45 Gifts For Cat Lovers That Are Beyond Purr-fect of 2023

Just about everyone has one or more cat lovers in their life, and finding a proper gift for these feline fanatics can sometimes be quite tricky.

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This year, we’ve put together a selection of the greatest gifts for any cat lover. We’ve got practical presents, thoughtful gifts, and some absolutely side-splittingly funny, weird, and wonderful items.

Whatever you choose, it’ll be sure to make the cat-crazed person in your life smile. So why not take a look and find out which are the most purr-fect presents for the cat-obsessed?

From practical items to meaningful presents, we’ve got something for everyone. There are lots of hilarious, quirky, and entertaining options to pick from too.

So, if you’re looking for the most ideal present for your cat-loving pal, look no further. We’ve got the perfect gift ideas for you right here.

Gifts For Cat Lovers

Sleeping Cat Shaped Bedroom Anti-Slip Area Rug Floor Mats

This cute tabby cat area rug will become the favorite accent in your cat-loving friend’s bedroom or living room.

It is handmade and is 33″ x 17″ inches in size. The bottom of this adorable napping cat-shaped mat is anti-slip, and the mat itself will not lose its color or hair over time.

The cat area mat will also likely become the favorite nap spot for the family cat too.

JJMax Women’s Cute Kitty Cat Paws Socks with Paw Prints on Toes

There is no cat parent who can resist this adorable set of cat-themed socks.

The set includes amazingly cute socks depicting the paws of different cat breeds, including Calico, grey-striped, Blue Russian, and Tabby.

The socks are a universal size that should fit most men and women wearing sizes 5 to 9 for ladies and 5 to 7.5 for men.

The socks are made of cotton blend and are woven rather than printed, so the colors and designs will last for longer.

Their bottom parts have sweet pink kitty paws depicted on them.

You can buy the entire set or choose a pair or two individually.

Helen de Lete Innovative Cat Kitty Sterling Silver Ring

This uniquely designed and made ring will bring pleasure to any cat lover. It is a wrap-style ring shaped like a cat on top and a curly tail on the bottom,

The ring is affordable and yet made of premium quality white copper with 925 sterling silver plating, or completely from sterling silver.

It is available in large and small sizes, so any girl aged 12 or older and every woman who loves cats can have one of these eye-catching rings.

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Koolkatkoo Cute Ceramic Cat Coffee Mug 12 oz. Cat Lovers Kitty Tea Mugs

The Koolkatkoo ceramic mug is among the best coffee mugs for cat lovers on the market. Not only does it have a cat-like shape with ears and a cute kitty face, but the new owner of this adorable mug will find a tiny baby cat staring up from its bottom too.

The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and is available in black and white, black and gold, and white and gold color options.

The 12-oz coffee or tea mug comes in a cute and firm package with a kitty face on it too.

Plate 6.5″ Cat Eyes Set of 4 Assorted Designs by MIYA

This set of four chic plates is a gift that will make your cat-loving loved one jump for joy.

They are beautifully designed and made in Japan from premium quality porcelain. Each of the four plates in this elegant set features a different kitty face and a different kitty expression. They have diameters of 6.5 inches.

All of them are different in color and design and yet work together as a set perfectly.

They are all in the black, white, and gold color palette and will look perfect in any décor.

Late for the Sky Cat-Opoly

This whimsical cat-themed board game has adorable little metal tokens shaped like a ball of yarn, a mouse, a sardine, a milk bottle, and others.

The goal of the game is to buy the cats you want and then take care of them. You will need to collect litter boxes, treat them for fleas and win fish bones by trading your cats.

This is a fun game that will keep the entire family of cat lovers laughing and happy.

It is suitable for children aged 8 and up and for feline-loving adults as well.

Decorbox Cotton Linen Square Throw Pillow Case

This pretty cotton linen throws pillowcase with a bunch of colorful cats on it is a perfect gift idea for a cat lover who loves adding beautiful accents to her or his home.

