Best Gifts for Dentists That They Will Totally Love To Receive

What are the greatest gifts for a dentist? Check out many fantastic gifts that you can give and delight your dentist, or anyone else who works with teeth. Dentists. Sometimes we hate them and sometimes we love them. The truth is that they are the reason why we are not seeing so many toothless smiles around us.

Have you ever had a dentist friend for whom you didn’t know what to get as a birthday gift? Have you been caught thinking about what Christmas present to give your dentist uncle Thomas or cousin Emma on her dentistry graduation day? Perhaps you want to send a thank you gift to your family dentist for a procedure he did flawlessly – and had no idea what to get!

Do these situations sound familiar? If yes, then we have a couple of great solutions for your dentist gifting woes mentioned right here in this article.

A great way to appreciate the hard work of our dentists is to show them how much we care with a thoughtful gift. We’ve compiled a selection of the most unique, practical, and stylish presents for your dental practitioner. Our list of gifts for dentists features an array of tooth-shaped items, accessories, and even ideas for the office. We guarantee that these dentistry-inspired items will be a pleasant surprise! And who knows, maybe they’ve never received something like this before. So, why not show your appreciation and give them a present they’ll never forget?

Our Pick

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We’ve rounded up some of the top gifts for dentists that they will be excited to get.

Planters/Holders in The Shape of Teeth

Plants are always the right gift, regardless of the person or occasion. But if you’re like me, sometimes getting plants as a gift also is a promise that you will take care of it, or else. The succulent is the perfect type of plant to give someone who maybe doesn’t have a green thumb.

These adorable, white planters are in the shape of teeth and are the perfect size for any type of succulent. And hey, if they end up dying anyway, you can turn these potters into cute pencil holders! It’s a win-win.

Tooth Pattern Coffee Mug

Oh, look! An adorable coffee mug. This particular mug features…you guessed it, teeth. And they even included some cute pink hearts, too. Even though my dentist says I should stay away from coffee, that doesn’t mean that he can’t indulge every once in a while.

Help them out with this small guilt and buy them this unique coffee cup as a thank-you gift for all those years they’ve had to look at the inside of your mouth. It’s the least you can do.

Crystal Tooth

Have you ever seen something up close and realized just how weird and wonderful it truly is? This dentist gift may seem like your average custom paperweight, but that’s a pretty palsy description. Just look at this tooth! It’s a one-pound “anatomy crystal” – the dull greys will surely play with any color scheme in your dentist’s office.

This detailed, well-made, and anatomically correct tooth model is a fantastic piece of artwork. You will not make a mistake if you choose to give this to any dentist or individuals with an interest in dentistry and oral health.

Desk Clock

Every serious professional space needs a themed clock, right? Right. Look no further for your special dentist friend – this silver clock weighs two pounds, so you know its quality. It has a classy, old-timey feel with a traditional clock face. It’s made from alloyed metals, which prove to be long-lasting. Don’t wait to get this one. This dental-themed desk clock will fit perfectly into every dental office as well as in every dental student room.

Dentist Wine Bottle Holder

My dentist says if I drink too much wine, it will stain my teeth. I wish I had this gift with me – that would have shut him up! This wine holder portrays a very friendly-looking dentist and his famous chair (dental engine). But instead of fright and novocaine, this particular dentist is only interested in another glass of pinot. It’s a perfect idea for an enthusiast, or for basically any dentist in the California area (wine country, those lucky ducks…)

Tooth 3D LED Lamp

Dentists also love tech gadgets. This lamp is specially designed for them. It is a touch-enabled, 3D LED light that is shaped like a tooth, complete with a square-shaped etching pattern all over. It’s almost too cool for your dentist. It changes colors! I would buy this for myself. I will buy this for myself.

Teeth Keychain

An adorable keychain – perfect for dental students and dentists, or perhaps for a valued customer. I love anthropomorphic things, and this keychain set does not disappoint. What’s more to say? There is a boy’s tooth and a girl’s tooth, it’s too much! The only thing I think is a bit weird is that the teeth have toothless smiles. I know, meta-overload. Maybe they ate too much candy.

Hand Massager

A treat for dentists’ hands! The hands of a dentist are the parts that get the most tired. With all the instruments they use and the precision required, it’s no big guess that their hands will be under a lot of strain. This massager is a great way to relax or reduce pain in dentists’ hands, wrists, or fingers. This is so a thoughtful and useful gift idea for dentists that will help dental professionals to be easier without pains and provide great dental treatment.

Bonus idea: A gift coupon to a licensed hand massage center or a booking to a manicurist can be two thoughtful ways to repay your dentist in kind.

