Gifts Ideas for the Flamingo Lover in Your Life to Get Them Through Summer and Every Other Season

Summer is right around the corner! And you know what that means – Sunshine, pool parties, bright colors, and flamingos! Summer is the season of flamingo items, meaning that the flamingo lover in your life will be in flamingo heaven!

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If you have a flamingo aficionado in your life, here are eighteen present ideas to keep them cool in the summertime and all year round! From flamingo-patterned apparel to garden decorations, there’s something here for everyone. Make the most of the season with these unique finds.

For the fashionista, flamingo-inspired clothing and accessories are a perfect choice. From bright colors to bold prints, there are plenty of options to choose from. Accessorize a summer outfit with a flamingo-themed necklace or earrings, or opt for a comfy t-shirt for a more casual look.

Decorate your home or garden with flamingo-themed decorations and knick-knacks. Hang a colorful wall hanging featuring a flock of flamingos, or add a flamingo-shaped planter to a bookshelf. For the patio, consider a set of flamingo-shaped outdoor string lights to add a festive touch.

For a unique gift, consider giving a flamingo-themed book. Whether it’s a children’s picture book or a travelogue about a flamingo-filled vacation, the recipient will be sure to appreciate the thought.

Flamingo-themed home decor items make for great gifts, too. A set of flamingo coasters, a colorful throw pillow, or even a flamingo-shaped clock are all great options.

Finally, for the flamingo lover who likes to get creative, consider a flamingo-themed craft kit. Create a beautiful mosaic using flamingo-shaped tiles, or make a felt flamingo wall hanging. Whatever the craft, the recipient will be sure to appreciate the thought.

No matter the season, these eighteen gift ideas are sure to delight any flamingo fan. Give the gift of flamingo fun this summer and all year round!

Flamingo Gifts

Flamingo Bottle Holder

With all the fun parties happening over the Summer, there is bound to be some alcohol involved. If there is any leftover after the party, the host will need a place to store it if no one takes it home. Just having bottles lined up on a shelf makes the shelf look cluttered and boring. So why not display your alcohol with this fun flamingo wine holder? Sure to hold them sturdily and make your alcohol shelf more visually interesting!

Fun Writing Supplies

Pens always seem to be the one thing we need but never seem to have with us. They are easy items to forget or lose even though they are vital to our everyday lives! Could it be that this happens because so many pens have boring packaging? Well, here is a set of pens your flamingo-loving friend will want to hold onto until the ink runs out! In bright-colored packaging and a fun flamingo shape, these are the pens they will never forget about.

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Crystal Pink Flamingo String Lights

Fairy lights are very popular with people of all ages. And they aren’t just for outdoor use anymore! Fairy lights are a very popular form of lighting in the bedrooms of young children through to adults. And the variety and colors of fairy lights available mean everyone can find one that matches their style. So for the flamingo lover in your life, these flamingo fairy lights are perfect for them. And they can use them all year round, which is sure to make them happy.

Sets of 2 Bird Planters

Before Summer is Spring, a season where all the flowers bloom and plants come back to life after a long cold Winter. People will buy new flowers and plants to spruce up their gardens, homes, patios, and porches. And yes regular looking planters are perfectly nice and do the job. But you want something interesting to hold your new plants, catching the eye of everyone who passes by your porch. These adorable standing flamingo planters are the perfect way to hold your new plants and create visual interest all at the same time!

Haribo Flamingos Fruit Gums

One of the best parts about Summer is all the fun and interesting snacks that are out. Picnics, barbecues, and family get-togethers are always filled with yummy food for everyone. And for kids especially, candy is one of the best parts. So push the boring gummy bears aside and introduce the gummy flamingos! In a bright color and flamingo shape, these are sure to make those Summer parties even more memorable!

Pink Flamingo Float

Summer is almost upon us! And you want to be as prepared as possible for it. That means buying a new swimsuit, digging out those beach towels, and buying new Summer decor. It also means checking all your pool-related items to make sure they’re still good. Maybe while you were checking out your pool floats and pool noodles, you noticed some of them needed replacing. Well, that means it’s the perfect time to buy this flamingo pool float, the big sister to the mini floating flamingo coasters mentioned earlier. Buy them together and have a complete set for Summer!