The pillowcase is made of durable, all-natural materials, and is 18 x 18 inches in size.

You can add a pillow inside for a complete gift for a feline fancier for any occasion.

Sequence Cats Game

This cat card and board game is a great and entertaining way to pass time with family or friends.

Sequence Cats requires the players to match the card with another with the same cat pictured on it.

The player who gets five chips in a row wins the game.

All cards picture different cat breeds and feature a brief description of each one on the card itself, so cat lovers will learn more about the different feline breeds as well. The game is suitable for players aged 7 and up.

Kikkerland Cat Bag Clips, Set of 6

This set of six cute cat bag clips may be a simple gift, but it is also a very useful one.

With the help of these adorable cat-faced clips, the recipient of the gift will be able to keep the bags with cat treats and food closed safely so they remain fresh for longer.

The clips are in black, pink, and white colors, and any cat mom will adore them. Plus, her kitty will thank her for keeping their food tasty and fresh for longer.

Doodling for Cat People

Doodling is a fun way to relieve stress and brainstorm. With this cat-themed doodling book, cat lovers will be able to master their cat doodling skills while enjoying the humorous comments and inspiring guides inside this book.

It is written by Gemma Correll, who is a professional illustrator, and will allow the recipient of the gift to master their doodling and sketching skills so that they can end up drawing the perfect sketch of their own furbaby too.

Kikkerland Cat Butt Magnets, Set of 6 

These cute cat butt magnets are a must-have for any cat lover with a sense of humor. They are sold in sets of 6 hilarious magnets, shaped like the rear ends and tails of six different cat breeds.

They are enjoyable for young and old and will look great on any fridge door.

The cheeky gift will have the recipient laughing and his or her guests adoring them and starting all kinds of conversations about these unique cat butt magnets.

Brookstone Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

If you are looking for a present for a cat-loving tween or teenager, you can’t go wrong with these striking cat ear headphones.

Endorsed by Ariana Grande, these stylish headphones are completely wireless and have a built-in microphone, as well as added speakers.

They come in cute baby pink or blue colors and are definitely eye-grabbing headphones that any girl will love wearing.

They can be used for listening to music, or podcasts, talking on the phone, or sharing music with others.

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Elfeland Children Night Light LED Cute Silicone Cat Lamp 

This adorable cat LED night light shaped like a kitty is the perfect gift for a young cat lover.

It is a completely safe light that can be lit up or turned off with a clap of the hands or via the included remote.

It can light up in 13 different colors, which can be dimmed or programmed to change continuously, to flash, strobe and fade.

The lamp is cordless and can last for up to 15 hours on a single charge of the batteries via the added micro USB cable.

The nightlight is a great addition to a baby’s nursery or a child’s room. It has a timer that can be set to switch off in 30, 60, or 90 minutes after the child has fallen soundly asleep.

Leggings Depot Women’s Ultra Soft Printed Fashion Leggings

These cat-themed leggings are an excellent idea for that fashion-conscious cat-loving girl or woman on your gift list.

The cool cat design and the ultra-soft design and make of these stylish leggings will make them the recipient’s favorite piece of clothing to wear anywhere.

The top-quality spandex and polyester leggings are available in a variety of sizes and in over 40 stunning printed designs.

GUND Pusheen Stuffed Animal Cat Plush, 12″

You don’t have to be a crazy cat person to fall in love with this amazingly cute Pusheen stuffed cat toy. It is a safe and soft toy that is suitable for children aged 1 or up but can also be gifted to adults who will love displaying it as a throw pillow on their sofa or bed.

The cuddly GUND stuffed Pusheen cat is sold in sizes 6, 12, or 19 inches in length.

Evelots Over The Door Hanger Hooks-Kitty Cat-20 Pound ea.

This fun and stylish over-the-door cat hanger is not only a great accent piece but will also be a useful organizing item for the person who receives this gift.

You can purchase it as a single hanger or as a set of two.

It is easy to use and requires no mounting, drilling, or tools.

