30+ Gifts Every Giraffe Lover Would Love To Get

Giraffes are gorgeous creatures that roam the earth with striking grace and beauty, so it’s no wonder that many of us have an affinity for them.

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Distinguished, lofty, dignified, and serene, the statuesque necks of giraffes are truly a sight to behold! If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a giraffe enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below is an extensive assortment of items.

Gifts for giraffe lovers

Giraffe Keychain

Nothing says I spent the time to find the cool thing for you like a pendant of something someone loves…and if someone loves giraffes, then really, this is it! This can be used as a keychain, necklace, or bracelet charm, or as something to clip on a backpack or purse, this present is something any giraffe-lover will adore. Made of bronze and leather, this is a thoughtful yet extremely cost-efficient way to tell someone that you are thinking of them.

Recycled Law Book Hidden Flask

If a safari and Africa is someone’s interest and loves cute and beautifully designed bags, look no further than this messenger bag! Perfect for everyday use or for sightseeing trips to the zoo or anywhere else, this is a gift that giraffe lovers will definitely appreciate. Spacious and practical, this perfectly sized bag is something every girl wants in her bag collection.

Ask Me About My Giraffe T-Shirt

We all have a goofy friend with a great sense of humor, and if that friend also adores giraffes, then this is the perfect tee for him! Silly and comical, he will love this t-shirt that asks an all-important question…because who among us doesn’t have a giraffe? Probably none of us, but a laugh is always a great thing! Just pull the shirt over your head, and voilĂ , friends can see firsthand your loving and wonderful giraffe…even if it’s just printed on a t-shirt!

Natural Tiger’s Eye Giraffe Pendant Necklace with Diamonds in 10K Gold

Beautiful and understated, this attractive necklace is certain to bring a smile to any giraffe lover’s face! Who wouldn’t want to adorn their neck with a little bit of shiny bling made up of diamonds and gold? Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or as just as a gesture of kindness, this lovely necklace serves as a perfect reminder that giraffes are animals of beauty.

Cast Bronze Color Safari Giraffes Vase

For the serious collectors of all things giraffes, this is an ideal vase that can have an added bonus of flowers. Beautifully crafted of bronze, this will be a showstopper in any home decor setting. Why not give an unusual gift that will impress even the hardest to please? This is a piece that you can’t miss!

Metal Giraffe Figurine

Now, if you’re looking for unique stuff that you don’t see every day, this idea just might do the trick! Made of scrap metal, nuts, and bolts and forged into the shape of a giraffe, this is something that anyone can add to their collection. Perfect to display on a shelf or a desk, this figurine is sure to add some cool metallic shine to any room decor.

Jewelry Stand

Does your girlfriend love giraffes? Does she think they are just about the cutest thing to walk the earth since dinosaurs? If so, and she also has a large collection of rings, bracelets, and earrings, there isn’t a more suitable jewelry stand than this one! Made of ceramic and dipped in beautiful metallic gold color, this jewelry holder will get plenty of use and looks great on any nightstand or dresser.

Hand Puppet

Do you know a child who loves to put on puppet shows and tell stories? Little ones will love this colorful little puppet that will provide a whirlwind of opportunities for creative story-telling and hours of fun! Just think of all the wonderful and imaginative options kids will have when working with this giraffe in one of their adorable puppet shows. Sturdy and made of wool, kids will have a field day playing with this toy.

Endless Beauty Giraffe Design Sculptured Porcelain Teapot

If you have a tea and coffee-loving grandmother celebrating a milestone birthday and she absolutely adores anything with a giraffe on it, then this exquisite gift might be something to consider. Made by Franz, world-renowned manufacturers of handcrafted and hand-painted luxury porcelain art pieces, this is sure to impress even the most difficult person to buy for. Stunning, elegant, yet extremely useful, this is the right one you may want to consider if you’re looking for a special gift. If your budget is low, you should skip this teapot.

Funnuf Cute Animal Succulent Cactus Flower Planter

Who wouldn’t want a little succulent vase in the formation of a giraffe, especially if that animal happens to be their favorite? A beautifully crafted handmade planter, this tiny colorful pot perfectly holds any succulent flower. Made of resin, this cute plant pot is a brilliant addition to boring and ordinary planters.

