The Best 19 Totally Fun and Creative Gifts for Artists (Updated 2023)

If you are looking for the perfect gift to make the artist in your life happy and to help keep them inspired, then you are in luck, because there are thousands of suitable gift ideas, which you can give to a person who is interested in, learning, teaching or practicing some kind of art.

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Gifts for Artists

In order to make a choice easier for you, we have selected some of the favorite ideas for gifts for artists for 2023.

The Original BUDDHA BOARD: Relaxing Water Painting with Bamboo Brush & Stand

The Original Buddha Board is a very creative idea for gifts for an artist, as well as for anybody who can do with practicing more mindfulness, meditation, and Zen.

The unique board allows you to paint, draw, doodle, or write anything you want on a board filled with water with the included brush, and then admire your creation for a few minutes before it fades away forever.

It is inspired by the Buddhist idea of learning how to let go, as well as living in the moment.

The board, stand, and brush set is some of the perfect gifts for an artist, which will be appreciated by any artist or other person who wants to practice more mindfulness in this busy world.

Women in Art: 50 Fearless Creatives Who Inspired the World

When you think about it, if asked to name 5 famous women artists, you may need some time to recollect the names of more than two or three of them.

The history of art has been largely dominated by men, which is why this wonderful book is an excellent gift idea for an artist friend.

It is an illustrated book that portrays and celebrates 50 female artists who have left their mark on art history.

It is an intriguing book written by Rachel Ignatofsky, and any artist –a man or woman will enjoy finding out more about the lives and work of these amazing women.

KONY Women’s Cotton Novelty Art Printed Crew Socks Famous Artist Painting 

If you are shopping for more entertaining artistic gift ideas, then you should check out these fun-filled socks by Kony.

The socks come with some of the world’s most famous paintings printed on them.

The socks come in women’s 5-9 shoe sizes and are crew socks made of cotton, spandex, and polyester, and are excellent stocking stuffer gift ideas.

The colorful socks have prints portraying the Mona Lisa, the Girl with the Pearl Earring, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, The Scream, and other paintings that the recipient of the present will definitely enjoy wearing and showing them off.

Watercolor Brush Pens by Genuine Crafts – Set of 20 Premium Colors

This affordable set of 20 premium-quality watercolor brush pens offered by Genuine Crafts is among the best artist gift ideas for a young or aspiring artist or for someone who enjoys painting on the go.

With the help of these non-leak brush pens, your artist friend or child will be able to paint, sketch or design anything anywhere, without the need for watercolors, water, separate brushes, and so on.

All of these 20 pens have flexible nylon tips, which, just like brushes, allow for painting beautiful paintings, calligraphy, or anything else, without the need for bottles, brushes, paint boxes, and other bulky and messy painting tools and materials.

The water-based pens are easy to use, and the color palette encompassed by this set is absolutely amazing.

3dRose The earth without art is just eh Mug, 11 oz.

If you want to buy an affordable and fun gift for the artist in your life, then this funny and colorful mug is an excellent idea for a stocking stuffer or other occasion.

It says, “The Earth Without Art is Just “EH,” which is pretty smart and very true.

Your artist friend will most definitely agree with this statement and will most probably enjoy displaying and using this 11-ounce mug.

The colorful mug is microwavable and comes in black and blue interior color options.

Adjustable Artist Apron with Pockets for Women Men Unisex 

Any artist or crafter will appreciate receiving this useful gift for an artist. The Artist Apron by Tour is made of durable canvas, has double-stitched pockets for paint brushes, paint tubes, or other tools and materials, and is designed to be comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

The sturdy pockets will withstand the weight of heavier tools.

Thanks to the cross-back adjustable and soft straps, the person wearing the apron won’t be bothered about the weight from the pockets.

The nifty apron has 4 large and 6 small pockets and comes in one size fits all (49.3 (H) x 25.59 (W) inches).

Paint pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Canvas 12 Acrylic 

This is another art set that can become a highly appreciated gift for anyone who enjoys painting or crafting.

