Best Get Well Gift Ideas After Surgery

Recovering from surgery can be hard and tedious. Your loved one may need a bit of cheering up during this time. Show them how much you care by sending one of these 23 thoughtful get-well gifts.

These gifts are perfect for providing comfort, entertainment, and inspiration. Whether it’s a cozy blanket, a funny book, or a special message, these presents will show your loved one that you’re thinking of them.

It’s important to let your loved one know that you are here for them during this time. Your gift will be a reminder that they are never alone in their journey to full health.

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Jar with GET Well Messages

This is one of the most creative and one-of-a-kind gifts on our list, and that is an excellent way to show how much you care. Sometimes the recovery process after surgeries can stretch to too long lengths. During that time, the patient certainly needs all the encouragement that they can get! This thoughtful gift will remind your friend every day of your love and support as they get better and work their way back to health. Each message will be a reminder to continue pressing on even though recovery is difficult because you are cheering them on.

Combo Gift Pack for Women Men in Hospital

This gift tote bag carries all the necessities for a healthy and comfortable recovery in the hospital. A blanket, pillow, and eye mask will guarantee a perfect sleeping experience. It can be difficult to sleep in busy hospital places if there is no block-out from distractions and only using uncomfortable communal sleeping situations. By giving this gift, you are, in a sense, giving a piece of home and familiarity to the person you love as their life is being uprooted in their health.

Laughter the Best Medicine

Laughing through the pain, figuratively and literally, is probably the best way to endure complicated recoveries from surgery. This gift is a good opportunity to keep your friend and loved one laughing (or cringing) from cheesy jokes and comical literature. Uplifting humor can be a bright spot – a shining light- in an otherwise dull time of rest and inactivity. Who wants boring when you can have fun? Original jokes will definitely be a solution to the monotony of tedious medical instructions.

Get Well Magic Morsel Dozen Gourmet Chocolate Food Gift Basket

Nothing. Really nothing says “get well” quite like a box of delicious chocolates. These chocolates are perfect for any number of ailments or illnesses (unless it is dietary, of course). Who wouldn’t smile after being handed a box of chocolates? It’s Forrest Gump’s favorite snack, and he definitely knew something about recovery and perseverance. Ask anyone. Chocolate releases the ideal amount of dopamine to get health back on the right track. Its aesthetic is also perfect for gift-giving and classy remembrances of love.

Get Well Gift Set Bundle

Recovery leads to a lot of downtimes, which can be void of an excess of creative energy. Many times, you can find that tv, music, or other entertainment can get tiresome. At these times, it’s good to exercise the brain, and its artistic capacities with some adult coloring books, books, word-finds, and other inspirations find, packaged nicely in a tote. These fun items will be the perfect relief for recovery monotony.

Cushy Form Back Pain Relief Half

One of the worst things when recovering from surgery are possible muscle spasms and aches of the body healing itself. During these times, comfort and body-forming pillows are absolutely necessary for a peaceful day of relaxation. It helps keep blood circulation and sleeping habits in a positive state. Sweet dreams of recovery and relief are sure to come when napping on these pillows. Restless legs will no longer be a problem because this get-well gift will keep your legs elevated and at ease.

Twinings Tea Bags Sampler Assortment

Tea time is certainly something that heals the soul and moves us all into a more natural state of being. Actually, certain teas are quite useful in relaxing muscles and relieving stress. This gift box will be a great joy to your loved one and bring them many times of peace and continue to press on through painful days. Tea is a simple anecdote to cranky moments of stress.

6 Messages to Bring Comfort and Hope For a Fast Recovery

These little glass stones are bright and colorful. The coolest thing about these stones is that there is actually a plethora of different creative things you can do in presenting the encouragement of these stone messages. Treasure hunts, mail attachments, making trails, or using them as part of a higher emotional moment are all up as part of the game with this thoughtful gift after surgery! Use your imagination to show how much you love your patient with these words and thoughts.

Heat Pack Stress Relief Comfort Kit

Many times, recovery struggles are due in part to achy muscles and joints. Heating pads are the perfect remedy for uncomfortable situations. If it aches, put some heat on it, of course! This easy-to-use heating pad kit will surely bring instant relief to your loved one as well as make you a favorite and caring person in their life. Call it intuition, but pain relief instantly makes the heart grow fonder. Plus, the design is perfect and cute to boot!

Feel Like a Sloth? Hang in There!

This funny gift expresses how we all feel after we are down for the count. But its lighthearted humor will help motivate your sick or wounded friend to get back to where they don’t feel like a sloth anymore. It is particularly helpful for patients who milk the pain and need some motivation to get back in the game. Use this fun toy as the right mix of motivation and encouragement to get back on your feet – both figuratively and literally.

Xbox One S 1TB Console

For those long hours of recuperation and rest, it can be easy to get dangerously bored and frustrated. Sometimes video games are the perfect cure for post-operation boredom. Of course, this gift will also be enjoyed for a long while after the recovery wears off and life returns to normal. Hours of fun and entertainment are at your disposal as this console comes equipped with the perfect Minecraft starter pack to get you going on awesome building adventures.

Edible Crunch Card

Do NOT give this gift to humans… unless they are really weird. But you can give this to your best friend if your best friend is a dog! Even pets need “get well” cards! It’s even better if these cards are tasty! If your puppy isn’t feeling well, this treat will get them wagging their tail and headed back in the right direction of feeling loved. It’s so cute and will quickly make you feel better seeing your puppy happy!

