Great Gift Ideas for Musicians and Music Lovers

Music is part of all of our lives in some way or another. Many of us enjoy listening at the very least, but we all must know one or more people who play an instrument or sing. Some of those take it farther, performing or going to performances, recording tracks, and maybe, just maybe, hitting it big with a record label.

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For every musical person in your life, there are great gifts. Here are a few exciting ideas to get the music lover in your life the best gift you can find, no matter where they stand in the realm of musicians and music lovers. From drummers to singers, listeners, and DJs, you are bound to find something for all.

Maybe one of these gifts will go to someone famous, and they can say they heard it here first.

Bose Sound Sport wireless headphones

People who love music want to hear it well. They want to hear each nuance of the audio without the bulk of large speakers. Thankfully, these headphones are wireless, small, and comfortable, perfect for listening to your favorite tracks on the go. You will be much appreciated when you give someone these little headphones which pack a punch and keep a long charge.

Harman Kardon wireless speaker

For someone who might be looking for good sound in a portable speaker, this device has that covered. The quality sound and plenty of volumes make this ideal for parties, playing music throughout the house, or casual listening in the room. Its wireless features make it compatible with phones, tablets, and even smart devices. Anyone who loves music will love this.

Shower Speaker

Who doesn’t like singing in the shower? Most technology isn’t waterproof, but thankfully this one is. Attach it to your shower wall with the suction cup, connect a Bluetooth device, and plan all the tunes you love while enjoying a nice shower. Alternatively, make a warm bath with bubbles and soft septs if that’s more your thing. Either way, it sounds like the most wonderful way to start or end a long, action-packed day. Just don’t have too much fun in there and use up all the hot water, okay?

Black Piano Keys Spiral Bound Notebook, Piano Eraser, Treble Clef Clip, and 2 Musical Notes Pencils

Music teachers, piano or keyboard players, and young music lovers will love these. Since music and writing go hand in hand, there’s no telling what can be created with this pencil and notebook set, where each pencil is designed to look like a piano keyboard. Wouldn’t you just love knowing that a huge hit was written because of your little gift? How cool would that be!

Record player

Finally, let’s take it back to vintage music equipment with a new record player. Surprisingly, albums are becoming more popular, and to play those, well, a record player will be needed. Go back to basics by gifting this old but newly popularized method of playing music. You might get a few chuckles or confused looks, but it’ll be a fun, exciting way to play favorite tracks and teach people to appreciate all that we have. Never forget about the old amidst all this new.

Build your own fiddle

Do-it-yourself or DIY projects are on the rise. Anyone who likes a little DYI plus a bit of music will have fun attempting to build their own fiddle with this kit, whether they know how to play the instrument or not. No one is too old to learn, so this new instrument could spark a brand-new endeavor. At the very least it’ll be a fun task with an end result to proudly display after successful completion.

25 key USB keyboard

It’s difficult to travel with instruments, but sometimes there are notes and ideas in our heads that we need to put somewhere before we forget. For that, a 25-key keyboard comes in handy. Just plug this into a computer and start playing, recording, and making music. This keyboard even comes with a few cool extra effect capabilities to make playing your notes on the computer a little easier. Note repeat and vibrato are just two examples to get started with. The possibilities here are endless, making this a gift that is sure to come in handy.

Finger picks

Have a guitarist in your life? They might enjoy this set of fingerpicks. Finger picks are wearable and make guitar playing easier, minimizing the difficulty of losing grip on the pick, which sometimes happens with strumming the guitar. There’s a pick for every finger, so they can use the size they prefer and amp up their playing abilities.

Noise condensing microphone

Know someone who likes to sing? They’ll like this microphone. Set the mic on the tripod, plug it into a computer, and sing away! Such a microphone is perfect for recording oneself as a demo, hearing how you sound before performing, and even creating an original song. The best thing about this microphone is it filters away background noise, so the only sound is the singer’s fantastic voice. Happy singing!

Portable amplifier

Playing music is a loud affair, but all musicians have to practice. Guitar or bass players will love this little amp for those moments when they want a little volume but don’t want to be too loud. Although not as powerful as most amplifiers, this one is small and puts out a surprising amount of volume for its size. No one will be disappointed, not even a family who wants a quiet house. Mom and dad will give you thanks for this gift once they realize it’s quiet but effective.

Drum sticks

Know any drummers? Playing drums is a rough business and sometimes sticks break. Drummers can never have enough extra pairs of sticks. Luckily this pack holds two pairs inside. They’ll be set for a while.

