Top 24 Creative, Unusual and Funny Gifts for Medical Students

Medical students after their learning deserve the time of joy that you will bring them by giving them the most unique and funny gifts. Here we will present some of the top-notch ideas that can not leave any med student indifferent.

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We all know someone who is going through nursing or medical school. A kind, passionate and dedicated person who has the weirdest schedule you ever see them anymore. But it doesn’t matter, because what they are going through is tough, and you know that. Why not rekindle that friendship with a nice gift that reminds them that they are your favorite medical students?

Gifts for Medical Students

Let’s take a look at the twenty-four best med. student gifts.

Medical Transplant Lunch Box

I love gag gifts, and it doesn’t get much better than this one. A “medical transplant” lunch box…keep your sandwich cold before you transplant it into your tummy, stat! Give this gift to medical students to make them smile and laugh a lot. Just one suggestion, don’t leave this one hanging around the hospital, someone might end up with your lunch who was expecting something completely different!

This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Medical Resident

This bestselling novel by Adam Kay is an amazingly funny and honest book about what it is like to work and live in a hospital.

It can be pretty dark at times, but this book has sold over 1 million copies worldwide and has been appreciated as one of the most hilarious and, at the same time horrifying, and very emotional novels about what life is like as a first-year doctor.

If the medical student in your life has a sense of humor and can take some dark humor too, then this book is one of the best gifts you can find for him or her.

Bone Pens

Normally I hate kitsch, but these novelty bone-point pens are pretty nifty. Oops, I mean ball-point pens. Is it Halloween yet? They come in a ten pack, and come in the shape of five famous bones – the femur! The spine! The tabula! That last one I made up. And of course, they come in black ink, so you can use them to sign all those official documents with serious class.

The Prescription Coffee Mug

Medical students drink huge amounts of coffee. Now they can drink coffee from this cool prescription mug that you can give them for any occasion.

A wide-mouth mug in the shape of every doctor’s best friend, the prescription pill bottle! No need to request a refill for this one, because it comes with a lifetime of guaranteed gulps! This is a double entendre for those of you with funny bones out there because caffeine has been shown to be effective in the treatment of many ailments. Seriously! Look it up.

Ostrich Pillow

Sacrifice good looks for comfort with this very odd-looking, mask/travel ostrich pillow. To be honest, your med student might frighten their fellow passengers, however, they’ll never notice if they’re actively using this must-have flight accessory. It blocks out ambient sound and light and allows you to rest your head and neck in any direction you want thanks to the 360-degree design.

Only weird medicine student friends will appreciate this kind of original gift.

Prescription Insulated Travel Mug

This funny thermos is a lot like the prescription pill mug gift we featured in this article, except this item is bigger and keeps the heat of coffee! For the medical student on the go. This would be a perfect gift for medical school students during those cold winter months. The directions read “Administrator throughout the day to stay awake and feel human.” Ha!

Book: “Kill as Few Patients as Possible”

What do you give the person who has nothing? A book. What do you give the person who has everything? A book. Honestly, folks, it’s not rocket science. Before I start a new adventure, I always cruise to my local bookstore to find non-fiction about that subject, as a sort of introduction. This book features dozens of real-life essays from doctors and nurses from around the world, ranging from inspirational tales to humorous anecdotes, this book would make a great gift for that med student that needs an extra dose of motivation.

Gray’s Anatomy

If you are not a medical professional yourself, you may think that “Grey’s Anatomy” is a medical TV series, and you will not be wrong. But for any medical student or person who works in the medical field, “Gray’s Anatomy” (Gray with an “A”) is the most cited, and gold-standard anatomy book written by Henry Gray.

In fact, the name of the famous TV series is a reference to this classic medical book.

This is a collector’s edition of this must-have book for any medical student and is a gift that is suitable as a going away to college present, or for any other occasion. Your medical student friend or family member will be using it as a reference quite a lot, so it is a very useful present idea.

This special classic collector’s edition of the most famous anatomy manual is also a suitable gift for a doctor or a collector too.

Sterling Silver Stethoscope Necklace Doctor Nurse Medical Jewelry

This elegant and discrete piece of jewelry is an excellent idea for a present for a practicing, or future doctor or nurse.

It has a sterling-silver stethoscope and heart pendant, with a Swarovski crystal simulated birthstone in a matching color for every month of the year.

The pendant comes with a sterling silver chain and is packed in a beautiful gift box.

This is a premium quality necklace that any medical student, nurse, doctor, or other medical professional will love receiving as a birthday, Christmas, graduation, anniversary, or other.

Brain Mold

Eww. Also, cool. This jello mold features the strongest sex organ on the planet, the brain!! Bet you didn’t think I was going there. It looks pretty anatomically correct, and the right size, too. Don’t just use this for Halloween to spook the kiddos, you could whip this puppy out on any occasion, as long as the person you’re celebrating is still slugging through medical school!

Doctor Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Maybe the best medical student gift is something to help them relax. Coloring is one of the activities that relaxes the brain. If this coloring book contains funny moments from a medical school, it will be the right gift for them. Help your student to relax and laugh by giving them this coloring book.

Coloring isn’t just for kids, anymore. It’s actually super relaxing and can be a great way to meditate for those of us that are afraid of the word. This snarky “adult” coloring book features quippy medical humor and a ton of pages that guarantee a laugh (and a much-needed breather for a student in the middle of finals week).

Brain Cell Plush

Another cellular plushie makes the list! I’m sensing a trend, are these the new Beanie Babies? Will mini-neuron plushies soon be featured in every Mcdonald’s Happy Meal? Get a jump on this fad with an adorable brain neuron plushie, a great gift idea for anyone in the medical profession. This one has a unique, ”anime” style design that makes me want to squeeze the heck out of it.

