Great Gift Ideas for Songwriters That Are Sure to Make Their Hearts Sing

Gifts for Songwriters

Music makes the world go ‘round. It can heal you through heartbreak, motivate you on a lazy day, spark a sentimental memory, or set the tone in a TV show or film. It’s a universal language, bringing people together in so many wonderful ways. Most of us know someone who loves to sing, write, or play an instrument.

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Those who compose music do so much for us with their gift, so give them a gift back to show your appreciation. Here are 21 amazing gift ideas for songwriters that are sure to make their hearts sing!

The Songwriter’s Survival Guide by Judy Stakee

Whether just a beginner or a seasoned writer, everyone needs a little guidance here and there. This insightful book gives advice from Judy Stakee, who has 30 years of experience in the music industry. She has worked with such big names as Sheryl Crow, Katy Perry, and Jewel, and uses her vast experience and knowledge to guide any songwriter through publishing, navigating the music industry, and more. For the passionate songwriter in your life, gift them this book and help them take their writing career to the next level!

Novelty 16GB USB Flash Drive

Having one location for song ideas, music files and more is easy and fun with this novelty USB drive. It’s shaped like a treble clef in classic black and white, with 16GB of storage. Depending on file sizes, you can store around 3,000 songs on this drive, allowing for constant creativity to flow and be safely stored! This would make a great stocking stuffer during the holidays, or combine it with items such as notebooks and pens for the perfect songwriting gift set!

The Complete Rhyming Dictionary

Every writer’s nightmare is writer’s block. This inevitable obstacle affects writers of all genres, so give that special songwriter another tool to combat this funk with The Complete Rhyming Dictionary. This is a great tool for songwriters, as sometimes you’re stuck on a great line but can’t find the words to flow into the next. Oftentimes, just seeing a list of words that rhyme can spark an idea that would not have been there before. This makes a great addition to any songwriter’s arsenal and is sure to be a hit for any occasion!

The Gig Bag Book of Picture Chords

Many songwriters play an instrument as well, and guitar continues to be among the most popular. Just as writer’s block can stall the lyrics, it can also affect the music. Guitarists often get stuck in the same chord progressions, becoming bored with the same ol’ sound and seeking something new and exciting. This book makes searching and learning new chords easy with its large diagrams and clear, close-up photos. It’s a must-have for any guitar player at any level.

Stampola Guitar Chord Rubber Stamp

This simple yet genius stamp is sure to make any guitar-playing songwriter’s life SO much easier! The stamp is a blank canvas of 12 frets on a guitar, allowing for effortless charting and diagraming. As someone who has been drawing out guitar chords for several years, I only wish I had someone surprise me with this sooner. Blow your beloved songwriter’s mind with this awesome stamp and free up their precious time spent drawing these by hand!

Composing Template Stencil

Speaking of making their lives easier, take it to the next level with this composing template stencil. This super handy bundle includes the stencil and a 50-sheet staff tablet. This stencil includes every symbol and word needed to compose beautiful music on the included tablet. Not only does it make their writing effortless, but it also creates clean and legible sheet music, especially perfect for music students worried that their writing is too messy.

Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner

While many can tune by ear, others need a little reassurance that their instrument is ready to play. Even those that tune by ear may be in a loud place, such as on a stage at a show. Make tuning quick and easy for them with this convenient clip-on tuner. It attaches to any guitar, bass, or violin, with a full-color display and the ability to rotate 360 degrees. Whether at home or rockin’ the stage, this gift is sure to be a delight to your favorite writer/musician!

Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit

Many songwriters use solely their voice and a pen to create beautiful melodies but want to take it to the next level. The ukulele makes a wonderful icebreaker for anyone looking to ease into learning an instrument, and this set has everything they need to get started. It includes a classic-style Kala Ukulele, one of the most recognized and sought-after ukulele brands in the world. It also comes with a tote bag for the ukulele, access to an app with a tuner, a “How to Play Ukulele Quick Start” booklet, and free online lessons. This set would make a great gift for kids, adults, and everything in between.

365 Writing Prompts for Kids by Thomas Media

Many songwriters get an early start, showing an interest and passion for music as children. This book makes the perfect gift to develop and improve their creativity and writing. It combines writing practices with grammar guides and vocabulary lists, inspiring any child interested in writing. Give this gift to kids aged 8-12 yrs, your own child, a niece or nephew, or a friend’s youngster. Writer or not, this gift would be a fantastic addition to any child’s development.

Ukulele Chords Cheat Sheet

The ukulele makes not only a great starter gift for a budding musician/writer, but it’s also great for music on the go. This cheat sheet is no different, displaying a collection of chords on a laminated and pocket-sized card. They can slip this in their pocket or keep it in their carrying case, making it easy to reference or pull out for practice. Pair this convenient gift with the above kit to complete the set!

Sofa Sack

Every writer needs a relaxing place to let those creative juices flow. Give the gift of comfort with this plush “bean” bag chair. Why quotes around bean? There are no beans! This ultra-soft chair is bean-less, with memory foam instead, creating a super comfortable seating option. The material is velvet/suede, with double-stitching for extra durability. Sitting on any arm-less chair is perfect for those writing with an instrument. It comes in 13 colors, so plenty of options for different personalities and styles.

PIY Painting Canvas Prints

Another great way to inspire is through aesthetics with beautiful artwork. This 3-piece set depicts an earthy-toned background, highlighted by brightly-colored music notes running across each piece. The bright pop of color against the browns and greens makes for a fun contrast, creating dimension and allure. Give this gift to liven up a songwriter’s walls and move them to write even more beautiful music!

“Music: It’s Not What I Do It’s Who I Am” T-shirt

Music is incredibly important to pretty much everyone, but especially to those who write it. Many songwriters feel like a vessel for the music, simply existing to convert it to something tangible for the world. They feel like it’s a part of them, which is why this shirt makes a wonderful gift to express that feeling. The fun design simply states “Music – It’s Not What I Do It’s Who I Am”, and comes in five different colors. Any songwriter would be proud to wear this shirt!

Moukey Professional Music Stand Set

Whether performing live or just practicing at home, a music stand is a necessary item for any songwriter/performer. This durable and high-quality set comes with not only a music stand, but a paper holder, LED light, and a carrying bag. The music stand is collapsible and fits perfectly in the carrying case, making it ideal for travel. It’s lightweight, so easy to carry, and with proper care can last forever! Everyone needs an extra set of hands, especially when playing an instrument or focusing on writing. You’ll be a big hit with this very useful gift!

Earnest Living Essential Oil Diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker

Ambiance can create an atmosphere that helps inspire songwriting, so help them set the mood with this essential oil diffuser. Essential oils can help improve mood, harness focus, and relax your mind, allowing for creativity to flow. Unlike candles or incense, there is no smoke to irritate the sinuses, just a soft mist. This beautiful diffuser has a gorgeous dark brown finish, 7 colors of LED lights, and a timer to ensure nothing is left on too long. It’s the ultimate gift for any songwriter’s lair!

Musician’s Dice

This clever gift is an awesome idea for any songwriter or musician looking for a fun way to change things up. The 12 dice have 12 sides displaying the chromatic scale, covering every pitch in the language of music. Songwriters can roll these dice when looking for inspiration or fight writer’s block.

They’re also great for jam sessions, a fun way to improve their writing and vibe off of other musicians. This gift makes another great stocking stuffer but would surprise and delight any songwriter for any occasion. They come in a little black bag, are easy to carry, and travel within the pocket of their guitar case.

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