Funny Gifts for Lawyers to Boost Their Mood and Put Smile on Their Faces

Many lawyers have gotten a bad rap in our culture. But the reality is, they are also the ones we turn to in order to help us out of tight jams. So how do we show appreciation to the lawyers who have been there through the struggles, and ensure everything goes as planned?

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This year skip the usual boring gifts and go with these gag gifts that can put a smile even on a lawyer’s poker face! Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, or a thank-you gift, here are some funny gift ideas for your lawyer, because even when you are showing appreciation, it’s important to also have a good laugh.

Funny Gifts for Lawyers

Recycled Law Book Hidden Flask

Walk into any lawyer’s office and you will notice how many books they have. Bookshelves line their walls and provide some much-needed resources during all those long hours of hard work. But everyone needs a little break from all that reading. So how about you show your lawyer that you recognize all the long hours he or she has put in and give them this flask to hide among their large book collection? They will thank you for those long, hard evenings when they can pull out their flask and take a breath.

Law Chess Set

Lawyers live a busy lifestyle, often working many long nights to wrap up a case. With all that studying and defending that your lawyer does, it’s nice for them to have time to unwind and play a thoughtful game of chess. With this unique chess set, your lawyer will be able to enjoy playing and be able to display the set in their office. And with this unique display, they will always be reminded of the importance of taking time for themselves.

The World’s Funniest Lawyer Jokes

Everyone needs a good laugh, and everyone needs to learn to laugh at themselves. That is why we have created so many jokes in our culture, aimed at different groups and professions. Lawyers in particular have had many jokes told about them. So how about you encourage your lawyer to laugh at themselves by giving them this book of lawyer jokes, especially on those exceptionally difficult days?

Legal Decision Maker

Ever wonder how lawyers make quick, difficult decisions with seemly no effort? Well, your question has finally been answered with this decision-making paperweight. It makes the stress of the decision-making process simple and convenient, at least for your lawyer. So if your lawyer is one who struggles with these quick decisions, consider giving this paperweight to ease some of that stress and allow him or her to focus on the more important things.

Constitution of United States Silk Necktie

It’s essential for lawyers to look their best – after all, it conveys a message of confidence and success. With this necktie, your lawyer will not only look like a professional but will also be able to show off their love for the constitution. Who wouldn’t want their lawyer to look this good? It’s the perfect way for them to show that they know how to win.

Having the right clothes to wear is an absolute must for lawyers. It helps them to look polished and competent, and it gives the impression that they are highly successful. This necktie is the perfect accessory to help them show off their appreciation for the law. Not only that, but it helps to emphasize the importance of their role.

Good clothing is non-negotiable for lawyers. It gives off the signal that they are knowledgeable and reliable. With this necktie, your lawyer will be able to not only look at the part but will also be able to carry a symbol of the constitution with them. It’s the perfect way to demonstrate their ability to win.

In conclusion, lawyers need to look their best. This necktie is the perfect way for them to show off their skills, as well as convey their passion for the law. It’s an accessory that will help them look professional and will demonstrate their commitment to success. Who wouldn’t want their lawyer to have this kind of look?

Movie: “Liar Liar”

It’s no debate that the best way for anyone to brush up on their skills in any area is to find the funniest movie about that profession and then do nothing as the characters suggest. So if you feel that your lawyer could use a touch-up on some of his or her skills or just need a good laugh, how about you give him or her a copy of “Liar Liar?” Not only will your lawyer learn some much-needed skills, but he or she will also be laughing uncontrollably for hours.

Law Degree Coffee Mug

For all of you who walk into your lawyer’s office with google research in hand knowing you have, it all figured out and telling your lawyer how to do his or her job, this gift is perfect. This mug will help remind you every time you walk into his or her office that despite your hours and hours of reading and studying on google, your lawyer is still the one with the degree. And when you still try to convince your lawyer that your way is better, all he or she has to do is point to the mug you gave them.

BS Button

Ever feel like your lawyer is always having to call people out on their crap. He or she must spend an enormous amount of energy calling people on their BS – of course, that doesn’t include you, just all his or her other clients. Well, with this BS button, you can save your lawyer from spending all that energy on other’s people crap so he or she can focus more on yours (not your crap, just your problem).

White Color Lawyer George Washington Wig

Do you feel like your lawyer does an amazing job, but just doesn’t quite look the part? Or maybe you think his or her skills would improve if only they had the right hair for the job. Well, then how about you give them this white lawyer’s wig to help them out? Even if it doesn’t work, they get a cool retro lawyer hairstyle out of it.

The Snark Bible

Every lawyer needs to be able to speak wisdom to their clients; it’s part of their job. And everyone knows that the best way to impart wisdom is through witty comebacks and sarcastic remarks – is there really any other way? So how about you help your lawyer out and give him or her a book filled with wisdom that they can pull out on a moment’s notice, especially for those clients who just are not quite getting it?