Gear bag

No matter what instrument someone plays, they have to carry lots of gear. Wires, picks, drumsticks, cleaning equipment, music, and plenty more all have to travel together. Thankfully, there are backpacks to fill exactly such a need. Hopefully, this will fit all the necessities and make traveling a little bit easier.

Travel music stand

Not everyone learns every song by heart. Many great performers use sheet music to keep them on track. Unfortunately, most music stands are large and cumbersome, so if there are no available stands, they have to make do with a table or other surface. Not anymore. Outfit your musician with their own collapsable music stand complete with carrying back, and make sure they never have to worry about how they’re going to read their music in comfort.

Moist Heated Infrared Hand Wrist Brace Wrap for Pain Relief

All instrumentalists use their hands and arms for their work. After a while, this can put a strain on the body. Help your favorite musician feel better and healthier with this wrap-around which includes 6 temperature settings. Great for preparing for performances or relaxing afterward.

External hard drive

Even with all the streaming services today, there are still those songs a music lover just has to have a copy of. With a portable external hard drive, they can keep all their music in one safe place and never worry about running out of space for the tracks they love. Plug into a computer and play all those favorite tracks to the heart’s content. Pack the drive for trips, or keep it at home for accessible listening. Store sheet music or band recordings. It’ll be a musician or music lover’s best friend.

Zoom IQ steric microphones

Musicians love to hear themselves, and that’s okay, especially when performing live. While most microphones are good for recording a single person or part, these are great for recording live events. With a connection to any Apple device, this small set of microphones can be adjusted for any situation from interviews to rock concerts,s and allows for quality recording of all. Its stereo field allows the listener to hear what is where in relation to the user. So, if sitting with the drummer on the left and the guitarist on the right, said the position would be reflected in the recorded file. There’s no better way to relive that amazing performance of there’s or that live concert which was out of this world.

ReadyAction smartphone chest harness

If there’s one thing, musicians, like as much as audio, it would probably have to be video. Everyone wants video of performances too, but that can be hard to capture even with the steadiest camera hand. This harness is simple to wear and secures any size smartphone for easy filming. Strap it on, slide in the phone, adjust the angle, and press record. Maybe even connect those stereo microphones for a maximum audio-video experience. While not ideal for filming oneself, this wearable is fantastic for filming the stage at a live show.


For young kids, learning musical instruments can be complicated. However, it’s better to learn at a younger age than later in life. For this reason, many schools teach children how to play the recorder. The instrument is small, good for little hands, simple to understand, and quieter than larger instruments. In short, it’s a great starter instrument to get kids interested in learning music. This gift will let the child in your life discover a new passion and fuel continual learning.


Not just any earplugs. Earplugs for musicians protect a vital component of a music lover’s life; their ears. Designed for loud live-performing situations, these are made to allow the wearer to hear the sound without the loud noise. Unlike regular earplugs, these are designed for a better fit and higher quality sound. Every musician needs something like this for the safety of the most important part of their body, their ears.

A Day-to-Day History of the Music that Inspires Us and the Artists Who Create It (Paperback)

People who enjoy music are constantly learning. This jam-packed volume is perfect learning material, focussing on the stories and inspiration behind well-known songs. Lovers of all genres can appreciate the information contained in its pages and gain a better understanding of what caused their favorite tracks to be created. For anyone who loves music and reading both, this book is a perfect gift. Even people who don’t love reading will have a hard time putting this down.

DJ Turntables

It might be often overlooked, but DJs are musicians too. Matching the beat and the key is not easy and takes lots of practice. Of course, they must love music if they’re putting so much care and energy into playing it. Connect with the DJ in your life by giving them a cool new set of turntables with all the effect knobs, buttons, and faders they need. No matter if they’re just getting started or regularly playing at events, they’ll have everything they need in your gift.

Custom T-Shirt

Creativity is everything in music. Get creative yourself for the musician you love. Maybe get a photo of their favorite instrument and write “Best musician” Maybe list their tour dates on the back. There are millions of creative ways to build the perfect shirt customized right to the person, music, instrument, and style. They’ll love the thought put into this one for sure.

CD Holder

Not everyone enjoys the bells and whistles of the digital age. Some still prefer the concept of a physical CD to a downloadable or streamed file. In fact, you might be surprised by the number of people who still buy disks. Disks can be cumbersome, however, and not easy to transport or flip through in large quantities. Luckily, there are CD holders to meet these needs. This one can hold 400 disks, making it easy to find a specific CD and store each safely.


How old school, right? This one’s pretty cool, though, for the whole family! With the capability to play tapes, and disks and connect to Bluetooth, anyone can play music in the format of their choice. So drag out grandma’s old tapes and your husband’s CD case while your kid connects his phone. It’ll be fun for all and plenty of music for a lifetime.

