Great Gift Ideas for Mail Carriers and All Other Postal Workers

Gifts For Mail Carriers

The mail carrier plays an essential role in our lives. Day in and day out, he or she transmits important letters, documents, and of course, those pesky monthly bills to our mailboxes. Often working in extreme weather conditions that include excessive heat, rain, snow, and sub-zero temperatures, you can always rely on your friendly mail carrier to deliver your mail.

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So when it comes time to reward or thank this individual, you may want to consider gifts that provide both practical and meaningful. Whether you’re looking to give your mailman a gift or seeking an idea for a friend or family member who is a postal worker, we have you covered with 27 fantastic ideas.

Without further adieu, here are some unique gift ideas to consider for your favorite mail carrier.

Best Gifts for Mailmen and Postal Workers

Best Mailman Ever Coffee Mug

Just imagine what it might be like to have to rise early in the morning because you alone are responsible for delivering something to someone in a timely fashion. When considering a gift for your hard-working acquaintance, keep in mind that a warm cup of coffee or tea might be an ideal way to start their day. In that case, a coffee mug that lets them know that they are the Best Mailman Ever might genuinely be appreciated.

“Deliver Me!” by Terry Flippo

For that mailman with a witty sense of humor that also appreciates a good read, take a look at this book as a gift possibility. He’ll know firsthand the stories told in this book because he experiences them day in and day out. Terry Flippo worked as a mailman for 32 years, and this book presents all the fun adventures he’s been through. This gift lets your mailman (or any other postal worker) know that you sympathize with all the challenges of his job and, at the same time, lets him know that you’re grateful for his hard work!

Best Mailman Ever Travel Mug

This insulated mug is not only a thoughtful gift idea for a mail carrier, but it is a very useful one as well.

The travel mug is made of stainless steel and has double insulated walls and a leak-proof lid so that it can hold the coffee hot or the cold beverage cold for long hours.

It is a beautifully made stainless steel on-the-go mug that has a capacity of 14 oz and has an appreciative sign saying “Best. Mailman. Ever” on each side.

The mug is an excellent gift idea if you want to make compliment the mail carrier who comes to your house on a daily basis, as well as for any relative or friend you have who works in the postal services.

Personalized Mailman Christmas Ornament

Want to surprise your mailman with something special for Christmas this year? Of course, you do! Your hard-working mail carrier really deserves a simple token of your appreciation during the holiday season, and this personalized ornament does just the trick. Unique and handcrafted, your mailman will be proud to add this little treasure to his tree this Christmas season.

Keychain with Postcard Letter Charms

A keychain with letter charms is a good choice when it comes time to thank your mail carrier. Maybe it’s your mail lady’s birthday, and you want to give her something small but something useful. This may just be the right gift for her. She will love that you are thinking of her on a special occasion. Plus, this gift says something very true about your favorite mail carrier – that she’s a First Class Mail Lady!

USPS Postmark T-Shirt

Your mailman works hard for you and others in your neighborhood 6 days a week. Sun and sweat, rain and water, snow and ice won’t stop him from delivering the mail to you. It’s high time that you let your mailman know that his work hasn’t gone unnoticed. This is the perfect gift for doing that – a comfortable and cozy USPS Postmark t-shirt that he can throw on after a hard day’s work.

“The Laughing Postman Redelivers” by Dee B. Myrick

Here’s a meaningful gift idea for a postal worker that loves to read. This book, written by a mail carrier, shares her true and funny stories that only another mail carrier can truly relate to. Perfect for postal carriers to read during breaks or holidays, this gift is certain to bring a smile to their face and brighten up their day!

Set of 4 Patent Prints (mailbox, mailman satchel bag, and mail carrier wagon)

Does your mailman appreciate the finer things in life? Then maybe you’ll want to think about giving him the wonderful gift of art prints. These vintage prints are perfect for mailman and post office employees that are looking to add meaningful decor to their homes or office. So if you’re in shopping for a mailman’s gift and you know that he loves art, then your search can end right here!

Best. Mailman. Ever. Mug

Okay, let’s be frank and honest here. You love your mail carrier, and why wouldn’t you? So when it comes time for gift-giving, this mug should be high on your list of possibilities. After all, if you are seriously lucky enough to have the Best. Mailman. Ever, then you have to let him know this sentiment. And there probably isn’t a better way to convey this message than to display it on a mug for all to see.

