24 Unique Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers & Equestrians

Finding the perfect gift for someone is usually hard enough. Add in that they are an Equestrian, and it seems to amplify that challenge ten-fold. They love their horses, and normally anything their horse needs (or wants!), they already have. So, what can you buy your horse-loving friends as a gift that they’ll love and treasure?

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Here are some great ideas to get you started that don’t just involve horse-shaped objects or stationary, but range from personalized to unique.

Equestrians gifts

Grooming Kit

Most people with a horse already have a variety of grooming essentials, but it’s quite possibly in a bit of disarray. This set has vital grooming accessories for any level of rider, and they even come all color-coordinated to help you match with their favorite color. Having double-ups of brushes or hoof picks won’t be a problem either, most Equestrians like having a backup of the essentials. It’s also a great chance for them to be able to ‘spring-clean’ their old and overused brushes away.

LED Horse Breastplate Collar

If you know your friend rides along trails or roads, then this gift could be a great idea. Not only does it provide safety in the form of making their horse more visible, but it’s also just a snazzy way to dress up their horse. It comes in different color options, so you’re not just stuck with yellow as the only option.

Sterling Silver Stirrup Necklace

If you’re really stuck and don’t want to buy anything for your friend’s horse, then jewelry is always a timeless option. This gorgeous sterling silver necklace is simple enough that it appeals to horse lovers, but isn’t tacky or unsightly. The best part is, this necklace is light enough to wear underneath their riding clothes, if they choose to wear it every day, including at the barn with their horse.

Horse Treats

Whether it’s a peppermint, sugar cube, or carrot, if you have a horse, you’ve usually got a treat for them nearby. Trying out new treats with your horse is always fun, but not something that equestrians often get to do. A gift of a treated test for your horse is always a welcome surprise for any horse owner, as it allows you to test out new treats for your horse without any upfront cost.

Willow Tree Quiet Strength Hand-Painted Sculpted Plaque

This sculpted plaque is a beautiful horse-themed gift with a deeper meaning, which will be of the liking of any horse fan or anyone who loves animals as a whole.

The Quiet Strength plaque is hand sculpted and painted on a 4 x 5-inch resin plaque.

The beautiful figure of a woman gently handling a horse is bound to touch the heart of anyone who cares about animals.

The plaque comes with a gift card saying “Always there for me,” and is enclosed in an original Willow Tree box, which is ready for gifting.

This is a superb equestrian gift idea for collectors, or for anyone who appreciates beautiful decorations.

The figure itself communicates love, affection, and care for pets and others without the need for any descriptions or words.

Chala Crossbody Horse Leather Multicolor Handbag with Adjustable Strap

This beautifully made PU leather handbag will be highly appreciated by any horse-loving girl, tween, or lady.

The purse is 7 x 5 inches in size and can easily fit a mobile phone, purse, keys, wallet, lipstick, and other essentials. The handbag is lined with soft protective lining, and it has a secure zipper on top.

It has several bank card slots inside and comes with two different strap options, so the recipient of the gift can customize it and wear it as they prefer in different Crossbody configurations.

The PU leather has a hammered texture and a stitched horse and horseshoe. It also has two beautiful charm trinkets, which add to its unique artistic look and style.

This purse is a wonderful gift idea for an equestrian-loving girl or woman and is suitable for any occasion.

Carstens Soft Sherpa Stallion Plush Throw Blanket, Free Rein Collection

The equestrian in your life will absolutely love you for this beautiful and incredibly cozy and soft Sherpa plush throw blanket.

It is made of plush soft polyester with a classic horse in the sunset design with traditional patterns and elements like diamonds and arrowheads, all in beautiful matching sunset hues, and has a Sherpa back.

The soft blanket is 54 x 68 inches in size and is machine washable.

It will quickly become the favorite item for cozying up on the sofa, or for taking a nice nap with the person who receives this beautiful and useful equestrian gift.

