Gifts for Computer Science Majors

Gifts for Computer Science Majors

Computer Science must be one of the most interesting majors today. Considering the world is consistently being shaped and impacted by those who form part of the discipline, there is no questioning their importance to us as individuals. One of the first steps many of these persons take is doing a college/university degree in the area.

Since you’re here, we will assume that you know one of these present or future world shapers and you’d like to show that person your appreciation with the presentation of a gift. The question, therefore, is what kind of gift to get for such an individual. We think we may have the answer! The list below features some of the most popular gifts for computer science majors.

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List of Best Computer Scientist Gifts:

Funny programmer T-Shirt

Programming is truly one of the strangest disciplines in the world. It can be such a hassle and such a struggle to figure out why code won’t work after it’s written. Then, in a weird turn of events, it starts to work. This is as common a feat as it is an interesting one because the programmer is just as confused as to why it works as he/she would’ve been as to why it previously didn’t work.

This meme-based T-shirt captures the feeling of uncertainty perfectly and is guaranteed to make anyone familiar with the concept crack up with laughter.

Convertible Laptop Bag

A Computer Science major will likely be carrying around various kinds of stuff while on campus. This will range from the all-important laptop to books and stationery. This sleek-looking knapsack which is capable of fitting laptops up to 17 inches can also be converted to take on a briefcase type of look. The inside is well padded, and the bag is overall waterproof, which keeps the contents safe from any liquid that may want to cause destruction. Every computer scientist needs one great laptop bag for his primary tool.

There will be a true sense of gratitude on the part of any Computer Science major that receives this. This gift is one of the most given gifts for CS Major graduation.

Coffee++ Ceramic Coffee Mug for Coders

Your computer science major child, friend, or relative will love this Coffee++ fun mug made for coders.

It is an affordable and ingenious gift idea for somebody who spends their days and night programming and working and thinking in code.

The mug is made of premium ceramic, with a durable funny code message printed on both sides.

The capacity of the mug is 11 ounces, and it can fit under most coffee makers. It is also microwavable and dishwasher safe.

This will become a mug that your IT friend will love using and having on their computer desk.

Fun Computer Geek Socks for Men – 2 Pack

The computer science major in your life will appreciate the humor and fun of these novelty crew socks designed for computer geeks.

The pack includes two pairs of socks that are comfortable, warm, and long-lasting. Their fun, computer-themed prints, and colors will help your friend or relative stand out from the rest and display his love and passion for computers and programming.

The socks are made of a cotton and microfiber mix and are soft and breathable.

They come in one universal men’s size and will fit men with shoe sizes from 8 to 13.

These socks are an excellent gift idea for just about any occasion for a budding computer genius.

Programmer Nutrition Facts – Glass Coffee Mug

This cleverly designed Programmer Nutrition Facts mug is an inexpensive present that your computer science major friend will absolutely love using.

The mug is see-through and has a list of funny nutritional facts listed on the front and back. Some of the “ingredients” included are patience, debugging, coding skills, Google-Fu, sleep, and caffeine for each serving size, which in this case is “1 nerd.”

The cute and funny mug has a 13-ounce capacity and can safely be placed in a dishwasher and microwaved.

Azio Retro Mechanical Keyboard

What is the thing that computer scientists desire and want? I know you’re probably scratching your noggin right now, wondering how would I know that. Relax, I know them and their wishes. For most mortals, a keyboard is just a keyboard. There is no difference between them and they have the same function. But not for these guys. What’s more exciting to a computer geek than a mechanical keyboard? Nothing.

This awesome gift will rank you as the coolest gift giver ever because this Asio keyboard is the most beautiful mechanical keyboard out there.

Framed Desk Art: “No I Will Not Fix Your Computer”

One of the most common sentiments of any Computer Science major is the expectations of everyone who know they even remotely work with computers. Everyone has a computer problem they want to be fixed and this framed piece of desk artfully captures the feelings of programmers about this trend, especially since most of these problems have nothing to do with programming. The good part is, the light assembly required takes less than a minute to achieve!

Your gift recipient will find this gag gift simply hilarious and we’re sure that it will proudly be placed in a prominent spot.

Gunnar Glasses

If there’s one known fact about programmers, it’s the fact that they spend what can seem like ages in front of computer screens during their work. This means that they expose themselves to a slew of blue light which is known to cause damage to the eyes over time. This becomes even more frightening since many Computer Science majors are also huge fans of video games.