Each of these cat hangers can hold up to 20 lbs. of coats, towels, and clothes on the hooks on the cat’s paws hanging from above the door.

Ambesonne Cat Lover Decor Collection, Framed Pictures of Cute Cats

This adorable shower curtain with multiple cute cat portraits printed on it is bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The polyester fabric curtain for bathrooms is available in 70 and 75-inch length options.

It comes with 12 plastic hooks, so it can easily be hung in any bathroom.

The beautiful cat-themed shower curtain is stylish, waterproof, and can safely be machine washed without its digital prints and vibrant colors fading over time.

Arshiner Women Bear Plush Cat Paw Claw Glove Soft Winter Gloves

These plush soft cat paw gloves are a superb idea for a stocking stuffer gift. They are suitable for children and adults alike and come in a variety of color combinations and options.

Made of soft and warm coral velvet, the adorable cat paw gloves are an excellent accessory.

Art of Lunch neoprene lunch bag

This neoprene cat-themed lunch bag is a wonderful gift idea for any feline lover. The bag is very stylish and built to last.

It can keep the lunch, snacks, and drinks inside fresh for up to 4 hours, thanks to the insulated 4mm neoprene material used for its making. The tote bag is made of stain-resistant, non-toxic materials and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This Art of Lunch bag with cats features a unique design by Brazilian artist Tobe Fonseca.

It is 12 x 12 x 6.5 inches and can fit food containers of 7 x 6 inches.

When lunchtime is over, the owner can just fold it up and put it in their bag.

Butler in the Home Animal Cat Shaped Paper Clips in Silver Tin

This tin filled with cat-shaped paper clips will brighten up anybody’s day, whether they are working at home or at the office.

The design of the clips is ingenious, and the feline lover will love clipping papers together using these wonderful paper clips.

The 100 white cat-shaped paper clips come in a pretty Butler in the Home silver tin.

Cat Crazy Old Maid

This cat-collecting game is a huge hit, and when playing it, every player wants to end up being the Cat Lady.

The game includes 52 gorgeously illustrated cat cards and a cute metal tin for easy transport.

The fun cat card game is suitable for family game nights and for enjoying a fun time with friends too.

And remember, the goal of the game is to end up being the Cat Lady!

Baker Bliss

This engraved rolling pin is the perfect gift for that cat-loving friend who loves baking too.

It has a wide variety of different cats engraved on it, so the recipient can make cat-embossed cookies, pies, cake icing, and other delicious baked goods.

The wood pin is handmade, and its rolling surface is 7 ¾ inches, while the entire pin is 15 3/5 inches in length.

Sorry, I Can’t. I Have Plans with My Cat T-shirt 

Any cat parent will adore this humorous T-shirt saying, “Sorry I can’t, I have plans with my cat.”

It is available in all sizes and is suitable for men and for women alike.

The grey shirt by BUZZ Shirts is soft and comfortable with a baggy fit, and the recipient of this gift will simply love wearing it.

Cat is the best Friend (Journal, Diary, Notebook for Cat Lover)

Your feline-loving friend or relative will appreciate this sweet gift. It can be used as a journal, a sketchbook, or a composition book.

The Cat is the Best Friend book has 115 pages that cat lovers can use to write down or draw their ideas and thoughts.

It is 6 x 9 inches in size and is an affordable yet thoughtful gift for people who love cats.

It will be a great keepsake for that person for this particular time of their life.

Hug That Bottle

This quirky cat-shaped wine holder is a lovely and humorous idea for a gift for any occasion.

The cute cat will hug the wine bottle and will look even more adorable. Plus, this item is not only pretty, but it is functional and will keep the wine in place.

It is handmade and metal carved and will become a beautiful accent in any home.

Mini Cat Shaped Cake Molds

Cats enjoy lying in a “cat loaf” position with their paws tucked underneath their bodies. This is why this set of 4 cat-shaped molds is such a good idea for a gift for someone who adores cats.