Horse Outdoor Wind Chime

Your horse-loving relative or friend will adore this beautiful horse wind chime and will gladly display it in their garden, porch, balcony, or elsewhere for the world to see and hear.

The relaxing tones of this gorgeously designed and made wind chime will help your equine-loving friend relieve the stress and enjoy the peaceful and natural surroundings of their outdoor space.

The wind chime is made of iron, is brown, brass colored, and has a height of 24 inches.

It is a sturdy and premium quality decorative item, which will endure any kind of weather conditions, and will make the recipient of this gift happy for years to come.

Horse Boredom Busters

If you’ve heard your horsey friend talk about their horse getting bored in the barn, or that they are trying to find fun new things to keep their equine pal entertained, this could be for them. The same as with the treats, buying and testing out new gadgets and boredom busters can hit the wallet hard, so having one of these gifted to you to try is a welcome surprise. And if their horse loves it? You’ll be a local hero!

Personalised Farm Sign

If your Equestrian friend owns or runs a barn or has their own property, this sign is a great gift to help them showcase their property. You can have this present fully customized and the best part is, it doesn’t have to be limited to a horse barn name. This could even be used as a sign for their house as well.

Funny Horse Quote Hoodie

If you are looking for something less for their horse, and more for them, this hoodie is a great option. The quote on the back is relatable for equestrians of all disciplines, and a great pullover to wear at the barn, or for everyday use.

Non-Slip Carpet Mat

If you think your friend’s house could use some extra decor, or perhaps their tile or lino floor is a little slippery, then this could be a great, versatile gift. This non-slip carpet mat has a gorgeous image of two bay horses running together and could be used anywhere in the house. Whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, or in their lounge room, it’s a beautiful mat that will complement most rooms.

Personalized Mug

If your friend loves drinking lots of tea, coffee, or another hot beverage, then this cup could be a great personalized gift. It’s easy to buy a generic mug with a generic horse print on there, but what about if you could put your friend’s horse on their own mug? With this gift idea, you can. You can guarantee that it will be a treasured and well-used mug in their cupboard.

Amazing Horse Facts and Trivia Book

Even buying a horse-related book can be difficult for a horse lover – which book do you buy? What discipline do they want to learn more about? Do they already have the book? This horse fact and trivia book is a great gift that should suit all levels of equestrians. With over 400 nuggets of information about horses, it’s sure to have some facts in there that even the most knowledgeable horse lover didn’t know.

Horse Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books have been a hit for a few years now, and the craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If you know your horse-loving friend has either some artistic talent or loves to destress by doodling or coloring, this is a great option. You can even match it with some great coloring pencil options on Amazon as well.

Foster & Rye 2324 Rustic Horseshoe Countertop Rack and Wine Bottle Holder

This rustic horseshoe wine holder is reasonably priced and yet will become the centerpiece of any horse lover’s interior, office, or even in the horse stable.

The wine holder is made of 6 horseshoes with an antique metal finish and can fit up to three wine bottles.

It is an excellent equestrian gift idea for a birthday, wedding, a new home, or any other occasion, and will be highly appreciated by your horse-loving friend or relative.

WANTASTE 3D Horse Lamp, Optical Illusion Night Light for Room Decor

Thanks to its impressive 3D illusion effect, this LED lamp is a perfect equestrian gift idea for a horse lover of any age.

It is made of safe materials and has high-quality LED lights with a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours.

The horse-shaped light can illuminate in seven different colors, and once lit, the horse figure on the lamp will look like a real-life beautiful three-dimensional stallion.

It is an excellent idea for a nightlight for a kid’s room or nursery or can be used as a decorative piece in any room or office by adult hose fans too.

The lamp is affordable but will leave a lasting impression on your horse-loving acquaintance.

The Heritage Forge Rustic Customized Horseshoe Boot Rack 

Handmade of genuine horseshoes, forged together in a clever and beautiful design, this premium steel and metal boot rack is an excellent equestrian gift idea for someone you love who loves horses.

