Considerate Gifts for a Secretary

Whether you work with one, are friends with one, or have one in your family, you know a secretary is a special kind of person. It takes tenacity, grace, and a good-natured personality to do what they do, and without them, every business would fall apart at the seams. So why not give them a gift just as wonderful as they are?

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Here you’ll find twenty-five unique gift ideas for the secretary in your life, one of which is certain to fit your budget and make her feel truly treasured.

Gifts for Secretaries

Life is Good Bouquet

This beautiful bouquet and vase make quite a statement! The incredible color of these flowers is sure to liven up her desk space and turn heads at the office. What a generous way to show her (and her co-workers) that she is valued and appreciated. Be sure to add a personalized message along with the flowers to really give this gift the ultimate thoughtful touch. A portion of the purchase of this bouquet also goes to a children’s charity, which she will love!

Mini Food Cooler and Heater

Being a secretary is busy work, and frequently that means long stretches of time sitting at the desk answering calls, writing reports, and drafting emails. Getting to the break room for a drink or to warm up lunch can be tricky, so why not give her something to solve the problem?

This sleek mini-fridge comes in multiple colors, can hold up to six 12-ounce beverage cans, and can even be used to keep hot food warm until lunchtime. It’s the perfect size to fit under the desk, but it’s stylish enough to sit on top, too!

Essential Oil Diffuser with Oils

Essential oils don’t just make things smell nice, they promote mental well-being and good internal health – both things a successful secretary requires. This oil diffuser has a natural dark wood appearance that will look stunning atop any style office desk and is sure to be a conversation starter due to its unique shape.

This package comes complete with six small jars of essential oils so she can start using the diffuser right away, which is great because she won’t want to wait!

Colorful Bee Chip Clips

These cute, funky clips are perfect for your busy bee of a secretary! She can use them to keep her snacks fresh or even to pin papers or notes. It can get dull using the same dreary office supplies all the time, so give her day a special splash of color with these adorable bee clips.

Twelve Unique Succulent Plants

Turn your secretary’s desk into a beautiful garden with this collection of twelve randomly-chosen succulent plants. Succulents are gorgeous little plants that don’t require much water, so they’re difficult to kill, making them great office companions.

These succulents come in sleek, black planter boxes full of soil and ready to go. No re-planting is required! This company also offers a guarantee that their succulents will arrive alive and in good health. So what are you waiting for? She will adore these charming plants!

Beating the Lunch Box Blues: Fresh Ideas for Lunches on the Go!

It can be difficult to eat exciting things when you work in an office. Give the secretary you know this book full of tasty, unique meals that can be easily brought with her to work, and her stomach will never be bored again!

It includes yummy pasta, chicken, beef, and fish dishes – even breakfast-inspired dishes and vegetarian options. The lush color photos will make her so hungry that she’ll want to cook right away!

Best Secretary Ever Mug

What secretary doesn’t want to be told that she’s the best? This mug will make her whole week, and it’s also something practical that she can use at work or at home. Here’s a fun gift tip: fill the mug with her favorite kind of candy for a special treat!

Pandan and Lemongrass Stress Relief Tea

Managing other people’s schedules and answering calls is stressful work, but with this tea blend of organic pandan herb leaves and lemongrass from Northern Thailand, stress will be a thing of the past. It has a delightful aroma and a delicious taste that will help soothe workplace anxieties and leave her feeling calm and focused so she can be productive.

Desktop Sandbox

Give the secretary in your life the gift of a fun vacation without the huge price tag! This is a sweet little beach scene that can sit on her desk and is entirely customizable. It comes with a beach chair and umbrella, fine sand, and even seashells and a starfish. She’ll get lost in daydreams of a seaside vacation as she rakes the sand and finds a place for the sandcastle. Margarita not included!

Nap Pillow and Back Rest

Sometimes secretaries need a rest but can’t get away from the desk, and that’s where this nap pillow comes in handy. It folds up into a comfortable desktop pillow for a quick snooze on her break, or it can drape over the back of her office chair to provide extra cushy support when she’s on the job. She will think of your thoughtfulness each time she wakes up rested from a great power nap!

A great addition to this gift will be one of these ergonomic footrests.

Power Ball Wrist Strengthener

Someone who works on computers every day is at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist/hand injuries over time. Show your secretary that you care about her health by giving her one of these wrist-strengthening balls. It uses gyroscopic movement to develop muscles in the arms and fingers, and it also relaxes tension in the wrists to keep them from growing stiff. The carpal tunnel doesn’t stand a chance against this entertaining and challenging toy!