They will be able to make their own edible cat loaves, cupcakes, and other baked or frozen goods with these safe and durable silicone cat-shaped 3D cake molds.

The cake molds can be used for baked and frozen desserts and products and will withstand years of use.

MLM Cute Cartoon Bedroom Eyes Cat Gel Ink Pen Rollerball Pens

This set of 8 cat-shaped ink rollerball pens is a very good idea for a stocking stuffer for anyone young or old who loves cats.

The set includes 4 different cat and color styles, and the pens write very smoothly with black ink.

They are perfect for school or work and will look great on any desk or in a pencil holder.

Crazy Cat Lady CAT BUTT Crochet Drink Coaster Set Funny Cat Gifts

These hilarious crochet cat butt coasters are the perfect gift for that crazy cat lover in your life.

The set includes four different colored 5 x 8-inch handmade crochet coasters depicting a cat butt and tail and is a great gift for anyone who adores cats and has a sense of humor.

The recipient of this gift will have a lot of laughs and comments from visitors and friends about these unique coasters.

by Mark & Margot – Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue Figurine 

This unique cat garden gnome is one decoration that will never go unnoticed, no matter whether it is in the garden or inside the house.

Depicting a mischievous giant cat snacking on garden gnomes, this gift will make everyone laugh.

It is handmade from durable resin, and can withstand all kinds of weather, but is suitable for indoor decoration as well.

Give this hilarious gift to any cat lover with a garden, and you can be sure that it will quickly become the centerpiece there.

Plug It!

This hilarious yet practical wine bottle stopper is a must-have item for any cat lover who loves wine too.

It is made of safe and durable silicone and is shaped in the form of a kitty trying to sneak into the wine bottle. This wine bottle stopper will not only look great but will also help keep the bottle fresh and safe from oxidation.

Your cat-loving friend will thank you for this unique but practical gift.

DII 100% Cotton, Everyday Basic Home Kitchen  Chef’s Apron Meow Cat Print

Does the person you are shopping for love both cats and cooking? This high-quality kitchen apron is one of the best gifts you can get them.

The apron is made of top-quality 100% cotton and will fit all sizes.

It has adorable black cat silhouette prints all over and also has convenient pockets on the front for easy access to recipe cards and cooking tools.

Modern Minute’s Fashionable Feline Chiffon Cat Scarf

This is a budget-friendly yet luxurious-looking cat-themed chiffon scarf that is suitable as a gift for any occasion.

The scarf is beige with black cat prints on it so that it will suit any dress or wardrobe. You can also choose pink and white or black and white.

It is 22 x 64 inches in size, made of 100% polyester, and will look gorgeous on any cat lover.

Cats – Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Earrings

You will make any cat-loving friend happy with this pair of cute and good cat-shaped earrings.

They are handmade from sterling silver and plated with 14K rose gold.

The tiny stylized cats will look well on any feline-loving girl or woman.

Plus, the maker of these darling cat earrings promises to donate a significant percentage of the proceeds to help rescue cats.

In fact, a pair of these earrings will help feed 15 shelter cats! Your friend will definitely love this fact too.

Cat Nap Pillowcase Set

This stylish, premium-quality set of pillowcases will bring even more style and comfort to any cat-loving person.

The set of two high-quality 100% cotton pillowcases is offered in white, mocha, green tea, and cream color, and in standard, queen, and king sizes.

This is a great idea for a birthday, an anniversary, an engagement, or a wedding for a feline-loving person or couple.

Cat Dad, The Original Cat Dad T-Shirt

If you have a proud cat dad in your life, what better way to celebrate this love than by gifting him with this cute cat dad T-shirt?

The t-shirt is handmade and made of poly-cotton heather fabric.

It is offered in sizes from S to 4XL, so there is a Cat Dad shirt for every cat lover out there.

The cat-loving person who receives this wonderful gift will happily wear this cool and soft shirt everywhere.

Special Edition: Big Eyes Cat Umbrella

This quirky compact umbrella with curious cat eyes on the edges is an excellent idea for a gift for an avid cat lover.

