Farewell Gifts for Boss – Going Away Gift Ideas for Male & Female Bosses

Farewells are times when we feel the need to show our appreciation to people who are leaving our workplace. If that one who’s leaving is a boss, then we have to find a nice and elegant gift, a gift that will send the message of how much we have learned from that person and that he will remain in our memories as a good and wise leader.

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This is the list of our finest farewell gifts for both, male and female bosses.

Farewell Gifts for a Male Boss

Personalized Pencil Gift Set for Boss

The Cross pen is a symbol of a successful man. With such an elegant item in their hand, businessmen send the message that they have achieved a lot and that they will accomplish even more in the future. Cross pens are always packaged in a nice and elegant case as a pair or single item. Thinking about the price of this gift, it will be good if that is a present from the office staff and not just one person.

NERO MANETTI – Leather Portfolio

Leather portfolios are always a nice and useful thing that everyone can use in their business appointments. The first impression is always important, and we all tend to represent ourselves as serious and diligent in every job that we do. This goodbye gift is something that will show your boss your sincere wish for him to succeed in his new work position.

+LUMBER Stainless Case for Business Cards

The +Lumber card case is an incredibly elegant business gift. Made of stainless steel and an accent of precious wood, this card case has that antique beauty. High-quality materials create the real value of this accessory and make it a statement piece for every successful man. Available in four different wood designs, cherry, walnut, maple, and purple heart, this boss farewell gift is the greatest choice ever.

100% Bamboo Cheese Board

A farewell gift doesn’t have to be connected with the job, by all means, you can surprise your ex-boss with some nice and useful kitchen accessories or home decoration. The 100% bamboo cheese board has become a nice and really popular gift in the last few years. People like to organize parties with a light snack and a glass of wine. This is something that will find its everyday usage in every home.

Thermos for Loose Leaf Tea, Coffee Mug & Fruit Water

With the tendency to live a healthier life, people drink great amounts of tea, water, or even coffee, if their job is demanding and exhausting. Thermos is a good solution when it comes to the ideal temperature that you want your drink to be. This lightweight stainless steel bottle in combination with bamboo will be the right answer for people with high demands in their drinking customs. The simple and clean appearance is what makes this thermos unique and beautiful.

YouYah Iceberg Wine Decanter Set with Aerator Filter

Everyone who knows how to truly enjoy a glass of wine will appreciate a good and useful wine accessory. This wine aerator is simple to use and gives great results even when it is handled by a complete amateur. It is important to preserve the great taste of the wine once the bottle is opened and this great set with a vacuum wine stopper can do that. This is a great going away present for the boss, isn’t it?

Whiskey Globe Decanter

If the gift budget isn’t an issue, this Flybold Whiskey set is something that will leave an impression on every man. He will feel like a real „royalty“ while drinking whiskey from these handmade glasses. This whiskey set would be a nice decoration in his house or a new office. The set includes four glasses and the bottle on the wooden stand, all handmade and decorated with world maps. This is one of the most outstanding gifts for your boss’s farewell.

Office Desk Name Plate

If you are aware of your ex-boss’s new position then you can buy this nice and personalized gift for him. The glass-like acrylic table plate with engraved name and title is something that has an elegant appearance and everyday usage. Since it will be on his table all the time, he probably won’t be able to get you out of his head.

Advice From the Top

Good advice can only take us to a better place. This book is an anthology of advice given by great and successful people in the business world. Their experiences and the mistakes they had made can help everyone to build the best version of themselves in both, business and personal life. This business wisdom on 211 pages will make every leader prepared for various situations in their work surrounding.

Farewell Gifts for Female Boss

Writing Journal by Settini Hardcover, Faux Leather Notebook for writers,

Fashionable or elegant notebooks are always IN. And if your female boss goes away she will definitely have what to write in. Girls and women have at least one of them in their huge bags. The choice in color, size, and design is incredible and you will most certainly find the one that suits your boss’s style the best. Gifts like this will find their purpose in almost every part of life, private and professional.