Hopefully, by now, everyone knows that “clothes make the man.” Therefore, every good lawyer needs a good set of clothes. Without it, he or she just wouldn’t make much of an impression, at least not a good one. And everyone also knows that the most important article of clothing is the socks you wear. With these socks, you can help your lawyer look fashionable and have comfortable feet – or just have a pair of socks to throw on while relaxing at home.

Disappearing Civil Liberties Coffee Mug

Have you always wondered where your civil liberties keep going? Well with this mug you can see your liberties disappear right before your eyes. So while at first glance you may think this mug will remind your lawyer of the whole Bill of Rights, think again. With this mug, he or she will be able to continually watch them disappear only to reappear later. Maybe this will help him or her remember what they are fighting for, or at least know which rights are the most important.

Kill All the Lawyers?: Shakespeare’s Legal Appeal

Are you a little angry at your lawyer? How about you give him or her this book entitled, “Kill All the Lawyers?” But unlike its name suggests, it’s not killing lawyers so maybe save this for when you do not actually anger your lawyer. Instead, use this book to bring him or her some Shakespearean legal knowledge, and maybe don’t threaten your lawyer, ever, even if you are angry.

Profisti “The Lawyer” and the Judge Parastone Figurine

Still haven’t been able to find that perfect gift for your lawyer but just know it’s out there. Well, every lawyer needs to have a good figurine for his or her bookshelf. While it makes for great decoration, it also does a wonderful job reminding your lawyer that they are in fact a lawyer. So on those days they are feeling lost and confused about where they are, they can look at their figurine and think, “Oh, yeah. I am a lawyer” – because we all have those days.

Pen Holder

With all that built-up frustration your lawyer has between repeating themselves for the hundredth time to a client to dealing with judges and other lawyers, it’s a miracle that they haven’t actually stabbed anyone themselves. So do your lawyer a favor, and give him or her this silicone pen holder so they can take out their frustrations without breaking the law themselves. Not only will you give them away to relieve their stress, but you will give or her clients a reminder not to ask the same question a hundred times.

The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons

Do you think your lawyer needs to take a break and have a laugh at him or herself – or some of the many other lawyers out there that don’t quite have it all together? Well, look no further than this book of lawyer cartoons. You know how stressed and frustrated your lawyer gets, so give him or her permission to sit back for a few minutes and have a good laugh at all the crazy things other lawyers have done.

Come Back with a Warrant Coir Doormat

People like to stop by our houses or offices for a number of different reasons, including both professional and personal. Likewise, because of their profession, lawyers are constantly being interrupted and people are the main cause of this. With this doormat, your lawyer will be able to ward off some of those unwanted visits so they can focus on the more important things. This gift will also serve to remind your lawyer to take some much-needed time away from other people to rejuvenate.

Cards Against Humanity

Ever wonder what your lawyer does in his or her spare time? While your lawyer may not have a lot of downtimes when the caseload just keeps piling up, it’s good to encourage them to take some time to be with friends every once in a while. Well here is a game that is sure to keep your lawyer and his or her friends entertained for hours. Your lawyer will enjoy hours of laughter and will probably learn something disturbing about their friends or themselves in the process.

Lawyer / Judge Teddy Bear

Your lawyer has to work with a lot of different people in his or her line of work. It can get very frustrating and cause apprehension in their lives if they are not careful. With all those disturbing and creepy clients (again, this obviously doesn’t include you) your lawyer has to deal with it’s nice to have something soft and cuddly to snuggle with and ease his or her anxiety.

Weird Laws from Around the World

There are some bizarre laws out there all around the world. Every country has them and some don’t even know they exist. So if you think your lawyer is not quite up-to-date on all these weird and crazy laws, how about giving him or her this book to help them or out? They are sure to learn some new and strange laws that exist where they live, and at the very least, they will have a good laugh trying to figure out why these laws were created in the first place.

I’m Not Arguing, I’m Explaining Why I’m Right Wooden Sign

Lawyers love to argue as do most people, but for them, it’s an essential part of their job. So while many people walk into the lawyer’s office knowing all the answers, it’s the lawyer’s job to set them straight. And in the courtroom it’s no different, your lawyer is right and he or she is just trying to prove it. So how about helping them out with this wall sign that explains it perfectly?

The Dictionary of Legal BS

Have you ever walked into your lawyer’s office, had a conversation, and walked away wondering if he or she was even speaking English? I mean seriously, do they teach them a whole different language at law school? I’m sure you’re not the only one who feels this way. Equipping your lawyer with this hilarious dictionary will provide new ways to explain these foreign terms to all his or her clients.

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