These 12 acrylic marker pens have extra-fine tips and can paint on top of nearly all types of surfaces and materials, including stone, glass, wood, and so on. The ink is fully safe for use and dries quickly, leaving a glossy finish.

The bundle is a great idea for people who like working on DIY projects like decorating mugs, bottles, fabric, and others.

WUSUANED Art is Life Cuff Bangle Bracelet Artists Jewelry Gifts for the Artists 

This affordable yet stylish bangle says it all – “Art is Life.” This is what art actually means to the people who have dedicated their lives to creating it, learning more about it, teaching it, and admiring it.

The bangle is a superb idea as a gift for an artist or an art student.

It is made of hypoallergenic and nickel-free stainless steel and comes gift-wrapped with a velvet pouch.

You can also get one in rose gold or in the form of a keychain too.

Faber-Castell Art and Graphic Collection Mahogany Veneer Case

If you want to give the artist in your family or your life a gift that will truly be treasured and loved, then you may want to opt for this professional Faber-Castell Art and Graphic collection of art materials of the highest quality.

The pencils and pastels included in this amazing collection are all made by the leading brand in art materials, Faber-Castell. They are from both the Art and the Graphic collections by Faber-Castell and are worthy of being used for the creation of a real work of art.

Great of all, they come carefully and safely arranged in a gorgeous luxury mahogany veneer case with slide-out and hinged drawers, which looks stunning too, and which your friend will love showing off in their art studio or workplace.

How to Draw Cool Stuff: A Drawing Guide for Teachers and Students

This drawing guide is a suitable gift for a budding artist, a self-learner, or an art student because it is filled with helpful tips and guides for learning new drawing techniques and drawing “cool stuff.”

One of the most useful art books by artist Catherine V. Holmes includes many actual exercises that will help the aspiring artist learn the basics of drawing and develop these skills further to create more complex and professional drawings and sketches.

The useful guidebook is filled with illustrations by the author and includes professional advice on learning how to draw just about anything – from simple tattoo symbols to photorealistic portraits. It is among the most creative gifts for artist friends you can find.

Castle Art Supplies Graphite Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set (40-Piece Kit) 

This is another art supply set that will bring joy to any artist young or old, newbie, or expert. The Castle Art Supplies Graphic Drawings and Sketch Set include 40 pieces of top-quality wood-encased pastel pencils and graphite pencils with different softness and shades, as well as blending stumps, willow charcoal, blenders, and more.

They come in a convenient zippered carry case that features a unique pop-up stand feature making access to the different drawing tools much easier.

The bundle also comes with a useful tutorial for drawing a gargoyle, which will help get beginner artists started and can be an inspiration to every artist.

The wonderful pencil drawing and sketching kit is reasonably priced and sold with a money-back guarantee.

Butouch Professional Digital Painting Brush Stylus

If you have a tech-savvy artist friend or family member, then this Butouch Professional Digital Painting Brush Stylus is a great gift idea for them. The stylus brush is compatible with all touchscreen devices and can be used for a mess-free painting experience.

The brush has a special design of its tips, which will allow it to glide freely on any touchscreen surface, allowing for the creation of beautiful digital paintings, calligraphy, and other art and graphics.

It will make the artist or person using it feel like they are actually painting with a real brush on a real canvas.

It is an excellent present idea for an artist in training, for children and for adults alike.

29 Pieces Professional Sketching & Drawing Art Tool Kit 

The inexpensive sketching and drawing kit comes in a professional-like canvas rolling pouch and is a fabulous gift idea for any artist who likes to sketch and draw outdoors or when traveling.

The portable drawing kit includes 18 high-quality graphite pencils with varying softness, 3 charcoal pencils – hard, soft, and medium, as well as 3 paper erasable drawing and writing pencils. It also includes a craft knife that doubles as a sharpener and a special rolling pouch made of sturdy canvas with slots for each pencil, eraser, and other essential sketching and drawing tools.

