Gifts for College Professors – Easy Way To Boost Your Grades

College professors need to be loved and appreciated for the many lectures and life lessons that they teach us. Both in and out of the lecture hall, the brilliance of professors is contagiously inspiring.

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We owe them so much more than what we can give them materialistically. Nevertheless, this list of the best gifts for college professors should be able to help you in appreciating your professor to the best of your abilities.

Aristotle Engraved Quote Pen

Awesome Gift For Your College Philosophy or History Professor

Imagine the endless possibilities of your brilliant and inspirational professor using this enlightening and powerful pen to write their earth-shattering thoughts. The deep complexities of the universe are scratched away on paper to bring awesome revelations of life and love to the minds of hungry students and those who are desperate for understanding.

There are a lot of big ideas wrapped up in the ink of this pen, and it is exponentially more capable of expression in the hands of your amazing professor. Or – you know – it could be used to draw great doodles.

STEM Gift Periodic Table Engraved Bamboo Wood Cutting Board

Everyone needs to know the different elements that are in their cooking ingredients. This punny board is great for science and cooking! These both are already interrelated enough, and this handy kitchen utensil will surely bring your professor the edge they need for successful culinary concoctions.

Gordon Ramsey would be emphatically pleased with this board and its sleek design – and who knows? They might use it to make you a special treat for finals week! This is the perfect gift for your college chemistry professor.

Quality Leather Bag

No college professor is complete without a leather laptop bag or briefcase. Everyone knows this for a fact. Seeing any academic professional without this staple of the collegiate industry is completely unheard of! It is Just like catching Indiana Jones without his hat!

Professors need bags every day with the amount of walking they do across your university campus. Help complete your professor’s outfit with this great gift. It will look stunning next to their polyester sweater and a tweed blazer.

Men’s Pre-Tied Novelty Bow Tie

Bowties are the neatest accessories for any professional outfit. This one is particularly neat because it has a pattern of the periodic table on it. Your professor will look extra smart when they stroll into the classroom with this rad bowtie.

Of course, they will impress every person they meet when they add this to their outfit. It could also come in handy if they choose to wear this trendy bowtie on the day of their chemistry exam.

Ornament Best Professor Ever

Who doesn’t need an encouraging gift to tell them they are the best?? This little gift is sure to get your college professor in the Christmas mood and break into those old-time, classic Christmas carols of yule logs and boughs of holly.

Every professor needs to spice up their holidays with some new professor decorations, and this is a great one to tell your professor about how much of a star you think they are.

F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers

Nothing brings college students together like the communal pain of preparing for and taking exams. For this reason, academic memes are the most widely distributed across the internet. This book is a conglomeration of the funniest answers recorded in exams.

These clever responses to exam questions will have you wishing that you had the guts to do the same during your finals. Find comedic relief from your academic studies with this book. Technically, you could count this as successfully getting through a “school” book. It won’t, however, contribute anything to your overall grade.

Professor Funny T-shirt

This snarky tee will have your favorite college professor laughing at your irony and wit. As much as professors enjoy debates and discussions, they rarely have extra time to argue with ridiculous statements.

Let’s be honest, professors are impossibly correct in their statements 99.9% of the time. Professors need to flaunt their intelligence sometimes, and this shirt will proudly exhibit the level of confidence that your professor should have on a daily basis. Plus, everyone looks great in black and block letters.

Superpower Mug

Mugs hold the lifeblood of students and professors alike. They essentially cradle liquid dreams, and drinking the liquid goodness is an even more magical experience if it is drunk from a mug that is a gift from a (favorite) student.

Mugs have the possibility of pleasing the masses because they never go out of style and they are always needed. Add this mug to your college professor’s collection, and they will beam with their super-caffeinated energy to continue using their teaching superpowers.

Personalized Clock

This is a classy gift for the office of your esteemed professor. It’s a great way for you to honor the person who selflessly spends countless hours educating their students. You could give this gift to honor your academic staff or give rewards at your Christmas banquets.

This time of the year is perfect for rewarding those who have worked so hard to teach the next generation of professionals. Its wood finishing and gold plaque will look great on a bookcase filled with huge textbooks and esteemed literature.

Students I’m Your Teacher Travel Mug

Travel mugs are necessary and functional gifts. With all of the Star Wars craze coming about around the world over the past few years.

