Great Gift Ideas for Night Shift Workers

Gifts for Night Shift Workers

Wondering what to get for your beloved night owl? Look no further than the great gifts listed here, for those whose “morning” starts at noon! Whether it’s something to help you sleep during your downtime, or keep you up during work, there are gifts here for all night shift workers!

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Sleep Eye Mask

The last step of a person who works a full-time night shift journey to get better sleep would be to get a sleeping mask. With a sleep eye mask, they’ll be able to catch some sleep anywhere they need to! It will block out any annoying light that might find its way to your eyes and leave you alone to let you catch up on some much-needed sleep! With the prospect of losing all-night sleep, a perfect night shift gift for a person who needs quality daily sleep is this great sleeping mask.

YETI Rambler Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

With a tumbler that will last them years due to its durability and will keep their cool drinks cool and their warm drinks warm, there’s no question that this is the perfect gift for those who definitely need that warm aroma of coffee to keep them going! And with no BPA’s, they can rest easy knowing their quality tumbler has no nasty chemicals in it. It also fits in all standard-sized cup holders, making it perfect for the on-the-go night worker in your life!

Kindle Paperwhite

Maybe give your Night Owl the gift of reading? With Kindle’s new Paperwhite, your night owl will be able to take their books on the go all in one place! Making those long breaks more enjoyable, the Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for those who just need a minute to read! Maybe your night worker has a lot of free time in night shifts and Kindle provides an ideal way to spend some free time. Packed with twice the amount of storage as the previous version, and with a beautiful glare-free display, you’ll see your night owl reaching for its time after time! This is the perfect gift idea for any night shift worker who loves to read.

Wacaco Portable Espresso Maker

Anyone who’s ever worked a night shift knows that coffee is your best friend during those long hours, so why not give the gift of delicious espresso wherever they go? With Wacaco’s completely portable Espresso Maker, you can do just that! And with no electricity or battery needed, it’s truly portable, making it easy to enjoy a nice hot espresso literally anywhere! (Which is especially handy when you find yourself somewhere with no outlets!) This, like all other coffee-related gifts, will help everyone stay awake during the night shifts.

Death Wish Coffee

Ok, maybe gourmet coffee isn’t your night shift worker’s thing, maybe they go for more of a “bang for your buck” approach, wanting the strongest coffee that they can find, and for one that will keep them energetic and productive throughout their work night. Well with Death Wish Coffee, you’ll surely be getting your money’s worth! Labeled confidently as “The World’s Strongest Coffee”, it’ll be sure to give you that pep in your step that your night owl will need for their next night shift!

Crossword Puzzles by Brain Games

Sometimes those long hours can get taxing and find yourself with nothing to do. Why not stimulate your brain and give the gift of fun with Crossword puzzles? With over 80 unique puzzles to complete, they’ll have entertainment for a few shifts! And since they’re in large print, they’ll find it easy to do them just about anywhere, making work a breeze! Plus, for those puzzles that they just can’t crack, Brain Games put the solutions in the back of the book, making it possible to crack any of the 80 puzzles!

Night Shift by Stephen King

Want to add a little bit of fright to their next shift? Stephen King’s got them covered! The Night Shift features a collection of Stephen King’s early works, so they can see the writer’s first publications! With 20 different stories to read, including “Night Surf”, the groundwork for Stephen King’s well-known book “The Stand”, They’ll find themselves captivated by the mystique and horror of King’s words. Perfect to wind down with after a long night of work, or during a particularly long break.

Making Night Shift Work by Steve Frei

Working the night shift isn’t easy, and jobs don’t tell you how to adjust to the reverse schedule. Therefore, gifting Making Night Shift Work is the perfect idea for anyone new to the day-sleeping game! Have a loved one just started a night shift? Or maybe a friend has 2 jobs, one of them being a night shift job? This book lays out everything they’ll need to know, including when to sleep, how to sleep, and even how to get your appetite back! With this book, the night shift will be a breeze!

Do Not Disturb Over-The-Door Sign

Looking for something to help your friend get some shut-eye at work? This Do Not Disturb sign is definitely the gift to get! Being able to get some sleep during those grueling hours at the office is vital to productivity, and with colleagues practically busting down your door at all hours, it’s hard to get any! With this sign, your night shift worker will finally be able to rest up between tasks and conquer the day with ease and joy.

SUN AWAY Portable Blackout Curtain

When thinking about useful gifts for night-shift workers, a portable blackout curtain is a perfect purchase. Night working, affects many people’s sleep. They need a total blackout to sleep well. Sun Away will guarantee your night owl to be able to finally block that pesky sun out of their eyes while they try to get some sleep after their shifts!

Blackout Curtains

Sometimes it’s hard to get sleep even at home! When this happens, get some blackout curtains for their room, trust me they’ll thank you. Finally, they’ll be able to get sleep at any time of the day in the comfort of their bed! With regular curtains, you’ll find that light still finds a way to slip through the crack, but with these curtains, it’ll look like the middle of the night at noon in your room! Perfect for anyone who finds themselves needing to get some shut-eye during the day.

Funny Mug

We all know a shift worker that tends to be a bit confused and a little…forgetful about the date. For that friend, I suggest getting them a mug that states just that! A nice, plain black and white mug with the phrase “Night Shift is Great! What Time is it?”, it’ll be sure to earn a laugh from them! (It will also be also perfect to put all that coffee in that they are definitely going to need for work tomorrow or tonight.)

Eye Cream

Listen, after a few weeks of working the night shift, your eye will start getting mad. With Pure Biology’s anti-aging formula, you’ll be able to tackle those pesky dark circles. Help your night worker protect their eyes from the little sleep they are about to get with helpful eye cream! This gift is perfect for anyone who finds themselves not getting the amount of shuteye that their body wants.

Owl Plushie!

Finally, the best gift of all is the gift of cute! Everyone knows that the right companion for a long, awful night at the office is a cute little owl there by your side to keep you company! (And maybe protect you from your boss.) Your Night Owl will appreciate having this cute stuffed owl by their side during those late shifts, and his or her sleepy eyes are guaranteed to put anyone to slumber. This pillow can be used as a gift, making any acquaintance very pleased.

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  1. My father is a night shift worker, and I think I have just found the ultimate gift list guide. I will come back here to pick gift ideas for at least the next two years. The first one will be the mug. It’s very funny and my dad will like it a lot.

  2. My father is a night shift worker, and I think I have just found the ultimate gift list guide. I will come back here to pick gift ideas for at least the next two years. The first one will be the mug. It’s very funny and my dad will like it a lot.


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