Cam made by COOAU, and this dash cam is an Amazon favorite. With the dash cam, an Uber driver can be aware of what is happening to their car 24/7. They can record inside and outside of the car, and they can record anything suspicious when they aren’t there with parking motoring DVR. Along with night vision, this dash cam can allow an Uber driver to protect his car at all times.

Car Vacuum

No one wants to order an Uber ride and find out the car is dirty and smelly inside. If this happens, the driver will definitely get a poor rating for poor car conditions. This car vacuum from ThisWorx is the ultimate gift that allows your Uber friend to clean their car like a professional. Strong suction and extended reach allow them to reach into the tiniest crevice and get all the gunk out. They won’t have to waste money by asking someone else to clean their car again.

Dual USB Car Charger

We have all been there; the phone loses power right at the most crucial moment. As an Uber driver, this can not happen if you want to get more Uber customers. Give this dual USB car charger to an Uber driver, and they will never have this issue again. Also, when they can charge their customer’s phones too, this will give them extra good ratings. This car charger is compatible with many different kinds of phones too, which makes it very useful for everyone.

Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug

Uber driver lives their life on the go; their job forces them to be ready at all times to pick up customers. Life on the go leaves little time for a hot lunch or coffee. This gift can change all that. This is a coffee travel mug that will heat up with battery power. You can choose the perfect temperature and also boil. An Uber driver will not have to contend with cold coffee or tea ever again. The coffee mug battery is rechargeable and also very easy to use.

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Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses for Men

Everyone knows Ray-Bans are the hottest sunglasses on the market, and the Uber driver in your life would love to receive these stylish sunglasses as a gift. Not only are they stylish, but these sunglasses are necessary to keep sunlight out of the driver’s eyes with UV protection. With these sunglasses, they will surely stand out from other Uber drivers.

Lumbar Support Back Cushion for Car Seat

This lumbar support back cushion is worth its weight in gold because someone might not have back issues right now, but in the future, they can occur and become an expensive issue to repair. A job that requires a lot of sitting, like driving an Uber vehicle, can cause nerve damage and chronic back pain. Alleviate or stop back pain now with this memory foam backrest. Also, it comes with adjustable straps, making it perfect for any location.

Water Bottle

This is a water bottle for active people. The ergonomic design of the lid allows for fast flow but also will not leak. The water bottle is non-toxic, BPA-free, and copolyester plastic, which means it won’t break like those glass water bottles. This is a good gift for an Uber driver because it will ensure they get the recommended intake of water every day even though their job keeps them so active.

UBER Taxi Cab Confessions

One can only imagine the things Uber drivers have seen and heard while working late night shifts. When they get those calls from people leaving the club after a few drinks, the Uber drivers are the ones to witness their behavior. Luckily there is a book, Uber Taxi Cab Confessions, which allows Uber drivers to share their crazy stories. This is a great book to keep your Uber driver friend entertained as they wait for their next customer.

Tire Shine Spray

No one can get from point A to point B without some reliable tires. For Uber drivers to maintain reliable tires, they must keep them in good shape. This Tire Shine Spray with the applicator is made to keep tires protected. It will give a high shine to tires and keep them from drying out over time. Professional retailers designed the patent mixture, so you know you are gifting the best product.

Wooden Acorn Essential Oil Car Diffuser Air Freshener

Gift your Uber driver friend with this lovely wooden acorn oil or perfume diffuser. This will scent the air in the car and leave a delicate fragrance behind, and the customer’s spirits will be lifted by this nice smell. Also, an Uber driver can be left with a lovely smell in their car and also decorate it with acorns. Essential oil is said to relieve stress and enhance people’s moods.

Rating Tips Accessories Rideshare Driver Signs

Allow an Uber driver to take their job to the next level with this rideshare driver sign. This creates a very professional air in an Uber driver’s car. The laminated card lists details of accessories provided during the ride and tips to complete a perfect Uber experience. It is an excellent way to boost someone’s success.

Car Garbage Can

This is a wonderful invention for any car and especially for an Uber driver because Uber cars are expected to be extremely clean. This is a car garbage can that is so useful for anyone that takes long drives or is frequently in their car. Uber driver can collect their trash in a neat way, and then they can throw it all away when the time comes. This garbage can promises it will keep the trash from getting smelly with plastic liners.

Car Kit Emergency Road Kit

If you know an Uber driver and if you ever worry about their safety while on the job, this gift is sure to ease your mind because it has everything a driver needs to get out of a difficult situation. This is an emergency car set with 42 pieces, including jumper cables, a flashlight, and a first aid kit. This emergency kit is very reliable and trustworthy because it is of AAA quality.

Funny Gag Gift for Uber Drivers

A cute and funny gift that comes at an affordable price, these Gas and Clutch socks are so excellent. These socks are perfect for a driving enthusiast like an Uber driver. Lucky for them, they won’t ever forget which foot goes where while taking their Uber car for a spin.

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