It is handmade, and the peeking cat head patterns are hand-silkscreened for a more lasting effect.

The umbrella is made of pongee fabric, fiberglass, and metal and has a diameter of 44 inches.

It can close and open automatically and is collapsible so the recipient of your gift can carry it with them in their purse or backpack.

Bowie Cat Enamel Pin – cat pin – Kitty stardust

This ingenious and stylish shiny lapel pin is an exceptionally good gift idea for just about all cat lovers, especially if they are also David Bowie fans.

The Kitty Stardust pin is handmade from enamel and glitter and highly polished gold. It can be worn on a lapel, a backpack, or a hat and will surely draw everyone’s attention.

Wood Gift Travel Mug CATS LOVE Customized Engraved Tumbler

This unique wood travel mug will not only keep the recipient’s coffee nice and hot but will also warm his or her heart every time.

It features a handmade engraved picture of two sweet kitties cuddling together and napping.

Made from bamboo, this travel mug is insulated and comes with a lid that will keep the drink inside, either piping hot or ice-cold for hours.

You can also order that the recipient’s initials or name be engraved on the travel mug as an additional gesture of love too.

Cat Planter

This super cute Siamese cat succulent planter is one of the most adorable gifts to give a feline lover.

It is handmade and depicts a sleeping Siamese cat face.

The small planter is perfect for small cats and mini succulents and will be a beautiful addition to any desk, table, or shelf.

It is available in a wide variety of colors and comes in a sweet gift box.

The cat planter is a wonderful gift that will bring nature inside and will remind the recipient of you every time.

More Wine Right Meow Glasses

This wine glass for cat lovers is beautifully designed, with a cute colorful print saying “More Wine Right Meow” and depicting cat ears and whiskers.

The glass is stemless, and each one is hand-decorated, so it is unique.

We are pretty sure that the fun and good-looking wine glass will become your loved one’s favorite glass for any beverage from now on.

Cat Lovers Spa Gift Pack Cat

This handmade adorable cat-themed spa kit is a unique gift that will make your loved one extremely happy.

The set contains 3 different cat-themed cold-processed soap bars, as well as a cat-inspired lotion bar.

All of the items are handcrafted and completely safe. They are made of all-natural ingredients and painted with safe paints, so your cat-loving friend can use them for their own personalized spa treatment at home.

They come packed in a wonderful reusable tin box.

Custom illustrated Cat Phone Case

If a person you love adores cats, then this customized phone case could be one of the best gifts they have received in a while.

You can order this case with a hand-painted portrait of the recipient’s cat or other pets. You can also choose the phone model you want the cover for.

The case is made of clear, top-quality silicone and features a beautiful and durable UV-printed personalized portrait of the person’s favorite pet or pets.

Crazy Cat iPad Case

This artsy and colorful iPad case is handmade, sturdy, and padded, and features a design with gorgeous cats like no other.

It will help protect the iPad, as well as keep it upright for easy and hands-free viewing and reading.

The gorgeous feline-themed case will securely keep the iPad in place and has holes for the buttons, the charging cable, and headphones, so the gadget can be used without being removed from its case.

Cute Cat Sticky Notes

These cat sticky notes in tiny cardboard boxes are one of the cutest gift ideas for cat lovers.

You can choose among five different cat breeds and will receive a pack of 30 adorable cat sticky notes and a tiny flat cardboard box which you can assemble to present this adorable gift.

You can order one of each, and the recipient can use them for making notes, use them as page markers, or do messages.

The Original Cat Beard Mug – Cute and Funny Glass Coffee Mug by Nacisse

This ingenious glass mug with a printed cat nose and mouth is a very interesting idea for a gift for any cat lover.

Using it will make the person look like a cat, and will bring a smile to anybody’s face.

The 15-oz glass coffee mug comes in a cute gift box and is suitable for a gift for just about anyone who loves having fun and loves kitties – young or old.


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