59 Best Gifts for Parents in 2023

Your parents have given you life and have given you so much that it is often hard to find a gift that will express all the love, respect, and gratitude you have for them.

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Do something special to show your parents how much you love them this year – give them one of these top gifts for 2023! The list contains some funny and sentimental ideas, as well as some practical ones too. Show them you care with one of these fabulous presents.

Surprise your parents with your thoughtfulness and make them smile with one of these thoughtful gifts. From humorous items to useful ones, there are plenty of great ideas here to make your parents happy.

Choose from a variety of gifts to make your parents feel special and appreciated. Whether you pick something funny, heartwarming, or useful – they will love it. Show them how much you care with one of our amazing gift ideas.

Don’t miss out – give your parents the best present of 2023! These gifts for parents will show your appreciation and make them feel extra special. Find the perfect item on this list and make them happy.

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine for the Home Bar

This premium quality smart cocktail-making machine will allow your folks to prepare and enjoy their favorite mixed drinks with minimal effort.

The capsules for this Bartesian machine are prepared by master mixologists, and you can choose among various popular cocktails, like Margaritas, Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, or a Variety pack.

All of the cocktails will taste amazing, and you will once again be reaffirmed to be their favorite child once your parents receive this cool gift.

Google, S3000BWES, Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm

If you prefer to give your parents a more practical present, then this Google Nest smoke and carbon monoxide detector is an excellent choice.

The Nest will ensure that the air in your folks’ home is safe, and will alert them if any smoke or carbon monoxide is detected no matter where they happen to be – at home or out.

It is cordless and very easy to install.

This smart, Wi-Fi-enabled smart smoke detector is a perfect way to take care of your parents and their well-being.

InstaShiatsu Foot Massager with Air Compression & Heat

Because nobody deserves a good foot massage more than your parents, this InstaShiatsu Foot massager is another practical gift that they will appreciate.

It is very easy to use, and will automatically provide them with the type of massage they need.

Your folks can choose the type of massage, its intensity, and the heat level for their perfect foot massages that they can get in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

NutriChef 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

If your parents love wine, this reasonably priced stylish wine cooler will be an excellent present for them.

It can hold up to 12 bottles and will bring style to their home, thanks to its sleek stainless steel design and glass door.

Your folks can easily regulate the temperature of the cooler and can enjoy drinking perfectly chilled wine or other beverages of their choice thanks to this cool electric chiller.

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with Speakers

Do your parents have boxes filled with vinyl records that they never listen to? With this modern take on the classic turntable, they will get those LPs out and can enjoy listening to their favorite music from their earlier years.

The Victrola Vintage turntable has a cool design and is wireless, so it can play music from other devices as well.

It has a cute suitcase design for easy storage and portability and a nostalgic vintage look.

Breville Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

This sleek coffee and espresso machine will allow your folks to make barista-grade coffee at home.

It is easy to use, with Nespresso Vertuo capsules. All your mom or dad will need to do is make sure the water tank is full, place the capsule of their choice and a cup, and press the single button on this cool coffee machine.

There are various coffee capsules to choose from, and the machine can be customized to make espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, coffee or altos.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9700 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

This state-of-the-art electric rechargeable toothbrush by Phillips is the greatest money can buy for 2023. It will help your mother and father keep their teeth white, clean them from any plaque, as well as take care of their tongue and gum health.

They can even connect the smart toothbrush to the dedicated app and get feedback and advice on their tooth-brushing habits.

Dyson Pure Hot and Cool, HP01 HEPA Air Purifier, Space Heater & Fan,

Give your parents a breath of fresh air with this premium air purifier by Dyson. It will help them breathe easier, sleep well and stay healthy.

The Dyson Pure will remove all pollutants, allergens, and VOCs from the air at home, and can also be used as a heater or a cooler.

Plus, it is certified as asthma and allergy-friendly, so it is a perfect gift for people with such health problems.