Madam Secretary: A Memoir

This memoir by Madeline Albright details her life and career spent as the first woman Secretary of State of the United States of America. Your secretary may not be dealing with world-altering events or political crises, but she will enjoy reading about this influential and respected woman. Give her the gift of knowledge and empowerment!

Black Felt Letter Board

Encourage your secretary’s creative mind by gifting her this beautiful rustic message board. It comes with a stand or is capable of being hung from the wall, so she can place it anywhere in the office. Whether she uses it for inspirational quotes, personal messages, reminders, jokes, or even sarcastic quips, she will entertain both herself and every client and coworker who walks by.

50-Item Snack Care Package

Office snacks are important business, and every secretary needs them! This massive pack of snacks will be sure to satisfy any food cravings she could possibly have (and will make her very popular with her coworkers). If it’s salty, sugary, or healthy snacks she’s after, she’ll find it in this package. She’s going to need a bigger desk drawer!

9 to 5 on Blu-ray

9 to 5 is a classic comedy film starring Dolly Parton as a hard-working, underappreciated secretary that gets revenge on her horrible boss. Hopefully the secretary you know has a wonderful boss and feels appreciated every day, but even so, she’s sure to find this movie both hilarious and cathartic. Here’s a fun gift tip: bring some candy and popcorn and have a fun movie night together!

Heated Shiatsu Massager for Neck and Back

Going to a professional masseuse is expensive and takes time that busy secretaries may not have. This shiatsu neck and back massager is excellent for use at work or at home, and it’s easily portable and comes with its own carrying case.

If the secretary you know often complains of headaches, backaches, or neck strain, she absolutely needs this massager in her life. She’ll feel better and be able to work more effectively with less pain!

Diamond Ball Point Pens

You know she’s the queen of the office – treat her like it! Give her this brilliant set of four metallic ballpoint pens topped with diamonds fit for a true queen. Every time she reaches for one of these elegant royal scepters to write her decrees, she’ll be showing everyone at the office that she may not be the boss, but she still rules.

Whimsical Sticky Notes

Plain yellow sticky notes can get downright boring. Her desk needs some flair! With sticky notes like these, her workspace will never look dull again. Every message, note, and the list will be a colorful decoration. There’s no way she’ll be able to overlook a supply reminder in bright robin’s egg blue. These cute, helpful sticky notes are a great gift for any secretary!

Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

This incredible kit comes with everything she’ll need for a beautiful, efficient manicure! Included are tools and emery boards to prep her nails, six lovely gel polish colors perfect for the office, and an LED lamp that dries nails completely (and safely) in under a minute. The polish lasts about two weeks and is resistant to chipping, so she can type and write all day long and her nails will look just as amazing as the first day she did them!

“Because Clients” Stemless Wine Glass

Clients, am I right? Even on the best day, they can be demanding and not very sympathetic to the daily stresses of a secretary. And when something goes wrong and the client is unhappy, the secretary always seems to be the first person to catch an earful about it. Help her take the edge off at the end of a tough workday and put a smile on her face with this silly wine glass. Here’s a fun gift tip: pair this gift with a bottle of her favorite wine!

Personalized Name Plate for Desk

Every secretary deserves her name to be known, but sometimes they don’t get nameplates like the other employees. Give her the gift of originality with this personalized nameplate. Take her personality into account and choose the base wood, the font, colors, and even small details like borders and flourishes. This will be a meaningful, heartfelt gift that she will treasure forever and place on her desk with pride. Everyone will want to know where she got it!

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Body Lotion 2-Pack

Have we mentioned that secretary work is stressful? These popular bottles of Bath & Body Works lotion will help with that. The lotion is scented with natural eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils for total relaxation and clarity of both mind and body. She can keep one bottle at home for use before bed or after a shower, and the other bottle can stay at the office for when work (or dry skin) gets to be too much.

Eye-Friendly LED Desk Lamp with Phone Charger

Eye strain is a very real problem for secretaries, especially if they stay late at the office working on last-minute projects or helping coworkers with a problem. This LED desk lamp provides five different light colors, and five sight-saving brightness levels, and is fully adjustable to accommodate her needs. It even acts as a wireless cell phone charger, freeing up desk space and outlets for other things.

Open-Front Cardigan Sweater

Every secretary needs a cozy cardigan sweater for when the office gets chilly. This one is ideal – it’s warm but not bulky, and it comes in a variety of professional colors that will coordinate with every work outfit she has in her closet. Her coworkers are bound to give her compliments when she puts this on!

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