World’s Most Awesome Mail Carrier Canvas Tote Bag

You know that big clunky bag that your mail carrier totes around town aren’t very stylish, but it’s part of the job and part of the uniform. So it might be nice to give your mail lady a tote bag that is a little easier on the eyes and on her shoulder. And it might even be nicer to give her something that lets her know that she’s the most awesome mail carrier in the world.

Super Hero Pillow Cover

This is a gift that will bring a little twinkle to your mailman’s eyes – a mailman superhero pillow cover! You know that your mailman possesses supernatural powers- who else can so effortlessly and efficiently travel through wind and rain and snow carrying mounds of mail across their shoulder? Let him know that you appreciate his superhero powers with this adorable pillow cover.

U.S. Mail Mr. Zip T-Shirt

Mr. Zip…he’s fast, he’s reliable, and he’s oh-so-cute! Any mail carrier will truly be grateful for this t-shirt with a vintage design. If you’re in need of something thoughtful, practical, and cute, then consider this tee as a gift. Made of a cotton-poly blend, your postman will light up when he gets this present!

Mail Box Glass Blown Christmas Ornament

When Christmas is right around the corner, and you’re searching high and low for a special gift for the special mail carrier, don’t fret because there is a near-perfect gift for her. This beautifully handcrafted Christmas ornament will be treasured for yours to come and one that will have the gift-receiver thinking about you every year she hangs this ornament on her tree.

Yoda Best Mail Carrier – Novelty Gift Mugs for Star Wars Fans

Why not make the mail carrier smile and feel appreciated with this humorous and sweet Star Wars-themed mug?

The 11-ounce ceramic mug is dishwasher-safe and microwaveable. It has a cute Yoda illustration and a funny sign saying “Yoda Best Mail Carrier.”

The mug is a great idea if you want to thank the mail carrier who comes to your home to deliver your mail. It is also suitable as a gift to a relative or friend who works as a postal worker.

It is durable, and sweet, and is a gift that will make the mail carrier in your life feel valued and special. And it will bring a smile to his or her face every time.

Neither Snow nor Rain: A History of the United States Postal Service

Is your mailman a history buff? If so, then this is a gift that he’ll thank you for each time he deposits your mail in your mailbox. This book beautifully tells the story of the United States Postal Service and how it came to be, as well as the changes that have occurred over its history. A gift that will not be soon forgotten!

Gift-giving to mail carriers and postal workers is a wonderful, although not necessary, idea. Just be mindful that if and when you decide to give a gift, it’s important to check the policies of different delivery services, as there are usually limits as to the value of gifts. Oftentimes, a tip is an easy (and much appreciated) gift, but cash may be prohibited. So if the above gift ideas aren’t feasible, just be sure to check what you can safely give to that very deserving mail carrier. You can check the most current policies by visiting USPS, FedEx, and UPS websites.

Long story short, gifts from our list are acceptable for the mail carrier.

Hummel Goebel “Postman” Porcelain Figurine

If your favorite postwoman collects glass figurines, then you might consider this present for her. This adorable, handcrafted figurine is a perfect decoration for an office, tabletop, or dresser. Make sure your mail lady knows you’re thinking about all she does for you on a daily basis by surprising her with this perfect and cute figurine – she’ll be glad that you did!

Magnetic Mailman and Dog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Buying a gift for people who work for the Post Office isn’t always easy. Well, here’s a gift suggestion that makes buying simple. Cute, useful, and expresses to your postal carrier that you’re thankful for his service, this salt, and pepper shaker will not only bring a smile to his face…it will also add a little spice to his meals!

Die Cast 5 Inch United States Postal Service Truck USPS LLV 

This realistic and premium quality die-cast USPS LLV truck has a scale of 1:36 and is an excellent gift idea for your mail carrier, or any postal worker who you want to make happy.

The cute metal truck is a great display item, and the recipient of the gift will love how detailed it is and how well-made the little toy vehicle is. It even has two sliding side doors and a rear sliding gate.

The truck will run on its own when pulled back on its cute rubber tires and is a great decorative display item, as well as a toy to enjoy.

It is officially licensed by the USPS LLV and is an excellent quality gift to say thanks or to congratulate your mail carrier for any occasion.