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Remember when you were a kid and had a total pain in the neck? Your parents most probably deserve this amazing Shiatsu neck and back massager then.

The machine has deep kneading massage nodes that will help relax any tight and sore muscles.

It will help your folks relax, and feel neck and back pain relief without having to pay for a professional Shiatsu massage.

The massager can even be strapped to their favorite chair and massage them while they are watching TV, reading, or relaxing.

Instant Pot DUO Mini Electric Pressure Cooker, (3-QT), Stainless Steel/Black

Your parents will love just how versatile and easy this cooking appliance is. In fact, it can be used as a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a slow cooker, a warmer, a steamer, for sautéing, and for making yogurt. So it is 7 appliances all in one compact and reasonably priced cooker.

The appliance is easy to use and will take up minimal space, and at the same time will allow your folks to cook just about anything in it with ease.

Samsonite Omni Expandable Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

If your parents travel a lot, this luxurious set of Samsonite Omni PC spinners is a gift that they will love and that they can use intensively for years.

The three spinners in the set are made of lightweight polycarbonate that is scratch-resistant and very durable. This means that they will look great even after years of extensive traveling.

They all look great and are very comfortable to pull, push and carry. You can choose from a variety of beautiful color options for your gift too.

Essential Oil Diffuser, 300ml Oil Diffuser with 7 Color Lights

Help your parents get into the calm Zen mood with this superb essential oil diffuser.

It has a capacity of 300ml and can last for up to 10 hours of misting.

The diffuser also has 7 soothing light colors that can be dimmed or left bright.

The diffusion intensity can also be adjusted, and there is a convenient timer that will turn it on and off automatically at a set period of time.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger

This PhoneSoap is something that everyone should get, really! It is a smartphone charger and sanitizer that will kill off up to 99.99% of all the gross microbes and bacteria that get stuck on our phones every day.

It can also be used for sanitizing credit cards, headphones, keys, and even pacifiers.

23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service: Personal Genetic DNA Test

You can get your parents a couple of these 23andMe Ancestry DNA tests, and they will be able to discover the exact breakdown of their heritage back to ancient times.

They can also find out how their specific DNA affects their taste, their traits, and their preferences.

All they need to do is take samples of their saliva with the included swabs and send them back to the lab to be analyzed.

This unique gift will allow them to find out more about each other, and they may even get in touch with relatives they didn’t know about.

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Chicago Metallic 26783 Professional Lasagna Trio Pan, 12.5 in by 3 in

With this innovative carbon steel triple pan, your parents can finally cook three different lasagnas or other meals together. This is perfect for people with different tastes and preferences, and for those that have special dietary needs.

The trio pan can also be used for making three loaves of bread, cakes, and many more.

It has a non-stick coating for easy cleanup and can be washed in a dishwasher.

Your folks will love experimenting with new tastes and trying out different recipes with this unique cooking and baking pan.

Tile Pro – 2 Pack

These smart little trackers can be stuck on anything, including keys, remote control, wallet, or others. Your parents will be happy to put an end to those endless searches of misplaced keys and other belongings with the pack of Tile Pro trackers.

All they will need to do is make the tile pro ring or find the missing object on the map from the app. They can also find their phones easily by making them ring from the Tile Pro itself.

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iRobot Braava jet 240 Superior Robot Mop – App-enabled

If your parents already have a vacuum robot or do the vacuuming themselves, you can make their life even easier by giving them this innovative mopping robot.

The iRobot Braava will sweep and mop all hard floors in their home, without your parents even having to get up.

The robot will mop and sweep even the hard-to-reach places, and your folks can control when it works and which rooms it should clean and which it shouldn’t.

Menus: A Book for Your Meals and Memories

This unique book was written and illustrated by the most famous chef in the world Jacques Pepin, but the beauty of the gift is that your parents will get to fill it with their own special menus and events.

It is a beautiful journal that will help them enjoy their memories together, and create new ones too.