Surprise, delight, and impress your CS friend with a gift idea that highlights usefulness for them, and your awareness of the harmfulness of the screen blue light for their eyes.

Give the gift of eye protection with a pair of these Gunnar glasses that reduce blue light to the eyes by 65% and the gratitude will be endless.

Memory Foam Wrist Support

The search for a Computer Science major’s gifts ends here. As we alluded to before, they spend a lot of time using computers, however, screens are not the only danger. There are conditions and general discomfort from the stationary position of the arms for long periods. The memory foam provides non-skid support to the wrists while the keyboard and mouse are being used. What’s even more amazing is that the hands can be moved along the material for a manually powered wrist massage.

This gift is a show of understanding and care above all else for the health of someone who is following on a career journey.

HTML Code Programmer Wall Clock

A clock is always a welcome and useful decoration to have. Considering that it’s going to be looked at regularly, it may as well have some sort of visual appeal. We should give a quick advisory here, though it is commonplace with most Computer Science majors and students, a basic knowledge of HTML is necessary here to understand that “
” is a tag that means “break”.

This is one of those gifts that will generate a smile every time it is seen just because of its significance and creativity.

IP Address Geek T-Shirt

This gift can be categorized as a bit of a “geeky” one. While we’ll explain it here, even a freshman in Computer Science will understand, love it, and have a laugh at a glance. is an address that all computers interpret as localhost. Essentially, it’s a computer’s way of referencing itself, or “home”. This addressing scheme is used in programming, particularly for those in web development.

So, to programmers, the message translates to “There’s no place like home”. Of course, they will appreciate the creativity behind the way the message is crafted and be happy to show it off among peers.

The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future 

If you are looking for a more useful gift for your computer science-studying friend or family member, then this book, which was written by one of the leading technology writers of our time Kevin Kelly, is an excellent idea.

“The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future” is an essential read for anyone who wants to stay ahead of our time and to know how to prepare for what awaits us in the upcoming decades.

The book delves into the most significant technological breakthroughs which are expected to change our lives. The knowledge shared by Kevin Kelly will help the recipient of this gift to focus more on improving their skills and getting ready for the technological forces, which will become the most essential parts of our lives in the future.

This will no doubt help him, or her be better prepared for a brilliant future career in computers and other IT technology.

Hanes Men’s “I’m Thinking” T-Shirt

This humorous T-shirt has a clever and funny sign which will add some fun to the look of your computer science, major friend, or relative.

The T-shirt is made of 100% soft cotton jersey, and just like all other Hanes T-shirts lacks an annoying and itching tag on the collar.

The “I am Thinking” sign is durable, and the shirt can be machine-washed.

This comfortable T-shirt is also available with other prints suitable for computer geeks and is offered at an affordable price.

It is an excellent gift idea for a birthday, Christmas, a going away to college present, or for any other occasion for someone who spends most of their time in front of a computer screen.

The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

Written by experienced programmers, this book is an incredibly useful guide for newbies and computer science majors.

The 352-page book written by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas is titled “The Pragmatic Programmer”. It is a present that anyone who is dreaming of becoming a successful programmer will appreciate highly.

The book includes much-needed wisdom and advice for new programmers, as well as useful and relevant topics and intriguing analogies that will help the reader get acquainted with the life of a programmer, the associated challenges, and what to expect.

It is one of the most useful gifts you can give to a computer science major, or to anyone who is planning on pursuing a career as a programmer.

Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600)

If your computer science major family member or other close person is spending most of his or her waking hours in front of a computer, then this premium ergonomic Kinesis Advantage 2 keyboard is a gift that will be highly appreciated and will be one of the most useful presents he or she will receive.

The keyboard is designed especially for programmers for ultimate comfort and ease of use.

It is compatible with all operating systems, has palm pads and supports which promote a natural hand and wrist position, Cherry Brown MX mechanical switches, tactile feedback, and everything else that a newbie or advanced coder or programmer has ever dreamed of.

It is a superb gift idea for a special occasion and comes with a 3-year warranty by Kinesis.

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  1. My sister is a developer, and she the biggest meme fan I’ve ever known. She always shows me funny memes, but this time I will show her this meme T-shirt as a gift, and for sure, she will go crazy about it. The programmer T-shirt will be one of the best gifts ever.


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