21 oz. Mail Carrier Good Day Bad Day Don’t Even Ask Stemless Wine Glass.

This stemless wine glass is a gift that your postal worker or mail carrier friend or relative will love using for drinking their favorite beverage.

The glass has a 21-ounce capacity and is made of dishwasher-safe etched glass with an illustration of a postal service truck and the words mail carrier etched underneath it.

It is stemless and thus less prone to accidental tipping or breaking.

This glass comes in a gift box and is an excellent gift idea for a mail carrier or anyone working in the postal services.

EIGSO Mail Carrier Gift Bracelet

Is your favorite mail carrier retiring? Or do you want to give her a token of your appreciation for her hard work and services?

This beautiful mail carrier bracelet with cute and touching charms is an excellent gift idea for any occasion, or just as a thank, gift.

The stainless steel bracelet is inexpensive and yet is well made and rust-proof and durable.

The bangle is adjustable so that it can fit on just about any lady’s wrist. It has five beautiful charms on it, including a pendant with the words “First Class Mail Lady” stamped on it, a cute postcard with a stamp and the words “I Love You” written in a cursive font, as well as a small pearl charm, an envelope, and a heart.

Your mail carrier will love this gift, which is suitable for a special occasion or simply as an expression of gratitude and as a thank-you gesture.

Tee Luv U.S. Mail Eagle Logo T-Shirt – Soft Touch USPS Shirt

This cool and vintage style T-shirt is another excellent gift idea for a mail carrier or for a person working for the U.S. mail.

The heather grey U.S. Mail Eagle logo T-shirt is made of top-quality soft poly-cotton.

The vintage-looking sign is screen-printed on its front.

The T-shirt has a casual retro look and feel, and yet is very durable and will quickly become the recipient’s favorite shirt to wear.

The Tee Luv comes in small to 3XL sizes and is officially licensed by the US Postal Service.

Personalized Mail Lady Ornament – Mail Lady Gifts – Mail Carrier Ornaments

Your very special mail lady needs an even more special gift, right? Well, with this personalized ornament, you can show her how much you appreciate her.

The ornament depicts a truck, a mailbox, and a smiling female mail carrier. You can order it with the name of the mail lady stamped on the bottom.

This is a reasonably priced ornament that is made of natural birch wood and comes with a delicate gold string.

The recipient of this gift will be touched by your sweet and thoughtful gesture and can use it as a Christmas ornament, or as a decoration for her car, home, or any other place of choice.

Mailman Appreciation Post Office Carrier Gratitude Coffee Mug Cup 11 Ounce

This is a simple yet touching gift idea for the person who comes up to your home regularly, and who makes sure that your mail is delivered promptly no matter what the weather is like.

You can say thank you for the hard work of your mail carrier with this grateful gift for postal workers.

The 11-oz mug says, “Best mailman ever. Thank you very much for your hard work.”

It has a silhouette of a mailman, and is made of premium quality ceramic with a glossy finish, which makes it look great, and also makes it more durable, dishwasher safe, and microwaveable.

Your mail carrier will love this gift and will feel truly appreciated.

Postal Worker Mail Carrier Don’t Mess With The Mailman Tank Top

A fun gift for the funny mailman. Funny mail carrier top workers’ design reads don’t mess with the mailman.

Hey Mr. Postman

Most people like to kick back and watch some television after a full day of work. This is an excellent option for a present for the person who delivers your mail. He’ll be able to kick back and unwind with this film, in which the protagonist discovers firsthand how challenging the job of a postal carrier can be. Your mailman will appreciate this thoughtful present, as will cinema buffs and postal workers.

Mailman Metal Wine Bottle Holder

Thinking of gifting your mailman something special? He gets your mail to your house in the rain and snow and always does it with a smile on his face, so he definitely deserves a special present! This mail-themed handmade metal wine bottle holder is a wonderful way to show that you are thankful for all that he does. It is adorable and a conversation piece.

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NBA Utah Jazz Karl Malone Player Plush Doll

Ah, Karl Malone, The Mailman! Remember NBA superstar Karl Malone was always able to always deliver when it came to scoring for his team? If your mailman is a sports fan, then this is a perfect and humorous gift! He can keep it on the dashboard of his mail truck and remind himself that he’s a star when it comes to delivering the mail.

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