Home Coordinates Pillow Cover

This personalized pillow cover will display the exact latitude and longitude coordinates of your home embroidered on it. You can choose the color of this sweet gift for your parents. There are 3 print color options – black, blue, or brown.

Of course, the word “home” takes a central spot on the pillow cover, because Home is where the heart is.

Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote, the streaming media player

If they don’t already have one, then your parents will love the Fire TV stick with an Alexa remote control.

With this affordable device, they will get access to the most popular streaming services, like Prime Video, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, Sling, and YouTube, over 100,000 channels, and more than 500,000 movies.

Plus, they won’t even need to manually search for content or switch channels, because the remote control has an integrated microphone that they can use for giving voice commands.

One Pan, Two Plates: More Than 70 Complete Weeknight Meals for Two

Although your parents have lived together for a long, it is likely that there are certain meals that they haven’t tried preparing yet.

With this excellent cookbook that includes 70 recipes for two, your folks will get ideas for easy-to-prepare delicious meals that require a single pan.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360 – Stainless Steel

This home herbal garden kit will allow your parents to grow their own fresh favorite herbs easily at home.

It comes with everything they need for setting up an all-year-round indoor herbal garden.

The mini garden system comes with grow lights, with all nutrients necessary, as well as of course the seeds for the garden including mint, basil, Genovese basil, dill, curly parsley, Thai basil, and thyme.

The garden uses only water so there will be no mess involved, and it can take care of itself, so the herbs will grow and thrive even when your folks are away on vacation.

Hand Crafted Abrilina Entry Monogrammed Doormat, Double

This personalized doormat is made of pure coconut coir. It has one of the strongest bristles and fibers in the world and will trap all dirt, mud, and moisture from the shoes.

It can be used indoors or outside and best of all it will display your family monogram in the center.

Relative Insanity Party Game About Crazy Relatives 

This is a fun gift that your parents will enjoy playing along with all other family members during the holidays.

The players need to finish the phrases on the cards about all of their relatives, and the craziest and funniest answer wins.

Push Pin Personalized Earth Toned World Map with Rustic Frame

Your mom and dad will have lots of fun remembering their travels together and placing pins on all of the places they have visited together on this beautiful earth-toned world map.

The map is a beautiful art piece that will help your folks relive their memories, and make plans for future vacations and adventures too.

The map is personalized with a sign with their names on one of the corners. It comes with a box of colorful pins too.

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa

Vacuuming the entire house can be an arduous task. Now that your parents are getting older, why not give them a break from the manual cleaning with this robot vacuum by iRobot?

The Roomba 675 will do all the cleaning instead of them and will detect any dirt and trap it, even under the furniture and other hard-to-reach places.

The smart automatic vacuum cleaner will clean for 90 minutes and then go back to its charging dock to recharge itself.

Moleskine Passion Journal, Travel, Hard Cover, Large (5″ x 8.25″) Elm Green

If your parents have all sorts of plans about traveling and enjoying their retirement, this Traveler’s Journal will help them plan, keep track of and log all of their travels.

The useful journal includes a wish list section, as well as travel tips and all your mom and dad will need to plan their perfect vacation or adventure together.

Knock Knock What I Love About Mom

Give your parents this sweet gift and it will most probably move them to tears.

This awesome fill-in-the-blank journal allows you to add your own thought, feelings, and remarks about why you love someone, what you are grateful for, and what you wish for them.

It is a much more thoughtful gift than most of the others on the list and will require that you spend the time filling it out, which will mean a lot to both your parents.

Ullo Wine Purifier Hand Blown Decanter and 6 Selective Sulfite Capture Filters

This gorgeous wine decanter and its wine-purifying filter are a top-notch gift to give to parents who enjoy drinking the finest wines.

The special filter will trap any sediments and sulfites from the wine, and fill the hand-blown decanter with the purest and most delicious wine ever.

