Best Quilt Gift Ideas for Favorite Quilter in your Life

Quilters are creative people who can make a work of art from just a few clothing pieces. If you want to surprise such an artistic mind, you have to find an original gift that will kindle their imagination and develop creativity.

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Everything connected with their avocation, from tools to instruction books, will be something that they will deeply cherish. What to buy people who quilt? You’ll never be short of ideas with this gift guide for the quilt enthusiast. Check out our list of the best quilter gifts.

Gifts For Quilters

BIHRTC Professional 9-inch Dressmaking Tailor Scissors

What must every quilter have? Extra sharp scissor set. All extraordinary artisans need the right and quality tools in order to make their ideas visual for others. Carbon steel scissors will be a statement piece for every master. Made, polished, and finished by hand, they themselves are a work of art by Italian craftsmen.

With their Stylish Box, scissors are already packed to be a perfect gift for the quilter who has everything (but they don’t have this precious tool, so this scissor will be a great gift for them).

Sewing Clips Crafting for Quilting and Tin Box

Good organization and really good and useful tools can make every job easy and quick. When quilting, a great deal of time goes into battle with the fabrics.

In order to put every nasty piece of cloth in its place, these cute and colorful clips will do their job in the best way. They are strong enough to hold many layers of fabrics, and different colors will help quilters to mark their next step. Convenient, isn’t it?

Brother XR3774 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Well, this might be the best gift ever for every quilting beginner. The Brother Sewing Machine with 37 different built-in stitches will be able to do everything that they can imagine.

This model of Brothers machine includes a table for easy pattern sewing. It comes with walking and quilting foot accessories. Simple-to-use sewing machines are very important for people who had just discovered this hobby, and this one is exactly like that.

Book: Quilt a Gift by Barri Sue Gaudel

It can be hard to come up with a great quilt gift idea. If you do not understand this hobby, this book will not mean anything to you. But for them, this is gold – 128 pages of great ideas on how to make a perfect gift with your quilting hobby.

This book is written by the famous Barri Sue Gaudet, who runs her own quilt design company. And who can give good advice on how to create nice and cute quilts that the queen herself? Besides interesting designs, the book is full of beautiful and interesting patterns. If your dear quilt enthusiasts still do not have this book in their collection, this gift will delight them.

Misscrafts 50pcs 8″ x 8″ Top Cotton Craft Fabric

Every quilter uses a large number of colorful patterns in different shapes and sizes depending on what they intend to make. This quilting gift will be useful for them cos’ they will most certainly use every single patchwork you give them. Who knows, maybe they quilt something for you from these craft fabrics, like cute tote bags or handmade colorful wallets. The choice is endless.

Clover MCI-900 Mini Iron

Delicate work demands delicate and good tools as well as artisans’ patience. Mini irons can be useful when quilting cos’ every small and tight spot can be reached with this tiny and convenient tool.

This iron is lightweight and has a metal stand and holder that will help them work faster without turning it off every time they have to put it down. The tip on this iron can be changed with a bigger one, but those tips are bought separately. This gift is ideal for quilters who work on small projects.

Mighty Bright – Lighted Seam Ripper

Mistakes are normal in every work, but the good thing is that all mistakes can be solved. When quilting, a mistake means that they will probably have to rip whatever they sew by mistake. In those situations, the Mighty Bright will be a master of the work.

Give this gift to any sewers and quilters and help them to remove tiny stitches with ease. With its sharp blade, 4x magnification lens, rotating arm, and 3 lumens of a bright and ergonomic handle, there won’t be a seam that it won’t be able to rip.

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Fiskars Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat

If you want to choose a good present, give them a gift they’ll use all year. Rotary cutting mats make measuring for quilting much easier and faster. This self-healing mat is a perfect working space where quilters can do more than just measure and cut patterns and fabrics.

The measuring grid spreads on both sides of the mat, and there are bias lines for 30, 45, and 60 degrees. This will ease the making of every triangle-shaped decoration. This can be a great and unique Christmas gift that every quilter should love.

Fiskars Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter

In combination with the previously mentioned Rotary Cutting Mat, this Fiskars Rotary Cutter could be a nice addition to someone’s quilting toolbox.

This mighty cutter has a 45 mm steel rotary blade that will last longer than the other ones. The curved handle will make the use of this tool comfortable and easy. With this little devilish cutter, your quilting friend will be able to cut different materials like fabric, paper, nylon, etc.

The Quilter’s Journal

This small gift will look beautiful in their sewing room. Every serious quilter runs a journal about his handicrafts. This journal is made of a hardcover with 200 blank pages which include picture space too.

Every work can be noted in this cute and useful notebook. All pages and covers are spiral-bound. This is a symbolic quilting gift with an affordable price that won’t hurt your budget much, but it will surely surprise someone.

Quilting Coffee Mug

How to stay focused and awake when spending all those hours quilting? Thanks to a great amount of coffee, of course. That is why you won’t make a mistake if your gift choice is a funny, quilting-themed coffee mug. Made of quality materials, this mug’s print won’t fade away no matter how many times they clean it in a dishwasher. Yea, that is right, it is dishwasher safe.

Triangle Tailor’s Chalk

When measuring, cutting, and quilting, chalk has an important role, cos’ everything you measure you will have to mark with the chalk. Using different colors of chalk will help you to mark your next step in cutting and sewing. Every quilter has these, but you can never get enough of the material that you spend during the work. Surprise your quilter with this useful but affordable present.

Decorative Wood Sign Quilt Home Decor

This interesting quilt gift will show them that you know how important their hobby is. A good way to decorate a working place or quilting workshop is to put some interesting and colorful wooden sign with catchy line that describes all the magic that happens there. A few funny words painted on that wooden panel will brighten up the whole room and create a real working mood. Creative people will always value creative and original gifts better than anyone else.

Scary Quilter Costume Gift T-Shirt

Every master needs a uniform when working. That is why you shouldn’t look for a perfect gift anymore, cos we have just found one for you. Crazy and funny T-shirts are super-star items on every gift list. Catchy lines and interesting pictures printed on them will make them a „must-have“ for every stylish person. The coolest thing is that you can pick a line and a picture and make it more personalized for your quilter. Great, right?

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