Best Gifts for Electricians: The Definitive List 2023

Electricians are indeed superheroes of their own kind. They are like… an everyday version of Thor. And no one gives them enough credit because they are doing such an important job. You are actually so used to having electricity – until it’s gone. And then all hell breaks loose. Then who is saving your day? Electrician, of course.

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They are setting everything in motion so show some appreciation with awesome gifts. Check out our gift guide to find the perfect gift for electricians.

Gifts for Electricians

Pockets Electrician’s Tool Pouch

Ergodyne Arsenal Pockets Electrician’s Tool Pouch – electricians need to have everything they need in one place! It needs to be something like… magician’s hat where all those awesome things are stored. They don’t know which type of screwdriver they will need on their other job – so they need every one of them to do their mission in the proper way. If you decide to buy this gift for your favorite electrician – you are choosing a practical and really useful present they will absolutely adore.

Electrician Official Title

Electricians set all things in motion – but what sets electricians in motion? Caffeine, ridiculous amounts of caffeine probably. So what do you need to give them? Not just any ‘’Employee of the month’’ mug but something more badass. Something that will say ‘’I’m cool, and I know it’’ type of gift. This mug will be a great choice ‘’Electrician is my Official Title, Most People Call Me Badass’’. Because they need to know you admire them, that they are some sort of superheroes. This mug can handle all those caffeine fixes they need so badly.

Pocket Knife Wire Stripper

Looking for a useful gift for electricians? Do you want them to give you a gift that you will use at work? This is one of the best-designed and sharpest knives. SOG Pocket Knife Wire Stripper – “Kilowatt” – every superhero needs their special weapon or artifact. Thor has his hammer, and Doctor Who has his screwdriver – so you need to equip your own real-life superhero with something unique.

Survival knife for the hardwired world! If you decide to buy this tool for your favorite electrician, be sure it will last for a very long time. This model is a completely cool, tough utility and electrician knife. Plus, it comes with a multi-gauge wire stripper for homeowners, contractors, and emergency knife needs.

Magnetic Wristband with Strong Magnets for Holding Screws, Nails, Drill Bits

Talk about magnetic attraction… this gift will be instant love at first sight to your favorite electrician. This gift is practical, awesome, and pretty much useful. Completely new and different use of magnets – 10 strong magnets embedded in the wristband will hold nails, drill bits, screwdrivers, and more. No more losing things around or asking people to add you something (and they are giving you that confused look because they have no idea what you are asking for). Keep things tidy and in order with this awesome wristband.

Reddy Kilowatt

Bring something new to your favorite electrician’s home. They also like to collect awesome things, you know. What about a little something that will tie the room just the right way and something out of the ordinary? They have their own hero – Reddy Kilowatt. To add a hint of vintage to their everyday life. It is funny and quirky and it is a great reminder that they are really doing their job fantastically!

I Work With Strippers Funny Electrician T-Shirt

Working with strippers is never an easy job. Not those strippers, but again, not an easy job. Maybe that mix-up was a reason for you to attend school for electricians. And you are now stuck with your strippers for the rest of your eternity. Not the ones you wanted but what to do. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy sense of humor. This T-shirt is a prime example of a great electrician’s humor. We bet you will put a smile on everyone’s face with it.

Bag with 23 Pockets

This may be not the best, but is one of the most useful electricians’ gifts on our list. Not only ladies are all about bags. Although woman’s bags have a built-in mini super-massive black hole hidden inside(that is why they keep digging through and can’t find anything) – electrician bags are all about pockets.

The more, the merrier! This awesome bag follows that tradition – 10 Pockets inside and 13 pockets outside to organize tools and accessories. Also, there are 10 x 3 Multi-compartment plastic trays to organize small parts – it will make sure that you will not lose anything, ever. So if you are looking for a perfect Christmas present – check this Rolce Royce among the bags for your favorite electrician.

An Electrician’s Notebook

Electricians need to remain in shape, both physically and mentally. There are too many wires, and they need to remain concentrated and keep up with good work…or the consequences could be disastrous. So to keep the wiring in their brain in order – you have this awesome notebook with a puzzle on every page. It is pocket-sized so it is perfect for solving on their break. Also, there is a great addition – a to-do list. They will remember all the important details and appointments. Your favorite electrician will be thrilled with this gift – you might immediately notice a small light bulb above his head.