There is also aeration on and off switch that your folks can use whenever the wine needs to “breathe”.

UGG Matching Moccasin Slippers

You can get your parents a matching pair of UGG slippers. They are amazingly comfortable, durable are made of soft natural wool, and have water-resistant suede uppers.

They are great for keeping their feet warm and can be used both indoors and outside when they need to go grab the newspaper or run another errand outside.

Embark  Dog DNA Test Breed & Health Kit

If apart from being great parents to you, your mom and dad are also awesome dog parents, then this Canine DNA breed and health kit will be a perfect gift for them.

The test requires that they get a sample of the pup’s saliva and send the swab back to the lab for testing.’

DNA testing will estimate the exact heritage and breed mixture of the dog, as well as test it for over 170 genetic diseases. This will help your folks to take preventive measures and require vet tests if a predisposition to a certain health issue is discovered.

This is an excellent gift idea for any dog lover.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Your parents will be able to save money on the HVAC bills thanks to this smart Nest thermostat. In fact, according to the studies, the bills for heating will lower by 10-12% and those for cooling will go down by 15% when they use this smart gadget.

The thermostat is easy to use and will learn their living patterns and then automatically adjust the heating or cooling settings.

Also, it is Alexa compatible, so your folks will be able to control it hands-free and only with voice commands if they prefer.

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

Help your beloved parents stay fit and healthy with a pair of these fitness wristbands. They come in large and small versions and in different colors.

The Fitbit Charge 2 will keep track of their heart rates and will assist them with their exercise by determining whether they have entered the fat burn, cardio or peak zones.

Thanks to the integrated GPS, they can keep track of their walks and runs. Plus, these watches come with personalized breathing session exercises that will help your folks relax too.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Portable & Long-Lasting Bluetooth 360 Speaker

If your parents are music fans, this portable Bluetooth speaker is a very good idea as a gift for them. Made by one of the leaders in the sound system industry Bose, this gadget will provide them with 360 degrees of sound no matter where they happen to be.

It is water-resistant and can last for up to 16 hours per charge.

Your parents can even take or make calls via the speaker, and also access Google Now and Siri.

Bean Box – World Coffee Tour – Whole Bean

For coffee lovers, this set of the finest exotic coffees from around the world is one of the greatest presents they can get.

The set is available in whole bean and ground coffees and includes 16 delicious gourmet coffee types from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Ethiopia, Panama, Indonesia, and Kona.

With a present like this, your mom and dad can travel the world every day as they try a new sort of aromatic coffee.

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

Add some fun to their lives by giving your parents this innovative Bluetooth shower speaker.

It is completely waterproof and safe to use under the shower, so they can enjoy listening to their favorite tunes, podcasts, or the news as they are showering or bathing.

The speaker can be paired to any Bluetooth-enabled device, including smartphones, music players, tablets, radios, computers, and others.

Your dad’s shower singing skills will vastly improve once you give them this fun-filled gift.

Ninja Air Fryer, 1550-Watt Programmable Base for Air Frying

Get your parents into the latest health fad with this superb Ninja Air Fryer.

They will be amazed at how delicious all their favorite meals can be when prepared in this innovative appliance with minimal fat.

Not only will the fried or dehydrated food and desserts made in the Ninja Air Fryer be delicious, but they will also help them lower their cholesterol levels, and improve their fitness levels, and overall health.

Echo Show 5 – Compact smart display with Alexa 

With the latest Echo Show 4, your parents will be able to make video calls to you and their friends. The smart device will allow them to manage their calendars, get weather information, listen to music, play videos, watch TV, cook by step by step recipes, control other smart devices, and more.

It has a microphone and camera that can be turned off, so they needn’t worry about their privacy.

Plus, they can use this compact smart device as a digital photo frame, an alarm clock, and just about anything else.