Cell Phone Purse

Your daughter is now a ‘tween’…still hanging on as a kid but also growing up right before your very own eyes. Her room is adorned with giraffe stuffed animals and pillows, blankets, and posters. But now she wants a cell phone, so for her birthday, you get her one. But what is your giraffe-obsessed daughter going to carry the phone around in? This giraffe crossbody cell phone purse. Her eyes will light up when she gets this little gift.

Ring Holder

If you have a friend with a large collection of rings and she is looking for someplace to store them all, then this is the sweetest little ring holder. Not only is this an adorable way to display jewelry, but it is also just plain, fun and affordable giraffe gift that lets a loved one know that you care about their passion and them. Beautifully crafted in a stunning copper hue, this ring holder is truly gorgeous.

Book: “Giraffes Can’t Dance”

This book tells the story of Gerald the giraffe, and all he wants to do is dance! Gerald’s legs are long and he lacks gracefulness when he dances. But with a little encouragement, Gerald learns that he can be whoever he wants to be- and a dancer is no exception. Great book for kids from 3-7 years.

Elegant Long Dress

It’s not every day that you’ll come across a dress beautifully and elegantly designed with giraffe-lovers in mind. So if your wife, girlfriend or best friend is a fan, you just might want to consider this lovely gift idea. She’ll be the talk of the town will she promenades down the street in this beach floor-length show stopping dress. If a unique dress is what you’re after, then this is the perfect piece!

Giraffe Touch Lamp

Giraffe lovers will rejoice! If you are looking for a unique yet practical thing to get for your giftee, then look no further than this beautiful lamp featuring their favorite safari animal. Perfect for a home office or any room in the house that needs some ambient lighting, this lamp features a touch base and a glass shade adorned with elegant giraffes.

Hand-painted Mug

Grandpa’s favorite animal is the tallest living animal and though his collection is also large, he can always make room for more themed items. So what’s the perfect item to give him, you might ask? A grazing giraffe coffee mug, of course! He’ll enjoy drinking a warm cup of coffee or tea each morning in this hand-painted mug and he’ll think of his favorite grandchild each and every time he sips a delicious beverage from this marvelous mug.

Awesome Ring

Maybe it’s your anniversary and you are remembering the honeymoon trip you took your wife on years ago. That safari trip far-surpassed any of your expectations. You both spotted numerous giraffes along the way and before you knew it, your wife had a new favorite animal. So years later, why not remind your wife of that wonderful trip with this enameled giraffe ring? She’ll adore you even more when she see’s just how much thought you put into this lovely anniversary gift.

Giraffe Poo

Your giraffe-obsessed friend has everything under the sun when it comes to giraffes…pictures, coffee mugs, jewelry- you name it, she has it. So if you’re not having much luck finding her something she doesn’t already have, then a can of this will be a pleasant surprise! Nothing says happy birthday like a can of giraffe poop! She can use it as a paperweight, or just as a decoration in her giraffe-themed bedroom. Regardless, she’s sure to open something she doesn’t already have.

Little Finger Puppet Board Book

Your giraffe-loving sister just had her first baby and the nursery is completely decorated in a safari theme, chock full of giraffes, of course. What else could you possibly give her that she doesn’t already have? A finger puppet book about a little giraffe! She’ll read it over and over again to her baby, and before you know it, that baby boy of hers will have his own little obsession with giraffes.

Endless Beauty Collection By Franz Giraffe Flower Vase

Are you in need of a high-end gift for that special women in your life who is nutty for all things giraffe? Looking for something understated yet exquisite that will really impress her? You may want to consider a porcelain vase from the world-renowned Franz manufacturers. Add some flowers to this beautiful vase and the day when she received it will become the day that she will remember whole life. Go ahead and splurge – she won’t be disappointed!

The Mountain Russo Giraffe T-Shirt

If you are looking for an awesome shirt to surprise your boyfriend or husband with, then this just might be the shirt you’re looking for. You know he loves giraffes and you want to give him something new to add to his collection. Plus, if he’s also a fan of hip urban art, this is definitely the right shirt to give. You’ll instantly give his wardrobe an upgrade. He’ll be the coolest guy around, and he’ll have you to thank for it.

