Gifts Your Latin Teacher Will Absolutely Appreciate

Gifts for Latin Teachers

Latin… the original language of the Roman Empire. A classically beautiful written and spoken language that has embraced literature, philosophy, medicine, and other culturally and legally significant documents known throughout world history.

In today’s modern world though, Latin is a dying language. So who better deserves a thoughtful and endearing gift than your Latin teacher, who is endlessly working to keep the language alive? Read on to find that perfect gift.

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Julius Caesar Pencil Holder

Teachers and pencils go hand-in-hand. So why not give that special Latin instructor something that reminds him/her of one of history’s greatest Roman Emperors? Your teacher will be tickled pink with the thought of being able to replicate the great yet brutal leader’s death, especially on days when students just want to give up on learning the nuances of Latin. Affordable, useful, and really something every teacher deserves – a desk-top pencil holder representing the subject matter he/she is really and truly passionate about.

Latin Proverbs: Wisdom from Ancient to Modern Times

We all know that teachers love books, especially those that can be used for reference, enjoyment, and aid in the teaching of their students. So why not get your favorite bookworm a book that assembles some of the most famous and prolific phrases and sayings documented throughout the history of the Latin language era? This book contains more than 1000 Latin proverbs and sayings, all translated into English and compiled into one book. Now that is something any Latin teacher and lover of the Latin language can appreciate!

Roman Empress Costume

Chances are, your Latin teacher enjoys those Roman Empire reenactments more than most. A costume is a great way to make her feel powerful and almighty, just as the Roman Empress Fulvia, wife of Mark Antony felt when she fought against Octavian and occupied Rome. This beautiful dress will capture her heart and make her feel like a true Roman Empress. This gift is also perfect for the teacher whose lessons include theatrical presentations for her students. What better way for students to learn about the origins of Latin than to see their teacher dressed as one of Rome’s most powerful women?

Knock Knock Why You’re The Best Teacher Ever Fill in the Love Book

This fill-in-the-blank book is personal and meaningful for any teacher, including your Latin teacher.

It includes 112 pages, with fill-in-the-blank style phrases, questions, and wishes.

Once you spend the time to fill out those blanks and add your personal touch to this book, it will become one of the most personal and meaningful gifts which your teacher has ever received.

It is a great way to tell your teacher how much you appreciate his or her work and dedication, and also express your feelings why not add a touch of your own humor?

The Knock Knock Why You’re The Best Teacher Ever book is a keepsake that your teacher or professor will surely treasure and enjoy reading and re-reading over time.

Vivant Linguae Mortuae (Long Live Dead Languages) Mug

Your extremely dedicated and passionate Latin teacher is keenly aware of the notion that Latin is indeed (and unfortunately), a dying language. Yet, day in and day out, your teacher keeps the beautiful yet antiquated language alive and kicking. This fun and cute coffee and tea mug comes in two different sizes and serves to remind us all that Latin is going to continue living a long and prosperous life…especially if your Latin teacher has anything to say about it.

Roman King Costume

The Roman kings have often been associated with some of history’s greatest traditions. There are legendary stories of these powerful and religious authoritarians that students continue to study today. Your Latin teacher is probably an expert in this area of history, so if you are looking for a usual gift for your teacher, this just might do the trick. Who doesn’t want to dress up and play the role of Numa Pompilius or Ancus Marcius? It’s very probable that your Latin teacher would!

Encyclopedia of Ancient Rome, Third Edition

Teachers love information and encyclopedias are full of it…so why not consider this as a gift for your Latin teacher? Sometimes it is actually nice to perform research using an old-fashioned encyclopedia rather than the internet to collect information. Remember, Latin teachers, appreciate bygone eras! This book is hard-covered and full of colored photographs and text; informative, in-depth, and sure to be a hit for your favorite ancient history buff. A must-have reference book for any Latin teacher.

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Roman Goddess of Wisdom Bust Statue

A goddess is still decidedly admired in modern times. She is highly adored and possesses beauty, strength, intelligence, and inner peace. We all secretly worship a goddess. But before Beyoncé, there were the Roman goddesses- Juno, Minerva, and Venus to name a few; the list is extensive. And we know that many of our Latin teachers can only be defined as goddesses themselves. Why not remind your teacher that she is a modern-day goddess? A desk-top statue of Minerva is a perfect gift to do just that.

I Teach Latin I Win T-shirt

Teachers are always winners in the majority of people’s eyes. And most teachers take a certain amount of prideful humility in exposing future generations to knowledge and ultimately, power. Therefore, it is important to remind teachers that yes, they are indeed winners.

