What Are the Best Gifts for Music Teachers?

Gifts for Music Teachers

The season of gift-giving is coming up! Teachers play a special part in our development, and it’s essential that we show them how much we appreciate them. Math and English teachers get all the love, but what about Music teachers? Music programs tend to get the short end of the stick, so show your Music teacher how much you care. We explored many ideas and narrowed them down to 23 top gift picks for every type of music teacher.

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A Musical Blanket

This musical theme blanket will not only warm the body but also the soul of your music teacher. The gift that will surely put a smile on any music lover’s face. This blanket is 100% cotton. They’ll fall right asleep when they wrap this around. It can be used in class on those uncomfortable chairs or to take a quick cat nap between passing. Thankfully, this blanket actually has music notation, so it can easily replace any other music teacher’s old, not-so-cool blanket.

Violin Mug

This unique mug will be the talk of the town, especially for an orchestra teacher. The unnaturally portrayal of the violin may send them into a frenzy, but it’s the thought that counts. This small ceramic mug can show their passion for coffee and music in style. They won’t have to worry about someone taking their drink cause who else would have this FUNKY mug?

Periodic Table of Music Genres

Certainly, your music teacher does not lack knowledge of music, but they want to share all the musical knowledge with the rest of the world. This unique present will surely surprise them because it shows a variety of their favorite topic and music genres in a cool periodic table. This nifty poster shows all the types of music they may be greeted with. It can spruce up the music teacher’s classroom or a kitchen with its visually appealing appearance. Who isn’t mesmerized by the pattern of the periodic table of music genres? A classic setup for a classic topic.

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Music Charm Bracelet

This charming charm bracelet is a perfect gifting choice for female music teachers. It’s a bracelet that keeps giving, has one person buy the base, and another add charms that fit the teacher-appropriate instrument. The piano and treble clef are essential. If they’re a music teacher, they probably can personally relate to the quote, ”where words fail, music speaks.”

Music Teacher Notebook

If the other gifts so far didn’t tickle your fancy, here is something that can’t backfire: a notebook. Every teacher has a notebook full of secrets that only they know. No one can take this notebook from them because only they are an awesome music teacher. They can write about their least favorite student to find some generic pop song for the class to play.

Chala Charming Handbag

If your teacher prefers a cool bag, here’s a great idea. This bad boy has a zipper and a magnet to close it. Your music teacher will look fly with this crossbody. The crossbody is not their style, it’s adjustable. This crossbody can also be a shoulder bag. Now you may be wondering, what makes this bag special minus its beautiful exterior? The zipper. The keychain is a smooth bronze treble clef resting on brown faux leather. Any woman, whether she is a music teacher or not, would like this gift.

Super Cute Music Wallet

Is it a wallet, or is it a purse? Maybe it’s both. If you answered C, you are correct. Everyone has money and needs to carry it around. Instead of giving this person a large purse, give them a small decorative wristlet to carry the essentials. ID pocket? Check. Credit cards? Check. Cash pockets? Check. Some wristlets only come with 4 pockets but this one comes with 8 credit card slots and 2 cash pockets. They can organize their money in this chic little wallet. This is an ideal gift if your music teacher is younger and loves trendy women’s accessories.

Music Note Scarf

It’s getting chilly, why not give that music teacher, you know, a scarf? Is it fashionable? Yes. Is it comfy? Yes! Let the music teacher you know be the best looking in the school system. This also is an awesome gift for an unobservant music teacher. On further inspection, it will stick fear into their students when they see the 64th note, something only talked about in myth. This teacher will show that they are not intimidated by the usual nightmares of musicians.

Music Page Markers

Don’t have a lot of money, have no fear, this bookmark is here. If your special school music teacher doesn’t have this iconic bookmark, they are missing out. Those can’t call themselves a music teachers if they don’t have this bookmark. They will never lose their place in a book ever again when they finish, they can stick it on the fridge. This page marker is magnetic. This isn’t just a bookmark, it’s an innovation in the modern era.

Piano bag

Why should your awesome Music teacher carry around their items in a boring backpack? They are too good for a bland bag. What they need is a bag that says, “I’m kinda basic, but with style.” This is the perfect bag for having a bit of flair but not making too much of a fuss: Simple but intriguing. This bag is beautiful, and it also has a treble clef on it. It’s a two-in-one great gift for your Music teacher. Carry music in music!