Custom Personalized Monogrammed Passport Holder Case Cover

These customized passport holders are a great gift for parents who travel. They are of premium quality and come with free engravings of your choice – you can ask for the family name, initials, your parent’s first names, or anything you like to be engraved on each passport holder.

They are beautiful and will fit any standard passport. Plus, they have added compartments for cash, credit cards, and other essentials they will be carrying with them when traveling.

LKXHarleya Creative Kissing Mugs Set

These two adorable mugs look perfect together, just like your parents do.

Saying “Good morning Handsome” and “Good morning Beautiful” the two ceramic mugs literally hug one another.

Your parents will love drinking their morning coffee or tea in these beautifully designed and made 12-oz mugs.

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Nespresso Pixie by Breville – Titan

Your parents will save tons of money from buying their favorite coffee from the local coffee shop thanks to this modern premium quality espresso machine.

The Nespresso Pixie machine can make premium quality Italian-style espresso like the one you would be served in a cafe in Rome.

It has a small footprint but a large water tank which is very easy to use. The espresso machine works with all Nespresso capsules, so your folks can choose their favorite taste too.

YETI Rambler 30 oz. Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler 

If your folks like to spend time camping, hiking, fishing, or lounging outside, then you should definitely get them a couple of these premium-quality insulated YETI ramblers.

They come in multiple color options, and with a slider lid, that will prevent spillage and yet is easy to drink from.

The top-quality ramblers will keep the drinks inside piping hot or ice-cold for long hours, and your folks will truly appreciate this fact when they are outdoors on their next adventure.

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer, Silver

Remember how your folks always insisted that you eat your breakfast before leaving for school?

Well, now that you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why not give them this nifty dual breakfast sandwich maker by Hamilton Beach?

It is easy to use and allows for cooking two breakfast or brunch sandwiches in less than 5 minutes.

The appliance comes with a useful recipe book, which includes some of the most popular sandwiches, as well as special Paleo and Keto recipes for those who are on a diet.

Vinturi Vertical Lever Corkscrew Wine Opener 

This sleek corkscrew wine opener is a beautiful and very useful gift for parents who enjoy a glass of wine or two.

It includes a built-in foil cutter and has a non-stick cork spiral and a handy lever to ensure that the cork comes out easily and without breaking into little pieces.

Your folks will enjoy showing off this contemporary wine opener to friends, as well as using it at every family dinner too.

INNO STAGE 40L Large Insulated Cooler Tote, XL Portable Wine Carrier Bag

This large-sized picnic cooler bag is a superb gift for a couple who loves the outdoors and attending various outdoor events.

It even includes a nifty and beautiful bamboo wine and snack table which easily fits in the front compartment of the bag.

The capacity of this insulated cooler bag is 40L which is enough space to pack up food and drink for the entire family.

It also comes with a removable shoulder strap for easier portability.

Philips Kitchen Appliances Premium Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill 

Do your parents just love grilling? With this high-quality indoor smokeless grill by Phillips, it will be grill season all year round at their house.

This useful appliance will allow them to prepare perfectly and evenly grilled meals without the usual grease, splattering, and smoke associated with grilling.

The grill has wide nonstick grates and is easy to wash in the dishwasher too.

With an appliance like this, your folks will enjoy mouthwatering grilled food rain or shine.

All-new Blink XT2 Outdoor Indoor Smart Security Camera with cloud storage

This practical gift will allow your parents to rest assured that their home is safe at all times. The Blink XT2 camera allows for two-way talking, motion recording, and live viewing from any smartphone or smart device.

Your parents can see who is at the door and also keep an eye on their deliveries on the porch when they are not home.

The camera can be bought in kits of 2, 3, and 5 depending on your needs.

They are easy to set up and work perfectly during the day and at night. If they detect motion within their range, they will immediately start recording and saving the clips in the cloud for later viewing.

Their phones will also get alerts if something is going on inside or outside the house, depending on where they have chosen to install these smart cameras.

