Thoughtful and Practical Gifts for Barbers

A barbershop is one of those places a man can go to get away from the heaviness and exhaustion of everyday life, relax, and get pampered with a new haircut or beard style.

The artistry that a barber has is purely amazing and they deserve a thank you for a job well done. Here are some ideas to thank the barber who makes that confidence happen or even to show how proud you are if someone you know happens to be a barber. Pick one of these twenty items and you are sure to be a hit!

Gifts for Barbers

Barbershop Decor

As a barber, serious decorations are hard to come by. A well-decorated yet classy barbershop shows customers that they are serious and classy. With this gorgeous wall-hanging, you can show your barber that you appreciate the classiness of their barbershop and you want to add to the environment and atmosphere by adding some style.

Beard Kit

While people like to smell good when coming from the barbershop, some people can’t handle scents well. It gets expensive to buy supplies that are both scented and unscented. One of the best gifts you can get for the barber in your life is to give them something that can enhance business. This unscented conditioner is perfect as it allows your barber to expand the clientele.

Aftershave Scented Candle

They say that when you find a career you like; you’ll never work a day in your life. I find this to be especially true with people in self-employed and self-motivated fields, such as a barber. When you truly love your job, you welcome anything that reminds you of such. An aftershave scented candle is the perfect gift because it will make your barber feel like they’re in the shop even when they aren’t and just bring a gentle sense of home and belonging wherever they may be.

Barber Chair Desk Clock

Appointments are the key to a successful barbershop. Not only are scheduling and filling appointments, but also making sure you are using the time allotted for each appointment, not only by not exceeding excessive time but not taking too little time either. A clock is a perfect way to make sure you are not doing any of the latter. This adorable yet stylish clock is ideal for the barber in your life. What more could a barber want than a clock in the shape of a barber chair?

The Rich Barber Method: How to Attract Clients, Keep Them, and Charge More

They say that a picture says a thousand words, but I feel like more accurately, a book says a lot more. One way to show your barber how much they are appreciated is to buy them a book about how to make more money, attract more clients, and get richer pursuing their passions. This book contains unmeasurable amounts of advice to bring riches to your barber. What a great way to show your favorite barber how much you care!

Barber Chair

If there is one thing that makes a man feel really confident and ready to take on the world, it is a new haircut. A nice fade, a trim away from the ears, a dye job to hide the gray hair…all of these things plus more can really help a man feel like he can take on the world. To be successful barbers should have skills, tools, and a great chair for their clients. Help them to become ready to take on the world giving them this exclusive gift, one of the best barber chairs for their barbershop.

Barber Pole Ornament

The signature icon of any barber or barbershop is the blue, red, and white spinning pole out front. This has been iconic for many decades and has become symbolic to and of barbers. If you are looking for a Christmas gift or a gift for your barber for any occasion, consider getting them this ornament which is classy yet reminiscent of their career. It includes everything needed to hang it straight on the tree, so it’s the perfect gift!

Wall Art Vintage Barber Shop Tools

Vintage décor is very chic these days, so showing your barber your appreciation by gifting them with décor that is trendy and adds class to their barbershop. This wall handing shows different tools that barbers have used through the years show it will also give you a sense of appreciation for today’s technology. It comes with everything needed to hang it on the wall and is quite large so make sure your barber has room.

Miniature Red Barber Chair Novelty Quartz Clock

A clock is of utmost importance for any professional, but especially for one such as a barber. It is important to keep track of your appointments and how long they last. This clock, in particular, is great because it is a good take on the hard-working barber and would be a welcome addition to any existing collection.

Wine Bottle Holder

There is nothing like working all day at a career you love, going home, and having a glass of wine. That is what makes this gift so unique. It is cool and fun wine holder as well. It depicts all the tools that you would use as a barber, such as scissors and a blow dryer, but it is actually a really cute wine holder. It is made to fit a standard bottle of wine and comes with an opener as well.

World’s Greatest Barber Mug

Coffee is the most important meal of the day. Okay, so maybe not the most important but it is really important. Anything that says the worlds best is a good gift and one that shows a career such as a world’s greatest barber is sure to be a hit. It also gives some free advertising if they take their cup outside of their barbershop!

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