If you bring this travel mug into the classroom, you are sure to get positive responses from your Star Wars fans. It could also reveal your guilty pleasure to the world and bring you a sense of personal freedom. Your professor will enjoy making other Star Wars friends with this travel mug, and their coffee will stay hot all day.

YANGHX Levitation Floating Globe 4inch

Perfect gift for a professor of Geography, Social Science Education, Meteorology/Climatology, Politics, Human Rights, Geodesy, or Geology…

Teaching globes have become much more advanced! As if you needed more distractions in the classroom – this cool LED globe will have you stunned with its sleek design. It will entertain and educate you at the same time. Your Geography professor will be the coolest with this little gift sitting on their desk.

Instead of working, you might find that your professor will be busy studying their globe. But it will also work to bring light into dim classrooms or academic offices, so it serves a double purpose.

I’ll Just Wait Until It’s Quiet Socks

We’ve all experienced those moments where the classroom is simply uncontrollable. After experiencing these moments, it’s a miracle that your teacher can remain a generally sane person at the end of the day.

They will understand the pain and discouragement of waiting for a class to mature to the point of learning something. It’s a long and arduous process that seems could not be possible while they are still alive. Show your professor that you are, indeed, listening and appreciative of their lectures by giving them one of the most interesting gifts out there.

Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener

Pencil sharpeners are like the water coolers of the classroom. Everyone needs them and meets them. They are the social pinnacle before every exam that requires everyone to bring their no. 2 pencils. Or for your professor, they are the required staple of their office or classroom.

This one is particularly cool because your pencils will come out perfectly sharp and even unlike other sharpeners. Those who are particular about their pencil’s sharpness will appreciate this.

Personalized Teacher Christmas Ornament

Personalized Christmas ornaments are the highlight of sentimental tree decorations. Nostalgia and a sense of love exude from handcrafted gifts.

This adorable figurine will brighten up your teacher’s tree and cause them to feel loved and appreciated for their hard work. These gifts truly mean a lot to professors and teachers alike. Make sure to get it to your teacher before they pack up their tree for the Christmas year!

ENGLISH Street Sign

How easy is it to get lost on a college campus? It is amazing how many students have difficulty finding their classes. Perhaps with this gift, they will be able to find the right classroom that is used by their favorite professor.

You can establish a heavy English and writing presence by pointing out where literary brilliance happens on your campus. Bring their hall to life with these fun signs, and your professors will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks

These cute shower curtains are perfect for home decoration. Although, be careful, because it might be weird having an owl staring at you in the privacy of your bathroom. This will certainly be appreciated by those who love owls and cute cartoon figures. Its colorful design will also complement the styles and interior designs of many different types of bathrooms.

I Teach Therefore I Drink Wine Glass

We all know the students that cause their teachers to drink. If you are one of those students or a parent of one of those students, you should particularly consider gifting these gifts to a college professor as compensation for the many times you’ve driven them to the need to forget.

These glasses are classy and humorous; therefore, they are a complete win in bringing a bit of joy to your teachers this holiday season.

Thank You Walnut Poetry Plaque with Easel Appreciation Poem

Gratitude truly can’t be expressed enough for that special mentor or teacher in your life. They play a special part in preparing us for life, and this plaque does a small part in expressing our appreciation for a lifetime of memories.

Its beautiful design makes for an incredible memento that they will be proud to show off in their teaching space. Although this gift is a bit more serious than the other funny gifts, it encapsulates our enormous gratitude for professors that have marked us for life with their lessons.

Steam punk Lamp

This desk lamp will easily be the coolest source of light in the room. It is inspirational and moody – perfect for long nights of writing and organizing lesson plans. Its Edison-esque design can easily be the perfect accent piece for the office or lecture hall, and its dazzling nature immediately draws the eye to consider how vintage chic your professor is.

The professor will certainly enjoy the fun of turning this light bulb on and off. The light bulb is commonly associated with a great idea (and therefore the name of our site is Gift Light Bulbs). Express your gratitude for all those great ideas that you received from your favorite Prof.

Harry and Severus Snape

Every Harry Potter fan has dreamed of going to Hogwarts, and Professors alike have dreamed of being able to command the classroom like Severus Snape. This imaginative gift is perfect for your wizardly professor for Christmas.

This is one of the cooler Hallmark ornaments, too, because it makes noise! It repeats the iconic scene of Snape’s first impression of Harry. So be prepared to get your professor in the mood for a Harry Potter marathon because that is likely to happen over Winter break.