Pinzon Terry Bathrobe 100% Cotton

Get a pair of these super soft and super absorbent plush terry cotton bathrobes, and they will instantly fall in love with them.

The luxurious but affordable bathrobes are light and yet provide comfort and coziness even on cold winter days.

The bathrobes are available in different sizes and colors, so you can buy one for any size and taste.

Then and Now Picture Frame, Anniversary Gift

This one-of-a-kind, personalized then-and-now picture frame is a wonderful idea for your parent’s wedding anniversary.

You can add your own text, the names of your mom and dad, the date of their wedding, as well as, of course, two then-and-now photos to be framed.

The handmade keepsake frame is 20 x 20 inches in size, with two photo frames that are 5 x 7 inches.

The frame is ready to be hung on the wall, or you can get your parents a matching easel for it too.

50th Wedding Anniversary, Canvas Photo Collage

This wonderful custom-made collage of photos of your parents is a wonderful memory that they will cherish and display with pride and joy.

You can personalize your order for any anniversary, and choose all of your favorite photos of them to add to the artistic collage.

You can also order the lyrics of their special wedding song written on the canvas border.

This photo collage is one of the most special and touching gifts you can give to the people who gave you life and raised you.

Personalized Cutting Board

Your folks will love this personalized cutting board. You can order it in different sizes, and it can be made from walnut or bamboo wood.

Add a personal message expressing your love and gratitude to it, as well as your name, and your parents will most definitely be touched by the sweet gesture.

Personalized family name sign-family established sign-family name wood

This gorgeous handmade family name sign is something that your folks will love to display on the front door or inside their home.

It is available in various sizes and has a pinewood walnut stained frame, and a wood grain look.

You can add your names to the family sign, as well as the year when your parents got married or got together.

Gift for parents’ family tree 

This handmade family tree is beautifully made from wood, a gallery-quality canvas, safe archival ink, and laminate.

Customize the family tree by placing the names of your parents on its bottom, and then adding those of their children and grandchildren on the different branches.

The tree has golf leaves and will also feature a special message from you to them.

Framed Family Name Gifts For Parents

This artistic family sign will quickly become the centerpiece of your family’s home.

It is custom-made, with different photo letters, and the names of the family members written on the bottom of the many available stunning fonts.

You can get the sign framed and ready to be displayed, and your folks will absolutely love this unique family keepsake.

Custom Star Map, Night Sky Print, Star Map Poster

This is among the most thoughtful of all presents for parents. The personalized star map poster will display exactly what the sky and stars looked like in a certain location and at a certain date and time.

With a gift like this, you can recreate the stars in the sky from the day your folks got married, or choose any other important date.

You can also get your parents’ names, the date, and the place of their marriage, and add a sweet message on this handmade star map.

Anniversary Mugs for Husband Customized Gift for the Happy Couple

These adorable mugs are a fun gift to get your parents for their anniversary. The mugs are custom-made, with their family name and the year of their wedding.

The best part of this gift is that the mugs go together perfectly just as your mom and dad do.

Give the gift of Prime

If your parents shop online, they will definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift.

You can gift them a 3-month or a 12-month subscription to Amazon Prime, and they will immediately get all of the benefits of being Prime members including 2-day shipping, and access to millions of songs, shows, and movies.

Keter  Outdoor Patio Table with 7.5 Gallon Beer Cooler, Espresso Brown

If your parents like entertaining guests or themselves in the backyard or patio, then this amazing patio table is a superb gift idea for them.

It is affordable, looks very stylish, and will serve as a table as well as a cooler for wine, beer, or other beverages of their choice.

The cooler is easy to drain and will hold up to 40 12-oz cans.

Personalized poster, Gift for Parents

Your folks will be moved by this personalized poster of them on their wedding day and the news from that very day.

It has a vintage and very artsy look and will look great on their wall.

You will receive the high-resolution file ready to be printed and framed within 2 days of your online order.

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