Fancy music socks

Socks. Everyone likes socks. They’re warm, and soft and make shoes more bearable. Also, if you get a size too small, they can stretch it out. These socks are interesting, to say the least. There are various types of socks, but rarely are any as cool as these music socks.

Violin Christmas Ornament

This gift works for anyone one who taught you how to sing, read musical notes, or play some musical instrument. That is not exclusively a band director or chorus teacher. This cute violin is a nice addition to a Christmas tree. It’s close to an actual violin, the only difference is you can’t play it. It would be a good gift for an orchestra teacher or just a music teacher who prefers the aesthetic of a violin to the actual thing.

Music themed Travel Mug

Is this music teacher a coffee addict and works far from home, get them this swanky travel mug. Fourteen oz of pure caffeine to pour into their blood. This doesn’t have to be used only for coffee, it can be used for hot chocolate, soda, and for the boring folks, water. This ceramic piano theme, dishwasher mug is also spill-proof, so if your teacher is a clumsy fellow, this is the right travel mug to get.

This gift is also great for piano teachers. These piano gift ideas will certainly help you to find the best gifts for piano teachers, piano students, and piano players.

Cool Music Tie

Unlike a myriad of music teacher apparel, this can be given to a male. This tasteful tie is a necessity for a concert. If this tie isn’t to your liking there are five other styles: a piano spread, black and white guitars, a music score, and a rainbow of guitars. Look snazzy, look jazzy, this tie can be worn for any occasion. Black and white are always in.

Note Door Hanger

This gift may cause a bit of treble but it is sure to hook the gift receiver in. It is perfect for a closet, bedroom, or bathroom. This is a practical gift. It is quite difficult to go wrong with a coat hook. This hook can be used for the soft music fashion scarf or that Treble clef tote bag.

Beethoven pen

Is this teacher a lover of the classics, write a lot, and loves pens, well they’re in the store, cause do you have a gift for them? It may not be ideal for writing on sheet music but it is for everything else. This pen has a quote from one of, if not the, most influential composer to exist. It’s an elegant metal pen and they won’t have to through it away when it’s empty, it’s refillable.

Guitar spatula

Does your music teacher love to grill? They can grill in rock style. This amazing guitar spatula will turn any grill out by 5. Not only is it visually great, but it is also a sturdy metal, and almost unbreakable. This spatula will make them sizzle. They’re waiting to flip the burgers on the grill, they can show off their air guitar skills.

Music paper clips

The desk is a cluttered mess, add a themed organization tool. Here are 15 music-themed paper clips that range from an eight-note to a treble clef. There are large ones and small ones because who doesn’t like variety? Add a bit of excitement to their paperwork. Grading papers is a tedious task, so why not make the stack of papers a bit more interesting with a paper clip of said topic?

Keyboard Earrings

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most awesome way to truly express your gratitude. Why not get them some very unique earrings? These earrings will be the first thing people notice when your teacher strides into the room. Give them some accurate, 1.75-inch keyboard earrings to hypnotize their students to look at them instead of their peers. These earrings have the ability to assert dominance over any child.

Guitar themed pencil holder

Why make the paper clips they only desk supplies, spice it up with this present. Do they know how to play guitar or are they just an enthusiast? Is their favorite genre of music metal or rock? Either one works for this. This pencil holder will turn that boring desk of theirs into a party. Metalman is here to rock and roll on that music teacher’s school desk to a crowd of pens and pencils.

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Piano Cheese Board/Tool Set

It is time, for cheese and wine. This adorable piano comes with a surprise inside a cheese knife, a cheese fork, and a corkscrew. If your teacher likes to drink and loves cheese, then get them this unique cheese set. It’s anything but cheesy. It’s a classy gift for a classy man or woman. This music theme cheese board set will last as long as your appreciation for them.

Music Teacher Unicorn Dabbing Funny T Shirt

Is this music teacher cool, hip, and kinda odd? Do they teach teenagers and like to screw with them? This amazing shirt is sure to send all their students into a frenzy. It’s entertaining to little kids and will make older kids cringe. It’s a win-win! It’s 100% cotton and 100% cool just like them. It’s sure to bring a smile or a little smirk to any teacher.

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