Dentist Patent Art Prints

Did you know that the art of dentistry was practiced over 1000 years ago in China? The practice has a long and rich history that could be commemorated with this unique gift of 6 individual, vintage-type prints. It would lend any space a sense of depth and individualism, and give the wandering patient’s eye a finer appreciation of history. Plus, they’re just plain pretty. this is a beautiful (and tasty!) way to say thank-you

Funky Tooth Socks

Funky socks and ties are must-have accessories for any doctor that considers themselves to have a funny bone. These particular socks would make a great, easy-to-give gift for a man or woman dentist – or even someone who isn’t directly involved in the field. Who wouldn’t want to try these babies on for size? They come in black and show a repeated pattern of a single tooth.

Teeth Magnets

Again, people, teeth are in! Take it from this millennial, I have several friends who have recently gotten a tattoo of…you guessed it, a tooth! Enter this magnetic set…it has six individual casts of 6 different magnets, 5 white, and one gold. The brand Kikkerland is known for quality and coolness – they make a variety of products I have in my very house, no lie. The price point in this set is also great.

Personalized Maple Wood Case and Two Pens for Dentists

Did you guys know there was an official dentist logo? Me neither. This nice, wooden double pen set comes complete with the very logo I mentioned, as well as an optional message (or name), included in the price. The pens themselves are nice, too. There is one rollerball type, and one ballpoint, so this gift really covers all types of people. Make you’re favorite medical professional take the next step with this fancy set today!

Bow Tie

What do all-male dentists have in common? They all have funky bow ties! Ok, maybe that’s not true…but it should be! Help start a new trend with this cool gift. It’s a black bow tie decorated with those pearly whites you know they love so much. It’s made of super-soft microfiber, and you can machine wash it. The price is a bit high for this list, but you know its quality. This would make a great gift for any young and funky dentist friend you may have.

Dental Sneakers

These are a really cute, really specific pair of knock-off Chuck Taylor’s (although you could argue that the original Taylor design is so much a classic that the phrase knock isn’t fair). They come in light blue and are printed with cute, tattoo-like black designs.

I think my dentist would like them, but I also think anyone would like them. Hint Hint. Buy me these, please. The tricky thing with this gift is you will have to ask the receptionist what shoe size your dentist is. Guaranteed to be a fun conversation.

These dental sneakers are a great graduation gift for dental students.

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Dentist Wall Plaque

A laser-engraved, personalized plaque is pretty old school. I think that’s a good thing. This particular one is layered, creating a 3D effect. The inner and outer rings are stained in Golden Pecan, and the middle ring is stained in Red Mahogany – made of real wood! You can customize it, or get it with the standard saying, “dental care is time well spent”. It will look very good at their dentist’s office.

Smile Ornament

A nice holiday gift is sometimes required, even if you don’t know that special person very well. Maybe it’s for a white elephant party, or maybe you’re from down south and just can’t help but give your mailman or laundry person a little gift this time of year. Look no further – this ornament is the right gift to give. It’s cute, it’s colorful and it’s a great way to say thanks without breaking the bank.

Tooth Fairy Keychain

An adorable Tooth-Fairy likes a keychain. There are several little charms on this one, including some toothpaste, a toothbrush, a little box of floss, and of course an adorable tooth with wings. I think this would make a great gift for any dental hygienist. It’s cheap enough that you could even buy a set for everyone in their office. Parents – maybe you could even buy this bracelet and, as an incentive, give your child a charm each time they lose a tooth!

Female Dental Figurine

Another ornament for the list, although this time there is a lady dentist on this one. I actually think it would be cute for the office Christmas tree for anyone involved in dental hygiene. Each individual ornament on our trees tells a unique story. With this ornament, you will give your dentist the chance to tell your story. It’s sentimental, I know, but it’s gifts like these that are remembered.

PLAYMOBIL Dentist with Patient

Okay, I would have killed for this as a child! Or, you know, now. This playset was made by Playmobil, so you know that the quality is Tip Top and the materials are built to last. It has every dentist’s necessary tools to get the job done right – a Waterpik, a drill, and yes even the chair. This would make a very cute gift for any dentist, or any aspiring dentists that may be lurking in your family.

Tooth Fairy – Tote Bag

A cute, all-natural canvas tote for your dental hygienist to use as almost anything. It could be a lunch bag, something to take to the farmer’s market every Sunday, or a cute accessory to do a lazy picnic day. It shows an adorable little tooth and the text tooth fairy. It comes in two sizes, and what’s best, the company is so confident of its product that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Not a lot of people do that these days. Jump on this deal while it still lasts

Tooth Engraved Journal for Dentists

Just about anyone could use a very nice, leather-bound journal. This particular journal features lined pages, which I really enjoy, because who’s good at handwriting anymore anyway. It comes with a nice black
bookmark string and is covered by a 100% leather-bound shell. The front features a simple outline of a tooth oh, so you get that touch of personalization here. This is a no-brainer gift. Everybody takes notes.