Syringe Pens and Highlighters

A highlighter is a student’s best friend. They are essential when studying boring, bloated textbooks. I’ve always loved the neon color palette (90’s kid), and I loved marking up my texts during homework with different colors for different things. This kit includes 6 highlighters in the shape of syringes and would complete any med student’s study kit. The kit even includes 4 free syringe pens!

The Anatomy Coloring Book

Another nice adult coloring book for those who don’t have Riddlin scripts. This anatomy coloring book has actually been around for years, circulating from student to student to give not only a brief distraction from the chaos that is medical school but also provide a healthy dose of visual study aids. Color and study, study and color, it’s like kindergarten all over again!

ThinkGeek Laboratory Shot Glasses

Medical school is a lot of work, but along with all of the studying, there is hopefully time for some fun for the medical students too.

This cute ThinkGeek Laboratory shot glass set is a fun and creative gift idea for a medical student.

You get a Florence flask, an Erlenmeyer flask, and four shot cups fashioned after actual beakers. Your friend or family member can experiment with different mixed beverages with scientific precision using the four glass mixing sticks that resemble laboratory pipettes and have precise measurements.

In addition to being a funny and original present suggestion for medical students, lab workers, chemists, and anyone else who uses laboratory equipment will also appreciate this set of shot glasses.

They’re excellent for displaying things and starting conversations, and they’ll help the medical student in your life unwind after a long day of class or work.

Medical Terminology by David Anderson

Just about any medical student is familiar with the struggle of having to go through, memorize, understand, and remember the thousands of medical terms.

This guidebook includes the best exercises, answers, and advice on how to memorize, pronounce, and actually understand complicated and confusing medical terms.

The book is a handy gift idea for any medical or nursing student and will make their life during school and residency much easier.

The book is conveniently broken down into chapters with different Medical Term Exercises, with reviews and tests at the end.

This book is probably the most useful medical guide and textbook that an aspiring doctor, nurse, or any other medical professional will ever receive and own.

Anatomy & Physiology Flash Cards

This complete set of 335 flashcards which explore the human anatomy and physiology with beautiful illustrations and essential information on each one is another superb gift idea for an aspiring physician.

The cards are color-coded for easy organization and are divided into sections for the different human body systems.

They are great for studying and are especially useful for anatomy and physiology classes.

Each card is 4 x 6 inches, printed on durable heavy card stock with UV coating.

They come in a box and are a superb gift idea for aspiring doctors, physiologists, physical therapy graduates, and children and adults who are curious about learning more about how the human body works.

3dRose Trust Me I’M Almost A Doctor Humor Student Gift Mug

This funny mug is an excellent gag gift idea for any kind of future doctor.

The mug is made of premium quality ceramic and is white on the outside, with a black interior and handle.

It has a humorous sign printed in black saying, “Trust me, I’m a doctor” with a fun correction in red saying “almost.”

It is a great gift idea for a future doctor, which is suitable for any occasion or simply as a gift to make your loved one laugh.

Med School Uncensored: The Insider’s Guide to Surviving

Everyone knows that med school is hard, so any helpful advice and guidance are always welcome by aspiring doctors.

This “Guide to surviving admissions, exams, residency and sleepless nights in the call room” is one of the best and most straightforward books about what any future medical student should expect, as well as ways to deal with the pressure, and to get through these difficult times.

This is an entertaining read, written by Doctor Richard Beddingfield, and can actually be very useful for medical students to help them better cope and avoid possible mistakes in medical school.

It is a great gift idea for someone who is going away to medical school and has some fun facts as well as advice, which most students cannot find elsewhere on how to become a doctor.

Nerve Cell Plush Toy

A pretty cute idea for that med student friend of yours who still can’t quite let go of their snuggly wiggly. This plush toy is in the shape of a microbe! What kind of microbe, you ask? I have no idea, ask your med student
friend. I think this would be a super cute gift for a biologist, or a pediatrician to have in their office to make kids smile.

Doctor Wars Hospital Card Game

A unique hospital-themed card game where players collect points by “treating” patients and “curing” them. But don’t worry, no actual medical knowledge is needed to play, just a good sense of humor. This game includes Inside jokes for anyone who works in the medical industry. Perfect for doctors, nurses, med students, or for a fun activity in the waiting room.

Hospital Themed Sticky Notes

These band-aid-themed sticky notes are adorable AND super functional. Label in style with this collection of different-sized sticky pad notes. They come in a small foldable booklet that would fit in any backpack or med kit, or maybe even those oversized pockets doctors always have. An economic and practical gift for anyone, whether they are already a doctor or still in school.

Prestige Medical Dr. Scrubz Bear, 4.4 Ounce

Is your kid going away to medical school? This cuddly and yet cool Prestige Dr.Scrubz Bear is an excellent gift idea that will help keep your child company and lift his or her spirits up during the difficult times and all of the hard work and pressure.

This cute plush medical bear is 10 inches tall and is wearing adorable scrubs, with a cap and mask, just like a real surgeon.

The soft and adorable plush bear is a superb idea for anybody who is studying to become a doctor, or for a practicing doctor. You can also give it to a child with the inspiration of becoming a doctor too.

Мaoqunza Rib Cage Locket Necklace

What gift would a med student actually like to get? The answer is more than obvious, it must be a rib cage necklace.

A nice, cheap, and pretty little necklace featuring a complete set of rib bones. Very punk rock! It’s made of alloy metal, so it’s not going to break the bank. I know I have a couple of friends in medical school who would love this necklace. It’s a classic design with a price point that’s perfect for any occasion.

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