Apple iPad 9.7inch with WiFi 32GB – Space Gray

An iPad has countless uses for musicians. On the surface, there’s the obvious ability to play music. What some people don’t know is that you can make music with little musical knowledge or skill with an instrument, and it can be done on an iPad with some really sweet apps like Garage Band and Thumb Jam. Additionally, iPads can be useful for keeping a performance calendar and setting practice timers or alarms to get up and get ready for a gig. Plus, quite simply, who doesn’t love these powerful tablets?

Pitch Perfect Trilogy

Like books, movies are a fun way to become more educated about music. There are loads of movies about famous musicians and documentaries about all aspects of music. Pitch perfect is a three-part story that follows a group of college girls as they rise above expectations and hone their musical skills to the best they can be. It may seem like a cute movie with a good storyline and fun music, but it actually has a lot to teach about the challenges musicians face as they rise to the top. Most importantly, it teaches aspiring musicians to follow their dreams no matter the setback. Musicians and music lovers alike will enjoy this one.

Make your own music box kit

We’ve all seen a music box, and probably owned a few too. They’re relaxing, great for any age, and can be designed rather creatively. Now, let’s take that idea to the next level with this music box-making kit. Grab it and make a music box with a new or favorite melody for that music lover you need a gift for. Alternatively, give them the kit and let them build something they’ll absolutely love. Who knows, you might even want one created for yourself. I think I would.

Guitar Hero

Do you know someone who loves music just as much as they love video games? Guess what, there’s a game for them. It is called Guitar Hero and comes with its own little guitar. Musicians will love sitting in front of the TV playing this game. They’ll spend hours trying to play their favorite songs on the model guitar until they are the next guitar hero. If they don’t play guitar already, they might want to after this. If they do, well they might be really good, and either way, they will have plenty of fun.

Trivial Pursuit: A History of Music card set

When musicians get together, they don’t spend all their time playing music. They talk, eat, and have a good time just as anyone else would, although there is most likely music in the background all the while. If they like trivia, or just playing games, then these questions will make for some fun-filled social time. Used with the classic Trivial Pursuit board, these cards are just right for any music lover to test their knowledge and compete against their friends to see who knows the most about their mutual passion.

Swarovski music note bracelet

Salute your music-loving lady! She’ll love this bracelet of Swarovski crystals. Why? Well, because it’s also decorated with musical notes. Now, this is without a doubt a gift she’ll remember and treasure for years to come. All her musical friends will be super jealous. Give it to her after a stunning performance and make it a moment that both of you will remember forever.

Percussion Kit

Got rhythm? Playing drums can really be challenging but adding a bit of rhythm can be simple and adds an extra layer to any track. Gift this little rhythm kit and help bring out the rhythm in the person that loves music. These pieces are small, light, and fun for children and adults both. Don’t you just want to pick one of them up and give it a go? It could very well be the difference between a good track and a great one, you never know.

Pitch Tuner

Music, by nature, has to be in tune for all of it to fit together. It doesn’t matter if someone’s playing solo or in a huge orchestra, this rule applies. All instruments need to be tuned to scale and to each other, but most people don’t know exactly what is in the tune and what is not. That’s why they invented pitch tuners, the simple solution to this complex problem. They make great little gifts for the musicians in our lives.

Elrido Guitar Picks Maker Punch

Any guitar-playing is sure to have a plectrum or pick. Give them the option to be creative and customize their own picks with this pick punch. This unique tool allows them to create picks out of endless materials and designs; whatever their musical hearts desire! This gift would not only expand their creativity but can also make original, handmade merchandise for their fans. Inspire and delight them with this handy tool and see what they create!

Dunlop Pickholder

Losing picks is like losing your keys to any guitar player; it’s inevitable. These tiny tools so easily go missing, so give them a present that not only keeps them in one place but the ideal place! The Dunlop Pickholder is a spring-loaded safe haven for those precious picks and can attach to almost any surface. The vast majority of guitarists choose to mount this handy accessory directly onto their instruments, eliminating the need to frantically look for picks whenever they’re needed. It would pair well with the previously stated pick punch, combining their creativity with a spot to store their creations.

Instrument cleaning cloth

What doesn’t need to be cleaned? Instruments are played with hands and mouth, two places which can be very dirty. For this reason, cleaning cloth is important to keep every instrument shiny and germ-free. Pick up this pack of five and make sure your loved one’s prized instrument stays sleek at all times and for all occasions.!

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