The affordable drawing kit is a perfect gift for artists who like to have everything essential with them just in case they feel the urge to sketch something on the go.

Genuine Leather Pencil Roll Brush Case Pen Holder 

Made of premium quality genuine leather, this brush, pencil, or pen rolling case is a gift idea that will be highly appreciated by art students, experienced painters or graphic artists, and writers.

The high-quality rolling case is a great organizational tool with slots for paintbrushes, pens, pencils, rulers, and other writing and drawing tools.

It folds up with a beautiful and convenient string closure and is compact enough to be carried in a bag or backpack.

When unfolded, the genuine leather case is 9.7 (L) x 7.9 (W) inches in size, and when rolled up, its size is only 4 inches.

With its vintage look and high quality, this is one of the top gifts for artists you can find.

The Organic Painter: Learn to paint with tea, coffee, embroidery, flame

The Organic Painter is a captivating guidebook authored by Carne Griffiths, focused on the exploration of exciting, all-natural alternatives to regular paints for artists. If you’re searching for an amazing gift for a painter or crafter, this book will surely spark their imagination and could lead to a new painting and crafting journey.

In our current day and age, as we’re all trying to reconnect with nature and use more eco-friendly materials, this guidebook is a great read for anyone interested in the use of natural and non-chemical solutions in their craft. It’s one of the most imaginative gifts we could come across.

MEEDEN 124-Piece Deluxe Artist Painting Set with Aluminum and Beech Wood Easel

Of all the sets for artists in this list, the MEEDEN 124-Piece Deluxe set is the most complete one you can find if you want to buy an exceptional present for an aspiring or a working painter.

The bundle contains absolutely everything which the painter in your life will need to get started creating beautiful works of art.

The painting set includes 24 acrylic paint tubes, 24 watercolor paint tubes, 24 oil paint tubes, and sets of 10 different brushes for each type of painting – watercolor, acrylic, and oil. The different sets of paintbrushes come in handy carrying cases.

Also included in this bundle is a high-quality easel made of sturdy aluminum and a real beech wood desktop easel and paintbox.

Plus, there are stretched canvases sized 11 x 14 and 8 x 10 inches and packs of premium quality paper sheets for acrylic, watercolor, and oil painting. There is a plastic paint palette, a wood paint palette, a plastic palette paint mixing knife kit, and a color wheel mixing guide.

Overall, this is the favorite painting set you can buy as a gift for an art student, a child, or any painting enthusiast and for every artist.

LED Light Pad by Craftymint – Large Ultra Thin 19″ Light Up Tracing Tablet

This LED light 19-inch thin tracing tablet is another superb idea for a present for a person interested in art.

It is suitable for use for stenciling, weeding, creating animations, designing tattoos, and many more types of art and crafting applications.

The bright LED light tablet can be powered by a computer, a wall power outlet, or any other USB-enabled device.

It is easy and comfortable to use, and the artist can adjust its brightness to suit their needs and the ambient light.

Prismacolor 3746 Premier Double-Ended Art Markers, Fine and Chisel Tip, 156 Pack

This pack of 156 beautifully colored and premium quality painting and art markers is a perfect gift idea if you have a friend or relative who is a professional artist. It is also suitable as a present for a child or adult who loves coloring books, and for crafters who enjoy decorating and painting their DIY projects.

The high-quality markers included in this fantastic pack have two tips – one chisel type and a fine one.

The markers can be used for drawing, coloring, creating different shades, and for all types of artwork. They are fade-resistant and long-lasting.

They are of high quality and will bring joy to any artist – newbie or pro.

Sketch-A-Day Challenge 2023: 365 Pages of Drawing Prompts to inspire Artists

It is not too late to give this inspiring and fun book to an artist, an art student, or anyone who doesn’t mind being inspired on a daily basis.

The Sketch-a-day challenge book contains 365 drawing prompts for every day of the year. These are designed to incite the imagination and to give new ideas and inspirations to artists – beginners or experienced alike.

Any person who enjoys creating art will appreciate this meaningful and engaging presentations.

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