Oral Hygiene Decor

Is their dental office space in need of a little touch-up? Repainting can be expensive, but decals offer extreme personalization at a fraction of the cost. This particular decal comes in a variety of sizes and colors and features the adorable saying tooth be told we love our patients. It’s funky, it’s fresh, and it’s actually pretty funny.

The layout is very hip, and the price point is unbeatable on this one. And it’s pretty durable too. With easy installation on all types of walls (like textured or tiled), you’d be coming up with very few excuses as to why not make this the new statement piece in their dentist’s office space.

Dentist Necktie

Earlier in this list, we featured a very hip bow tie. Well, truth be told, not everyone is into bow ties. If your dentist or dental hygienist is more of a classic type, look no further, for you have found the perfect, essential gift. This tie features the same print as the bowtie but comes in a more classic package. It’s half the funky but still just as much fun. As with the bowtie, it’s made with very nice materials, so you know this one will last.

Dentist Pattern Casual Shoes

A nice, Tom’s-esque slip-on shoe for dentistry students or your dentist friend. This particular shoe is in a nice soft blue. It has some retro prints of mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes…basically anything having to do with teeth. This company offers made-to-order products, meaning that they have no stock. When you call and order, they start from scratch. This is quality craftsmanship. And they look comfy, to boot!

Dental Themed Personalized Back Pack

A black Dental themed personalized backpack, which you can even embroider with your favorite dental student’s name or nickname. This bag looks dirty. It’s made from polyester, so it’s probably pretty good in all types of weather. There are several pockets and pouches on the inside of this backpack, which offer many different areas in which your hygienist will happily stow whatever they need for the day. I like this gift because it’s androgynous – it can be good for a man or a woman or even someone who is maybe still in dental school.

Charm Dentist Jewelry

Remember that charm keychain from earlier in the list? Well, the company also happens to make a charm bracelet! this bracelet is also made with all fine materials, just like the keychain, and comes with an adjustable silver plated bracelet designed to fit a child to an adult. So this gift can also be a good dental gift for patients. It has the same adorable charms, like a tooth, a toothbrush, a little bottle of toothpaste, and my favorite, a box of floss!

If the relationship between you and your dentist is slightly more personal, you have the freedom of choosing a more light-hearted gift.

Hand Painted Figurine – Deep Cavity Dentist

Do you have a penchant for black humor? Look no further people, because you have found what is perhaps the oddest gift on this list. Maybe unique would be a better way to say it. This is a hand-painted clay figurine featuring a dentist and his patient.

The dentist is, well, basically shoving his fist in his patient’s mouth. The text reads this is one deep cavity. Oh boy oh boy. I know there’s a dentist out there who would appreciate this gift. It almost belongs in a museum.

Memory Foam Slippers for Women Dentist

Have you ever noticed that dentists and dental technicians always wear weird-looking shoes? Well, this is because they’re on their feet for an inordinate amount of time each day, and their comfort is actually very important to the job. This gift would not only look great but make your dentist feel great, too. They are lightweight, slip-on flats that feature an ergonomic design. They are unique and come in 4 color options.

Dentist Man in Blue Scrubs Christmas Ornament

This gift is a matching ornament to the lady dentist ornament we covered earlier in the list. It’s colorful, fun, and just cute enough that it would fit in any themed Christmas tree. You could buy the two as a set, and wrap them in a nice box. I think that would make a really nice gift and would be thoughtful and well-appreciated by any dentist who would receive it.

Dentist with Patient Business Card Holder

You still are not sure you have found the right thing that will delight the dentists? There are no dentists who may not like the idea of getting this business cardholder. Every official office needs an official cardholder. This particular cardholder is themed, featuring a dentist, his patient, and of course, his chair. The design is unique and made of all real steel, offering a custom form without sacrificing the sturdiness of the product. It also has a little place to keep three pens, which I think is a pretty cool touch to the whole design of this gift for dentists overall.

Set of dental-themed cookies

Bake your dentist a set of dental-themed cookies in the shapes of teeth, toothbrushes, floss bundles, jawlines, and syringes, and wrap them creatively in a gift basket before presenting. Make sure you frost them in amusing ways relating to dentist stereotypes. You can even top off the gift basket with some good quality dark chocolate – a healthy treat for the teeth!

With so many ideas to choose from, we’re sure you can surprise your dentist and show them how much you truly care for their services. Dentists are life-long companions for most of us and enhancing your relationship with them with these small acts of kindness can go a long way in cementing a lasting professional and personal bond.

Health Tooth 3D Illusion LED Night Light

Very cute Illustrated LED Hall lamp. This comes in a set of two. Both feature a backsplash in pink and tiny, very cute little sketches of teeth. Because of the LED technology, this lamp is guaranteed to last you at least 10 years. That’s incredible! What’s more, the on-off switch works intuitively with the surrounding light, meaning that when it’s naturally dark, this lamp will automatically turn itself on. I am a very lazy person, and I love this idea. This is a cute gift for dental students.

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