Book: “Get Well Soon”

Maybe the road to physical recovery is just a matter of mental strength. This book will surely grant a proper perspective of how bad some health situations have become in the past. It’s true. People automatically start feeling better when they find out someone else is doing worse. Plus, the brain can be exercised by the history of these plagues while the body is temporarily indisposed to regular use.

Get Well Soon Coffee Mug

Mugs give the impression of being the perfect gift for almost any occasion. But especially for individuals in need of hot beverages or soup, they can be an incredibly thoughtful gift for people who are infirm. This bright, cheery mug is the perfect designated “sick mug” for such occasions. It’s little things like these mugs that bring a sentimental sense of comfort during rather dark times. Routine and familiarity will warm the spirit as the tea warms the body.

Jenga Classic Game

Games are a great way to pass the downtime of recovery. Grab a friend or two and dive into this fun game that begins deep-rooted rivalries and fun stories! Jenga is a game that can go on for hours because it is so simple and addictive in competitions and tournaments. This gift is easy to give and is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Games keep patients occupied and motivated to do well and recover quickly!

Compassion Blanket -Strength Courage Super Soft Warm Hugs, Get Well Gift

This plush soft fleece and Sherpa blanket will not only bring physical comfort and warmth to a person who has just undergone surgery, but it will bring them warmth and comfort mentally too.

The super-soft blanket is an excellent idea for a get-well and encouragement gift.

It comes in navy blue, teal, purple, and silver-grey colors, and has sweet and thoughtful wishes and messages printed all over it. The size of the blanket is 60 x 50 inches, and it is hypoallergenic and can safely be washed in a washing machine.

Your recovering relative or friend will be touched by the wishful thinking, and all the positive thoughts, and encouragement you have given them.

The 100% polyester blanket has soft fleece on the front and a cozy, wool-like Sherpa lining on the inside.

The fabrics are light and breathable, and yet will keep your loved one warm and comfortable through those difficult times.

Surgery Survivor: Original Content, Imported Parts Funny Patient T-Shirt

They say that humor is the best medicine, so why not give your recovering friend this funny T-shirt as a get-well present after surgery?

The T-shirt is made of 90% US-sourced cotton and 10% polyester and is available in sizes for youth, men and women.

The comfortable ring-spun T-shirt will not fade and will stay vibrant and fun as your loved one recovers.

It says “Surgery Survivor: Original content, with some imported parts,” which is silkscreened on the front of the shirt with a top-quality durable print.

It will help bring a smile and a reason for a giggle for both the patient and the medical personnel taking care of him or her.

Aurora – Bear – 12″ Get Well Bear

This cute and cuddly get-well teddy bear will help any patient feel more comfortable and loved as they recover from surgery.

The adorable plush toy is made of premium materials, which make it silky soft, and perfectly safe, even for patients in a hospital and intensive care.

It is 12 inches tall and has a cute band-aid on the belly, which says “Get well” as well as an adorable little blue ice pack on the head.

You can even have the Aurora bear personalized, with the name of your friend or family member embroidered on one of its paws.

This cuddly get-well gift will be appreciated by anybody recovering from surgery – young or old.

Willow Tree Angel of Healing, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Give your relative or friend who has undergone an operation this Angel of Healing figurine by Willow Tree’s artist Suzan Lordi, and it will help them feel cared for by a guardian angel as they recover.

The beautiful hand-painted resin figure is 5 inches tall and has delicate wire wings. It can be placed beside the bed, or on a nearby shelf or table, and will help give strength and hope to a loved one who is going through a difficult time.

The angel is holding a little grey bird as gently and with as much love and care as possible. This will hopefully reassure your ailing friend that he or she is being cared for and loved too.

The beautiful figurine comes in an original Willow Tree gift box and an enclosed card that says “Angel of healing. For those who give comfort with caring and tenderness.”

Get Well Gift Set – Fleece Blanket, Coloring and Puzzle Book, Colored Pencils

This Get well gift set includes everything that your recovering friend or a family member needs to stay as comfortable as possible, and entertained as they get well from a surgical procedure.

The set includes a 50 x 60-inch plush soft fleece throw, a book with crossword puzzles, a booklet with word finds, a coloring book for adults titled, and a box of ten pre-sharpened colored pencils.

This gift will help pass the time faster and easier as your loved one recovers and gets better.

On The Bright Side, You Don’t Have To Wear A Cone: 100 Easy Puzzles In Large Print

Help a loved one pass the time while recovering from surgery with this fun and entertaining get-well gift.

The title of the booklet is bound to make anyone smile and refers to the poor pups who often end up wearing uncomfortable and embarrassing cones around their necks after surgery.

It includes 100 Sudoku puzzles all in larger print, and with added solutions, so your friend can stay engaged, keep their brain working, and have something to do while staying in the hospital or recovering at home.


Sometimes all you need when you aren’t feeling well is a plush companion to keep you company. Of course, this gift is something you can hug and cherish, even past surgery recovery time. It is a lasting memory of encouragement and affection that your loved one will feel for a long time to come. It will bring a sense of warmth and belonging to your recovering friend that they will be able to cling to for hope.

Comedy Movies

Of course, some of the best things to do when in recovery mode is to sit back, let your body rest, and watch a ridiculous amount of movies you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to catch up on. Amazon has excellent selections of movies to start your binge-watching. With this option, you can gift movies to your loved ones who are stuck in bed and have nothing fun to do.

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