Giraffe Mug with Spoon in Dark Yellow

If you’re in need of a birthday present or just want to show an old friend a token of your appreciation, this colorful and cute coffee mug is a great solution for any special occasion.

Adult Coloring Book

Have a friend who could use a little stress relief, but you can’t exactly send them to a day spa? Well, this little coloring book might just do the trick. Make them feel like a kid again and have them forget all of their worries while they get lost in an adult coloring book! Intricate designs that focus on giraffes this will bring some much-needed stress relief to anyone!

Sterling Silver Twin Hugging Giraffe Necklace

Young or old, you cannot go wrong with this sweet and lovable sterling silver chain and giraffe pendant with just enough bling to be noticed but not overwhelmed. Perfect for a birthday present or just as a gift to let someone know how special they are to you.

Animal Toothbrush Holder

A toothbrush holder might not be the first gift idea you think of for a child (or “young” adult), but don’t count this idea out until you see just how cute it is! Nothing is more adorable than this handy little gadget. Not only is it sweet, it just might get you kids to want to brush their teeth twice a day! Easy to clean and fun to look at, this giraffe toothbrush holder makes for a wonderful gift for the youngest giraffe lovers.

Dean Russo Giraffe Fleece Throw Blanket

A cozy little throw with catchy giraffe print made of comfy fleece, it probably is at the top of any giraffe lovers wish list. Gorgeous colors make this blanket so desirable and it will cause the problem in the house if there is only one, because everyone wants this blanket for themselves.

40 Inches Hand Made Wooden African Baby Giraffe Statue

Perfect sculpture for any giraffe-obsessed individual, this lovely accent piece will bring beauty and grace to your home decor, especially if you have a room in the house that is safari or giraffe themed. Why not give them something that won’t soon forget? You will not disappoint even the most discerning giraffe lover with this gift.

4 Giraffe Cute Novelty Ballpoint Pen

Here’s a little pen set that any kid who loves giraffes will defiantly love to get, and not only kid. I know an older person who is not a child and has these pens (OK, that’s me.) There’s nothing more fun than doodling with friends using a pen and paper but it’s twice the fun when the pen is this adorable! Want to play a quick game of tic-tac-toe? This pens to the rescue! Kids will have hours of fun sketching squiggling with their friends, so consider this when you’re in need of a cool things for any kid.

Book: “A Giraffe and a Half”

We all love the award winning beloved children’s author Shel Silverstein, so why not add this book to your child’s book collection. This classic book will bring a smile to any kid’s face, but it will certainly be appreciated by those who share a love of all things giraffe. Any child (or adult for that matter) will love to read this book over and over again.

Lifelike Stuffed Giant Giraffe

Oh what fun this gift is for any child! A giant giraffe that towers above a child’s head (a full 4 feet tall) will make thrilled any little boy or girl who adores giraffes. Plush and soft and charmingly cute, this makes an ideal birthday present for toddlers, older children, and even adults who are just young at heart. Because who doesn’t love a stuffed animal that is large enough to require its own floor space in a bedroom or playroom? Plus, it comes with a “100% Happiness Guarantee.”

Giraffe Recycled Glass Nightlight

If you are looking for a gift for that special someone that wraps beauty and simplicity all into one, then this recycled glass nightlight might be exactly what you are looking for. Useful yet attractive, this nightlight will illuminate any room in the house with effortless brilliance. If that special someone in need of a gift happens to be a baby, then this is really just the thing. Not too bright but not too dull, this nightlight will help in lulling an infant to a good night’s sleep.


Now here’s a really cool idea for anyone who loves to build and has a special place in their heart for this animal! There isn’t a better or more fun product for this money than this one. Ideal for any child or for those just young at heart, this Nanoblock Giraffe serves as a fun and creative project for anyone. And when it’s complete, it makes a perfect addition to favorite toy collection.

Stacking Giraffe Measuring Cups

It’s your best friend’s birthday coming up soon and she loves to cook. Useful and cute, these stackable measuring cups is certain to bring a smile to her face. It is also a great addition to any kitchen.

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