So what better way to remind them of this sentiment than to surprise your teacher with an I Teach Latin T-shirt? There are several colors to choose from- this is undoubtedly a gift your Latin teacher will love!

Latin for All Occasions by Henry Beard

Your Latin teacher will truly appreciate this gem of a book written by the amazingly funny Henry Beard.

The book which was written by one of the leading comedy writers of our time and founder of the National Lampoon magazine is an absolute “backlists bestsellers.”

It contains hilarious translations of party chit-chat, conversation fillers, conversation enders, pithy Latin expressions, informational Latin, Latin signs, bumper stickers, computer terms, license plate signs, and just about anything you can think of about translated in impeccable Latin.

Even though your Latin teacher is probably fluent in Latin, this book will make him or her laugh, and you will surely be hearing some of the jokes included in it in your future Latin classes too!

CafePress Carpe Diem Large Mug Coffee Mug, Large 15 oz. White Coffee Cup

The Carpe Diem mug is an excellent, inspiring gift for a Latin teacher, or for just about anybody who enjoys following this life philosophy of “seizing the day.”

It is a beautifully made mug that has a 3.25-inch diameter and is 4.5 inches tall and fits 15 ounces of coffee or any other beverage.

The mug is affordable and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

It is also safe to use in a microwave or wash in a dishwasher.

Your Latin teacher or professor will appreciate using this mug, which will make anybody smile.

The New Yorker Book of Teacher Cartoons

If your Latin teacher has a sense of humor, then this absolutely brilliant and hilarious compilation of the best Teacher Cartoons from the New Yorker is one of the greatest gifts you can get him or her for any occasion.

The New Yorker Book of Teacher Cartoons has 160 pages of cartoons that depict the hilarity, anxiety, fun, and anarchy which teachers experience in the classroom.

Included are cartoons by some of the finest cartoonists for The New Yorker magazine, and your teacher will definitely enjoy laughing at the fun which is being poked at both the teachers and the students depicted.

Teacher Gifts I Teach Therefore I Drink Stemless Wine Tritan Plastic 16 Ounce

This inexpensive yet funny and original gift idea is suitable for a Latin teacher present for any occasion.

The wine glass is made of BPA-free shatter-proof Tritan plastic and comes in a pretty gift box ready to be gifted.

The plastic 16-ounce wine tumbler has an illustration of an apple and inside the funny sign – “I Teach. Therefore I Drink.”

Your teacher will love the reference to the classic quote, “I think therefore I exist” by Descartes.

To make the gift even more impressive, you can show off your brilliant Latin skills by adding the quote written in Latin on the gift card, which happens to be “Cogito, ergo sum.”

Teacher Life: A Snarky Chalkboard Coloring Book

Your Latin teacher, just like any other teacher, needs some time to relax, relieve the stress, and possibly get rid of the frustrations of teaching you and a bunch of other students a “dead language,” right?

With this fun coloring book for adults, which is specially designed for teachers, he or they can enjoy coloring these beautiful and, in most cases, hilarious illustrations.

Teacher Life: A Snarky Chalkboard Coloring Book is a gift that your Latin teacher will appreciate receiving and one which will make him or her laugh every time he or she starts coloring a new illustration and funny sign in it.

If your favorite Latin teacher is retiring soon, there are also many special gifts for this occasion.

Men’s Leather Roman Soldier Gladiator Sandals

The Roman Gladiator – a notable fixture in ancient folklore and modern film and entertainment. Professional fighters, brutal combatants, fighting until death; the list goes on and on. In today’s world whereby many warriors protect their feet in metal-toed combat boots, these ancient fighters were as tough as they come, adorning their feet in only leather sandals.

Show your Latin teacher a little respect and gift him something that his ancient heroes wore in organized warfare. Roman Gladiator Sandals are sure to get him in fighting spirit! Thank You Teacher eGift Card

If you want to be sure that your gift will be truly appreciated and will actually be useful, then you may want to consider getting your Latin teacher an Amazon eGift Thank You Teacher gift card.

The card can be for any amount you want, and you can add a personal note to it.

Your teacher can use this Thank You gift card to buy something he or she needs or really wants but has been hesitant to buy for one reason or another.

Latin Language Casual Shoes

Teachers spend their days on their feet, teaching and imparting their knowledge to their pupils. However, prolonged periods of standing can be taxing on the feet, so it goes without saying that supportive footwear is essential. Your Latin instructor will love these adorable and cozy sandals. These shoes are sure to be a conversation starter in the classroom thanks to their eye-catching design, cushioned EVA soles, and printed Latin lines.

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