RFID Credit Card Holder

It is not unusual that sometimes we just can’t find credit cards in our huge wallets with all those important and unimportant papers and bills. A nice and elegant credit card case can solve that problem without fuss and without spending too much money. This stainless steel card case is very thin and sophisticated and every woman will love this farewell gift. It can block RFID signals from credit cards, debit cards, ID cards, and passports. Convenient, right?

Cross Botanica Ballpoint Pen

Cross Floral edition of a ballpoint pen is created for the gentle hands of every lady. Available in four different floral designs, Black Primrose, Green Daylily, Purple Orchid, and Red Hummingbird, they will be that one farewell gift that she will like to brag about. With their unique elegance and silvery engravings, we assure you that there is no chance that they won’t match the taste of any woman.

Leadership Quotes Bracelet

Jewelry is one of the greatest ways to surprise a woman. These cute bracelets with pendants, rhinestone initials, and beautiful leadership quotes will be a dear accessory for every lady. The choice of quotes, colors, and initials gives you the possibility to put something personal in every piece of this jewelry. The bracelet is made of stainless steel and it is silver plated. With this bracelet, you will show your boss how much you appreciate her leadership.

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler with Lid and Straw, Funny Retirement Gift

What else can you do once you retired than start drinking? It doesn’t have to be alcohol, it can be some nice fruity tea or juice, coffee, etc. This insulated stainless steel wine glass in mint color and with a perfectly fitting lid will be their companion in indoor and outdoor activities. Its main role is to preserve the right drink temperature, and there won’t be slipping from the hands’ cos’ its surface is stemless.

NBHUZEHUA Black Swan Ceramic Tea or Coffee Mug

No matter if it is at home or at the office, everyone has that one special mug for coffee or tea. It is often a mug that reminds us of someone or of some special occasion. To surprise your female boss with a nice and beautiful coffee mug is always a nice gesture. This beautiful ceramic coffee mug with a delicate picture of a swan will make happy every lady who receives it.

LADY COLOUR”Silver Night” Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings

Swarovski Crystal earrings have that sophisticated and simple beauty that makes every woman feel like a princess. According to someone’s dressing style, you can choose those that will be in balance with the lady’s personal taste. They can be in different colors, sizes, and shapes. The „Silver Night“ earrings come in a black and elegant box with a Lady Color certificate. Every lady will be delighted with this shiny farewell present.

FRYE Melissa Leather Wallet

Wallets, just like bags, are the most loving accessory for every woman. Ladies have them in different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs, and one more is always a good solution, cos’ you never know when she will need that exact color and size. This 100% genuine leather wallet in retro design comes in a beautiful gift box. The color choice is great so you can choose the one that suits her style the most. This is a very good wallet that your boss will be able to fully fill with money if she goes to a better-paid job.

Bath Gift Basket Set

After a long and exhausting day at work, the greatest way to relax is a long bath with all the bath bombs, essential oils, and bath salts. Bath gift sets are great cos’ they have a lot of products that women adore and use on a daily basis. With this gift you can be sure that it will be used in the best way, and that it will bring hours of perfect joy to those who receive it.

Funny Goodbye Gift for Boss Dislike Button

Gag toys are a great way to put a smile on someone’s face. This crazy and funny toy with 10 different ways to show your disapproval or disliking will be a huge hit during staff meetings and presentations. Every boss likes the title of strict director, but with a great sense of humor. With this toy, even the dislikes won’t be that scary.

Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Bag

A big tote bag is a necessity for every powerful woman because of all the paperwork she is likely to bring home from her job. Beautiful and refined, this vintage leather purse can hold the hefty load of necessities every woman must lug around. This tote bag is spacious enough to carry your books, notebooks, files, and other important documents, and it also has one removable zip pouch, one main pocket, and one invisible pocket. That’s a present any woman would appreciate receiving.

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