You can order the boot rack to fit one, two, three, or four pairs of boots, and even better, it can have the name of the recipient, or their favorite horse’s name added to this unique design.

This rack will help keep the boots off of the floor, so it is easy to clean underneath them. It will also bring a beautiful horse-themed accent to the home, office, or stable.

Horses Keep Me Stable -Stemless Wine Glass 17-oz

If you are looking for a suitable gift for an equine-loving person with a sense of humor, then this funny wine glass is a great idea.

The glass has a generous 16.5-oz capacity and sits on an elegant stem.

It has a galloping horse silhouette, and the words “Horse Keep Me Stable” are hand engraved on it.

The elegant and humorous glass is built to last and can be washed in a dishwasher.

This wine glass for horse lovers is a premium quality gift, which you can pair with a premium quality bottle of red wine for the perfect equestrian gift for the special horse lover in your life.

For Horse-Crazy Girls Only: Everything You Want to Know About Horses

This fun and useful book was written by horse-crazy girls and is for horse-crazy girls.

It contains interesting information about the different horse breeds, how to take care of horses, what to wear when riding, how to organize horse-themed parties, what movies are a must-see for diehard horse lovers, and many more.

It also has trivia, quizzes, and other fun-filled reads, which will keep the reader intrigued and entertained from the first to the last 160th page of this book.

This is an enjoyable, funny, and useful read, which will appeal to any equestrian fan – young and old.

Your horse-loving child, friend, or relative will love this book which is so relatable for people who absolutely adore horses, and want to know everything about them.

Primitives by Kathy Horse Classic Box Signs

Primitives by Kathy offer a range of six meaningful, funny, and heartfelt boxes designed and made especially for horse lovers.

Any horse enthusiast or proprietor will adore the distressed beauty of the box sign included in this set.

Depending on the person you’re buying for, you can select from a range of humorous or more conventional options.

The wooden crates are both wall-mountable and freestanding pieces of decor.

The boxes and lettering are made to look vintage, thanks to the distressed finishing and rounded corners.

Twine 3829 Old Kentucky Home Derby Wine Bottle Stopper

This gorgeous wine stopper with a beautiful racehorse figure on top will become a much-treasured item by the recipient of this gift.

The horse figure is carefully crafted from pewter and includes all of the intricate details to make the miniature stallion look like a beautiful real-life animal.

The item is not only beautiful but useful as well and will keep the wine safe from oxidation and delicious in taste even when the bottle is opened.

It has a food-safe, durable rubber base, and will fit any standard wine bottle or another bottle with the beverage of your choice.

This horse-themed gift is dedicated to the famous Kentucky Derby, so any equine lover or horse owner will truly appreciate this gift.

Premium Stallion Horse Print Canvas Tote or Shoulder Bag

Any girl or lady who is into horses will love receiving this horse-themed tote bag as a present.

It is a high-quality canvas bag with soft fabric lining and a safe zippered closure on top and added zippered pockets.

The size of the handbag is 17 x 13 x 5.5 inches, and it has an impressive and stylish printed horse pattern which will make it stand out from other bags.’

Its rope shoulder straps add to its unique style

This bag is suitable for everyday use, for school, for work, for shopping, for going out, or for the beach. It is affordable and yet has a premium look.

Late for the Sky Horse-Opoly Board Game

This entertaining Monopoly-style board game is like playing Monopoly, but instead of buying and trading property, the players buy and trade horses.

The cards of the game include some interesting horse-related facts which everyone in the family will enjoy reading and learning.

It has metal tokens that are suitable for horse-loving players, and include a boot, a bag of oats, a saddle, a horseshoe, and a horse trailer.

This amusing board game is suitable for children aged 7 or up, and for adults of all ages, and can be enjoyed by the entire family, or a group of equine-loving friends.

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