Digital Multimeter

AstroAI Digital Multimeter with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Voltage Tester Meter – something every electrician can’t imagine a day without. This model is very precise, it accurately measures Voltage, DC current, resistance, diode, continuity, and more. It will help with locating problems in the household even quicker. It is incredibly easy to use – it has a large digital display with a backlit LCD for visibility in dimly light areas. So if you want to shop for something truly special and of use – go for this model, and you can rest assured that you did something awesome for your loved one.

Victorinox Electrician

We already mentioned knives and that every electrician and handyman should have them. And Swiss army knives are well known among them – because they really have everything you need. The silver pocket tool features a large knife blade, electrician’s blade, wire scraper, reamer, bottle opener, screwdriver, and wire stripper…. If there is more space, there would be a mini-fridge for beer, but that is an idea for the next knife series. It is made of a rust-free aluminum alloy separator, stainless steel blades… and a lifetime warranty. If you get this baby for a birthday, it will serve you for years to come.


If you are looking for a useful gift for an electrician, this may be a great solution. What is the missing ingredient besides bags with a ridiculous number of pockets and compartments and knives that are not actually knives? A pair of rubber gloves, of course, you need to get your hands dirty. But not too much. This model is extremely durable – the material on palms and fingers is different and provides you with extra grip. You won’t slip a cable ever again. Spandex material helps your skin to breathe – so you can wear them all day long.


You are never too old for a few things in life – a Disney movie, a funny T-shirt, and of course, funny socks. They are simply the best – both comfy and funny. Only a few would notice it and get your awesome sense of humor. And maybe people would tell you all about their secret superpowers… and show you their matching funny socks.

Metal Key Chain (Electrician Enameled Details)

If you are looking for a great gift – you can’t make a mistake with an awesome keychain. From stainless steel with amazing carving – it was built to last. It can also keep things in order – you will split which keys are from your house and which ones are for your car. Show the world that you are an electrician – and be proud of it.

Lineman Electrician Electric Pole Vinyl Decal Sticker

If you want the world to know that you are proud of your work – and you don’t really want to show your keychain or mug around, a car bumper sticker is a great idea. Talk about guerrilla marketing. It is a simple yet effective way to promote your services even better – everyone will remember the awesome guy with the funny bumper sticker on his car. And they will certainly call you for help. So keep your multi-pocket bag close.

Cool Unique Evolution Of Lineman Electrician Art Gift

Electricians are strange creatures of evolution – they keep climbing up the evolution ladder. Half men, half thunder. And they keep going up. So if you want to surprise your favorite electrician with something unique – buy him this pop socket grip and stand for mobile phones and tablets with evolution print. If they believe in Darwin’s theory, of course. This will be a great addition to their equipment bags. They need a break sometimes, you know.

Work Suspenders in Electrician Pattern

Suspenders are always an elegant choice – they give that final touch to every look. So when you are out of your electrician’s uniform and you are ready to attend some party – you will feel more comfortable using these. Colorful and a little bit cartoonish, they will show the quirky side of your personality, everyone at the party will love them, and you can talk proudly about your work.

Pliers/Cutter Set

This is a gift for an electrician that is not original, not interesting, and not fun but is extremely useful. Insulated Electrician Pliers – when you can’t imagine your day without your three special ladies. These babies are drop forged and heat-treated, made of chrome vanadium steel. Highly durable, they will serve you for a long time, we promise. They are ergonomic and created for a better and more natural grip to reduce the risk of hand fatigue. This set contains 180mm Lineman’s pliers, 180mm diagonal cutting pliers, and 200mm long nose pliers – everything you need in one place.

Electrician What’s Your Superpower Electrician Gift T-Shirt

We already mentioned superpower socks – but you need a T-shirt to match this. Not all the heroes wear capes, some wear awesome T-shirts, and they are all around us, doing magic with wiring and saving the lives of home appliances. You are some sort of the god of thunder, so act like it.

Sigro Electrician Incense Smokers Figure

It’s time to get your favored electrician another mascot. Since it is constructed entirely out of wood, it will not transmit electricity. But it’ll brighten your day and take you back to another era—it certainly has a ’80s vibe. You need your very own realistic-looking action model. Furthermore, he is a skilled smoker, giving him the appearance of an electrician’s version of Sherlock Holmes. If you know an electrician who could use a nice decoration for his tree, consider this one.

Nuts About Work Electrician

We can all go nuts sometimes. But nuts because of how much you love your job? That stuff is simply priceless… For all of you that are simply crazy about rewiring, light fitting, and never blowing a fuse electrician – this is created for you only. Each figure stands on a resin base with a spring – because we know you simply like to move it, move it. This collectible figure will be a perfect part of your office, it will catch everyone’s attention and they will know that you are just the right person to hire.

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