Tears Of My Students Travel Mug – Sweetened

Crabby teachers are the best kind of teachers. The amount of relatable humor that is expressed by sarcastic teachers is paramount to almost any other occupation.

Should you have the sense of humor to take it, these teachers can make any class extremely entertaining and enjoyable. These kinds of teachers will find this gift to be hilarious, and they will enjoy their sweet beverages (because they don’t need another bitter thing in their life).

Teaching to Change Lives

This gift is certainly more practical for your teacher than other toys. It can enrich their teaching experience, and thereby enrich your learning experience (along with the experience of classes after you). You see, teaching is about so much more than lectures and exams.

In a way, teachers help shape the lives of their students into the people they are growing to be. Our worldviews and patterns of behavior are learned in part through these people who dedicate their careers to making the world a better place.

Electronic Whiteboard Pointer Stick

Bring back the presentation pointers! These helpful little devices are necessary (obviously) for the perfect academic presentation. Pointing at things is an integral part of lecturing.

This pointer can reach the very top of the projector screen – it’s been scientifically tested. Or, you know, they make great back scratches. Either way, your professor will really enjoy this arm extender that makes your life easier.


This is easily the most delicious gift you can give to your professor. They are neatly packaged in a fun box that can be enjoyed for many decorative options after the sweets are gone.

These edible treats are festive and fun! They serve a practical storage purpose and sugar load; they are also sure to be a crowd-pleaser for parties and gift exchanges! You can honestly never go wrong with chocolate cheesecake.


If you’ve ever needed to gaze at the night sky while on a trip to the Poconos, here’s your chance to bring along your telescope in your carry-on.

Teachers and professors may travel a lot and have the opportunity to stare at the skies while on their trips. If they really enjoy astronomy, they will absolutely enjoy the ease with which they can travel with their favorite gadget from home.

Teacher Appreciation Thank You Gift

Brooches are the best for teachers’ blazers and sweaters. It is sentimental and unique, and it comes in an adorable little box. Of course, this little brooch will accompany your teacher in their best and worst days of teaching.

Along the whole way, they will be reminded of your appreciation every day they wear it. They will also be reminded of why they began teaching in the first place.

Yes & No Buzzer Buttons

Be prepared for a fun day of trivia games if you give this to your professor. This game will make your class time so much more interesting, and you will probably learn a lot more, too! Otherwise, you can pull it out for dramatic responses to questions that are asked of you throughout the day. “Do you want to go out to dinner with me?” *pulls out big red button* “NO” *dramatically walks away*. Or you could use it to answer questions related to our solar system.

Once you decide what to give, remember that it’s all about timing

In addition to choosing the right item to give a professor, pay attention to when you deliver the gift. If you hand your college professor a package the morning of a test, they will likely suspect you of bribery.

Make sure your present isn’t seen as a bribe by the professor, as it would violate their moral duty to not be buttered up.

When a course is completed for the semester, it is the perfect opportunity to give a gift. By doing this, you can rest assured that your present will not disrupt the recipient’s studies and you can leave on a high note with your student.

If your professor goes above and beyond to help you out, it’s also appropriate to show your gratitude with a token of your appreciation.

If they meet with you outside of class to do one-on-one professional development, kindly write a letter of recommendation for you, or serve as a job reference as you search for employment, that extra effort should be acknowledged by the recipient of their services.

Be professional in your delivery

Though the best gifts have a personal touch, remember that you are a student in a professor’s place of work. There are ways to ensure that your gift is received well.

Check the professor’s syllabus and your academic institution’s rulebook to see if there are any specific rules that ban gift-giving between students and the faculty. In addition, keep the gift relatively small.

Definitely don’t spend too much on the gift. Going all out on an expensive gift hurts more than your wallet – it puts the college professor in an uncomfortable position, as well. They may feel as if they owe you something. Creating negative emotions is the opposite of what your gift of appreciation should accomplish.

At the end of the day, gift-giving is all about showing a person that you care about their work and appreciate the role they play in your education.

There is nothing wrong with letting your instructors know how much they have impacted you along your educational journey. As long as you keep things professional, your professors will be sure to appreciate a small, well-delivered token of your appreciation.

Maybe these gifts won’t literary boost your grades (keep fingers crossed 🙂 ), but they will certainly surprise your favorite college professor.

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