Now it can’t be summer all year round- unless you live in California or Florida. And seasonal depression is a very real thing that can hit us hard. While you are shoveling snow, you’re wishing you were kicking around in the ocean. When you’re building a snowman, you wish it was a sandcastle. And whenever you’re putting on your heavy and dark winter coat, you wish it was a bikini. This flamingo bangle is the perfect accessory to keep the brightness and spirit of Summer alive all year long!

Towle Living Flamingo Cocktail forks, Set Of 4, Stainless Steel

So your favorite flamingo lover has it all. From flamingo curtains to flamingo pillows to flamingo plates and bowls. And they have more plastic lawn flamingos than they can fit on their lawn! You might feel like there is nothing left flamingo-related to gift them! Then you notice their silverware is just plain silverware with not a flamingo insight. So these flamingo cocktail forks are the perfect addition to their collection. A gift they are sure to love and use every day!

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Tropical Salt and Pepper Holder

What two condiments seem to get misplaced a lot? Salt and pepper! For some reason, whether you’re at home or at a restaurant, no one can ever seem to keep track of where the salt and pepper shakers are! And when you’re trying to give your french fries that extra salt kick, it can be very frustrating. Well, this flamingo salt and pepper shaker holder is the answer to that problem! Keep on a picnic table during your Summer barbecue or on your dining room table all year long! May you never lose your salt and pepper shakers again!

Flamingo Pasta

One of the best things about Summer is the food that comes with it. Burgers and hot dogs are made on the grill. Potato salad. And then my personal favorite- macaroni salad! Now macaroni salad doesn’t need to be made with just elbow macaroni, it can be made with any kind of noodle you won’t- trust me, it tastes the same no matter the noodles you use. So why not make your macaroni salad more exciting by throwing in some of this flamingo-shaped pasta? It’s sure to get people’s attention!

Serving Bowl Figural Ceramic Flamingo

One of the best things about bowls is their ability to be used for several purposes. Besides just eating out of them or using them to hold your popcorn or dip, you can use them for other purposes as well. You can store your keys or jewelry in them, use them as a place to throw your loose change at the end of the day, or maybe even use it as a temporary pot for those new flowers you bought. This flamingo bowl, with its bright color and unique shape, is the perfect bowl for any flamingo lover!

Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float Drink Holders

One of the things people look forward to the most in Summer is pool parties. And the key element to a pool party in the pool! People will want to layout on their pool floats, soaking in the sun’s rays to get a tan and relax. But that person gets thirsty and has left their drink on a table far away from the pool! They don’t want to get out of the pool, so what can they do? Avoid that situation altogether with these adorable flamingo coasters that float in your pool! Never go without a poolside drink again!

LED Light Water Activated Rubber Pink Flamingos Bath Toys – 6 Pack

Rubber ducks are such a nostalgic item. How many of us had one floated around in our bathtubs when we were young? Maybe some of us even still do! But for the newer generation of children, a rubber duck might not cut it for them. Even now with all the different colors, they come in, some children might want different animal shapes. But you’re old school and want your kid to have a rubber duck. So why not compromise and get them this rubber flamingo? Sure to make both of you very happy!

DIY Flamingo Gifts

Flamingo Christmas ornament

Whether you’re a crafting master or clumsy like me, anyone can make this beautiful Christmas ornament. Here you can see how to make this beautiful flamingo ornament.

Flamingo Shirt

Another easy DIY flamingo gift. If you prefer to make rather than buy gifts, this flamingo t-shirt is a great choice. Greatly explained step by step (No sewing skills required!).

Here you can find out how to make this cool tee

Flamingo Shoes

This awesome shoe makeover anyone can do. This awesome idea we find on this site

For this makeover, you need cheap boring shoes and some pink fabric markers. For just a few bucks you can make summer shoes that will thrill every hardcore flamingo lover.

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